The Best Trail on the Shore? - Video

Apr 6, 2017 at 16:31
by Bart  
It’s hard to not include John Deer in your lap on Mt Seymour. I try to plan a loop without it and I can’t bring myself to ride past. It’s a trail built for all levels and it has something for everyone. I look at videos made down in Bellingham or up in Squamish, and I get envious of the high-speed trails with their punchy corners and straight away sections. Now The Shore has its own trail that offers tunnel vision speeds and a nice little climb to give you an excuse to catch a breath. So this is my attempt to capture how much I love this trail and hopefully, you enjoy the ride. Thanks to Wildland Media for working with me on the video.

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 thought some might like this - - JD when it was first built in 2011 before it got EnduroBro'ed
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flag DaPeach (Apr 6, 2017 at 20:37) (Below Threshold)
 #mtbhipster #beforeitwascool #toolatebro
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 @DaPeach: Bryce worked pretty hard to keep that trail in good shape. Which included keeping it on the downlow. But I'm not at all surprised by the snark from users who don't appreciate trailbuilder effort
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I appreciate every trail built
By the hard working men and women out there . It's truly for the love of the sport that they do it .

I'm just not a fan of all the new flow style trails popping up all over the place .
And making tech trails less challenging

Whistler is not the same place it used to be !!
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 Enduro bro'd or not.. I think the grins that people of all walks and abilities get from riding this trail is a testament to both the blood sweat and tears of all the trail builders, and the awesome landscape that Seymour has to offer. Enjoy it! Whoever you are!
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 I feel like the new video is how I think I ride and the older vid is how I actually ride. Thanks for the link
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 Little whippersnappers will never know the gnar that was the Shore with all its skinnies drops teeters and stunts. ....and a frequent trip giver to the Urgent Care
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 @preach: go ride upper oil can ladies and lower ladies. Then drive over to cypress and do BLT to 5th horseman. It's all still there.... Don't act like its not.
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 @Jokesterwild: sir no doubt, it's just not Flying circus and Ridiculator sized anymore
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 @preach: flying circus was way too much work to maintain for the small number of guys that would hit it. If you want to do work on it dangerous dan has said anyone is welcome to adopt/change it. The district might mind though
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 @leelau: oh I appreciate the work that goes into trails. I just find the tone of your post to be somewhat negative toward what the trail has become. Lots of work has gone into making it what it is today.
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 Ummm... I'll take EnduroBro'ed over OG any day. New John Deer looks sick. That's a Shore trail that I would love to ride. Gotta let them bikes run!
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flag wake-n-rake (Apr 7, 2017 at 8:23) (Below Threshold)
 For what it's worth, I prefer the music on the new version. What the hell was that other song? Something only a Canadian could love.
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 I like this video better... thanks!
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 @trimakas: we're fortunate to have lots of trailtypes with lots of variety of trail. Personally like many others I appreciate all the trailwork and all the trailtypes. We're lucky to have them all
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 @mxmtb: Ebb and flow: it was all once tech, and now more flow trails are being built. Undoubtedly, it will swing back again.
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flag fasian (Apr 7, 2017 at 9:28) (Below Threshold)
 @DaPeach: what else is new from that guy? par for the course for LL
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 @DaPeach: The video shows what the trail was as a fun fast loamer. The new video shows what the trail has become. A fun fast built trail. I made no comment to disparaged the new trail or the new trailwork. That you interpreted it that way is your problem and is on you
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 @leelau: didn't realize you were using enduro-bro as term of endearment.

I suppose you were just going out of your way to post the old clip to show the contrast between the way it was and the way it is now without any judgement at all.

Seems plausible.
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 @DaPeach: Many of my friends are enduro bros. Occasionally I rock the enduro fanny pack. Happy to have cleared up this misunderstanding
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 The original trail is technical because it is still fresh and raw without having seen much traffic. No high traffic trail will look like that.

I build tons of trail and prefer technical over flow. At the same time I realize what is technical due to raw/unridden terrain, what is technical from wear and tear exposing roots, and what is technical from permanent natural features. Sometime terrain dictates which type of technical is possible or impossible. From the look of it, the trail evolved in an unavoidable way once it was worn in. It just isn't possible to maintain raw technical flavor. That gets erased with traffic, leaving trailbuilders choosing between other types of trail design.
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flag fasian (Apr 7, 2017 at 12:03) (Below Threshold)
 @leelau: cmon now. Good backpedal. your comment makes your opinion quite clear.
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 @wallheater: That other song was by Led Zeppelin, I have heard they were popular in the UK where they came from and I think a few people from other countries listened to them as well.
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 @Jokesterwild: do people still ride upper oil can? I was up there in 2005 and it was the $h!t. But that was back in Free Ride. Now we are in Enduro so I assumed that it was just forgotten about. Lower Ladies? There isn't even a single berm on that whole damn trail. People still ride that too? Crazy Canadians having all the fun! Hoping to get back this summer now that the kid can shred.
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 @MonsterTruck: haha yeah bunch of work was done last year on it. Replacement of a bunch of rotten wood. notice the word replacement... its running excellent now.
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 @shami: Damn...... explains why I always preferred Sabbath.
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 So sick! No idea John Deere had been around that long. Even though it has changed it is still kick ass.
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 Fake News! - The Shore is never that dry.
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 Until you ride it. You have no idea how fun this trail is, from beginning (which they don't show) to end.
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 Certainly a fun trail that can be enjoyed by all skill levels, but not one that I would consider the "best on the shore".

