Another 14 year old shredder- Luca Cometti

Jul 3, 2010 at 20:24
by alyssa zorbas  
Luca Cometti is 14 years old and likes to throw down in San Diego. Luca races expert 4X, DH and loves to huck whenever the opportunity arises.

Read on to see this shredder tear up San Diego!
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 Not to be a total dick or anything but he doesn't seem to be anything special. Someone should come to NZ and video the Young shredders here
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 hey i hope all you haters understand how big the jumps are at pine valley. a couple of the jumps that Luca did had a good 35-40 foot gap. and the drop was about 10-15 feet down and 5-6 feet out. do you know a 14 year old that can do that. and he's fast when it comes to racing. and im sure there are kids who shred just as much if not more than luca, so dont degrade him just because he got on pinkbike instead of some other young kid who could've gotten on.
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 he has some dope dance moves!
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flag ThePoe (Jul 3, 2010 at 21:59) (Below Threshold)
 another 14 shredder the other one is dan kruse. he is the fucking man
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 Big up the j-man
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 he is super fast at 4x and slalom but i think he is a bit overrated for downhill i dont think he is that fast. but thats my opinion and one day he will be fast at both
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 I doubt you could beat him though
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 haha funny thing is at the grt i crashed and lost to him by three seconds so something tells me i could have beat him but i know he could beat me in 4x
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 you crashed- that means you made a mistake. hence the losing part. he didnt make a mistake. hence the beating you part
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 3 seconds is alot of time in race results,iv come 30th in a race and the guy who won only beat me by a few seconds
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 chips2990! your awesome!! haha
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 sorry, is it just me or did i witness a rape scene at 00:19?
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 Hahhahahahaahaha, Yes...yes you did.
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 creepy children............
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 ok for the record i was getting a lenz outa my bag and they attacked me! =( haha
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 Like others have said,In my opinion he looks quite overated.He can huck and everything but didnt look that fast.People should come video in scotland and have a look at the racing over here,There is so much talent.
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 Why don't you go out and film those riders and show the Pinkbike world how fast Scotland riders are.
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 This isnt my video,But i guess it showcases some of the talent scotland has to offer...
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 There you go.. now we can appreciate a lot better what your trying to say, vid quality is sketchy but some of these guys can shred.
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 yay scotland
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 Sorry but... that wasn't so special.
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 dude hes 14 and obviously isn't gonna be as good as pros plus he doesn't have a professional camera crew. Its pretty sick considering the circumstances.
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Do not listen to idiots from other countries commenting because the is America, f*** yeaah! And you are raw american talent.
Your about as pinned and stylish as a 14 year old comes and by the time you turn 18 jeezuz your going to be intensely good.
The video is sick and far from amateur hour aholes.
Keep pinnin it!
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 yeah you tell em bro!! hahaha
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 nice. luca. thats really sick. not everyday you get an article written about you on Pinkbike. Nice job!!!
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 You know, good riding, good photos, BUT you'd think if the people that filmed this invested in a Canon XHA1 the video wouldn't look so amateur. Fellow film geeks, what do you think?
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 Eh, I'm sure we'd all be way better if our parents bought us these bikes and equipment when we were 14.
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 yeah Razz he's a good rider, but he looks like someone who would just be a knob in real life...
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 His parents only bought him a session 7 when he was like 11 or 12, he earned the rest of them...
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 An 12 year old with a session 7? And he probably sold that to get his next bike and so on until he got his bike. I'm not saying he sucks because of this, just that a lot of us riders would be a lot better if our parents bought this kind of gear when we were that young. It's still good for him.
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 skills come from the person not the machine last time i checked...
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 Unless your bike is a hunk of shit and you don't have good enough pads to protect yourself from crashes. Sure it doesn't stunt your actually abilities, but you have a major loss in confidence.
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 having a good bike helps a heck of a lot when you're trying to get good, so when a kid is lucky enough to have parents that will get them a good bike when they're young they advance faster then those of us who have to earn our first bike because they usually have it a few years before us. so I'm not saying that at all to dis him, I just pointing it out, as a few others have too.
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 I remember a day at my jumps when luca showed up on a 16" baby bmx bike and jumped the whole line like a piece of cake. While the jumps weren't anything extreme, he had a lot of control and rode really smooth. He can ride all bikes little and big, new or old and seem to be comfortable with riding all out.
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 Because he has confidence and skill, which he gained through having the stuff he has.
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 I already know, you didn't need to explain it for me.
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 i just dont get how all these kids are getting sponsored just for being 14 and pretty good. im 15 now and was better than both of these kids last year, but everyone sees them shred and thinks there gods. /rant
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 Luca you are the fastest 14 year old smelly shit in the whole world and you go way bigger than those other kids...people are gay
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 Just saying I definitely took the second picture down...Also on a more important note Luca is a sick rider in all honesty there is tons of talent everywhere you go but this kid has got the right mentality and work ethic to go places. He builds, he rides, he films, he edits, hes a great photographer, he is entirely immersed in the sport. It doesnt matter if he has the advantage of having access to decent gear, in this sport very very few if any people totally rise from the ashes and come from nothing, its expensive as hell as we all know. Say what you will about my good sir Luca but you slander will not dirty his well earned name. You are entitled to your opinion but he worked hard to get to where he is now and deserves the attention. The same goes for everyone involved in filming and editing for a group of "amateurs" you all did a great job, seeing that I know you all and helped/watched the process i can appreciate your hard work.......Viva l'Italia.....and as for the numpty Scotts not even the great William Wallace could match the stinky meatballs speed and agility..
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 haha brent your awsome
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 bahahahaa oh brent! your gnarly as heck!
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 Calm down guys, I think we can all agree that most of us didn't have those kind of skills at 14. (Hell, I'm 14 now and that kid kicks my ass) So quit rippin' on the guy. He's got talent, balls and the work ethic to back it up, so if he doesn't happen to be Sam Hill yet, so what? A community like Pinkbike should be trying to build the confidence of kids like this up, not tear it down.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Keep on shredding Luca, take the support people give and run with it, don't even bother with the rest of those clowns.
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 Welcome to the Big Time, Luca.
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 Now we just gotta get him in the world cup. Razz Screw troy brosnan (or whatever) It's all about the flyin i-tallian.
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 I race with Troy at nationals and he pretty much makes me eat his dust when I'm following him down a trail. I can almost beat him down Stromlo though. Wink

