Kyle Strait Air-Lifted from the Red Bull Rampage Course After Crash in Practice

Oct 20, 2022 at 14:25
by Brian Park  
Kyle Strait and Cam Zink have teamed up on their line again this year.

Kyle Strait has been air-lifted from the Red Bull Rampage course by helicopter after a crash on the drop that leads him into the top of the Oakley Sender zone. He rear wheel cased and got bucked a long ways down the landing.

Luca Cometti, who has been documenting Kyle's Rampage campaign this year, posted on Instagram that "Big dog had a big tumble. Going into surgery soon to stabilize a broken T6 vertebrae. Also broke T4-T5 but those are stable. @kylestrait all the healing vibes."

We hate to see anyone take a slam like this, and wish Kyle the best in his recovery.
Healing vibes Kyle
Healing vibes to Kyle.

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 The risk of this event is pretty absurd. Every year it seems like 1 of the 10 riders is hospitalized.
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 cause the features keep getting fken bigger and bigger... stuff you pull 5 years ago probably wouldnt qualify you anymore
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 It's called RAMPAGE for a reason
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 No one is forcing them. They know the risks for sure. But they know the reward as well.
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 @yoobee: What is the reward? From what I can see the total of all the prizes is 200K. Weigh that against a career ending injury and I am not so sure the reward is high enough.
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 @Kiltymac: the reward is the adrenaline rush. Their brains aren't wired like the rest of us.
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 @thisc*nt: They remind me a lot of the climber Alex Honnold. The reward of challenging themselves and pushing the limits human capabilities outweighs any risks.
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 Isle of Mann
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 Since Basagoitia's accident in 2015 i honestly fear for the riders. I like to watch the event, but the risk is real. they are gladiators
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 @IsaacMagers: Riders who push it, whether the are professional or amateur, push it, so they can test themselves. The Love the fact, that they can, and will. Healing Vibes to Kyle.
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 @Kiltymac: safer than driving on a public road, especially in my home town.
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 @omegalung: the rates of serious injury in rampage are way higher than any other event outside of something like the Isle of Mann
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 Well thank goodness 100% of the riders feel its worth the risk to push themselves and to progress their riding. Its fine if you don't get that but don't act like you're surprised when the entire discipline exists because of people taking massive risks.
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 @thisc*nt: you nailed this. I’ve been getting back into cliff jumping again and it’s all about the rush falling 100+ feet into water. I’m not suicidal or anything. Just chasing that high.
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 @mm732: well said
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 @mm732: Preach!!!!!!!!! Greatest race on Earth
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 @Kiltymac: you act as if they are being held against their will.
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 Every year this exact same conversation comes up after someone gets injured. These guys live and breathe for mtb. I even saw some people on here saying the event should be canceled last year. Even if it were, these guys would still be out there riding crazy lines and pushing each other. Everyone understands what the stakes are here, everyone has seen someone with a truly life changing injury. I've got nothing but respect for them and respect for their decision to participate even if some don't think they should be able to.
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 @Kiltymac: $200k(fame+chicks+sponsors)
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 @HB208: Not a really good comparison considering that, what, 5 people get killed every year at the IOM.

Not saying that Rampage isn't gnarly, but there aren't multiple fatalities every time they have it.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone checks out at one of these really high risk events though.
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 @Kiltymac: for a lot of these guys, Rampage is their career…
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Why do people think that reward is only measured in cash. The meaning of life is dopamine. Get it however you can
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 @DylanH93: I get the arguments about riders doing what they love and not being forced, but here is where it stops working for me personally: how many of the riders would be going this big and taking such huge risks this week if it wasn't a broadcasted event with a huge legacy promising fame (though unfortunately not fortune) and glory? Sure, that is still a personal choice but its also a carrot that easily manipulates humans and can override our usual decision making

