Must Watch: Aaron Gwin Flat Out in Mammoth - Timeless Episode 3

Dec 27, 2020 at 6:42
by Brian Park  

Always a pleasure to watch Aaron ride.


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 I like Aaron Gwin.
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 Looks like a Knolly (

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 @PocoBoho: haha, I appreciate your humor. Apparently others don't!
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flag scary1 (Dec 27, 2020 at 10:17) (Below Threshold)
 Can you imagine if he got a place in Europe and just rode in the shittiest mud for a couple years and came back to destroy?!
THATS what I wanna see... not moon dust drifting, sorry.
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 @PocoBoho: looks more like a banshee legend to me.
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 @scary1: yup be ace to see....
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flag deco1 (Dec 27, 2020 at 13:39) (Below Threshold)
 I don’t, I’ve never heard a pro rider refer to there lifestyle and job as a grind like Gwin does; he just seem completely arrogant and out of touch.
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 @deco1: I'm not sure about pro mountain bikers as I've listened to less interviews, but I've heard plenty of pro athletes refer to sports they also clearly love as a grind. The constant conditioning, the injuries, the travel (and time away from loved ones). Even if you live the activity, doing it at the highest level as a full time job can be a grind.
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flag deco1 (Dec 27, 2020 at 13:55) (Below Threshold)
 @MarcusBrody: Yeah ok but I completely disagree with you but see your point. But Gwin literally competes in tops 8 races a year and doesn’t travel or do anything besides that he probably has the laziest schedule of any athlete I’ve ever seen.
Probably the reason why his well off the pace now and will be lucky if his in the top 10 next year.
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 @deco1: I've seen no indication that he isn't training all the time. Listening to top athletes, it's often the constant injuries and recovery which really gets to them as they get older. That's been Gwin over the last few years. Combine that with being unable to put together many top race runs after being dominant just a few years ago and it's no real surprise to me that it could feel like a grind. It takes WAY more work than people realize to become a top athlete and it takes even more as you get older to remain at that level as your body becomes less forgiving. The 8 races a year are likely the fun part. It's the early mornings in the gym and the 100 runs down the same trail section with slightly different suspension set ups that get old after you've been doing it for years.
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flag deco1 (Dec 27, 2020 at 15:20) (Below Threshold)
 @MarcusBrody: Just seems to me that none of the other pro riders seems to have this attitude towards there sport; so to me Qwin just seems super out of touch and unlikeable.

I would of thought this would be the case for many people as all Qwin seems to do is complain, but obviously not.
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 @deco1: I also don't like Qwin, but I like Gwin.
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flag deco1 (Dec 27, 2020 at 15:38) (Below Threshold)
 @robw515: Obviously a typo f*ckwit
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 @PocoBoho: oof. You a cold piece. Appreciate the humor tho
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 @robw515: When Qwin the Eskimo gets here, everybody's gonna jump for joy! You'll like him then.
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 @deco1: Q isn't even close to the G on the keyboard bro....
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 @weezyb: Quys and qals, relax, he qenuinely qave it his best shot, stop makinq fun, we can't all be Qwinners.
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 @robw515: that was qreat thanks!
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 @robw515: @deco1 just trolled me on my page. Turns out he really is the tool we all thought he might be.
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 @deco1: maybe you need more training
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 @weezyb: she sent me a nasty email too. Though brief, it was chock full of insults, typos, and a complete lack of punctuation. Impressive.

