Video: Supercross Pro Justin Barcia Rallies His eMTB & Moto

Jul 2, 2021 at 9:11
by Alicia Leggett  

Video: Jack Berg

Justin Barcia uses his eMTB for recovery rides, and his recovery rides are anything but slow.




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 Seeing the many moto guys pushing ebikes really helps me believe that they are, in fact, motorcycles.
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 most also eat with forks, wear rubber-soled shoes, and are pro-ice cream. Something to seriously consider!
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 I think the questions they're asked is "do you like money?"
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 Can't compare MTB, eMTB or MotoX they are all different 2-wheel forms of riding, but then again you have to have ridden all 3 forms to understand the differences.
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 seeing this comment tells me that you don't, in fact, ride motorcycles.
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Watch this and tell me again they’re the same.
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 Paul tracy rides a mtb so mtb is pretty much formula1. I prefer to think of it more as just rock n roll because duff mckaggan rides one though
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 @MC13368: I had LOL at that video, but just because the FIM has a eMTB race series on a MotoX track doesn't make it a MotoX.
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 You have to know moto to know where Bam Bam fits in the grand scheme of things. Many see him as the second coming of Hannah, but over the course of his career he's mixed in a lot of whining with being a tough guy, so he's no Hannah. BTW, I find it ironic how everybody see's a video of some enduro or DH rider on their dirt bike at the track on their off days they're like "wow, cool, awesome." But reverse it and the no dirt bike complaints come out. BTW, those calling Barcia an airhead, you're right. But if I could find a way to filter out all the content on PB that features West Coast Canadian air heads "shredding the gnar" on trails that, ironically, look like glorified supercross tracks, there wouldn't be a lot of content left.
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 Oh man good to see like minded people on here. Barcia has been a disappointment and I'm shocked people still consider him to be a championship contender.

Also, I 100% agree about the glorified SX mtb trails. When I see Seth getting out a plate compactor, I'm thinking how is that even an mtb trail anymore.

Since we're ranting, I find it annoying seeing all of the youtubers popping long drawn out wheelies down mtb trails. It's pointless and doesn't even look cool.
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 very true, a filter's needed for: But if I could find a way to filter out all the content on PB that features West Coast Canadian air heads "shredding the gnar" on trails that, ironically, look like glorified supercross tracks, there wouldn't be a lot of content left.
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 keep this guy out of any kind ok mtb please
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 I was thinking the same thing. Seems like a prick! Maybe that’s why he chooses to ride an ebike too.
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 he's the wordt of this kind and Roczen said once, that he's not the brightest light in the room - I'm afraid he's right
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 Someone's tendies are in a bind.
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flag savage47 (Jul 2, 2021 at 11:04) (Below Threshold)
 f*ck off!!! They all do it. You even watch moto??
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 You don't get the nickname Bam Bam for nothing
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 that's wild how in control those guys are in the air and sideways to turn and look and flip someone off on a massive triple lol. BikeSkillz.
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 One of the dirtiest riders in modern moto history easily. Yes he is very talented, yes he will put you down in a burm. Basically he makes Chad Reed look like a saint.
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 I thought my filter was supposed to remove eBike content.
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 Me, too.
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 this was "proper" dirt bike content
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 "GAS GAS" on an ebike...

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 I'll be honest, that just made me wanna ride my dirtbike.
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 What happens when you eat beans beans?
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 More crossover content please. Maybe compare thefact that Mountain bikes and motorcycles are virtually the same price. Somebodies getting ripped off.
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 The music just didn't match Barcia's riding style and aggression. He's a little too aggro for me sometimes when racing but style and steez is next level. Friends that have hung out with the man say he is very nice and humble in person. Always impressive to see him riding moto
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 You'll like this one then
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 @whatsstinky: a bit scetchy at 0:41
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 Such talent but if that was to be used as a promotional video I'd buy a moto and never touch a mountain bike, E or non E, again and no amount of "cool" or "style" can make denim bib 'n' brace overalls look good on a man.
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 The biggest group of ebikers around my part are fat 50 year olds who ride in five year old moto jerseys. They look down upon the antiquated technologies of pedal bikes but think that moto peaked with two-strokes.
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 I'm on of those 50+ moto dudes, but I'm still on the fence about e-bikes. I agree with you though, 4-strokes killed moto. Love my 2-stroke 250s!
I still think there is something to be said about sufferings through climbs. There is a recent interview with Davi Milsaps and he said the same thing why he did not get an e-bike.
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 @hackman162: Lol agreed. Although I'd also argue that development and conflicting user groups also killed moto. Noise, dust, and erosion were always and still used against us. Especially when it comes to accessing singletrack trails, most made by dirt bike tires, since been "saved" by mountain bike groups, which, from what I see in my area, equals excessive benching, widening, bermed, "flowed," and filled with out of context features like jumps. Now as a 40+ eBike rider in 15-year old lycra jerseys left over from my cross country days, I'm riding trails I used to ride on my dirt bike, on my eBike and still catching flak, from somebody, lol.
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 yes im sure.
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 @hackman162: Scott??? ebikes are a lot of fun now that I've had a chance to try a few. You can get as much or as little of a workout as you want. You can go on a quick 25 mile ride and be worked and have a lot of fun in that time. It's nothing like moto where the motorcycle does all the work.
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 Lol saw them filming this. Told him to hit the gap, he wouldn’t.

Sick brah.
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 Nice KTM! I mean Husqvarna... No i MEAN Gasgas...
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 Ever seen the SNL skit where they are pretending to be Scandinavian actors acting in an American cop drama. That was funny!
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 60lb ebike must still feel like a feather for him
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 Bam Bam rides rides Gas Gas.
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 Dam, I want a gasgas ebike! Lol never thought about wanting one until now.
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 Pink Bikers make me sad.
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 Did the head tube angle on his e bike look really steep?
Maybe just the camera angle but I don't think so.
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 I'm just glad he's not riding with a group of others. Less risk of him slam passing on the berms that way.
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 Would have been cool to have “Jason Anderson” Moto super star be the rep for Moto-ebike adds. Jason is hella entertaining
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 Bam Bam!
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 Sweet. I'd like to see Barcia with a few more podiums next season
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 Why is the dirtbike filter not working? I have no interest in them. Love a bit of eeb content though.
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 @mcozzy easy my little snowflake
Watch out for a ray of sunlight you’ll melt
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 Should have called the bike a PedalPedal
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 Throws that 450 around with ease compared to the ebike.
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 Barcia is an absolute savage, but has also been a cry baby at times. If you’re new to his name, don’t speak like you know him.
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 All I saw was two motorcycles in the video, did I miss something?
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 Pinkbike destroying MTBing one paid advert at a time.
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 Man that was cringe
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 More moto content please!
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 Barcia is the man. Dude has the sickest style in pro motocross
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 Why am I seeing this e-bike crap in my feed? What happened to the "no moto's in my feed" filter Pinkbike?
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 You should demand a refund!
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 Which one is the mountain bike
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 Probably the one with pedals and a 250watt motor rather than the 50hp throttle motor at a guess
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