Something about putting a camera on the riders and luring them to take bigger and bigger risks through promises of glory so a promoter can make money off them crosses the line for me
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 All men die, but how many really live?
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 @DylanH93: AMEN! These men live this life on purpose. The ultimate expression of freedom
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 @DylanH93: Every. Fu(king. Year.
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 @mm732: check the latest video of Boothy, a UK journalist from 44Teeth and a pilot of the TT
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 @URSES: It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

-Theodore Roosevelt
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So true. Its why we mere mortals keep breaking stuff and jumping back on the bike to push ourselves 6 weeks later, too.
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 @iJak: Rampage was always insane. Even the stuff they did ten years ago could easily put a rider into hospital or worse.
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 @Icaru5: Stay sat on the cliff top picking flowers or fly towards the sun.
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 @yoobee: are you sure about that?
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 @watchtower: particularly with you behind the wheel Wink
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 matt hunter pretty much pointed it out in "seasons":

my mom is always like, "this is not a safe job for you."
and i'll say: "mom, i'd be doing this anyways, so it might aswell be my job."
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 @Kiltymac: * life shattering injury
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 @Kiltymac: I think the sponsors you get and the increase from ones you already have are worth far more than the prize pot…
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 @omegalung: ….. or so the Hospital can keep testing them.
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 @Kiltymac: agreed
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 So I guess that means they shouldn't do it right? The riders understand this more than anyone so do us all a favor and shut the f*ck up.
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 @danger13: came here to say 'that can't be true' but I looked it up because I don't follow IoM closely and in 2022, you're right, 5 riders died. That was the most since 1989. In 1970, 6 riders died. 265 in total since the event started in 1911. So, while it isn't 5 riders every year - it's not close but it is near to half of that amount - that's still a shocking tally.


I'm not sure that adds much to the conversation around Rampage and I always figuratively watch with my hands covering my eyes. Here's hoping Kyle is ok and the other riders stay safe today.
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 @HB208: And yet if there's an Isle of Mann race riders show up. You watch the guys building lines, they're scared but they also know what they're doing. Same consequences as a World Cup DH run just the stakes are higher and the cliffs are too. As much as it sucks to see him go down, he knew the risks probably better than anyone and he's done some of the gnarliest lines over the years, it happens to literally the best of them. And then there's TVS....
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 @nullzwo: @nullzwo: Matt's mom came and stayed at my airbnb and gave us a pretty unwarranted review. I don't recommend her opinion on anything.
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 @downhillmonster15: Isle of Man. One n. Gotta break this Mann chain.
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 @Kiltymac: I guarantee they would still do it if it didn’t have a prize at all
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 @AidenMillsgF9: 100 percent agree. But Alex is finally being paid what he’s worth. Maybe these guys will too someday. Seeing firsthand what it takes is another whole level. It’s really a cash grab by Red Bull if you ask me. Took the riders refusing to hand over their GoPro footage some years back to slowly shift the power back to the riders risking it all. Millions of views on YouTube later…..
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 @AidenMillsgF9: To them...
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 @showmethemountains: Cry about it.
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 Yeah maybe they should just cancel it because it's dangerous.
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 @martis: thanks, I'll pass. I was pretty intentional to not phrase that as an authoritative moral judgement but just putting words to my personal discomfort with Rampage. Ok, maybe a bit of a judgement on Red Bull for taking advantage of the riders without at least compensating them better. No has yet made me the president of mountain biking (despite that top 10 Strava time I had once once thanks to a big tailwind) for my words to have any authority, so feel free to keep enjoying it. I like these riders and I like the spirit of freeride and progression, there's just something about Rampage that feels off to me and I'm trying to find the words for it.
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 @showmethemountains: watching the rider interviews throughout the event I didn't hear one rider say anything short of how much fun they were having and how much they loved being there. They didn't sound like they were upset in the slightest about the position Red Bull has put them in, and the opportunities events and exposure like this has given them.