Thought Canadians were supposed to be nice?
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 If you've read this far and are still wondering about the Q thing, it's a jab at the fact Gwin is a known QAnon supporter.
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 @ATXZJ: Canadians are polite. No one ever said we were nice.
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 @deco1: astonishing mate. Cant believe this ignorance.
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 @deco1: dude how do you not get bored of pink bike trolling? Get a real life dawg and maybe you’d lose some weight.
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 @robw515: i like Qreq Minnar
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 @peterman1234: I wish I didn't know that. But given where he calls home, I can't be surprised.
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 It must be so frustrating to do all this work to film this amazing thing just to watch people bitch about your racing and compare you to younger, hungrier riders.. as if Gwin had something to prove to anyone in this comment section.. This is an awesome video of an awesome rider, period.
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 To the top of the comments please.
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 This guy is truly beyond human on a DH bike, so crazy fast over so many types of terrain. I imagine every time footage of him comes out someone at Specialized cries, or at least that's what I hope.
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 Pretty sure Loic and Finn have been faster than him at every race for like, two years? It's not like Spec is having a hard time replacing him... That said, I'm still a huge fan and a part of me still wants to see him on the top step at the end of a season, but it won't be easy
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 Specialized doesn't cry over people....they. only. Care. About. Money.
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 @sadfusde: Loic maybe but definitely not Finn.
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 @extratalldirtrider: It is fair to say he is faster than Finn when he is there, but he has not raced 6 and not finished 1 of the last 22 going back to 2018. That is nearly 1/3 of the races. I think a money focused brand like Spec will be happy to be getting more camera time overall from an exciting young racer than the odd podium from Gwin cause I am sure Gwin would be asking a lot more money. At the races they both were at over the last 3 years they a 50/50 who places above the other.

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 @Trudeez: unlike the rest of the business ????‍????
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 I'd love to know his time on that kamikaze run vs the old timers records!
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 Well that was mesmerizing
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 That was amazing. The riding, the cinematography, the score, just beautiful. No tricks, but that should be in the conversation of video of the year.. maybe next year.
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 About 5 years ago was riding at Snow Summit and pulled over because burped a tire near the bottom of West Ridge. There is a left and corner there that is rocky and tight that I can never clear (which isn't saying much, I am old and slow). As I am sitting there I watch this guy just blow through it nice and smoothly like he is cruising down a smooth flow trail and am thinking to myself, ohh, that is how you do it. When I get to the bottom where my son is waiting he says: "Did you see Gwin go by?"

It is amazing how fast, smooth and easy a top rider makes it look.
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 Go to a UCI downhill race and watch the pros.
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 I think I know the turn you are talking about. There are a couple of lines through it, but the fast and smooth line requires a lot of commitment.

@BlurredVision: We get them in our areas often enough that we don't have to travel to Europe. The benefit of Southern California weather.

The hard part is timing, as they are out training when us normal people are at work.
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 The riding and filming are so good! So sick to see Aaron carving turns in that powder at mach speed and the way he flows through the giant rock section, damn! I keep wishing for another Between the Tape or 3 Minute Gaps type movie and this some what fulfills that wish. Clay, any chance you’ll edit all the parts together and make a longer video that could be watched as a whole?
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 Omg that was amazing! So great to see Aaron racing down the old Mammoth dh track.... brings back memories of watching Videos of all the old heroes from prehistoric times.....thanks x
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 I remember thinking the Kamikaze was stupid in the 90’s. . .
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 @unrooted: I remember thinking it was stupid that I wasn't even touching the brakes on my Zaskar going down it, and dudes were passing me on these "new-fangled" dual suspension rigs going at least ten miles per hour faster than me. Oh, and that you'd be standing in line talking to people who'd clearly been drinking all day and they were about to drop too. Crazy. Copters for a reason.
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 The mass-start MegaKami a couple of years ago was hella fun. The start involved laying down backwards (head facing downhill) and running to your bike. PB did a story on in and my bike made a cameo.
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 They really managed to capture how special mammoth is. You really can't put that place in to words. Not hard to see why it's Gwin's favorite place.
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flag unrooted (Dec 27, 2020 at 9:15) (Below Threshold)
 I can put it into words for you: it’s okay.
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 @unrooted: Yawn. Nobody is trying to say Mammoth has the best riding. It’s “unique”, “special”, “historic”... it’s well beyond just okay, and you’re missing the vibe entirely if you make it all about the riding.
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flag unrooted (Dec 27, 2020 at 9:27) (Below Threshold)
 @scvkurt03: maybe I’d appreciate it more if it wasn’t full of d-bags from so-cal, and I didn’t live so close. Mammoth has the most absolute worst customer service, and is the crappiest “resort town” I’ve ever been too, and unlike most of the tools that live there, and visit Mammoth, I’ve been to other places.
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 @unrooted: I hear you, but perhaps instead of subscribing to this narrow view that has perhaps left you jaded, maybe look up and explore. Maybe if the riding isn't the best for you, maybe try another sport. The unique riding experience and the tourist hot spots are one thing, but once you get a bit out of town and look around, it's hard not to appreciate how rugged and gorgeous it is.
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 @unrooted: maybe if you were cooler people in town would show you the good trails off the mountain. Please stay away we don’t need your attitude here
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flag unrooted (Dec 27, 2020 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
 @Jolldizzle: there’s plenty of decent trails where I live.... so I’d rather be right than “mammoth cool”.
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 There is a lot to like and a lot not to like at Mammoth. It is a mountain and town that exist because of an amazing person, Dave McCoy, who passed away at 104 this year (guy continued to ski until 90). Yea, the town looks like LA mountains with all the condos, it is a haul from the bay area, the restaurants for the most part are overpriced and not very good, and the one Safeway is a zoo. That said, the mountain is unique, the scenery unreal, it is huge, the locals are nice, and I have never found the visitors to be douchebags.

