Brayden Barrett-Hay’s ‘FEARS’ is an Absolute Banger - Video

Jan 23, 2018 at 16:34
by Brad Scholl  
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FEARS - a short film featuring Brayden Barrett-Hay

Directed by:
Brad Scholl - Brayden Barrett-Hay

Director of Photography:
Brad Scholl

Brad Scholl - Tim Hutchison

Sound Design: Keith White
Aerial: Tim Hutchison - Brandon Hardy
Editing/Color: Brad Scholl
Graphic Design: Lauren Lindberg
Music: "Barracuda" composed by Luke Atencio
Voiceover: Les Brown
Additional Footage Courtesy of: Swatch Primeline - Munich Mash
Additional support provided by Sigma Canada
Special Thanks: Judy Barrett, Matt Lastowski, Jamie Scholl, Bailey Peckford, Austin Derksen

Watch in UHD here


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 Gotta pre-empt the “wow what a revel co copy” response. I think that’s definitely a valid argument however, I feel that’s not a bad thing (as many people make it out to be). Like god damn, that’s some A++ riding and creative, visually interesting film making!
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 revel co have started a new style of action sports filmmaking which is inspired by experimental films and I for one am a massive sucker for it!
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 What's up with all the videos starting off in the dark, with a gritty street scene and a motivational speaker?
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 Nothing beat Sail + slomo shots
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flag siderealwall2 (Jan 24, 2018 at 10:08) (Below Threshold)
 I'm over it, but Rupert had it coming. The Revel setup worked well because I respected the riders and their message.

Now we have every damm Cat 2 racer in the country making an edit to "I have a dream" and filming their cupboards with strobe lights...
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 @siderealwall2: fair enough though brayden barred hay was riding red bull joyride a few years back...
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 @chyu: haha
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 @siderealwall2: Thanks for watching. Just as an FYI, Brayden is far from a "Cat 2 racer", he competes globally on the FMB circuit and has for years. He's had a few career setbacks, but as you may have seen from this video he's still pushing is own limits.

As for message, my overall goal for this film was to demonize his fears while showcasing the power/choice people have while overcoming these fears. This has a deep meaning to both Brayden and I, and hopefully it will register with people on various levels, either bike related, career related, or personally. I am sorry it did not register with you.

Finally, I respect the hell out of Brandon & Rupert, they have pushed this type of genre into the action sports world and have done so with great success. We drew some inspiration from Revel's work, and other non bike related videos that live online. Take a look at Valvoline's "Never Idle" campaign - we drew a ton of inspiration from this as well - through the visuals and the story telling.
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 lee powis/sean petitt and superproof doing this all the waaay back in 2013.

it was over before it started.

everyone else is just playin catch up.
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flag siderealwall2 (Jan 24, 2018 at 12:55) (Below Threshold)
 @bradscholl: I respect Brayden, been a big fan of his for years. The revel "concept" works really well between you and him, and I see the message you are trying to convey and the production value is on a new level.

Heres where we might agree: In the same sense that "Modern Collective" characterized the next decade of surfing content, Revel is making waves in our sport. Your work is far removed from Rupert's, but the flavor will only remain if there is unique focus and a lack of dilution, in that you can't split a log the same way twice.

My issue with this sort of abstraction comes from its wide adoption and lack of creativity from the original Revel Co. videos. Powerful videos make a mark. I'm sure you will see many similar videos to your own and see what I am saying.

That said,
Awesome vid, great work.
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 @stacykohut: Great reference, Lee & Sean were the first people with a camera to make something edgy & dark... Both Rupert & Lee took inspiration from other aspects of cinema & filmmaking, as does every creator. Don't talk shit just cause you thought of a clever reference that a lot of mountain bikers might not have drawn.

Bottom line, @bradscholl you fu*king killed it man! Loved your shot list, sound design, the concept & the execution in post! This brought me back to that painful moment watching Bradon go down hard on that first feature of Joyride. Then watching his progress of getting back to the level he should be at! So stoked on this project!
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 @siderealwall2: I don’t think it’s
justified to defend another filmmaker for creating a new genre and keep it exclusive to themselves without the original creator having a say. I bet Rupert loves to see that he was an influence.. This video might help
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 @mitchgulliver: and then there is the backlash..................

give it a few more years and all the peeps in mtb will be joining the backlash too.........

filmed all on a iphone...low tech/ hi tech.........

it comes in goes in waves.

awesome riding with over-production, awesome riding with stripped down production.

the only constant thru the years and thru the trends, is awesome riding/action in all the action sports regardless of the production qualities.