You're upset about a problem that doesn't appear to exist.
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 @roggey: I wasn't really sure about the actual yearly average. I've watched it often enough to know that people get killed every year.

I'm sure the racers approach it the same way that most skilled athletes look at doing dangerous things. I'm an older guy and I've been forced to abandon some of the risk activities that I pursued throughout my life. But while I was still climbing big walls, paddling big rivers and climbing and snowboarding big mountains I always firmly believed that my skills and athleticism would protect me (despite lots of empirical evidence to the contrary).

If you do dangerous things your belief in yourself is your greatest protection. I never tried anything that I wasn't at least pretty sure I'd be able to do.

I'm sure everyone at Rampage, or for that matter the Isle of Man believes they're going to succeed.
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 @dirtbagluvin: “Maybe” and “Someday” doesn’t quite get it. Lol
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 @counterpoint: Haha shots fired!
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 @counterpoint: nah ur airbnb is whack.
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 Nobody is holding a gun to their heads they build it & choose to ride it, you Rampage Karen’s are ridiculous. Go back to whatever sport you came from!@Kiltymac:
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It's invitation only right? and you weren't invited so, worries.

Only the best of the best get the chance to send it....they are all adults and clearly aware of the risks Involved ...for what ever reason they do it..I'm betting very few do it for any financial reward...
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 This guys are not paid enough..
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 This. 100x over.
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 Good thing they have a choice.
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flag abotchway (Oct 20, 2022 at 17:21) (Below Threshold)
 @jrocksdh: yeah and their choice is to push the boundaries of the sport and show us all the things humans are capable of on a bike so you should be thankful
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 @abotchway: oh I am. Thats why ive gone in person 4x!
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 I mean...yeah they are. Proof is the fact that they keep voluntarily showing up.
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 @jrocksdh: They can play it safe and opt out of Rampage like Remi. Oh wait.
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 You can put a price on anything, but what is actually paid or earned is the value...these athletes hold intrinsic value in their endeavors and that means more than money ever will.
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 Hate it when people say this. Guarantee every single one of those riders would still be there even if they had to pay out of their own pockets to do it, never mind actually get paid. It’s an honour to be there
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 So you are saying that huge risks to health and life are fine as long as people get paid enough money? I find that thought deeply disturbing and actually quite sick.
By that logic, why not do major league gladiatorial games? Just pay them enough and watch them kill each other.
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 @markcorrigan: Yeah, it's definitely an honour asking people for money to pay the medical bills after a serious injury...
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 I don't really get why guys like Cam and Kyle keep coming back? They have done it all and when is the time to say enough is enough? Let's be honest neither of them have come close to winning it in the last few years. I know Zink got 4th last year but he was never going to win it unless everyone else crashed.

There is so much more to life and the risk of rampage is absolutely enormous. It really is matter of time before this shit happens when the risk is that high and for what exactly? Do they just keep going until it does happen? They need to be smarter of they want to actually live a healthy life in the future. Particularly when they have kids. My wife looks after her quadraplegic uncle some days and that shit ruined so many lives when it happened. Two of his sister's are now his full time carers, their children got forgotten about for a few years when it happened then they eventually get roped in to help too. His mum had her life destroyed by it and of course he no longer has a good quality of life a spends most of his time paranoid about having a UTI. Everyone in the family is affected by it so these guys really need to have a look at themselves. It's not just them involved.
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flag mhoshal (Oct 21, 2022 at 3:06) (Below Threshold)
 @humoroususername: we see clowns like you post shit like this every year just shut up already!!
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flag markcorrigan FL (Oct 21, 2022 at 5:06) (Below Threshold)
 @chmurka3rg: that’s different. I’m absolutely sure Red Bull will step in and cover any potential medical bills.
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 @humoroususername: they keep coming back because it's what makes these guys tick. You don't need to understand it.

These are the type of people who throughout history would've been making huge leaps in human evolution with new discoveries and inventions, uncovered by pushing the perceived boundaries of the time. They are the reason you can live a sheltered and comfortable life in modern times.