I have ridden all over the west coast and never met douchebags, from LA to Whistler. I suspect that if you have a chip on your shoulder, you can find them anywhere.
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 @scvkurt03: He is just trolling. Look at his comment history
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 You don't find an 11.000 foot volcanic mountain interesting enough. We get it. Keep building the backyard kickers.
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 @Jolldizzle: A hunnit percent
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 Had some great memories as kid at Mammoth.. 93, 94 and 98 UCI WC and racing motocross there. We would go up for a week to include riding, but fishing, hiking, 4 wheel drive, camping, BBQ etc...
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 What is but fishing?@dc40:
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 @Tigergoosebumps: just a typo/grammar mistake.
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 I grew up in Mammoth and will forever miss that place.
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 So he's much better at dry dusty courses. So his dream year was a dry one. But holy crap. He is REALLY good at dry dusty courses. Stunningly beautiful cinematography also.
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 Pretty sure he destroyed entire fields of the best riders in the world away in the wet too. there might just be some footage around here somewhere...
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 @ranke: The dry comment came from a previous Pinkbike thread about Gwin and his "year". Are you telling me that everything I read in the Pinkbike comments is not true?
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 @ranke: not for a few years
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 @DaveGFC: true. Good thing we've all got your incredible downhill racing library of wins to keep us entertained while he merely continues racing at the highest level in the world.
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 Amazing video work and riding!
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 Guess it wasn't rad enough for the young guns. Aaron is old school, I like that about him. Mammoth may not be the best riding, but the scenery, fishing, swimming, hot springs, skiing and snowboarding are great!
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flag unrooted (Dec 27, 2020 at 9:16) (Below Threshold)
 If you’ve never been to Utah, Wyoming or Montana...
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Those states have as good or better of those things, but not within a 15 min drive of each other. The west has many special places, just appreciate them for what they are.
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 @unrooted: yes, I've skied all over the western US. Mammoth is as good as Jackson, Snowbird, etc..
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 Like it a lot! This must be the dream job when you go for a vacation and do the same thing like during your job - but wait a sec - was this work too? Smile making sponsors happy? Anyway great vid!
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 My favorite place too. I love the drive up to Mammoth from SoCal, The pumice, (kitty litter), the views, the openness of the trails.
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 Same. It may not be the best new-school “flow” type trails (which I do love), but there is something special about that place. Beyond just riding too. I still always have a blast up there after getting used to the kitty litter.
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 I’m thinking most of the people ripping on this video and the type of terrain have never been to Mammoth or this region for that matter. It’s hard to put into words how special it is. In other words don’t hate on something you know nothing about.
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 Love it! Nice Old School footage, Johnny T. included! MTBing before the big air, go-pro era. More about clean, fast lines than looking cool. If you’re going fast enough to make fire roads exciting, the price for failure at those speeds is quite high.

