Video: Bicycle Nightmares Releases Collaboration With Evoc

Dec 14, 2023 at 10:48
by Bicycle Nightmares  

PRESS RELEASE: Bicycle Nightmares

We’ve worked with German backpack manufacturer Evoc on a limited-edition capsule collection consisting of a Duffle Backpack, Duffle Bag, and Belt. Each product has been enhanced with better fabrics and subtle details, elevating the overall aesthetic and design.

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak
Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak

Duffle Backpack 26 BN

The Duffle Backpack has been on Evoc’s travel lineup for a while, and it was our backpack of choice to give it a spin. We replaced the webbing that adjusts the main compartment for a custom black-on-black Nightmares one, added a pocket on the right side for a symmetrical view, and upgraded its mesh fabric. Then, we changed the internal laptop compartment fabric to a premium quilted one and used Evoc’s black star pattern fabric for the interior pockets of the main compartment. Additionally, we added a custom woven label outside the internal zip pocket and chose to print all outside logos in black for a subtle aesthetic.

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Backpack
Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Backpack

Weekender 25 BN

The Weekender in 25l capacity is a Nightmares exclusive product. We requested a smaller version of its 40l sister to use as a cabin bag, and Evoc agreed to produce it. We kept the same design language as in the backpack: the black-on-black Nightmares webbing, Evoc’s black star pattern fabric inside the side pockets, a custom woven label sewn inside one, and the all-black logos. The other fine detail we requested was to change the press buttons on top of the handle for studded buttons as a nod to Punk and early 2000s fashion.

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Duffle Bag
Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Duffle Bag

Rider Belt BN

To finish off the collection, we decided to use our custom black-on-black Nightmares webbing on Evoc’s Rider Belt, making a few small changes on its ending by adding a custom black-on-black woven label.

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Rider Belt

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak

bigquotesIt was natural for us to work on special edition products that combine Héctor’s vision, aesthetic, and needs for his work with our expertise in making products, which are always a bit more than simply pieces of equipment.Holger Feist, co-founder + product director, Evoc Sports GmbH

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak

bigquotesTraveling has been essential to building BN so this collaboration made a lot of sense to me. Now, every time I pack my bags for a new trip, I appreciate the long journey to get here even more.Héctor Saura, founder + creative director, Bicycle Nightmares

Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak
Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc Photo by Bryan Novak

The Bicycle Nightmares X Evoc capsule collection is available now exclusively on

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 Only compatible with full-sleeve tattoos and a vintage 240 wagon.
  • 39 0
 Not gonna lie, I saw the Volvo and I clicked just incase there was more brick content within.
  • 3 0
 @ripridesbikes: yesssss meee tooooo
  • 3 0
 the only thing you can make out in one of the photos is the sleeve tattoo - everything else is a blur
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 You better not forget about short pants too!
  • 30 0
 Nothing’s more punk than an expensive, finely crafted duffel bag
  • 20 2
 Bicycle Nightmares forever ❤️

f*ck this website ☠️
  • 19 7
 Bicycle nightmares is one of the worst brand names I've ever heard. Why would you want a nightmare, that just implies it's going to be nothing but problems.
  • 14 3
 the nightmare of paying high dollar for the embroidery is scary AF
  • 6 2
 Bank account nightmares
  • 11 1
 Well, basically I just copied the plant we have now. Then, I added some fins to lower wind resistance. And this racing stripe here I feel is pretty sharp.
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 agreed, first prize!
  • 9 1
 They look OK, with the exception of the funky belt (not sure why they went that direction). Hard to get too worked up over black on black styling, and pretentiousness seems inline with "to meet [the designer's] vision, aesthetic, and needs" for an obvious fashion over function product...
Clicks on link.
Sees prices.

Might pick up the backpack or duffel in 2 years when they're 80% off.
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 All of these pieces look great to me. Evoc has always been known for their on-trend colors, but nothing beats classic black. Now there's a great black-plus option. The bike world can't just be all flashy, MX-inspired race kits... I'm buying one of these backpacks not for commuting, but everyday use. If/when I ride at night with this pack, I'll clip a flashing light onto it just like I normally do.
  • 6 2
 I dress in all black. Black socks, boxers, shorts, t shirt and hoody is my go to. I like black clothing. But this is just insane, I still have clothing with reflective strips/logos for commuting, my riding bag has reflective strips, visibility is important, and this is as invisible as it gets. Absolute fail for cycling safety.
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 1. user name checks out 2. it's so you can look cool while you die bicycle commuting
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 @j-t-g: pretty much. It's a lifestyle, not a phase as my parents hoped
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 almost like its a bicycle nightmare
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 The backpack already comes in all black. So 25% price increase for "custom" (still black?) webbing, their logo (hidden when worn), and a moved black Evoc logo? Is their target market complete idiots? Is making things more expensive with zero added value part of how they "aim to positively contribute to the bicycle industry"? Or is the contribution having literally everything be black on black, so "unique and different".

Hey PB, you know you don't have to publish every press release you get sent?
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 They do if they’re paid to do it.
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 In-N-Out (yes, the burger joint) use to make a bag called the Green Duffel Bag. It retailed for $30, but you could get it for $15 at certain times of the year. Best bag I ever purchased.
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 Sad to see so many of you hating on Bicycle Nightmares. The sport desperately needs more 'lifestyle' brands that represent the riders and the culture. It reminds me of BR back in the day. Keep pushin Hector!
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 nice use of a volvo brick
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 Stuff looks super clean. Always enjoying your work, Hector
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 photos look like one I took when I first time got camera with manual exposure timing Big Grin
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 Only clicked because of the Volvo
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 Only bright colors, please, for a commuting backpak
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 There are no internal pictures. What are they hiding?
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 2 kg of coke. dealer bag
  • 5 4
 Mountain bikers aren't hipsters!
  • 2 1
 thank goodness to
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 really? ... flannel, beards, pale ale, skinny trousers, weird hobby... I guess not. That's lucky.
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 you should check out Bend oregon
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 looks like a seatbelt
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 Hipster bags. Who needs them?
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 Nothing like using circa-2012 Wordpress fonts for your logo… Facepalm
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 Never been so emotionally invested in....a bag.
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 who buys this ??
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