A world made up of people with only your mindset would be dull and stagnant, and a long way back from where we are today.
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 @markcorrigan: that is so far from true..
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 @thisc*nt: that is such nonsense. People who have made the world what it is didn't obsess about a recreational activity that affects basically nothing in life for 99.999999% of the world. They've been doing exactly the same thing for 20 years. They are progressing nothing aside from their own skills in one extremely limited area of life and they are making a moderate loving at it. By your logic all people who spend their lives in gambling offices must be the real go getters of the world as they take reckless risk after reckless risk....

My attitude to risk taking is probably more liberal than 95% of the population but i am willing to draw a line particularly when the activity is extraordinarily high risk. Lots of people who have achieved great things make bad calls and hang on too long.

Also, I would say there is very little or no correlation between people who take high risks in extreme sports and those who are innovators in business or even back in the day exploring the world. They had totally different motivations and I don't think they would look too kindly on what would be seen as a child's sport by people from that time (all sport was considered a frivolous past time back in the old days that could result in a life ending/altering injury due to the fact medical care was so limited). As far as I'm aware most of silicone valley isn't out there freesoloing rock faces....I know lots of engineering graduates and none of them are into extreme sports but many of them are well on their way to the top of their field....funny that.

Anyway, I hope Kyle heels from this as it is potentially a life changer.
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 @humoroususername: of course the pursuits of some of these boundary pushers are different than they were hundreds of years ago. The world is a different place and their are many more directions people can choose to go.

These aren't reckless risks, they are calculated risks. These guys know their abilities and while luck plays a part, it's a relatively small part. Just because some people are able to push themselves further than you doesn't make them reckless.

The first ocean voyages, flights, space missions, and countless more world changing events were not possible without extreme risk.
These engineering graduates you speak of are learning from material compiled with information that hasn't always been known. Guess how a lot of this knowledge came to be.......people taking risks on the unknown and finding out what can be done.
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 Everyone should throw a massive suicide no-hander in tribute this weekend.
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 And Red Bull should make him a sign for his hospital room door, signed by all the Rampage riders, that says “Strait Aches” (to later be hung at Strait Acres when he returns home to finish recovery).
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 @WRCDH: right on. I still can't quite wrap my head around how he's ridden at every* Rampage contest and also is a beast at dual slalom. I guess if you put Rampage and dual slalom together somehow you get... Kyle Strait.

* how is it possible that anyone has been at every Rampage for 20 years?!
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 @tbmaddux: He’s been pro for longer than he hasn’t, I think over 20yrs. Most well-rounded skillset in the game imo. DH, slope, s&s, slalom, rampage.. I once rode with him and Bourdon around 2002 maybe (when they were both sponsored by Oakley), he was already on another level and was like 15 or something.
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 tbmaddux, owner of North America's leading orthopaedic casts and crutches supplier
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 @Woody25: The word on the dirt is that he also owns the local Utah helicopter medivac company.
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 Damn! Hopefully the surgery and healing process goes smoothly. Not the rampage news you wanna see...
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 I broke T4-5 in 2010 and couldn't feel my legs at first.
I went to the U of U Hospital and they fused T2-8.
The most humbling thing was that I recovered in a neuro rehab where I didn't see much other recovery.

