Atherton Diaries Episode 5: DIY Dislocation Treatments, Road Gaps and Whips to Swamp

Jun 7, 2017 at 7:01
by Atherton Racing  

Rachel puts her dislocated shoulder back in on track with the help of an Aussie bystander. Muddy sends the road gap without his bike and Wildman, Kade gets into all kinds of trouble!! In the Atherton Diaries episode 5 we follow the Trek Factory Racing team as Gee and Marshy enjoy every aspect of Red Bull’s hospitality at the World Superbikes at Donington Park, Rach tackles her first ever Enduro and the entire team get wild at Fort William.

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 All the internet haters had me questioning whether or not to like Gee a few years back... this year's Atherton Diaries has cemented this family as some of my favorite sports people. Loving all these videos that show us what daily life is like at the top of the heap. Heal up, you two!
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 Win or lose, Atherton's mom is on the booze!
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 They have a certain kind of parenting that separate them from average parents, greg's parents and the hannah's also fall into this. now i have another reason why i'm not as fast a the pro's. yep, it's my parents, not my lack of courage dedication and discipline.
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 Image signing up for maybe your first enduro race and you're thinking "nah, I'll start easy and do the sports category" and then you turn up at the start and find Rachel Atherton there waiting in line...
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 That was me.. I nearly died of shock!!!
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 Hahaha Rach's emotions while riding enduro, priceless.
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 Rachel Atherton just went from being one of my favourite riders to one of my all time favourite humans. What an absolute legend.
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 Damn, Rachel is a beast. The pace she was holding trying to get the shoulder back in... you could swear it was a race run! I get it not wanting to lose the greatest winning streak of all time. What a champ, hope to see her racing this weekend.
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 Whip to wipe out...
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 11:14 holy shit, has to be the sickest whip ive ever seen with danny hart s one
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 Putting your shoulder back in on track seems very sketchy. Can't you do serious damage if not done correctly?
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 Is she a butcher or what? I dislocated my shoulder and coudn;t imagine doing that to yourself ...
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 I put my dislocated knee back in by myself, it healed up OK
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 So....Rachel is faster, better looking and now clearly tougher than me.... but at least I am old...
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 @AdamOdh: The more you pop it out the easier it goes back in. I've only done it twice and cannot imagine getting it back in myself... Both times it was hell in the hospital.
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 I dislocated my shoulder playing soccer a decade or so ago and popped it back in. My range of motion in that shoulder is still pretty limited even after a lot of PT. I can tell you that I had no problem popping it back in mid-match and continuing playing. It's definitely not good for you, but adrenaline allows you to do crazy things.
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 You can do it yourself but it needs to be a slow steady movement. Start with gravity by laying on your stomach over a stump, tree, chair, etc and RELAX with your arm hanging free. If someone is going to help you they can get low in front of you with the bad arm over their shoulder, then apply a very steady traction. You need the muscles to relax so that the ball can get pulled back into the socket. I've been reading that massage around the joint with no traction is showing good results, but never tried it. If it's going to go back into place, it should only take 30-60 seconds once they get over the initial shock.

You can do damage to any joint, especially with a jerky pulling motion like this dude. I don't blame him; she's yelling at him to f'ing pull. You should never feel obligated to help someone do this, but as @AdamOdh mentions for some people it's pretty common and they can casually put it back in pace and get on with their day.
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 Leaving it out for a long time can lead to longer term problems. My brother did his in Whistler but wasn't sure it was dislocated (more in denial i think) and wasn't sure if he had the cash to pay it all upfront at the emergency place so we went to the doctors clinic instead and waited for ages. By the time he'd been seen and sent to the other place it was probably out for a good couple of hours. Then half way through putting it back in there was an emergency in the next bay so the doctors all disappeared and just told me to hold on to his arm until they came back.
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 I've put a shoulder and an elbow back in their socket. For me, it was just a natural reaction because my arms were pointed the wrong way. The doctor said I shouldn't do it but I did it properly and it saved my a lot of hassle at the doctor because everything would have become more swollen and more difficult to back in place.
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 @plyawn: This is very true... worked like a charm for 4 of 5 of my shoulder dislocations.

Chest on a horizontal plane, traction (gravity) typically does the trick for minor dislocations, or gradually start applying a light downward tug.

... But waiting 2 hours with a dislocated shoulder doubled my recovery time. Besides it sure as hell was more painful to wait, get knocked out so they can relocate it while tearing the already atrophied muscles.
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 Had my shoulder out for about 5 and a half hours a few years ago. It was a fucking horrible experience and took a really long time to heal up. I broke my wrist at the same time which seriously hampered the rehab. I was back on a bike after about 6 months but it was closer to 18 months before it felt strong and stable again. I can only assume that there will be no expense spared in her rehab though and hopefully we'll see her healthy and back on track again this season.
  • 1 0 How to spot a rugby player over football! Sean Lamont on pitch relocation...
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 Look I know I'm going to get absolutely slated for this, but I found the whole mock celebrations just as Tracey Hannah got announced onto her podium unbelievably disrespectful. I know you "know" you would have won had it not been for the injury, but show some class FFS.
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 Her mum was just trying to cheer her up. She gets a pass for this one...
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 Fair play to her getting her shoulder back in straight away like that. I wouldn't have had a clue what to do and probably milked the crap out of it being out.
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 Jebus, respect for trying to sort your shoulder right after the crash trackside, that was tough to watch Rach!
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 You should never relocate you or your friends shoulder. There is an artery there that can get trapped between shoulder and socket. Always wait for a professional.
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 Holy fuck, one tough girl. I dislocated my shoulder and screamed like a baby for 2 hours till the hospital put it back in and I was on the morphine
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 wow. HUGE respect to Rach for handling that shoulder. Incredible. Not a whimper. Cant imagine how painful that must be. She just went up even further in my admiration. The Tank Girl of DH. No F*cks Given.
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 Wait she raced sport for Enduro?
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 I know that seems like such a sandbagger move. No way a wc dh racer should be in sport, i dont care that it's your first one. Thats just not fair
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 Watching Rach try to put her shoulder back in was super hard considering I did pretty much the same thing just a couple of months ago. Had me cringing the entire time.
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 Im cringing like a sissy just reading the comments and thinking about it...
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 Rachel's dancing is the best. lol so much groove.
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 I prefered Commencal style. It's similar to Santa Cruz Syndicate documentary but much less breathtaking!
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 Kade seems like such a hoot to be be around
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 tough as nails
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 Clearly wasn't a dislocated shoulder. Some things a miss here...
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 You're right. I think the Russians are behind this.
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