Video: The Enduro World Series Show Ep. 1 - Tweed Valley

Jun 7, 2022 at 12:15
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesWelcome to the very first episode of the all new Enduro World Series Show, your complete guide to all things EWS!

In today’s show we dive deep into round one of the 2022 season in the iconic Tweed Valley in Scotland. It was the first outing of the year for both the EWS and EWS-E riders - and it brought plenty of drama!

Let Ric McLaughlin, Neil Donoghue and Josh Carlson be your guides to all the action from this epic start to the season!
Enduro World Series


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 I appreciate the effort gone into making this but this broadcast has gone in the wrong direction. There is more filler in this than racing content. What is worse is that it seems the race highlights package has been stripped down to allow time to produce this. Please, even just in the race highlights, return to showing racers stage times, overall time, and how they have moved in position after every stage. The core product of your broadcasts should be racing content. I would rather have more cameramen employed to record more footage than have personalities giving facts, thoughts, or previews. The narrative of the race and the racing content is what drew me in to EWS so long ago. Please refocus on these things.
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 100% agree with this ^^
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 This is very true, but part of the things we are missing may be caused by utterly shitty live timing served by EWS themselves this year.
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 I think I'd agree with this. I think their intentions are right, but they've got it wrong.

We need more, longer highlights of the actual race in the highlight show; a bit like the WRC Highlights, which tells the story of the event.

This show should be giving tech insights, analysis and discussion from a panel of commentators, etc

And one of the riders in the Masters E-EWS, Paul Bolton should have been interviewed; as that's his job for the FiM Hard Enduro series....Go and watch how they cover that, and compare. It's far better.
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 To be told the Company of Tour de France and world rally car adquired the rights to produce the EWS (and WC DH) to bring it to another level... and then get a semi pro youtubers content production it's hilarious...

We are expecting live drones, girafe cameras... and a proper live broadcast... Then after that make all the refried stuff you want...

Really it's scary so much nonesence after eight season or so of EWS when it was going so well... Where is the money the supposed to invest? Keeping it for DH WC next season? Went to someone's pockets ? Is really some occult interests trying to abort the uprising expansion of this sport /show? Why MTB has always been so marginalized into the media (even the olímpics so hard to see when we had the greatest show...) having great show, athletes, industry behind and more practicioners than football?