{{{{{{{{{{{{healing vibes to Kyle}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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 @snomaster: Wow that’s pretty heavy. So how’s the mobility? I’m supposed to have 5-6 and 2-3 fused because I’m having nerve issues but I’m worried about losing mobility and also wonder about complications with the hardware and future crashing. Thanks in advance
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 @snomaster: Yes, I fractured T9,10 and 11. I walked out of the spinal unit. Not many others who were there at the time could say the same. Incredibly humbling.
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 @emptybe-er: mobility a few years after the crash
Honestly, I don't notice unless I think about it. Mostly. I do have pain and temperature sensation issues, which could be way worse. And they've improved over the years even though I was told that would not happen. I have an incomplete lesion on my spinal cord and I technically have Brown Sequard syndrome, where I have criss crossed sensory symptoms. The temperature sensation, or lack of it, is most notable in hot springs/tubs, and only on my left side. Closer to the injury, I drew blood stubbing my left toe more than once and didn't feel any pain. On the right side, if I'm really fatigued, I have clonus like spasms in my right leg. I also have a babinski reflex on my right foot. [I married a Physical Therapist, not that I listen to her suggestions!]
but mostly I don't even think about it. And still do lots of fun stuff.

... I've had other recoveries too. All good so far.
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 @snomaster: Well that’s good to hear, sounds like it was a good outcome for you. I feel lucky to just have some muscle wasting/weakness with left arm but def don't want it to progress. Aren’t nerves crazy? I took a header like 15 yrs ago and it’s just now causing issues. Anyway, thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
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 @snomaster: Yeah the spasms get old quickly. Had me thinking I had als or something.
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 It's amazing how clueless/insensitive some pinkbike comments are...
Take care and hoping for positive outcome/full recovery.
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flag RCorlett (Oct 20, 2022 at 18:44) (Below Threshold)
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 I’ve now read all the comments on this article and still have no idea what you were referring to.

However, considering the upvotes that seems to be a statement that can always safely be made…
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 Kyle deserves Greg Minnaar levels of respect and praise for competing in rampage every year!! Heal well Champ
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 Worst thing to hear. Healing vibes to Kyle. Hope everyone stays safe tomorrow!!!
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 Agreed. My stomach turned when I read the headline.

Here’s to a speedy recovery Kyle.
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 Dang. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Rampage won’t be the same without strait
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 Best Wishes for a full and speedy recovery Kyle. You are a living legend, and there's a lot of people thinking about you right now. Hope you're on the bike again soon.
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 @brianpark Update Via Kyle's IG story:
Surgery went well, on the road to recovery now. He has feeling in all of his extremities and was able to walk a little bit today with a spine brace and help from the DR.
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 What is a “healing vibe”, exactly?
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 It's the same as "thoughts and prayers", just different ways of saying the same thing. Wishing someone the best and thinking about them. A sign of respect and empathy.
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 Being a bit petty here, but people throwing out "healing vibes" bugs me, in the same way "thoughts and prayers" does after a mass shooting. Very different, I know, but they are just hollow words imo.
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 @Moonie2123: I say that empty, generic, and reductive well wishes bothering you is a sign of intelligence. Look up toxic positivity, an umbrella term to describe this phenomenon.
  • 30 2
 @Dreifert: toxic positivity is not wishing someone well after they broke their t4, t5 and t6 vertebrae. Toxic positivity is the "well it could have been worse" mindset or saying it's not a big deal.
Well wishes are simply showing empathy or showing someone that they are on their side emotionally. If that showing of empathy bothers people it's more a sign of antisocial personality disorder than it is a sign of intelligence.
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 Think it’s like 400hz
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 possibly 420
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 @grldm3: is that a fancy way of saying @moonfloss and @dryfart are being boners?
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 @Moonie2123: we have to have some way to communicate that we want him to get better. It would be really sad if no one said anything kind or empathetic.
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 @highcountrydh: you said it much better than my "fancy way."
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 Your friend's body hertz.
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 @grldm3: It's not the well wishing I was referring to, it's a serious injury, and I sincerely hope the best for his recovery. But IMO "healing vibes" is a hollow MTB hipster gesture that means little, and I think trivializes the seriousness of the injury. Again, just my take.
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 I was right next to the landing, i can tell you this was the heaviest crash tha could happen... only 10cm to slow. The moid on the site changed instantly. Best vibes to Kyle!!!
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 I have love hate with Rampage and Hardline. While I appreciate the balls and skills it takes to send stuff like that I also have this feeling of dread that one of our own will get badly injured. Wishing you the best healing vibes Kyle. You're a legend and helped make this sport what it is.
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 Oh no, wishing you a successful recovery!
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 There are so many comments questioning the justification of the risk and rewards associated with Rampage. I think these comments miss the point, as mountain bikers we are a community. Mountain biking is not a mainstream sport, it is a niche which has an even smaller subset that enjoys downhill, freeriding, etc.

