Video: 3 Fastest Downhill Runs at Red Bull Hardline 2021

Jul 26, 2021 at 9:28
by Alicia Leggett  

bigquotesFast, big, beyond technical, dry & dusty. Red Bull Hardline 2021 proved to be a downhill MTB spectacle second to none once again. Relive the fastest three runs of the racing weekend, presented to you by Bernard Kerr, Laurie Greenland & Kade Edwards!Red Bull Bike


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 Yeah these are cool and all but lets see Brage's run. #peopleschoice
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 Hell yes what a run
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 He was doing so well for the 1/2 half, he lost time in the corners later....great ride though
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 They're still looking for the berm.
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 Hell yeah. He basically swashbuckled down the course
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 Lets face he was coasting those latter maybe.
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 When he sees other riders jerseys and gear, he giggles and crushes with cotton and cords!
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 I'd like to see Brage back at a few more WC races, but I fear the courses may not survive. World Champs is at Val di Sole this year though... come on Norway, get him entered.
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 Hmmm, no pre race planks in place for practice?
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 Just 1 off the first rock in the woods. Used to be 10 feet to flat. So they put a plank in to carry more speed off the 55 footer LOL
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 My favourite camera angle was after they came off the big new stepdown, then had to try and scrub as much speed as they could before just smashing that berm... mindblowing!! I need an edit just of each rider sending the stepdown then destroying that berm, could watch that shit all daaaay
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 this section was straight nuts
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 I feel like that drop they hit going down that runout is bigger than what most of us would hit.
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Totally, there seemed to be a bit of a natural roller to the slope there, sending some guys for a quick 30' gap under hard braking
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 For some reason the speed at which people do this course is less interesting to me than whether they made it down in one piece. It's one of the very few instances where I think 'everyone gets a medal' actually applies. That said, congrats to the winner!
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 I mean Hardline is basically Rampage in a race format: crazy gnarly lines and jumps but speed > style.
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 @judge-shredd: Personally, I find Hardline way more compelling to watch than Rampage.

I prefer to see something raced against the clock, as opposed to subjective judging.
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Yeah man , the clock don’t rob !
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 These 3 show how 1 may be faster. but another looks smother or more colossal.
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 I watch them both and think they suit different riders (and viewers). Both seem to be pushing the limits of the sport: Rampage in the "how crazy can these people get?" way, and Hardline in the "how fast can they do this crazy thing?" way.
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 Apparently there needs to be a Brage only contest so he is guaranteed to win and then no one on here can fault the winner because he isn’t Brage
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 lol Yeah. I don't get the hype. He's a top rider, he's brave, and he's big. So what's the point?
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 The most impressive part of this is Kade going gloveless...
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 The berm was a real hero! Saved many a life on this day. I had anxiety watching the landing after the step down and the tech rock section. Great event.
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 Madness, almost looked like they were in Italy with those conditions, course looked beautiful, stoked for Bernard, boss on ...
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 Mental these guys.
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 Kade with the double shockers on the podium. Nice.
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 "You can't argue with that"
We know. That's why there's a timer.
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 that almost blew my mind as much as the first time we got to watch hardline in 2014. maybe the best one yet
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 Vige would have given BK a run for his money had he not not crashed. And at the very least pushed him a little harder.
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 You know BK crashed too right? And sustained more injuries.
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 Freckin fast and furious over those huge air jumps. Is Kade not wearing gloves? How does he ride like that without?
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