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Nov 1, 2015 at 20:11
by Andrew Young  
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It is becoming harder and harder to create an authentic and original bike movie. The goal for Keep it Real was to shoot an entire movie primarily on Super 16mm film. Paired with music to complement the segments, it will remind people that riding a bike is the realest experience you can have.

Behind the scenes filming for Keep it Real movie. Shooting with a 16mm Arri SR1 Film camera.
  The camera used for parts of the movie, a 16mm Arriflex SR1.

Article Photo for Keep it Real Movie.
  Keep it real, keep it fresh.

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 I just wanna see that stair mcduff was about to hit
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 looks like a stair gap that was part of an older movie shot in Calgary. Riders Anonymous maybe? Not to take away from what Matt is rolling up to. Wouldn't catch me contemplating that.
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 I just wanna see Matt ride all day. Everything he has been doing the last few years has been so rad.
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 if you look up the Calgary episodes of drop in or in the movie"Jib" I am sure you can find it, its a old school stair gap, pretty burly, and unforgiving if you f*ck it up. the way he is approaching it it almost looks like he is going to go for a spin which is absoloute mental

nice job on the film, awesome to see some local spots and riders. see ya'll at the premiere!
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 he probably barspins it and lands in the 2nd stairs (?) , he so freakin $ick!!
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 @acdownhill I was gunna say, Isn't that stair gap in a Drop In epsidode?Those were the days!
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 Drop In when Daver hit it brakeless and the other riders were timing the intersection for him, haha.
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 Wouldn't be surprised if he did. He did a pretty big stair gap 3 in his Kali edit.
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 I for one, love the grain and the soul of film. Always have. Are the slow-mo segments done analog? Just a higher frame rate played back at 24 fps? Keep it analog! Love it.

Imagine what ET or Raiders or the 'original' Star Wars would have looked like on a go-pro?

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 Thank you very much, I'm stoked your stoked. The camera I used to shoot the slow motion stuff was an Arriflex SR1 capable of shooting up too 150fps. Imagine the film coming to a dead stop for the gate 150 times per second, crazy!
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 Super 16 is awesome!

The film quality is "warmer." Kinda like listening to records instead of CD's...
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 i also like adventure movies shot in film. there is a certain feel of freedom and authenticity to it. surfing adventure movies loves to use them. but why add the old stock effects on some of the shot? just curious on the creative call on that.
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 Every single "effect" you see is how I got the film back from the lab. Certain light leaks were intentional (I would open the side of my camera before a take to add a certain practical effect) but nothing was done digitally. I personally like the look, so I kept them in.
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 sees mcduff's name, says to self "yesssssssss"
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 Super rad
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 Thanks Liam!
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 Matt + Film = My money
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 It will be free on pinkbike in December!
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 Oh, alright then! Even better! Thanks for all of your work, Andrew!
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 This looks heavier than metal!
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 The hype is so high. Premere will be legendary
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 Thanks dude!
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 I like that, in a world of 4k video, you can make a film that proves that it is all about the riding.
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 Perfect, that's exactly what I want you to realize!
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 Awesome AY - keen for this!
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 Thanks man!
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 Looks killer. I agree with @bcamapgnolo, film has such soul. In fact, risking sounding like a luddite, analog is superior to digital in pretty much every aspect.
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 Except convenience where it loses out by a factor of about 1000. This film looks awesome and I really admire the commitment of the crew to film it like this. Too hype.
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 Good on you for shooting on film! Looks great! The keys to a good negative is lighting, lighting and lighting
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 Haha thank you so much
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 Looking forward seeing the full movie, this trailer looks awesome!!! Beer
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 Absinthe films have been shooting amazing 16mm snowboard movie for years and this is something I always wanted to see in mountain biking, looks really cool !
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 Looks sick! Nice job Andrew, can't wait to see it!
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 Thanks dude!
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 I dont know why but the coil on the maiden always looks like its like a foot and a half long?
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 Stoked to see this. Exactly what this sport needs more of!
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 That's what I thought too haha
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 the music has such a good vibe, 1:45 sic
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 Yes AY, this movie describes your life brotha
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 Awesome execution on a vision Andrew! Can't wait to see the full length film.
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 Another great one for sure!
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 This is gonna be fucking rad mate!
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 was that a surfing movie?
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 This looks like a film i will watch OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!
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 Bang on! looking forward to the full length film!
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 This is so legit!
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 I'm assuming these guys don't live in the UNREAL world
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 So excited for this!
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 Nice! Did Tarantino helped out in directing and music?
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 So stoked for this!!!
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 so stoked all the OG style cats... besides wink
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 Saying film makes things more real is the definition of hipster nonsense, and the obnoxious light leaks are too.
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 How do you type while holding a dick in each hand?
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 I woudn't have worded it like this, but I do wonder how something that is so highly stylised and consciously choosing to use outdated technology can be considered 'keeping it real'. If anything, using bang up to date equipment, and technologies that make your job easier, is more authentic to me. That doesn't diminish the work here - the film looks great, and I love how it's evocative of films like On Any Sunday in the style. It's merely a comment on the advertising pitch. Reading the comments seems to put me in the minority though, so I guess they got the pitch right!
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 It is far more authentic to use an analog film camera, seeing as prep time, shot planning, and overall knowledge is crucial to executing some of these shots. Anyone can get their hands on a DSLR and film their buddy an edit, AND very few people can afford to film on "bang up to date equipment" that "makes your job easier" and release a film with little sponsorship for free to the masses. Oh, lets not forget the processing and digitizing, which I'm sure Andrew can agree with, is mighty expensive. THAT is authentic. Keep up the good work Andrew, can't wait to see the film.
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 I have to say I like it more when its #unreal
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