Kyle is one of us...when you saw him at the bike park or the trails, he was always friendly and willing to take a pic or chat with a grom. What other sport do you have close access to one of the iconic athletes in the sport? As mountain bikers, we share have a unique ability to have a shared experience.

There is a very valid conversation that need to occur about the financial protections needed to compete in these events but in the meantime we should sending healing vibes and figuring out how we can help one of our own.
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 Healing vibes to this man. Sucks to see. I would be really curious to hear these guys like Strait and Zink and their discussions with their familes on how they decided to do this stuff now that they have kiddos in the mix. I only say this from being a parent of lils myself and how my riding has changed, not judging just would love to know their thought processes.
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 I broke the exact same vertebrae racing moto ended up fusing 3 together as two cracked and the one in the middle shattered and was replaced with a formed cadaver femur bone. Had leg movement going into surgery but had a stroke during surgery and woke up with no feeling or movement in legs. Few months of rehab and now years later pretty much only small, weird nerve stuff and slight lack of ankle control in one leg. Luckily I was 15 when I did all of this if I did it now at 30 I dont think I would recover as well.
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 First time not participating since something like 2006, he's a mainstay and will be missed. Healing vibes, you've got a wife and family to be present for!
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 I thought I felt the earth stop for a sec! Get well
  • 7 0
 Positive thoughts your way Kyle.
  • 3 0
 Damn I hope he has as smooth of a ride as myself. Fork separated mid air, uppers dug in, major otb faceplant. Cracked T8 full thru, T9 and T1 took some damage as well. Full fusion from T6-T11, had me walking 36 hours after the crash... Still a long way to go but he's a beast! Wish him the best of luck and let's hope he doesn't suffer any nerve damage!!
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 Get well soon, Cowboy!
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 Such bummer news.. his runs are always so satisfying to watch! Rampage won't be the same without him !!
  • 20 0
 This will be the first Rampage he doesn't ride... He was younger than Jackson Goldstone the first time he won!
  • 2 0
 @plyawn: so hes been grandfathered in is what ur saying??
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 Gutted for him and all fans! The first ever rampage without big Lyle, and definitely not the way we wanted to see him bow out. Let's hope he comes back strong.
  • 4 3
 I feel like more people should be mentioning this. It’s the first rampage without
him and 90 percent of the comments are about it’s too dangerous or no it’s not. f*ck off.

Kyle is legend ; would have been more fitting to see him end it on his own terms.