Though admittedly, some of the skin suits may have gone a bit far : )
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 I think it's futile to directly compare what those guys did back then with what Gwin does now. Going downhill at speed on those fully rigid bikes with that kind of gear had next to nothing to do with biking as we know it, besides both being a high consequence sport on two wheels. Utmost respect to all of those crazy bastards.
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 I couldn't decide if Gwin would be faster because of his suspension and grip in the corners or if Tomac would win because of a 54T chainring.
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 @Bob-Agg: 54? Ha!
Multiple time winner Jimmy Deaton pushed a 62t on his Yeti.
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 Clay porter is the Zack Snyder of mtb filming. Give me all the slo mo
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 @solidautomech, Yes, editing all of them together in one continuous video would seem like a natural progression to me. The cinematography, the music, and Aaron's narration all flow together into a seamless production.
I gotta say that it's the best video I've seen in a long time.
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 This is one of the most enjoyable mtb vids I've watched in awhile. The juxtaposition of slow, melancholy music with insane riding footage that keeps you on the edge of your seat was awesome. Cinematography and editing was phenomenal as well, great job Clay!
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 Sick vid Clay and Aaron! I wanna carve some dusty, kitty litter, powder turns there now!! I’ve only snowboarded there, but have to mtb there too!!
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 Wow, best vid I've seen all year.
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 Mammoth is dope. But every year I go it takes at least a day to re-learn the skitty litter and insane concrete lattice berms. Like riding back home in slush, except it can fuck you up.
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 Another awesome video and another great insight into one of the greatest DH riders of all time. I do have to disagree with Mr. Gwin on Mammoth being unique. From the video the terrain looks a lot like the upper part of Les 2 Alpes which has a lot of scree. Super loose and super fun to ride. They also have some super fast fire roads you can race down.
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 too much talking, i prefer hurricane
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 At least they left Gwin off a horse.
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 @3:00 Is that even a trail? Looks like some random rocky cliffs inside Mammoth.
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 Yes old tioga race trail on the face
  • 2 0
 @Landocal: yep and they used it when US national champs was there. If I recall correctly, Gwin and his crew went up and refurbished it some before Nats and as such people were calling it *Gwin’s Track.* Also, I believe j certain maps it’s called Velociraptor....but I’m only 50/50 on that info.
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 Named trail on the bike park map, Velociraptor. Open to the public, requires a short hike to access, even though Chair 3 is visible from that shot, they don't use Chair 3 for bikes.
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 @trudeez racing. Is. About. Making. Money. Why do you think any brand signs anyone, at all? Don’t get me wrong, riding for love is what I’m all about.... but that’s not the reason racing exists.
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 the guy just genuine some racers iv seen have this massive ego and can be real negative and look at you like your scum but gwin just a normal genuine person who u can just go talk to that i like
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 Outstanding! Soundtrack fits the title perfectly!
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 Anyone notice the rear derailleur covered up with a black shroud....... 1.14 seconds in
  • 2 0
 Great video, and dare I say "refreshing"?
Not that I don't like mud...but... those clouds of dust! Uuuhmmm
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 That drift at the beginning, wow. Gwin is a master and hands down one of the best ever.
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 I first rode the Kamikaze in 1993
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 I rode it/raced it in 1996 or 97. Foes Weasel, V-brakes. Holly shit fun and holy shit scary all at once...especially right after the start hill when you have to transition /float across the ridge and start descending on the other side.
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 serious question......has the footage been sped up?

i know a pro rider is very quick but some shots show speed and reaction times that i cannot comprehend anyone riding.

