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bicimane Tajlucas's article
Apr 14, 2019 at 5:30
Apr 14, 2019
5 Safety Tips - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich
I love it! Keep it going! I’m excited to see your illustrations of the outdated crazy 70s era cycling tips. We need more light hearted silly stuff on here.
bicimane brianpark's article
Mar 13, 2019 at 6:03
Mar 13, 2019
An Update on Richie Rude & Jared Graves' Failed EWS Drug Test
@iduckett: “Wrecked ‘Em: The Story of One Man, One Command Post, and No Saddle”
bicimane vernonfelton's article
Jan 17, 2018 at 16:12
Jan 17, 2018
What's the Deal With SRAM's DUB System? More Questions
@orientdave: I got downvoted into oblivion for basically saying the same about the recent Knolly announcement. Can the companies just get together come to a consensus, design around what is truly optimal, and think in a 10 year time line? Rather than just limping from one tiny 3% gain in “performance” to another every few years?
bicimane KNOLLYBIKES's article
Jan 17, 2018 at 16:01
Jan 17, 2018
Knolly Moves Entire Lineup to 157mm Spacing
@mightyted: people don’t realize that lots of companies do actually get together with manufacturers and talk. Lots of companies have people who investigate patent filings to determine product trends. Just because Knolly isn’t trek or specialized doesn’t mean those guys won’t also be doing this very soon.
bicimane KNOLLYBIKES's article
Jan 17, 2018 at 15:59
Jan 17, 2018
Knolly Moves Entire Lineup to 157mm Spacing
@mightyted: because this is how it starts. It’s like this every 3 years pretty consistently. That’s a shitty half life. You think they did this because they wanted to be the only ones? No. It’s because it’s already something that is on the way and they are trying to get out in front of it. They wouldn’t make it if there weren’t going to be enough parts for OEM.
bicimane mikelevy's article
Jan 17, 2018 at 9:02
Jan 17, 2018
Here's My Zerode Taniwha Test Bike - Tell Me What You Want to Know
Are there any plans by pinion or any other company to make a compatible trigger shifter? Could the ergonomics of the gripshifter be improved or do patents prevent that? What is the actual maintaince and service intervals? Obviously the efficiency of the drivetrain is reduced, but how noticeable is it really? Can we get a number to quantify this? For example, it is somewhat noticeable on a road bike, riding on smooth roads, when you’re feeling good, if a bikes drivetrain isn’t as efcient as it could be- but it’s not always a deal breaker. Or put another way, is the difference like riding an aluminum frame vs a carbon frame? Night/day kind of thing. What does it feel like climbing? My Santa Cruz is 2lbs heavier than my Jamis, but the SC’s pedalling efficiency is wayyy better when climbing thanks to the anti-squat numbers. So much so that I never lock out my SC rear shock. Does this bike’s high level of anti-squat negate some of the inherent drag inefficiency of the gearbox? Shifting under load is never ideal, how big is the penalty for error? I’ve torn teeth off my SRAM cassette, folded a cog, and seen plenty of other people do the same when making a boneheaded shift under load while bonking. Especially on the east coast steeps. Sometimes SRAM will warranty it, sometimes not and that’s an expensive mistake. How likely is damage to the pinion’s internals doing the same thing? How expensive are those parts? Can you replace individual cogs? Does it have to be sent back for that kind of service or is it simple enough for the local LBS to repair? What about running a belt drive? Does that add drag? How limiting is the gearbox for suspension/frame designers or is it less limiting?
bicimane KNOLLYBIKES's article
Jan 17, 2018 at 8:37
Jan 17, 2018
Knolly Moves Entire Lineup to 157mm Spacing
Fuck this shit so hard. Fuck you bike industry. Pretty much seals the deal for me. Just gonna sell all my bikes and buy a super basic hard tail, ride it til it breaks, and repeat. Fuck you for killing the used bike market. Fuck you for making bikes too expensive for the average consumer. Fuck you for trying to become like Apple and work off the concept of manufactured obsolescence. This. Is. Bullshit. You’re shooting yourselves in the foot. This is why the bike industry is declining. High bar for entry, zero resale, ever changing standards that to the average person mean nothing other than their super hot bike they saved for is now obsolete. Guarantee that almost no one other than pros and people who should be pros will truly notice the performance gains of this shit. The fastest dudes I know are fast on anything. A little more stiffness from the rear triangle isn’t going to make you a minute faster on a decent. This is just trying to exploit the obvious gear-head tech-centric nature of mountain bike enthusiasts. I’m out.
bicimane pinkbikeaudience's article
Dec 27, 2017 at 5:57
Dec 27, 2017
Sam Pilgrim on Haibike?