Going to go throw my first sui tomorrow. Probably end up in the hospital.
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 This sounds like it was a scary one. Honestly glad there isn't footage. Kyle is such a damn solid rider you never think its gonna be him. What an absolute stud of rider. It's amazing how long he has been doing this and I can't think of a time he's taken a big crash like this. Really impressive. God speed on your recovery Kyle!
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 I mean there will be. Somewhere. Thankfully at the moment nobody has decided to post it yet, likely out of respect to Kyle.
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 100% seeing life changing (or potentially life changing) crashes seems voyoristic(sp?) To me
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 Hope For Kyle, his family, and other riders. That hill is terrifying.
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 Damn that really sucks, need to send big Dog some flowers.
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 Man that is not the news we want to hear. Hoping for the best Kyle, heal up.
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 Oh no, wishing you fast recovery Kyle. It must be a bummer to miss first rampage in 20 years..
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 Meaty healing vibes, Kyle!
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 I was starting to think Kyle had rampage so well grooved he’s never crash it. Titans can fall. Heal up big man.
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 “Are you not entertained?!”
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 "Healing vibes" are to action sports what "thoughts and prayers" are to the gun lobby
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 Risk vs. Reward is just not there anymore, these guys don’t get paid enough or have the after career care that’s needed for some of the greasiest riders our sport has ever seen.
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 Saw his IG story today, he was seated but moving around, and going home, looked in good spirits. He's like the terminator and will be back
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 This dude's arms are massive. Hope he heals up well sorry to hear.
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 That really sucks, Kyle is a consummate pro and trailblazer. Hope to see you back on the bike doing whatever you want at that point on
  • 2 0
 LYLE, you are a champ! Will literally not be the same without you, first rampage finals in history without you is a bummer.
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 Damn the streak is over. The natty daddy was the one and only to complete in every Rampage. Fucking hell. Get well soon.
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 Big men take big falls but get back up on their big balls! Thoughts and prayers and positive vibrations to family friends and Kyle!
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 f*ck dude! healing vibes!
I hope redbull/sponsors look after these guys if they get wiped out!
Get well soon mate
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 Get well Lyle!, Utah can wait. We'll all miss not seeing you up on the mountain competing... 'til next time
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 Healing vibes to the Straight fam
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 ouch, get better soon
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 sending good vibes to strait acres
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 ah shit! hope he has a speedy and full recovery!
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 Kyle. Prayers to you and your family. I pray you have a successful recovery. You are a legend and an inspiration.
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 is there a video of the crash? Surely has to be there's atleast 20 people with phones filming everything these days
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 Damn, Kyle IS Rampage. I'm gutted for the big man and wish him an expeditious recovery.
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 Cam Zink's vlog captured Kyle Strait's unfortunate crash:
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 Hopefully he’ll be ok. Guess nothing happened after Paul bas to provide support for these guys in case of injury?
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 Can I change my Pinkbike Poll: Who Will Win Red Bull Rampage 2022?
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 Heal up champ
  • 1 0
 Sad news. Hope he takes it easy on himself while healing
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 All the best healing vibes to KS
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 Rest and heal up, Kyle! Hope to see you back on the bike soon.
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 healing vibes
  • 1 0
 Huge healing mojo heading out your way!
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 Heal up Kyle! Still the sui king.
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 Sending positive vibes Kyle!!
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 When your broken your not "good"
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 Blah blah
How is Kyle doing?
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 Look at the rampage riders from the i9 team's spokes. They all say "ready to die" etc. It is official, we are at gladiator level competition at this point. Hate to see it
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 Damn, get well soon Kyle!
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 Hate to see it, stay safe out there.
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 @mm732: that is next level insanity. Absolutely amazing TT race
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 Sad to head this hopefully the big man makes a full a speedy recovery
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 Jump of this cliff and I'll give you the kingdoms of the world - satan, as told to Jesus. he was lying...
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 heal up quick
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 Get well soon
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 Prayers on a quick recovery!
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 heal up, brutha!
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 Can I say this?! Fak!!
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 Speedy recovery!
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 Healing Vibes Big Dog!!
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 Legend. Hope he's OK.
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 [kyle still coming back and placing first at Rampage]

cam: kyle, were you sick this week what was the problem?
kyle: I broke my back
cam: what do you mean by that?
kyle: my back in broken
cam: a vertebrae?
kyle: spinal
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 People didn't like your Mike Tyson reference lol
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 @mhoshal: too soon I suppose. Get well Kyle!
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 Speedy recovery Kyle!
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 Get well soon big dog!
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 Kyle's such a badass.
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 heal fast big lad
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 Heal well big dog.
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 Not he rear wheel!!
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 sending Healing vibes
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 The Special Olympics.
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 Pushing the limits! I assume he was not wearing spine protection.
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 Even if he was I highly doubt it would have done anything pretty much 99% of injuries like this arent from impact to the spine its more compression.
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