Really there is a f*cking occult agenda behind guys... MTB is not mean to become so popular and some rich opulent powers has dropped the wallet and influences to avoid it... They have names and surnames, and their intentions are well explained...
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 So it´s another mashup of slowmo of the same corners over and over again mixed with time tables, graphics and interviews?
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 @JohSch: I'm confused, did they mix the race coverage with random footage? All goes a bit odd at 18mins doesn't seem to tell a story of the race at all. A background, a very quick run through of the race, a history lesson and then random information.
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 Just realized that E-EWS starts with "eew".
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 Guess that's why they moved it to the back.
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 Glad to see these come back, always enjoyed them...the GMBN ones are pretty uninspiring IMO
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 gmbn in general is hard to watch sometimes
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 Heard...they can be too goofy sometimes, comes off as kooks but still a lot of solid stuff (esp GMBN Tech w/ Dodd, he's bulletproof). Seems like better field-coverage in 2022 now too w/ more cams at strategic points, drones, etc. Finally getting there...
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: He’s full of shit. You never know when he’s sharing his honest personal opinion or back shilling and his tech advice is basic and often wrong. Henry who used to do it before him and now at pinkbike is bulletproof though. That guy really knows his stuff.
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 @thenotoriousmic: I've only stumbled on them / Dodd in the past few years but so far I've not found the flaws you're seeing nor have I met a single rider w/o an opinion. No need to provide list (unless ya like) and having worked on my bikes for 30 years I know total BS from opinion in vids on various things...wouldn't say he's 'full' of shit in the slightest but hey...not trying to change your opinion (or yr bedpan).
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Then don't?
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: i think Henry did a superb job, but Dodds' tech advice is pretty good content! Ive got quite bit of technical experience and i dont remember him fumbling. His videos are quite diverse and useful for novice and more experienced riders. I don't remember him overly pushing any agenda... Any examples?
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 @Upduro: I started to notice they lost it when the pandemic started. They had to sit in lockdown, had no new ideas and just kept repeating the same stuff. From then on nothing improved.
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: Yeah agree - I'm not a fan of GMBN and find Doddy annoying but you can't say he's full of shit or that his tech advice is often wrong @thenotoriousmic
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flag thenotoriousmic (Jun 8, 2022 at 3:23) (Below Threshold)
 @Mtn-Goat-13: He did a video a few months ago called a love letter to shimano or something and it was the biggest load of waffle I’ve ever heard and he’s so full of shit I have absolutely no idea if that was his actual opinion or just being paid to shill again. You can’t trust anything he says. He talks to his audience like they’re stupid despite being often wrong himself and more importantly he’s just been lurking around for too long for someone with no obvious talent.
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 @thenotoriousmic: haven't watched GMBN in a long time. Doddy has been around a long time and seems to be respected by the community. Got examples him being "full of sh*t" or "being often wrong himself?"
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 @thenotoriousmic: Damn dude, did he f**k your mom or something?
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 @foxinsocks: Im a Henry & Doddy fan - also have a nose for BS - just don't see that from
either of them… i got no dirt for ya mate
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 @thenotoriousmic: I have not seen that video but in fairness I will check it out. To be blunt though, what you are saying is extreme, and when people vehemently say only extreme things, that’s pretty difficult to believe… … Paid to she’ll… Audience is stupid… Wrong himself… Lurking… No obvious talent”. That’s all just extreme phrasing, makes it difficult to take seriously
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: yeah I was actually referring to mr. Goat here.
F*ck, marry, kill- Dodds, Henry, Richard Cunningham. Go! Smile
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 @foxinsocks: My bad: confused… meaning ya like Dodd / Quinney / RC? (i do…) Im missing the f / marry / kill ref
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 Shill not she’ll… voice-text error, my bad
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 @foxinsocks: easy
kill dodds for obvious reasons, f*ck henry because I heard he can handle his tools, marry RC for the emotional stability and all the stories he has to tell
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 @Upduro: Well damn, thats interesting, have at it. I like em all but will just leave it platonic. Cheers ~
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 @Upduro: i dunno... I think ironically i'd actually kill RC just out sheer respect- the twisted tribal kind. You know, be the one to take down the long time unchallenged chief.
As for marry/kill im a bit undecided. I actually find Henry's voice to be so very soothing, so i think he's my pick for the long run Smile
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: i like all three. I don't think i was ambiguous, but maybe we're just not on the same page. Happens.
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 It shocks me that we can't get better coverage of EWS. For the record I'm not trying to throw stones at any media outlet, network or website in the slightest. Instead, I'm merely pointing out how awesome this form of racing is and that there is a huge gap between the coverage it gets and the coverage it deserves.
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 Trumpore's photos are the sole exception to the above statement, those are fantastic
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 From what I have heard here and a few other sources is that there’s a lot of difficulty in a lot more expensive and getting cameras back to all of those downhill side compared to a single downhill run… And even on those we don’t have full coverage. But I hear you. It seems like you could still get enough people back in those areas and enough footage to create an after-the-fact two or three hour event for everyone of them, I would love to see that. Would just take a buncha editing
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 Waited for this full length show and the race coverage is just the same stuff from the highlights vid days ago. Pretty disappointing to have so little coverage of the actual racing.
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 as expected from them, it´s same for years now
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 Welp, glad I read the comments first this time and saved myself 40 minutes.
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 Please go back to the old race highlights, this was so painful to watch.
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 If pinkbike did live EWS racing like redbull for DH I’d pay for outside subscription for sure.
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 I wouldn't
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 Will you pay for Discovery sub when DH goes there?
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 @alexhyland: I won't. I really enjoy DH racing but I don't enjoy it enough to pay for it. I'd rather ride my bike in that case
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 full of adverts and popups no doubt
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 From what I have heard on the pink bike and other podcasts, it’s difficult enough just to provide top and bottom coverage for downhill, multiply that by five or six stages for Enduro… Just not feasible. On the other hand, I bet there are tons of amateur videographers (and I dont mean crap, just not TV level) cell phone owners & others Who would be willing to set up in key areas for free so full coverage while not possible would at least be something (and an edit / after-the-event) published later. I think we would still all love that
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 @Mtn-Goat-13: I agree. Its no easy task but with some $ from outside subscriptions they could even have unmanned tripod cameras with live timing. Anything is better then page refresh on EWS website.

I'm no broadcast expert, just a race fan but NASA has live feed from drones flying on mars so this seems pretty basic.
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 @schlayer: Heard… I wish I knew how it was all going down but I'll bet there are some serious fans & in-network peeps working on this. It can only get better
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 Best watch is GastoVlog,
Ya just can’t beat a little bit of grandad comedy while going bloody mega fast on some insane tight trails!
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 EWS need media updates daily during race week, giving some other races like ebike & ews80/100 media attention but also young generations aiming for the main event exposure to a larger audience as without the weekend warriors in it for fun or aiming high the event wouldn't happen... ews100 entry plus camping £220 *inflation or chris ball needs more?
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 Hire me as an editor and colorist!
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 Worst grading ever. Especially the skin tones.
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 How much footage can you reuse in one video.
Shocking content.
Didn’t discovery but these rights? I sincerely hope they don’t also spanner the DH coverage next year.
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 So do I, but I'm far from confident.
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 This was great! Would've liked to see something about the U21 and masters race. Just a snippet even!
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 What's the diff between the Pro stage and the 6 stages themselves?
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 Usually longer and there are extra points for winning that stage i believe, although i thought this was usually called the queen stage
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 @tayneob: Pro stage and queen stage are different things.

Pro is a prologue - one stage raced the day before the main event. This stage is then raced again as part of the main day. Essentially making a 5 stage race 6 stages.
Queen is the stage deemed to be best of the weekend.

Both carry additional series points.

Pointless sideshows unsuccessfully trying to generate interest but instead detracting from the main event
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 @mark-88: It's a bit like the Power Stage in the WRC, where they award extra points....

As much as I'm a road cycling fan, I really dislike using road cycling terms in MTB; why must it be the 'Queen stage'? Just call it something else.
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 @mark-88: It's sad that the EWS rounds are now 1 day races with a pro-stage the day before. The 2 day format brought more surprises and comebacks while also rewarding consistent riders.
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 It’s almost as if there were no non native english speakers in the enduro world series! Uncanny!
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 38 minutes vidéo for a 18 minutes time stages EWS ?
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