Another eMTB Athlete Signs With Unassisted Bike Brand

Mar 29, 2018 at 10:36
by Brian Park  
Brandon Semenuk progressing it as always with a rad half cab of the top drop
Will we continue to see groundbreaking eMTB tricks like this massive fakie to half-cab stepup on the final feature of the Four Loko Uphill Slopestyle course?

Female uphill slopestyle rider Pam Silgrim has announced her switch to Löbike, the surging non-electric mountain bike manufacturer.

As part of a growing trend, eMTB athletes are continuing to look to "acoustic" mountain bike brands for sponsorship. Tired of their YouTube vlogging duties and the stresses of being lifestyle celebrities, these riders are looking to branch out into progressive areas like judged competition and racing. Whether this is just a cash-grab or whether these athletes are excited about unpowered cycling remains to be seen.

L bike YBTHR novwls 7.11
With wheel-size options, variable brake mounting, and 3-inch tire clearance, the recently announced YBTHR novwls 7.11 will be Pam's main bike for 2019. Strangely, the brand has chosen to forgo Boost spacing.

When asked why she chose to ride for Löbike, Pam Silgrim replied, “I really liked the look of what they're doing in terms of being more extreme with bikes and pushing the freeride side of things, it was an obvious choice really!” Pam continues, “I always secretly enjoyed pedaling and hated making branded content, it was just something that sucked in between the fun stuff. I actually still can't believe how fun unassisted mountain biking is!”

bigquotesWe warmly welcome Pam Silgrim to the Löbike family and are looking forward to pushing unassisted bikes to the next level on the international stage. R&D feedback from Pam over the next years will be used to contribute to the further development of the Löbike YBTHR models to keep them at the head of the pack.Burt Splesh, Director of Marketing & Product at Löbike


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 the onion meets pinkbike
  • 9 0
 hey that "lobike" frame is actually a 24 Bicycles Le Toy, which I had never heard of or seen until a coworker bought one like 3 weeks ago, and now I'm seeing it again. Such a weird bike
  • 1 1
 Good eye!
  • 4 4
 Made back when bikes were real bikes and not long, low, light pieces of rubbish we have now. One of those with a set of 150mm Sherman’s could ride down Everest.
  • 8 0
 @pimpin-gimp: and probably weighed the same as Everest too.
  • 6 4
 @pimpin-gimp: really? What were you doing back then? Because I saw super heavy ass bikes cracking all over the place. Including Banshee. So all I remember is dentists weren’t riding Bronsons, they were riding Super Monsters and sucking ass big time. Those are the times I don’t want to remember amd am super glad are over. Most ego charged time of MTB, where the method of dick measurement was how tall huck to flat you can make on biggest, heaviest possible bike. And if you said you want to learn to brake, get better at cornering, people called you a f**gt. Go big or go home wannabies. That was the gravity scene around 2000-2005. Marzocchi babes suited the scene pretty well
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 @brianpark: HaHa this is really funny?
  • 18 7
 this is just stupid... I like when April Fools used to actually be decent.
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 haha! nice one. i’m taking the acoustic to santa cruz tomorrow. course, we do have a buddy’s girlfriend shuttling us to make up for our lack of amps. is that the same? i dunno. i only ever go uphill in order to go down, but my wife would probably sabotage my ebike if i ever got one since she prefers me svelte.
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 Death to ebikes
  • 8 1
 My name is Pam Silgram and this is extremely offensive
  • 2 0
 I remember this frame. French free ride HT company. Died out when tried to make a pivot around BB dually. Came out in 1999..... Was called the..... checking early videos on PB their riders were gonzo Wink . One model came w/ seat collar looked like a spiked collar. Really strong euphemism in their names. Like DeepCove level tongue in cheek......
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 Two four.
  • 2 0
 The cock ring seat clamp! Weighed about 7 tonnes. My mate had one, he gave it to me years ago and only just ditched it a month ago!!! Lol
  • 2 0
 The face when the sickest frame is actually a joke. Pats bike companies on the back.
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 People own big obnoxious trucks to compensate for tiny testies. people own e-bikes to compensate for the lack of physical strength to climb a hill like regular person. or tiny testies.
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 Thats right! Future sucks!
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 april 1 is getting lamer and lamer on pink bike. This is a 24bikes pornking
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 Ebike & chill?
  • 2 0
 Theme for this April fools "what comes around goes around"?
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 Shit effort this year!
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 I know this is the internet and everything.....but this just smells like bullying. I guess it's all fun and games till someone is taking the piss out of you
  • 6 1
 how is cyber bullying even a thing? like turn off your computer and you are done
  • 2 0
 I'm assuming YBTHR has some meaning that I'm completely missing right?
  • 2 0
 Maybe "why bother? (Y-BTHR?)
  • 2 0
 Shouldn't it be 'unplugged' and not 'acoustic?'
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 WHAT e bikes have Athletes, next your tell us they have there own programers for races?
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 Happy April 1st everybody.
  • 2 0
 Pam Silgram, love it!
  • 1 0
 Oh freaking cares! Washed out atletes needs to eat too!
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 Well it looks like 24 le toy is back under a diffrent name
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 Loved my Le Toy, but times change and tubes get smaller Smile
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 I'd ride it.
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 Seriously!!! Try a little harder. This April fools joke was just sad.

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