The Vision of a Line - Video

Jun 1, 2016 at 3:59
by Bluegrass Eagle  
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Rider → Harry Molloy
Location→ Llangynog, Wales UK

A weekly riding routine isn't the same without some burnt rubber on the tracks. The sun came out and it was time to get to the park. On the first descents, some extra energy fueled me up and my beloved, but down-home Ghetto Track wasn't enough for the day.

Revolution Bike Park - Llangynog

A burst of excitement is what I was craving for. Sometimes here in Wales, the landscape can be all too similar making it easy to lose the habit of looking for new and exciting descents. While packed on the back of the jeep on the uplift route, my eye fell for the first time on a detail in the distance. There was a line on the opposite hillside. Next to the old mine, a wider section hypnotized me to move away from the sleepy cable-way that was steep and straight, leading from the heart of the mine all the way down to the village.

Revolution Bike Park - Llangynog

I asked the driver how it was. He could only reply that no one had gone there for over forty years: after the mine had closed, everyone had lost interest in the place.

Revolution Bike Park - Llangynog

Everyone except me. That was the thrill I aimed for. The adrenaline from free-riding was pushing me; there was something magnetic waiting for me on the other side.

Revolution Bike Park - Llangynog

Back in the village, I took a few directions on the best way to get to the cable-way station - the summit of my imagination. Carrying the bike was the price to pay, sweating every step. But a growing buzz was pushing me further. Fatigue immediately faded when I reached the starting gate.

Harry Molloy

I was scared and fascinated at the same time.
The beauty of the descent and the fear of the unknown.
It was all there.
I couldn't wait longer.
It was time to drop in.

Harry Molloy

That's the magic of free-riding.
Sometimes ordinary turns into extraordinary.

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 55 seconds of slow mo intro, followed by a guy doing a skid for another minute down a scree slope, accompanied by what sounds like the soundtrack from an epic movie score. Riveting.
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 It sounds like the sound track form sky fall when he is driving the dB5 through Scotland.
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 I've seen one other person do it before, when he got to the bottom one of the locals shouted at him as he 'owned' the land and the mine. Turns out he never even worked in the mine!
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 I'm surprised at the comments, I thought this edit was going to get properly slated
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 Spied that line on the otherside a few times whilst riding Revs.. Good on ya for getting it ridden Wink
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 I've looked at that from afar and half-jokingly wondered about hitting it a few times. Props for actually going for it!
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 friggin strava
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 With a bit of work, that could be an excellent starting hut.
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 Real touch that bike was just lying around by a slope
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 Well then, what was that all about ? Jeees !

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