Video: The Tech Details on Neko Mulally's High Pivot Prototype - In Depth Ep. 2

Feb 17, 2022 at 8:54
by Alicia Leggett  

Last week, Neko published a close look at his low pivot prototype. Now, it's time to check out the high pivot version.

bigquotesThis is a basic video series where I will go in depth on why I did what I did, how I managed to get there and what the results were. Follow along if you want to learn all of the details!Neko Mulally


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 As an engineer with a bmx background, I approve of this series. Neko, you are awesome!
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 As a keyboard warrior, I approve this comment.
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 @porkchopsandwich: hawks fan here, good luck out there this weekend
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 @porkchopsandwich: As a Sandwich, I approve this Pork Chop.
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 @inside-plus: wait what
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 “It’s starts at 69%. Just an arbitrary number, no significance.”

Oh it’s significant Neko you sly dog
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 As many others have said after the first video, I really enjoy these because they're not full of marketing crap. As someone who loves welding and has had custom parts made before (hello $5000 gauge panel), I can totally appreciate your breakdown of the construction expense.

Thank you very much, and I'll actually be paying attention to downhill this year.
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 “For all the hippies out there.”
Neko has the luxury of calling out the hippies and the necks because he is about as genuinely a nice guys as it gets.
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 His bolt problem is similar to a problem I had with my LS1 swapped E36 M3, breaking rear differential bolts... I went through multiple bolt iterations to find one that's strong enough to support the extra torque.
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 no input on your bolt issues. but i approve of your car/engine choice
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 @MartyMcfly2810: LS-swapped european and japanese cars are always to be very highly approved! Wink
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 Dear lord what a car that must have been
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 Europe an Japan think they're above pushrods yet everyone loves them mixed together
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 Coolest thing happening in DH this year, possibly in cycling overall.
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 Dammit Neko, keep going and crush it. I think the majority of us are rooting for you and this project. We completely appreciate the full disclosure and transparency.
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 I always liked Neko but basically just from the YT videos as Gwin's teammate. Over the past few months with these super genuine, interesting videos he's become one of my favourite racers! Would love to buy a jersey or whatever swag to support him this season
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 Atherton's should hire this guy.
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 Love this video series. Just a thought regarding recovery of some of your investment dollars. Once you settle on a good frame design you’re happy with. You may want to consider a small batch run for “private sale”. I’m sure there’s a big enough group of core riders/racers that would love a custom frame. This way you can be safe from any silly lawsuits from issues that could possibly arise from structural anomalies. Keep up the awesome work.
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 Cool project! Bet its expensive but you also get an awesome experience out of designing your own frame. That alone has a value. Impressive and good luck!

Also is shock bolt issues a high pivot thing? Since leaving my BMX days behind ive cracked a handful of shockbolts on a Supreme frame and its super annoying cause sometimes the threaded part gets stuck in the linkage so you gotta drill it out..
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 if you're reading this Neko, can't remember the bike, but I've seen one that had a small 90° yoke connecting the shock to the frame, so the shock is positioned sideways. A piggyback on the side as opossed to the front would allow for less/no bend in the downtube, if you see a benefit to it.

Can't wait for the first race, keep it up!
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 Pole and Antidote both do this
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 This video series will tell you so much more about design standpoints than any of the big manufacturer's marketing BS.
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 With all the real estate on the sides of the main linkages, I wonder if Cascade Components could have a textured Smoky Mountain graphic machined into them. That would be sweet IMHO.
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 I'm not an engineer nor do I have a BMX background but I'm pretty sure aluminum doesn't give off sparks like that.
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 Tubing is aluminum but some of the connection points and bolts are steel alloy.
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 Do they make cutting wheels out of aluminum?
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 @RonSauce: Aluminum Oxide grains bonded to the cutting wheel.
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 As my riding season approaches, this is what’s fueling the stoke! Damn do I want to see Neko get his best results to date on one of these!
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 Great to hear the real story about all issues as well as the solutions. I'm sure so many things could go wrong building a frame. Murphy's law. Bending shock bolts seems like a common issue. I bent several shock bolts on older models of Intense frames (6.6, Slopestyle, and Carbine).
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 I'm really getting into this series now. Neko seems smart and focussed. But what I love most? That he's stoked by cable routing. MY MAN.
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 I too receive an email from itrack about my design with the multilink idler mounted design. I personally think the patent granted to him is too generalized and is the reason the likes of the Norco range and gt force have abysmal antisquats. On the same note, this also means the similarly designed intense prototype has even less chance of going into production unless they're willing to pay the licensing fee other bike brands like Kavenz weren't willing to.
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 I love how he freely admits to reverse engineering other designs. That reminds me of the Chrysler 200, which has a miserable rear-seat entrance due to the C-pillar intruding on head room. I guess someone asked about that design oversite and Sergio Marchionne said something to the effect of "It's an issue on the Hyundai Sonata as well, which is what we were copying."
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 Awesome to see the process and thought behind this design. Great series of videos
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 Neko, since this is your own program, do you have a merch setup or anyway that people can throw support your way?
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 Frameworks merch or replica jerseys would be so sick
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 Neko, great series! I do have a question, do you have a 2nd set of parts (fork wheels ect..) to build both bikes at the same time? This way you do not have waste time swapping parts? If not maybe we need a donation!
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 cant wait to see how he gets on this season, love the insights into his choices
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 Looks like a Session if you're staring at main pivot.
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 It is. He copied Treks, but used his own geometry.
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 geeking on this, keep it up neko
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 Where too buy?
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 I think on the downtime podcast he mentioned that limited runs of the final bike are a possibility.
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 Inspiring to say the least. Good luck racing it.
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 Love it! The comments about cable routing had me chuckling. Keep it up!
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 Such a rad series. Thanks, Neko, for producing and sharing all of this!
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 Relaxed, honest, thoughtful. Brilliant
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 Neko for president !
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 looks like a Session
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