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7 Last Minute Storylines from Rampage

Oct 21, 2022 at 9:13
by Brian Park  
Cam Zink finally got to linking together a couple lines midway down his line.
Zink and his team called an audible last night.

Last second news from the hill!

1. Dylan Stark got back on the bike yesterday and hit the canyon gap for the first time. He ended up throwing a tuck on it, and continued to link up his line throughout the day.

2. A lot of lines weren't finished as diggers worked by phone light to push to the finish. Someone get these people headlamps!

3. Kyle Strait had a massive crash yesterday. Healing vibes Kyle!

4. Cam Zink, who shared Kyle's line, had not hit the Oakley drop by the end of the day, and decided to change lines at the bottom of his run. He's not hitting Oakley Sender, instead going left joining Lacogedguy & Brandt.

5. Brandon Semenuk's drop in was super casual. He walked up with a big crowd at the top and dropped in quickly.

6. William Robert and Szymon Godziek did top to bottom runs by the end of the day. Szymon looking super comfy but thinking about some tricks to throw on his massive features. Will's team has been working so fast and diligently all week, and it shows with a finished line.

7. Both Alex Volokhov and Kurt Sorge went too deep on their first hits on shared massive jump off the mid road. Both got up and walked away, and Kurt cleared the never-before-hit feature shortly after. Alex looks unlikely to start, unfortunately. Gutted for Alex if he isn't able to make the start, he's been here so many times as a digger and was so excited to compete.

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 8: I walked to the fridge to get a beer
  • 28 1
 9: I brought the fridge to the couch
  • 14 1
 @labrinsky: 10: The couch brought me to the beer for a fridge
  • 2 3
 @lewis277: 11. The fridge brought the beer to the couch for me
  • 18 0
 69. The fridge and couch, now both sentient, decided to venture into the wilderness to find the meaning of life.
  • 6 0
 420: The fridge and couch find psilocybin mushrooms and reach enlightenment, successfully achieving what many spend their lives pursuing
  • 4 0
 @camcoz69: 7.5m. after much hijinks, an encounter with pan dimensional beings and a supercomputer; turns out it’s 42.
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 @tomfoolerybackground: Luke 4: 12
And the fridge looked up at the pan dimensional beings and said, "show us your ways, and let the beer and couch move your lands freely to find the rampage viewers"
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 @lewis277: In the name of the fridge, the couch, and the holy beer... Amen
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 12: Freak sandstorm has blinded all the judges, run scores now determined by vibes and scent.
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 @Catch22: would've probably been more accurate scoring
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 @camcoz69: with beer
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 ** Kyle Straight is out of surgery and was able to walk a little bit today. He is going to be okay.
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 Great man, wheredyou hear that?
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 @simonusedtoskate: Kyle's Instagram story
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 @simonusedtoskate: couldn't agree more.
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 Really really hoping that Alex Volokhov manages to drop-in and participate...would be so gutted for him!
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 huge bummer to hear, really hoping he is OK today to ride and if it doesn't work out that we see him back with an invite next year!
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 Time for a format revamp. Not enough time for prep. You can hear it in their voices and the results are unfinished builds and nervous riders. Extra day? Bigger build teams? Those 2 seem simple enough?
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 I feel like a rest day for the riders would be good too. Seems like digging all week then frantically Guinea pigging lines is a recipe for disaster
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 I mean, those are some of the constraints of the contest that end up making it interesting. They are pushing themselves and sometimes they underestimate the time it will take to build.

And they do have a mandatory rest day. From Redbull "Rider and dig team get four days to start building their lines and just dig. There is then a day off to rest for everyone. After the day off, riders are allowed to practice their chosen line over a four day period, where they are also allowed to continue to work and dig on it."
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 Seriously. This needs to be at the top. I think crews who were there last year may have been spoiled with excellent dirt and forgot how awful digging Rampage is when it's just the baking sun and everyone is probably vying for the hose. Also that it's an older dig site. Also that the features keep getting bigger and bigger. Slope-page or not, if its worth doin its worth doin right. If dudes are intending to do flip whips on a cliff jump or whatever... I want them to get it to a point where they feel safe doing so. Not eek out a rideable lip and send it into a sand landing or whatever.
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 You know it's gnarly when Zink does not jump it
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 Well, Zink is 36 now. That's the same age Darren Berrecloth retired.
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 It feels like everything is coming down to the wire this year. So many people still haven't linked up their lines by finals day. Today is going to be interesting!
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 That's what happens when they put in so much time sculpting.
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 @Neechy: you can’t go as big as they are with out prep, that dirt will eat you alive. Add tricks on top of that and no one would be landing. I love raw free ride too, but the massive tricks, sniper landings and steep lines are also super cool. At the end of the day it’s about stoke on 2 wheels
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 Andreu Lacondeguy rode right down to the wire!
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 @IronWheel: I see what you did there
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 how come we can't watch it for free this year on Pinkbikee??? VIdeo is geo restricted ???
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 I know what do we do
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 @bradsbikesco: There are better ways, but DL the Opera browser free version. Click the VPN button to the left of the address bar and select Europe. Watch Rampage. Delete the browser afterwards - Chinese-owned.
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 @suspended-flesh: I still can't I downloaded it and im in europe and still can't watch
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 @bradsbikesco: I'm watching it through the PB link in Californina. You can do this!
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 @bradsbikesco: open an incognito window. Your browser saves cookies so if you are using a normal windows it will show that you are in the US based upon your past history on the site.
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 Some one get these guys headlamps? How about they get themselves headlamps. Amateurs.
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 How do I get rampage to watch for free
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 Cannot watch the Rampage for free in The Land of the Free?
Heard about VPN folks?
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 you cant
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 you have capitalism in your country you should be pleased that you must pay for everything
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 Did any alternate rider even showed up?
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 Because you haven’t put enough effort into understanding how to make that goal a reality.
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 Got a problem find a solution.
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 No Alex!!!!!!
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