Matt Hunter in Afghanistan - Dream Capture Ep. II

Aug 6, 2013 at 15:19
by Anthill Films  

Action Cam by Sony Presents Dream Capture Episode II - "Forgotten Dirt", featuring Matt Hunter.

bigquotesThis was an epic journey through one of the most remote and difficult places to travel in the world, biking through this region was something special, it was tough, but I think we are all pretty proud of what we achieved. - Tom Bodkin, Guide, Secret Compass

Dream Capture Episode II Forgotten Dirt photo Darcy Wittenburg

bigquotesThere are very few places left in the world that have not been explored by bike, apart from the polar ice caps and major deserts. So the opportunity to explore Afghanistan's isolated Wakhan Corridor - a place without roads, electricity and running water - is extremely rare. Our expedition was tough, with gruelling glacier crossings and the rigours of high altitude, and this made our accomplishment all the more rewarding! I think each of us feels lucky to have been a part of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. - Brice Minnigh, Writer/Russian Translator, Bike Magazine

Dream Capture Episode II Forgotten Dirt photo Darcy Wittenburg

bigquotesHard, tough and tiring: that was the Wakhan. There is nothing easy here. But while our 'expedition' turned out to be the hardest I've ever done with a bike in 30 years of remote mountain bike masochism, the lows of the immense physical and mental challenges were pitched against the unmeasurable highs of riding a bike here. Incredible towering mountains, raging rivers, miles of technical singletrack and some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever crossed paths with made this a journey rather than just a trip. It wasn't an easy trip, and not one I am in a hurry to repeat, but the experience is priceless. Riding a bike in a place like this is a double edged sword. The rewards are there, but to reap them is a hard fought battle. - Dan Milner, Photographer

Dream Capture Episode II Forgotten Dirt photo Darcy Wittenburg

bigquotesWhen I was a kid I always liked the idea of getting into a time machine, probably because I was pretty into dinosaurs at the time... What's cool about our recent trip to Afghanistan is that it's the closest you can get to time travel without bending the space/time continuum! Aside from a few small items from the modern world, life in the remote corners of the Wakhan Corridor are just as they were thousands of years ago. Interacting with nomads and riding sections of the original "silk road" that are still in single track form today definitely captures the imagination. Who knew a time machine would have full suspension and 26" wheels. - Darcy Wittenburg, Cinematographer, Anthill Films

Dream Capture Episode II Forgotten Dirt photo Darcy Wittenburg

bigquotesThe travel to Afghanistan has given me a once in a lifetime experience. The truly amazing landscapes were like nothing that I'd seen before... To experience this absolutely extreme and rugged terrain first hand, and connect with some of the most remote people in the world is everything I could dream of in an expedition. The value of this experience was all the perspective you gain and bring home. You appreciate everything a little more. - Colin Jones, Cinematographer, Anthill Films

Dream Capture Episode II Forgotten Dirt photo Darcy Wittenburg

bigquotesIt was an incomparable experience to ride the Wakhan. At first glance it may seem trivial to travel across the world, gambling with health and safety, just to go on a bike ride. But the experience of this trip outweighed those factors tenfold. We took a big bite on this adventure; it was more than we could chew alone. As riders, we couldn't have done it without the help of the Afghans who were with us. In this way, we were a team. We came to ride, but we also witnessed how people can live without anything that we consider normal. - Matt Hunter, Rider

Dream Capture Episode II Forgotten Dirt photo Darcy Wittenburg

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 This is not the Afghanistan I was deployed to in 2011. I always knew that it had beautiful locations, but this is simply amazing.
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 Sure must have taken some serious commitment to do that, i mean i love riding, but to endure what these guys did there is no way i would ever do that. Props.
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 Seriously awesome and you guys are loco! Thanks for sharing this amazing journey.
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 Greetings, I'm from the future to inform everyone 26 has beaten 650 and 29.

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