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Whistler Bike Park Raw GoPro Downhill

Feb 5, 2016 at 15:11
by Jordan Boostmaster  

Hitting up the Whistler Bike Park raw, recorded with my gopro hero 4 black on my chest in superview mode!
This was filmed last July when it was really dry out, but it did rain a bit that day which was great for the trails.

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 Any tips for getting the chest cam that smooth? I've been using one for years but you're videos always have the smoothest chesty footage
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 I have my chest harness really tight, almost as tight as it can go, that keeps it more stable, and using superview helps it look more stable as well.
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 Did you use a external mic or did you remove the plastic housing around the GoPro
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 I used an external mic
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 WTF is and why is it in an mtb video???
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 lol that was just a sponsor that I had for a few videos
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 Haha, kind of loud and scary, man. Wink

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