Bearclaw Invitational 2012 - Video: Pro Qualis

Aug 4, 2012 at 10:51
by artbarn  
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 Why is Jamie riding a doublecrown? Will he do that for the actual comp?
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 shits & giggles
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 it would be unique and impressive to make a run with a clunky DH. There's quite a list of big tricks to be done on a DH.
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flag ptguy123 (Aug 4, 2012 at 14:24) (Below Threshold)
 True but no X-ups, tailwhips, or barspins! how can you win without those?
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 do other cool tricks?
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 not sure I'd call a carbon v10 clunky...
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flag bspill1 (Aug 4, 2012 at 16:02) (Below Threshold)
 anything with 4 inches of SAG on a slope style course is clunky
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 He frontflipped the big jump on it in practice, but looks like he either overshot, or over rotated. He got up by himself by the looks of it but it was gnarly. Didn't ride the comp though
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 thats insane! and over rotating a frontflip sounds nasty beyond belief
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 He over rotated and landed reallyyyyy deep. Still super sick!
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 can't win without x-ups, tailwhips, or barspins? Are you mad? what is this Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX for PS1??? Those are old and hardly worth any points if done alone.
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 Bjammin - for someone whos ridden downhill bikes the v10 carbon is light but i rode one after being used to my 24lb dirt jump bike and it felt horrid and heavy i coudnt use it for jumps
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 I 100% agree. the V10c isn't a dj/slope bike. It's not ideal for a slopestyle course. But I rode one for a week in whistler for Camp Of Champions, and it is definitely not "Clunky." Just my opinion tho, not trying to get into any crazy stupid pinkbike arguments.
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 I rode with Jamie for 7 days at ayr academy at highland bike park in north field new Hampshire. He ride his DH because he has more fun on it and enjoys it more than his slope bike. He is one of my favorite riders
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 Whoa below threshold? Thanks guys haha. Everybody calm down, all I am saying is that it seems like the tricks I listed are important when combo-ed up with flips and 3s and stuff. I was only wondering why Jamie was riding a huge V-10 (which is a beast of a bike, very cool) in a SS comp. I've met Jamie too, he's a cool dude with an aggressive style so I guess the V-10 suits it. After all those are no small jumps these guys are hitting. Big mountain bike=bike mountain balls-out flair? Sound good to everybody?
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 I mean Big Mountain Balls-Out Flair, not bike mountain balls out flair haha
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 Best course I've seen all year!
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 The Claw for president
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flag ptguy123 (Aug 4, 2012 at 14:23) (Below Threshold)
 True, but no tailwhips, barspins, or even x-ups. Seems like those are all crucial if you want to win anything!
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 you seriously missed the giant tailwhip and numerous barspins throughout that video...
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 On the V-10????
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 bars to nofootcan sickest looking combo ever?
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 It's not something you see a lot either, I thought he was going to bar to tuck for sure.
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 I saw a guy do the course on a full out DH bike, i think it was aline. But not 100% sure. Wasn't that exciting up there. The Red Bull girls were lame as well. I was glad they gave me a free can and WALKED AWAY!
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 Yuk, needs some better music. I can't wait to see what Jamie can pull off with a DH bike!
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 yeeee whats the song
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 Type some of the lyrics in on google search for any song you're looking for, you'll never have to ask people again.
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 im lazy.. but i will do that
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 Apathy - No Sad Tomorrow........ Dope track
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 @ i-anac, f*ck google, Human contact always wins!
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 Do these guys still drill and screw their BB shells to stop the cranks rotating while they're in the air? Or has some come up with a less crude method?
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 Yeah just staying in a hard gear
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 Iv got some buddies on the lower level spesh team. According to them the sx is going out in favor of a newer model. I kinda hope I am wrong but this is what iv heard
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 song:Apathy - No Sad Tomorrow
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 this is a fuking nice course!!!
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 I hope it wouldn't just be you
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 I could be there right now, stupid work -.-
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 I'll be headin up there tomorrow for sure!!!!!!
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 its up there^^^^ look for it, or shazam that shit
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 C'mon Soderstrom!
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 Goldman riding a DH = FTW.
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 Is it just me or are the claw and soderstrom riding a diffrent slope bike then the sx
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 Is it me or did you just point out the most obvious point of the event so far.
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 its the P-Slope prototype.
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 Yeah it's some prototype slope style frame
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 Why is everyone on Pinkbike such a nerdy bitch? Jeez guys chill out.
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 Bike nerdy is the cool kind of nerdy
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 He was referring to daninbc, cause he was being an ass. I was surprised to see the prototype also. I read somewhere it would be another version of the enduro. I guess they were wrong.
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 I just saw more pics of it and OMG it looks like a lepin in a way but so much sexier I WANT!
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 Sick video just watch it had captions to say witch riders witch :L
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 Do work
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