On a side note, well done Luca.
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 sorry, but he didnt look anything that special, im sure there are plenty faster kids around the world
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 really whitetux? sure your entitled to your opinion but i must say your comment was less than necessary,this kids young and doing a hell of a lot better than what most can say for themselves,this article was to spotlight him b/c hes a good rider and hes got a future in the sport. not because pinkbike is looking for critics on the riders they highlight on the homepage.

excellent riding and video Smile cheers
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 yes, but you have to look how many amazing american pinners coming into the sport (very little), compared to australia, new zealand, the uk and europe. And yes i know pinkbike is a north american site (mainly), but im just pointing out that there are plenty faster kids
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 well enough i guess,but he is only 14. hes got plenty of time to get faster.
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 That video is awesome Luca! Have to say great job to Alyssa and Dakota though in the filming and editing department. See you on the trails!

Did you get your Commencal yet Luca?
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 Yeah, He was supposed have it monday...When he gets it, let's all go to ramona again?
When are you getting it?
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 For sure. I'd be down for the Ramona jumps/trails again.
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 i met luca at a race. cool cat and congrats. btw, props to mike lord for last photo. gotta be stoked.
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 Look, the important thing is he is growing correctly and looks to be a normal size, unlike the rest of these up and coming stars pinkbike posts up.
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I didn't know I had such a crazy cusin!
You have to teach me how to do it n not kill myself
I wanna do it toooooooooooooooooooooooo
Anyway, you know I love your t-shirt, it's like mine Wink
See ya soon!!!


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 ya he doesnt look all that great...nothing special
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 i know he is 14 but i wouldnt class a pinner as someone who just does jumps on a downhill bike.
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 I give him props because hes 14, but hitting 15-20 ft LONNNGG rolling doubles is nothing impressive. Ive been watching my buddies little brother hit the 25 ft double at eureka for years now on a hardtail.
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 try them sometime there sick
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 Kinda boring man, big fan of gnar.
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 then aaron gwin must not be gnar
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 Yup im sure this is how all the pros started one little video. Congrats Luca
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 been riding in poway and he came out of nowhere and i was just like what the fu*k that kids fast haha mad props
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 YEAHHHH MY MAN he goes to my school
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 pretty good for someone thats 14 pjrmtb31 yer i agree
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 nice one dude, keep shredding
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 Luca is way better than that other kid
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 if he qualifies for the next 2 world cups in champery and val di sole I'll be surprise
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 nice man, you shred!
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 You can't go fast until you go smooth - Luca, you are smooth: going super fast is just a matter of time. Stick with it!
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 Sei il migliore! Zia Adriana
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 Sweet Write up, you submit it to Pinkbike?
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 Yep you did, Hell yeah Luca! Not sure if it was mentioned in the article, but I'm mentioning it now, one of the best things about Luca is that he maintains, or built almost everything he rode in this video, he's always up for building more trails. It's funny, when we first started ridng, we were equal, then I far surpassed him in racing and jumping, now, he's KICKING my ass in racing, we're about equal in dirtjumping, but I still got you on tricks and freeriding Luca!

Don't worry, I'll be beating you again soon Wink

This is sick though Luca, you deserve it...even if you ride clipped in.
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flag BUDS311 (Jul 3, 2010 at 21:44) (Below Threshold)
 lame comment
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 Yeah, how DARE I congratulate my friend, I am so lame. What's wrong with me?
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 Not sure Lame is the right word, but you guys both rip and I know your buds. This is a good day for Luca, and not a time to mention who is better than it for the trail, I guess
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 Lol Wil. Yeah Luca! This is sweet, gettin some publicity.
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flag suicidedownhiller (Jul 3, 2010 at 22:01) (Below Threshold)
 It's called joking around with your friends, but you wouldn't understand that...
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 Yeah I do understand, rip and pin
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 except for pine vally gotta give a shout out to griz for keepin that spot buttery smooth
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 whats a friend?
  • 8 0
  • 8 0
 no, thats where men run around in tight short shorts and hug each other. i think that goes a little beyond friends.....
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 slypandington - inbetweeners? lol
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 hahaha Big Grin
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 yeah babes
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 my biking skills just got beat up by a 14 yr old Frown
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 what other kid?
  • 2 5
 his bike isnt that nice

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