@weebleswobbles: you don’t belong on hiker trails. Horses don’t belong at bike parks. Not every trail in the forest is a mtb only trail (in fact that doesn’t exist anywhere where I live- other than bike parks in summer). MULTIUSE trails are for EVERYONE. You don’t like that? Why? Just because? Well then get your local leaders involved if you don’t like them and figure out how to get them banned by showing irrefutable evidence (which truly doesn’t seem to be there). They (eBikes) are already at the party, the burden is on you to get them to leave. Good luck convincing them that they are the problem and getting them to stay off trails on their own. Otherwise, why don’t you just let them eat cake? We’re eating cake, I’m sure they want some of our cake. I doubt it’s going to ruin the party. If you really really can’t handle sharing a trail with eBikes, build mountain bike only trails and ban anyone else from using them. I don’t even like riding eBikes. I’m not interested at all. I’ve ridden them plenty and it just doesn’t do it for me (maybe I’m a Luddite?). But treating them like some sort of social pariah is just stupid. People didn’t want bikes on public streets when they first rolled around. Then people didn’t want motorized carriages (cars) on roads built for bikes (did you know paved roads were developed for bikes?). New group, same issues- sharing space. Just figure out how to share and deal with it, or go exclude yourself from everyone else if you can’t handle different groups accessing public land.
bicimane pinkbikeaudience's article
Dec 26, 2017 at 21:20
Dec 26, 2017
Sam Pilgrim on Haibike?
So I hate to be this guy, but it sounds like a very specific area and a very specific group of people who routinely have problems sharing trail access will be the only ones potentially affected by eBikes. I have heard that in California (which figures) and Colorado (again, figures) there have been trails (like one or two?) that were closed to anyone other than hikers because of ebikes. But I would contend that those are in places where hikers never wanted bikes of any kind in the first place. I don’t know what it’s like everywhere. I get that some of you have legitimate concerns about loosing trail access in your local riding area because it has always been a struggle for others to be nice and share, but that does not mean it will be the death of mountain binging everywhere. Maybe a few isolated areas will have some access lost, but I don’t see that being a major issue because most people in the public seem to be able to separate Mtn bikes from eBikes. They aren’t as dumb as most pinkbikers think. Either way the excuse that they will ruin everyone’s good time is totally bunk. It’s not the case for everyone in America (which is what seems to be claimed by people who live in areas of America that have a history of having to fight for land access) and it’s definitely not that way in Europe or Asia. In fact I would bet that most places in America are not even up to speed on this whole issue and people are riding eBikes on trails and others aren’t any wiser. People had been riding eBikes around where I live well before the local park rangers and higher ups came to know about them. In fact it only became something they were aware of because one of he rangers is an avid mtber and found out that one of the local shops was considering picking up some eBikes. But in the meantime they didn’t have any reason to suspect some nefarious group of rouge ebike trail users were destroying trails because there was no evidence of it. eBikes have not caused my local riding community any harm what so ever. The trails are still open, they aren’t any more blown out, and people actually ride eBikes on them regularly. The local shop even got all the local park rangers to demo them after they decided it was an issue they needed to address. They tried to get out front of it before the different groups started fighting about it and did their own research and held meetings and heard people’s voices, went over the facts, etc. eBikes aren’t allowed on every trail, but they aren’t outright banned. In my area the culture is much more about finding a way for everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors and sometimes that means sharing trails with groups you don’t like, which is why dedicated trails exist. I can’t ride on hiker only trails, sometimes eBikes can’t ride on bike trails. I get that many of us feel that it’s not really something they’re into personally, but I don’t really see anything outright wrong with them. Because guess what?! They aren’t fucking e-motos (which are sweet by the way) and they aren’t mopeds either. Have any of you ever ridden a moped? It’s not at all like an ebike. eBikes are their own thing, but it’s within cycling for now, but I don’t think it will stay that way. And all of that is ok. 100 years ago Schwinn was making bikes and motorcycles that were basically bikes with motors strapped to them. They weren’t that different, they raced on the same tracks. Now motorcycles and bikes share almost no similarities and definitely don’t get raced on the same tracks. Until eBikes develop to that point, they are a lot like those old motorCYCLES. They are some kind of inbetween. Until, it grows into its own sport and then the only similarities will be that they have two wheels and a handlebar. And then no one will be riding them in the same places. But I don’t think that gives you any right to be a dick about it in the meantime (to the haters who just wanna hate without even a legit claim to land access issues). And I don’t think your claims of destroyed trails and lost access are universally valid. I will grant you that yes, in some places, where the culture is different and land access is always a major issue for every group trying to access the land, then it might be deemed a threat because equestrians who are already ignorant and afraid of bikes will just jump the gun and assume ebike=thing that will kill me and my horse, and bring that to the next park meeting and somehow that will mean mountain bikers loose access. Although when you actually talk that out it makes more sense that the end conclusion is just to ban eBikes in some places. Just learn to fucking share you guys. Jebus. *im fucking drunk, rant over, sorry not sorry*
Added 18 photos to Jamis-XCT-Race
Dec 12, 2017 at 20:22
Dec 12, 2017
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