Return to Earth Now Available for Digital Download

Jul 15, 2019 at 16:17
by Anthill Films  
Return to Earth now available for digital download

After a huge month of premieres at over 100 shows worldwide, Return to Earth is now available for digital download on Apple TV! You can also purchase it other digital platforms such as Vimeo, Google Play, Amazon Prime.

To coincide with the world release, today Anthill Films have Brett Rheeder's segment, Moments of Clarity, for free on YouTube.

For a behind-the-scenes look at how Return to Earth was made, check out the In the Blink series.

Episode 1 "Fall Colours" with Thomas Vanderham and Ryan Howard.
Episode 2 "Creativity" with Brett Rheeder
Episode 3 "Youth" with the groms of the Whistler Bike Park.
Episode 4 "Community" with riders from the world over.
Episode 5 "Party in the Woods" with the Hawaii crew.

Starring Brett Rheeder, Thomas Vanderham, CaseyBrown, Matt Hunter, Reed Boggs, Ryan Howard, Joey Schusler, Thomas Genon, Brandon Semenuk, Carson Storch, Emil Johansson, Jackson Goldstone, Jakob Jewett and friends.

Brought to you by Shimano and Trek Bicycles. In association with Pink Bike, Trailforks, Evoc, Clif Bar, Sony, Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Freehub Magazine with additional support from Bike Park Lenzerheide, Spawn Cycles, Rocky Mountain Cycles. A new 4K film by Anthill Films with art direction and creative by Good Fortune Collective.

Photos by Sterling Lorence and Margus Riga


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 Bought it the moment I saw it was available, and Im looking so much forward to seeing it tonight.
The movie side of mountain biking is something that I've always loved, it gets me stoked to go out and ride. But then I see most of the movies these days are being released in segments to watch for free only weeks or a couple months after the original release date it makes me think twice about buying the movies coming out which I find a little sad. I guess it makes sense I terms of exposure for sponsors, and as compensation for a decline in sales perhaps, but it´s still a little sad for those who still buy the movies.
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 and less than 12 hours after the release of the movie, Bretts part is available.

i completely agree with you, ive bought a bunch of MTB/snow movies in the past couple years only to feel massively let down when every bit of it is available online only a couple weeks later..
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 100% agreed.

I’m all for supporting the guys producing this epic content, but it totally sucks when you pay for it and it’s released for free shortly after.
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 Don't buy it then...?

*waits till rampage for the 'these guys need to be paid more' comments all while nobody here is willing to drop 10 bucks for a movie that supports the industry, athletes, and film makers*
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 @MikeyMT: thanks for taking the time to read our comments and for taking the time to respond with this brilliant come back.
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 @laxguy: It's not a comeback...its advice. Like you I also purchased it (and went to the Premiere in Squamish last week)...but I have no feeling of being let down. Perhaps you need to reevaluate the decision to make the purchase in the first place and if thats how you want to support athletes/filmmakers?

Lets agree the movie is great. The marketing approach has some holes. Now back to riding bikes and hating on that new Yeti Smile
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 @MikeyMT: Agreed. I have no problem dropping $20 on a quality film to support these dudes.
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 @MikeyMT: cool. thanks for the advice man, i needed it
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I’m sure I’ll be downvoted to oblivion but the simple answer is that I won’t buy it....sorry.
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 @rippersub: "I’m all for supporting the guys producing this epic content, but it totally sucks when you pay for it and it’s released for free shortly after."

So in other words, you're not "all for supporting the guys producing this epic content", if you aren't willing to spend the $15 or whatever to purchase the movie. That's fine, and totally your decision but, at the end of the day, that is what puts money directly back in the filmmaker's and rider's pockets so they can continue to make awesome bike movies. Personally, I think it's rad that they do eventually release these awesome movies for anyone to watch. It's what brings our sport to the attention of people who aren't already into it. Semenuks One Shot segment is a perfect example; it went viral, and many non-mountain bike riders got to enjoy that amazing piece of cinematography. I don't know anyone, bike rider or not, that didn't see that, and not think about how fun mountain biking looks.
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I am definitely all for it, just like I’m all for electric cars and banning a lot of single use plastics, but would I spend 100k on a Tesla? no. Would I walk around campaigning for the ban on plastics, no.

How about rewarding the people that support you by NOT releasing a portion of that same movie for free on the day it’s released....that’s what’s known as a kick in the balls in most circles.
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 Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on anthill movies.. they're garbage. Follow me is probably their last good movie, anything they created later was just a big dissapointment. Lame music, random montage, no soul and energy TONS of unecessary slow mo. Id rather watch deathgrip or gamble for the 100 time.
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 @zalev24: Follow Me is still my favorite MTB movie, glad im not the only one to notice the decline in quality films since then
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 @zalev24: To each their own. I could watch the Not Bad series endlessly. Unreal had a cool theme that reminds me of how the old NWD movies always had a theme. Strength in numbers was also a great one. Anthill seems to work mostly with the Trek athletes, who are arguably the best roster in their fields, paired with great filmers. It would be pretty hard for the worlds best to make "garbage" movies, even if they tried. Also, the amount of work that goes into those movies is beyond our imagination. I would agree that the riding, even though it is many of the worldes best, doesn't always "push the boundaries" in the same way the NWD series did, I always thought the captured the good vibes of our sport the best.
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 Anthill movies are worth it, you'll watch it atleast a few dozen times over the years. God knows how many times I've watched the collective series.
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 I’ll buy it, but can I get a refund if it comes out on Redbull tv the next day?
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 Hey, Anthill, some of us old people still want a DVD! I hate the whole concept behind "buying" a movie from a streaming service, only to be given the privilege of watching it.
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 lol. The economics of that no longer make sense.
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 When you buy it on vimeo, you can download the film as a mp4 file
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 @swivel250395: handy to know!
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 This looks amazing, I love mtb movies! Also the challenge they've got going this month is awesome. Been riding everyday and I'm starting to notice how much more strength and endurance on the bike I've gained.
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 Just purchased this on Prime and watched most of it, found myself skipping through some of it. This sets a new low bar for what I've seen in MTB movies. There's 5-6 minutes of good riding, 4 of which is in Rheeders section which is already released. The rest is the most egregious slow motion I've ever seen, some sped up footage (really? this is always obvious, please stop doing this), and some generic nature shots. Save yourself the 12 bucks if you're considering the purchase.
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 Err so different prices for different image quality... near double price for 4k. That's a bit difficult to muster. Why not one price?
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 I threw my back out when Rheeder pulled for that flat drop flip ????
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 Tonight's plans: Vimeo and Chill.
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 its not on vimeo yet ;/
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 That was exquisite. Less Vlogs, and 3-4 films of this quality a year would make me a very happy man.
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 Watched it last night, cool enough, kind of formulaic but the actual riding sequences were awesome. Question though, who was the narrator?
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 You had me at Ryan Howard
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 I'd really like a hard copy, will this ever be available?
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 How does it work when you buy it? Can you just watch it anywhere anytime using a login?
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 Kind of the opposite of when you buy a YT, and days later they offer another 20% off. lol
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 Not yet available on the french itunes store
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 you can buy it on vimeo ondemand
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 Guys… only one shot with Semenuk in it, come on…
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 @Frenchemetalheads: I mean the movie is really good, enjoyable and all, but giving the man 2 sec of camera and using the name just for marketing ist just wrong
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 Looking forward to seeing it after work!
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 How about a portable copy.
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 Great movie. Thank you for everyone involved in making it happen.
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 Weren't the first 15 prizes for the ride challenge supposed to be announced today?
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