"I Almost Hit A Deer!" Reece Wallace Sends It At The Kamloops Bike Ranch

Apr 29, 2018 at 8:22
by Brian Park  

Thankfully this wasn't a Red Hartebees situation.

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 And then we are told WE can win $20,000 with the GoPro contest...LMAO
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 @reecewallace was this whole thing choreographed for more views? Were there animal wranglers just off camera? #conspiracy #lookintoit
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 @brianpark: Pinkbike, fake news.
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 @brianpark: Another thing you should post is Metailler’s last post where he rides down the Rampage mountain in Utah (he wasn’t at the event so he just went on his own.. epic ! Big Grin )
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 Leave Harry Kane alone!
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 The whole website is designed to get your doe.
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 I've no I deer what I just watched
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 deer god please stop these puns
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 Why? I find them rather endeering...
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 Even if I have herd most of these before, I'm rather fawnd of them.
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flag mtbikeaddict (Apr 29, 2018 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 Besides, it's just pointless bant(l)er. Shoot, I forgot to stag you when I replied: @I-want-your-bike
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flag mtbikeaddict (Apr 29, 2018 at 10:50) (Below Threshold)
 Ok. I'm doene now. Razz
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 @mtbikeaddict: What do you call a deer with no eyes ?
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 @pigman65: I've no eye deer.
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 Don't be Rudolf the bat. Buck up!
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 Oh Dear, that was a close call. Thsnks that the Buck stop here.
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 Still manages to send a 360 on the next jump..
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 I think it was about the 3rd jump after, but yeah... That was cool to watch. Deer? What deer? Continues tricks.
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 Some idiot probably went and put a deer crossing sign there
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 No. There is already a Deer Crossing sign right there. It's the only place they can feel safe crossing with a clear line of sight.
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 Hyped up world due to social media. Wasn't even close to hitting a deer.
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 Wtf are you on about?
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He's right.. the deer passed about 50 feet from him.

It doesn't take away from that solid run tho!
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 These wide go pro lense makes everything look further away
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 that wasnt even close to hitting the deer
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 I think if an animal is on the landing of a jump while you're in the air it counts as close.
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 @brianpark: The truth is the landing was probably build at deer home Wink
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 @wuadeq: f*cking deers, building their houses in a bike park
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 I've been closer to winning the lottery
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 Thought it looked pretty close considering the speed he was going .Just speaking on the hoof here...
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 Oh deer lord!
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 Damn, that was veal-ly close.
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 Could be a country thing or I have missed it completely, but isn't veal succulent baby beef Smile
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 jamesdunford, You're thinking venison
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 This is also known "every single run at Snowshoe".

At Mountain Creek, the deer are black, furrier, slower, fatter and looks just like bears

At Beech Mountain, they're low to the ground, fatter, slower, look just like groundhogs (or Wilford Brimley).

At Whistler they are...no f-ing way...that's a bear. A really big bear.
Seriously...I was trapped beside the G.L.C. drop in the village on Easy Does it uphill of a massive momma bear and her cub facing me. She did not move.
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 Almost hit a deer? Seriously? And it is a news? Wtf, where do you ride usually? Indoor?

I have had closer encounters with wildlife pretty much every week for the past X years...(deer, bore, bear, badger, fox, smaller deer, rabbit, you name it). We ride outside, and guess what, thats where animals live!
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 THIS is a bike hitting a deer. Oh dear!

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 That's not "almost" by a stretch. I have deer hair on the end of my lock on from contact with a Doe's ass while coming down the trail. My friend squarely hit one laying in the trail as the others scurried in all direction. It couldn't get up in time because he's wicked fast!

Frikin' Forest Maggots belong on the plate next to the mashed potatoes, not on MTB trails!
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 Sorry, what was that deer?
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 That deer was sending it!! Huck Yeah.
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 Buck yeah?
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 This happened to me in the past, on a much smaller jump, but the deer came really, really close from my front wheel. Scary!
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 I deer sometime to write another pun!
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 Seriously, I Hit an Elk on my road bike going at least 56 mph!, that wasn't even close
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 That dvo is fork is a sweet thing.
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 A Couger passed about that far in front of me last fall.
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 Was she HOT? Did you get her digits?
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 Someone's mother is an others tasty morsel Eek
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 Was that Brian Antilopes?
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 Downhill Domination anyone?
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 Yes!!!! I still have that game.
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 Yooo! That was siick! @reecewallace
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 that run was buck wild
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 Man that wasn't even close.
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 Deer walks past
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 Oh look! A deer!

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