If one is sticking to legal trails on Seymour and Fromme my votes are for Ladies Only and Boogieman. Both have a great mix of flow and old school tech. Smile Never get tired of those two.

Ladies is my "go to" trail when I am introducing a friend to The Shore, it has the perfect flavour.
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flag DHsender4life (Apr 6, 2017 at 23:23) (Below Threshold)
 both those trails belong in a museum . like dam near every shore trail.
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 Finish off with lower ladies and bam best ride you can have!
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How do people even ride lower ladies...
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 @mollow: On a bike
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 @mollow: with gusto!
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 Seems like they stated "Best trail on the shore" just to stir up the comments. You can't state that. Everyone has their own interpretation on whats the best trail. Mine is on cypress for instant.
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 @kieran: It was a question, its not actually my favorite trail either. But its provocative, it gets the people going. Fact is we all like biking and that's great! i think its just a great all rounder subtitle for beginners, and still fun for veterans.
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 @bartmoore: yeah not sure why people get their panties in a knot when a trail like this is built and showcased. It's good to have variety!
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 Went around the boulder? Went AROUND the boulder???
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 probably had strava going, clearly the ninja line man.
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 0.51 tongue flippy action. awesome vid nevertheless
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 perfect soundtrack
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 Between this and the new Fox video I think I feel a sick day coming on.
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 It's a fun trail to ride, but the Shore has a legacy thats rich in technical, steep, rooty, consequential trails. To suggest that JD is the best the shore has to offer ignores the very essence of what makes the area so special. John Deer could be built anywhere with small mountains. I rode Boogieman tonight after a bit of rain. Slow as fcuk. Slippery green woodwork some of which is in poor condition, stupid long log rides, Steep drops. Total bliss. Lots of old decommissioned ladders in the trees. It's like a ride through mountain bike history. The best trail on the shore? No. I think it's Bookwus or maybe Upper/lower Crippler.
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 Ya I used to maintain Bookwus and Upper Crip in the mid-late 2000's, before I turned into a loam snob and did stuff like JD. One of the best combos for sure. Digger is also a great ending.
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 Nice save at 1:29!
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 Absolutely hucked into that turn
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 Common! That's not the best trail. It's fun, it's fast,but it's not tech... I like to call Dales on to Foreverafter the best. Fast berms on to super tech with some stupid steeps back to flow and on to more tech and than more flow at the bottom.
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 Looks rather tame The shore has way better tech
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flag DandelionDan (Apr 6, 2017 at 20:48) (Below Threshold)
 The most boring trail on the shore?
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 Such a shame what it has become:

Something for many to enjoy.
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 @DandelionDan: by far! Barely need to track stand. WTF.
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 give me mystery dh over this any day
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 Of course it does. But that's not what this trail is.
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 @mxmtb there is plenty of tech on the Shore. John Deer is one of the rare opportunities in the area to really open up the throttle.
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 @DMal: E-bikes are allowed on Da Shore?
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 From where I sit, the Shore's trails look amazing to ride. But I want to applaud something else about them: the names. Ridiculator? Flying Circus? Crippler? Love it. My local trails generally have bland names like "such-and-such Gulch" or just someone's first name.

BC trails have great names. Kudos to whomever named them.
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 Wow a techy trail n a good rider that doesn't have to skid a corner to make a turn going the other direction .nicely done thanks for the show
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 That last berm, what a burner
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 That dirt looks like glue. Glorious, glorious glue.
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 Yewwww @bartmoore !
Enduro Bro on the Shore! Awesome... Robin did an amazing job to capture you at that speed!
Not a technical trail, not a jumpy one, not a steep one..but so fun, so fast. The smile always comes on that trail. It's not our favorite but definitely one of our fav'
Let's shred!!!
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 Bart is so dreamy.
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 Pm I will give you a show.
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 I love John Deer...because it keeps so many people from getting in my way when I'm working on my PRs on other Seymour trails Wink
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 What's more interesting are the parts of John Deere they edited out...rock rolls and drop at the start off Severed and the steep ladder before the gap jump.
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 That section is called "Deer John' so technically not the same trail. I know it confuses me too but it is what it is.
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 @Tmackstab: pretty much the same trail, Dear John is only like 100m long and is the only way into the top of John deer
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 @j12j: no theres the pussy line as well. I love pussy
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 @j12j: you can get into John Deer off the climb trail. Deer John was a recent add on
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 That bums me out...I wanna ride my bike now, but I have to go to workFrown
Great vid
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 LOVE the natural and raw sound of this edit
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 Hot fire, that was quick! Cool filming, too, solid!
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 :50 oh yes daddy
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 Fat scrump @ 1:29
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 well now I really love that trail
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 Just gonna sennnd it
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 Its on the North Shore but its not an example of a North Shore trail. it was when it was a stash.
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 I hope to be able to someday handle any trail as on point as he handled that one
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 Excellent vid. No slow mo, no annoying background music. Just pure riding bliss.
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 Besides dear john this is a pretty tame trail
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 I seem to remember steeper parts on that trail. Oh well, I'll have to go check it out again.
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 Love this trail!
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 Damn on sound alone!
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  • 3 0
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 Great video, amazing sound work!
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 Can't wait to ride it tomorrow !
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 @bart some stellar camera work in this.
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 No dear john?
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 Sort of a frustrating video with those wacky camera angles. Wish the camera operator just focused on the rider instead of trying to reinvent ideal framing.
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 Wow, I was wide awake and now I'm ready for some slee...
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