Video: EWS Tweed Valley 2022 Official Race Highlights

Jun 5, 2022 at 16:46
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesThe first round of the 2022 Enduro World Series (EWS) picked up exactly where it left off, on the iconic trails of the Tweed Valley in Scotland.

The extended off-season finally came to an end, when riders descended on the area's famous hills to add to the valley's already rich racing history. The Scottish fans turned out in force under blue skies, and their efforts were rewarded when two homegrown heroes made it onto the podium.
Enduro World Series


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 Is there any news on what happened to Kasper Wolley? Must have been a pretty good crash, the video makes it sound like they had to cancel the stage because of his crash.
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 News on this appreciated.
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 Total hearsay but a comment on Insta (I know, I know...) said he hit his head and shoulder but was up and moving. No idea if that's accurate but passing it along.
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 From the results thread: "Possible fractured vertebrae and broken shoulder, ribs, possible concussion. My mate was a spectating paramedic who helped him."
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flag LDG (Jun 5, 2022 at 21:26) (Below Threshold)
 @mi-bike: way to help your friend! Kind of not supposed to share stuff like that with other people in this field you know
Healing vibes to Casper!
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 @LDG: Isn't he quoting that from the results thread? So public knowledge, or public ignorance, but not violating any privacy laws...
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 he like to meet maggie.
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 In a post race interview with Kristina (why the f PB didn't publish it on the site, but only YT for now?) Richie said that Kasper is doing "ok" which probably means he's relatively ok.
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 Would have been nice to have more feedback from the riders of the track... bike set ups... feelings after each stage growing up the hunt for the win... Time comparisons where the time is lost or win... If a rider is pulling out seconds on the technical or the phisichal... Damn is EWS 8 season ? and can't believe I'm asking for all that... We all waiting for this Discovery upgrade for the quality of the retransmission and yet we are clearly going backwards... I'll start going conspiranoic soon if this is what also is waiting to the UCI WC... We ve got too nice of sport persuading people to go and enjoy nature in a healthy way creating big icons with huge industry behind... It's against the true meanings of agenda 2030 guys... so they bought the rights of both main fast growing shows... and ain't giving us enough fish! Wake up guys! (Ugh I did)
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 did you not watch to the end?
Whole new show out this week with more in-depth info and tech.

can sort of see where they coming from, 10 min ish highlight for people just wanting basic results,
more info tech stuff in new show for the more keen.
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 @finelytunedride: the show is a LIVE SHOW... In the moment... Not refried stuff when the fish is already sold ... No main stream sport is giving you the good stuff after it's done... They already selling the next one when its over...
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 Quality content. We love you again, a bit, EWS.
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 Racing is awesome. They give us a window in, its great.
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 "The overall standings pretty much mirror that of the opening race of the year." Really? How did that happen?
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And Bex has stretched out her lead, which is still only 3/10s of a second.
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 Woo yeah buddy Richie Rude repping East Coast riders
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flag mo-T (Jun 6, 2022 at 1:19) (Below Threshold)
 Except that the cheater should be banned for life. EWS lost all credibility with Richie still racing (and winning).
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 @mo-T: is there a water bottle contents checking program aimed specifically at Richie, per chance?
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 @mo-T: in America everyone gets a second chance
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 Richie is such a solid rider. Reminds me of my riding buddy, always looks absolutely stoned haha.
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 Stoked for Bex Barona! New bike new team great result.
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 Ngl kinda wish it was longer and showed more riders outside of the top 5.
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 I miss the old style 20 min coverage with interviews etc. I hope the new show makes up for it. Well done to all of the riders and I hope Kasper's OK
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 Nothing about U21? Be nice to get some coverage of the U21's.
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 totally agree.The winner of under 21 mens.luke meier smith would have a p4 in elite men?? not worth mentioning?? these guys are the future and deserve some credit surely.
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 @discobikky: rumour is his mother didn't sign his parental consent form so they couldn't cover the childrens sports day
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Also finished top 10 at Fort William World Cup DH
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 @discobikky: That's incredible about Luke Meir Smith! Yes, that's a story I think is worth mentioning. Not a pro but still worthy to report on, no? I'd like to hear/see more about the rest of the pro field, the top masters and yes the U21's too. Emmy Lan, the U21 women who won every stage and won with a lead of more than 43 seconds I think is also worth mentioning, but I only know that cuz I'm her mom, so I guess I'm biased! Smile
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 @dhgirly: did you sign her form?
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 great vid as always. slight redemption for frustrating coverage yesterday... really oughtta sort it out lads.
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 Low budget for races coverage this year? We want the more informative videos which show the top 3 results in every stage of both the women's and the men's field. Videos of 20+ minutes please. Thank you.
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 Imagine a billion dollar industry sponsoring 100+ riders flying them and their teams around the world then not filming it
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 In response to the EWS show posy, but applicable to this post too:

I appreciate the effort gone into making this but this broadcast has gone in the wrong direction.

There is more filler in this than racing content. What is worse is that it seems the race highlights package has been stripped down to allow time to produce this.

Please, even just in the race highlights, return to showing racers stage times, overall time, and how they have moved in position after every stage.

The core product of your broadcasts should be racing content. I would rather have more cameramen employed to record more footage than have personalities giving facts, thoughts, or previews.

The narrative of the race and the racing content is what drew me in to EWS so long ago. Please refocus on these things.
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 It's better with the coverage but I'm waiting for that thing to come out in a week.
One more thing occurred to me. What about two-day competitions with, for example, 8 stages. Is it over, is it dead, gone, not coming back?
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 Innes Graham ran 680mm bars. Strong BMX background per chance???
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 What happened to Moir?
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 He had a shoulder reconstruction in the off season.
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 @devonportk: That shot of him was righteous. The whole show was great, nice delivery.
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 i heard he was riding a ill fitting spare bike? i think the whole canyon team struggled...
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 @cookpassbabtridge: He's on a new bike this season and has barely been able to ride in the off season due to his shoulder. On his YT he said that as he hasn't been able to do any testing on the new bike he tried to set it up like the old one for this race. I wonder if he'll be able to get back up to speed by the next race or not. Hopefully he will!
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 @sorryiamtheboss: Thanks for the info to you and everyone above.
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 Moir had shoulder rehabilitation. He rode little in the off-season, got his bike late and here he was competing on the old Strive.
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 Clearly the motor bike bit is to keep the sponsors happy because it’s completely pointless if you need 3 batteries to get round and the bike with the biggest motor wins
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 good highlights, dig the new style Smile
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 Ok, these are highlight, forgiven.
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 Dude lewboy 51 Come on man..jeez home trails too ..what is up ..that high pivot must suck..go back to basics
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 The EWS is such an awesome tour that is pretty much impossible to follow as a Fan. I feel bad for the athletes.
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 It's "impossible" to follow live,otherwise you've got plenty coverage.

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