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Self Filmed Raw Freeride 4K

Aug 5, 2015 at 20:52
by Jordan Boostmaster  

Raw self filmed Freeride video of myself in 4K. That time of year is so beautiful, trails are perfect!

What time of year is your favorite time to ride?

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 do you just set your camera down and session one spot to get the shots because i would like some tips on self filming.
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 ya self filming is kind of annoying, cuz it takes much longer to get the shots. I just set the camera at an angle I wanted and recorded myself each time I rode. Each shot was way too long of course cuz I had to hike up each time.
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 Super cool editing with the twin shots!
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 Nice work capturing and showcasing as usual Boost!
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 Well done. I always enjoy your vids. 4k looks amazing.

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