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Film Review: "When Does the Trend End?"

Oct 29, 2023 at 7:38
by Pedro Brajal  

"When Does the Trend End?" is a mountain bike film that goes far beyond breathtaking trail stunts. It is a bold statement and a call to preserve the authentic culture of mountain biking in a world dominated by commercial and superficial content.

Filmmakers Hunter Paull and Matt Begg embarked on a cinematic journey to capture not only the sport but the culture and essence of mountain biking. From the opening minutes, the film immerses the viewer in a world where authenticity is valued above all.

The film's narrative is a powerful critique of the current trend in the mountain biking industry, which often seems more concerned with selling products than celebrating the spirit of the sport. Reality shows, vlogs, quick bike review videos, and disposable content flood the media, leaving many enthusiasts yearning for something more genuine.

The soundtrack is a masterpiece in its own right. Each song is chosen with precision to complement the scenes in the film, creating a perfect synchronization between music and action. The musical selection includes tracks ranging from hip-hop to classic rock, adding an extra dimension to the viewer's experience.

The riders' performances, including Matt Begg, Billy Meacleam, David Mcmillan, Jacob O'Donoghue-Price, Nils Hieniger, Hayden Zablotny, and Hunter Paull himself, are breathtaking. Each of them brings their unique style to the trails and demonstrates exceptional skill.

Viewer comments echo praise for the production and the film's message. Many state that "When Does the Trend End?" is one of the best mountain bike productions they've ever seen. Some mention that the film rekindles a renewed passion for the sport, while others emphasize the importance of keeping the authentic culture alive.

In summary, "When Does the Trend End?" is more than just a mountain bike film; it is a passionate statement about preserving the true culture in a world where commercial often prevails. The production, the soundtrack, and the riders' performances converge to create a unique cinematic experience that deserves to be seen and appreciated. This film is a reminder that the authentic spirit of mountain biking is alive and well and isn't going anywhere.


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 It's a shame PB never posted anything about it. I just watched it the other day and searched up the site only to find your article

edit: nvm saw it in a movies for your monday, good review though
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 I'm still more or less in doubt if I was over hipped about the movie or their statement was /s to bitter for industry people... but loved it for sure

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