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 Nice ramble.
Congrats on finding a "low fi" production that includes a camera shooting FHD, slow motion & stabilization equipment. You truly are a connoisseur of action sports filmmaking.
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 @chyu: Best comment of the Year!
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 @mitchgulliver: Thanks man! Glad you and so many others are stoked.
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 @bradscholl: Yes this film seemed inspired by revel co but I thought you guys did a great job and braydens riding lived up to it. Nice video guys!
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 A techy/nerdy note the aspect ratio is perfect for an ultrawide display. More like this please ! Smile
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 Cool video. Did everyone just discover Les Brown's motivational speeches? The other video released today has samples of it.
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 I think "motivational speaker" is the new "waking-up-in-the-morning-to-freshly-brewed-coffee."
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 Short, but Sweet..We need to see more of Brayden..
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 Looks like a Revel
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 Sorry but all of this; Revel et al, is derivative. Because art is derivative. Art doesn't exist first. Art is a reflection. This connected with me. Which is how I like my art. Thought it was great. Thanks for the post!
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 Wow really enjoyed that! Top job guys, yes there's some obvious correlations between this and Rupert but I know it's hard to pull this look off well and I think they did it, you don't question the quality of the riding or the filming and once that's in place you can just sit back and enjoy! Really enjoyed the angle you took with the fears and pushing past that, made it a lot more interesting than just seeing a rider shred. I personally felt that was enough to separate it from other edits HOWEVER. It must be said the people wearing the white masks is a bit of a mis hap and wasn't needed to make the edit work.
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 @bradscholl : Tough ass critics on this site. I think most the commenters on this site have more calluses on their hands from typing hate than from riding....To anybody involved in the making of this edit my helmets off to you. Next level riding!!!!
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 That flip and 720 was at another level! Nice editing
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 What an "original" video hahaha. Riding was good though.
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 Mongoose sure does have a very skilled team for such a "shitty" bike company.
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 Yes man, I see you ay joyride putting in the hours and man is it paying off for you. Keep it up, you're an inspiration to others.
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 If I ever have a son I am going to name him "Brayden". Pretty sure that guarantees he will be filming sick edits in some action sport!
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 Would look sick on a t-shirt, Brayden from one shoulder to another, I agree. Anybody recalls Matt Beer, pro Dh racer? Damn, what a name...
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 Awesome to see Brayden's progression over the years. Some super sick combos in there!!! Good work Brad
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 Wicked riding and a sick message, nothing to hate on here.
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 Well made and thought out editing and production.Rider is killing it top job
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 Accept that you are afraid, but move on anyhow.....
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 Riding in a nutshell haha
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 BBH is back on the come up! killing it. straight sev on a lip down?!?! never seen it done.
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 That was an awesome video!
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 sweet vid Brayden!! So much progression from you in the last couple years.
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 So dope Brad, A1 as always
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 Looks like someone is ready for the fmb series!!! (Me too as a spectator ????)
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 720 out of a whale tale !!! World first???
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 *cough cough* semenuk *cough cough*
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 The only thing to fear is fear itself so I guess we all fear fear.
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 Pro dope core forecoreplay
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 did someone say lapse?
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 Wait why is the comment font in italics? It looks CrAzYYy!!
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 He's really good on doing this!
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 good lord that was fire
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 Dope af
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 Sweet edit!
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 Bangars and mash
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 so dark
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 Riding is absolutely next level, but the edit is such a revel rip off that i cant even
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 Had to mute it and play my own song
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 just like every "sick" edit has been ripping each other off for the last 5 years? It's awesome that filmmakers are sharing a more creative light rather than just getting slow mo tricks and roost in golden hour light
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 I'd also say there's more creativity and boundary-pushing in mtb edits than in most action sports videos. If you really want to see some ripoffs watch almost any mid- to upper-level BMX or snow edit from the past couple years.
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 hella Revel Co copy cats
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