Video: Previewing the 2022 World Cup Downhill Season

Mar 17, 2022 at 13:21
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesNo one knows what the 2022 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup season will bring, but it will definitely be fast, intense and breathtaking! Sit back, relax and let the likes of Vali Höll, Myriam Nicole, Marine Cabirou, Loic Bruni, Laurie Greenland, Thibaut Daprela & Greg Minnaar bring you up to speed with everything that has been going on in the downhill MTB world before the season opener in Lourdes, France.Red Bull Bike


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 2022 will be…the last year we see any content like this.

I am optimistic about the change, but I wonder if Red Bull stops producing stuff like this when they’re not doing the live feed?
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 Is RB still doing the coverage this season?
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 @Mike-Jay: Discovery Channel now has the contract. BOOOOOOOOO
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 @likeittacky: wonder since discovery is merging with HBO if we’ll get some themes for races? The Curb your enthusiasm corner? House of dragon drop? Euphoria rehab tent?
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 @Mike-Jay: Yes, RB have this full season before it changes next year.
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 To be fair, this is mostly just advertising for their sponsored riders.
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 Can someone help me understand why the first race is being held 8 weeks prior to the following race, in March, in the Pyrenees Mountains? Seems like the race could be held a month later to increase the chances for better race weather.
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 Been thinking about this a lot... Why on earth does anyone think that having races so far appart is a good idea? If a rider builds a certain momentum, sitting almost two months at home, waiting for the next race, can't do any good. The only upside is for injured riders, who'll have more time to recover,
Can we day dream about a season like the AMA Monster Energy Supercross, with back to back racing?
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 @sadfusde: The teams also asked the UCI about changing this date, not only for weather but also for supply chain issues which could likely prevent all teams having all their 2022 gear ready for WC1 (especially riding kit coming from Asia), but in the end it was Lourdes that wanted this date and they weren't prepared to change. They have their reasons I guess, so it was either 8 races, with this date in Lourdes as is, or 7 races.
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 Lourdes is a very touristic place. Avoiding crowds is a form of precaution.
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 @trisquel: I know Lourdes and its Pic du Jer pretty well as I often go there to ride. The funicular is always used by both the mtb riders AND the pilgrims/tourists who go up to do their stuff (funny moments sometimes BTW). Between the end of march and the end of april, there's not a big difference in term of tourists/pilgrims numbers.
Anyway, I really hope the weather is gonna be OK 'cos right now in the South-West of France it's pretty wet and windy. Fingers crossed...
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 @danstonQ: I hope you haven’t checked your calendar. In a month in Easter. So it’s gonna be full of pilgrims.
Also April is not necessarily better (less wet) than April.
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 Hmm I meant April’s weather is rather wetter than MARCH.
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 @EnduroManiac: "April’s weather is rather wetter than MARCH".... OK... Statistically? Nowadays? In Switzerland? In France? In South-West of France? In the Hautes-Pyrénées? In Lourdes?
Considering the obscur probabilities of what weather can be in these times? Are you a frog?
Yet, pilgrims are frogs I concur, des "grenouilles de bénitiers" like we say here, but do they do the weather?
Too many questions... hein hein Smile
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 @danstonQ: what do you think? Of course it’s a forecast for the Sahara region. What else could it be considering we’re talking about Lourdes in potentially several weeks time?
Too many questions indeed. But if you think a bit you’ll get your answers without asking me.
I like the grenouille jeu de mot Smile
À bon entendeur…
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 @trisquel Yes, it would be a mistake for Lourdes to start later. In this case, the sooner the better, by the way, rain is expected for the entire race weekend ;-)
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 Discovery better stepup big time cause Redbull has been making this sport grow and of course more and more exciting with all the content they have... and keep creating...!!! time will tell ... Discovery Sport you've got a big plate to fill!!!!
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 Reece Wilson, Aaron Gwin, Ángel Suárez, Finn Iles,.. will also have things to say!!
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 and Troy Brosnan too if he recovers well ;-)
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 I've never been a huge Rachel fan, but something inside me kinda makes me want to see her come back and put Myriam, Vali, Tahnee, Marine etc.. in their places... Cause she is such a proven bad ass racer.
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 I'd bet Daprela takes over this year.
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 That entire Commencal team will be out for blood after last season
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 Hopefully looking forward to watching Daprela and Amaury duke it out this season; both of them love going flat out and that'll make for some excellent racing
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 @jgoldfield: Fingers crossed they dont' get injured. Only injuries can stop them.
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 @Archimonde: that's definitely the worry; going flat out all the time like they do makes that a real possibility. But yep, fingers crossed...
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 Counting down the days!
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 Nothing about Gee coming back ?

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