sorry not trying to discredit anyone but i have a hard time believing this. all the same loved watching it and still thoroughly enjoyed it all the same.
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 Yes, just watch the dust and displaced rocks move quicker than they should behind him. I wish they wouldn't do this and wondering if there is a way to look at the HTML behind it to tell how much, 110%, 120%?
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 Most likely no. Like you mentioned, he is one of the fastest people ever to ride a mountain bike. Plus, since he's only riding a very brief section of trail at a time per each shot, he can go full gas for the 1-2 second section he's riding. Every shot you see is him riding a section just about as perfect and as fast as possible.
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 @rabidmonkfish no it's not. I think a lot of filming techniques really "show" the speed, and can make it look like he's going super sonic. I bet if it was a static shot from afar on any give section, it would make things appear more realistic (but still obviously really fast). It's amazing how quick the human body/ mind can react when lazer focused. Just watch any slow motion of Semenuk or any of the trick wizards doing tricks, and notice how their feet and hands can adjust in micro seconds. Same goes for the weight distribution of these Dh racers keeping the tires rubber side down. It's also worth noting, as @pumpjumpnflow pointed out, that he was sessioning parts of the trail to get the shots. That repetition allows body to anticipate rather than react.
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 Holy shit SO glad I watched that! Been to Mammoth and fell in love. The landscape is amazing and I liked the Pumice.
  • 2 0
 Mammoth!! That was bucket list mountain I was able to check off when I was stationed in Cali! awesome mountain !
  • 2 0
 If one could just live in that moment all the time...
  • 1 0
 He makes it look easy and so calm on the bike....He should race against Sam and Greg down it!!
  • 2 0
 ! oK , can't believe how fast he drifts!!!
  • 1 0
 Damn shame to make something so beautiful and only film it in 1080p. This deserves 4k!
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 Mammoth on the World Cup please!
  • 1 0
 at least in this edit, his riding posture reminds me of Peaty's...lots of body english, leaning out and around the frame
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 do they still run the Kamikazi race? too bad World Cups aren't run at big mountains
  • 1 0
 Last I heard the person who organized all the kami games races stopped working for the mountain.
  • 2 0
 As of a few years ago there was still a Kami race, but I don’t know if it’s there anymore. I think up until about 2017 there was a Kamikaze Bike Games at mammoth with a Cali Enduro Series Race, XC, Dh, Kami Dh, DS and such (I believe they ditched the DS race in favor of an e-bike race and that was detrimental to the overall health of the games). In Europe the WC races are all at big mountains. The problem isn’t the mountains it’s that the WC series barely comes to North America in the first place (yeah there’s Mt. Ste Anne, Wyndham and Windrock). I can’t remember the last time a big WC event was held out west? However, size of the mountain really isn’t a factor as it would be in a WC Ski race or Freeride World Tour event as there are seriously awesome Tracks on small mountains (again, MSA, Wyndham, Windrock) I think the main issues are, travel, ease of access, infrastructure, media markets and I’m sure many others. Those that have been to mammoth know that it’s in the absolute middle of Nowhere and traveling there is always a chore. My example for this would be: even at the big east coast races, most of the teams don’t bring full team support (even the big boys) to the races because it’s too difficult to get there because. . . A: most of the team support resides year round in Europe and bringing all that stuff here would be absurdly expensive and logistically insane and, B: The US and Canada are farking huge and spread out, reinforcing the point made in (A).
  • 1 0
 @Trudeez: Yep and the ProGRT DH series and the CA Enduro series also ran there. The woman who basically ran the Gravity Games took a new fulltime job off the mountain and the racing died - she was irreplaceable. Then Covid......
  • 1 0
 @suspended-flesh: damn I didn’t know that. That’s such a bummer. Kami games were always so much fun.
  • 1 0
 @Trudeez: Her name is Caroline Casey - thank you, Caroline! She helped me many times with screwed-up registrations and early info on racing. She put on hundreds of racing events up there. Word is racing will definitely return when Covid is under control....
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 Never been a fan of Gwin, but holy smoking dust..that has been some impressive riding.
  • 1 0
 Aaron Gwin, Greg Minaar, and Sam Hill, all from places with sunny climates and shit for dirt....Hmm
  • 1 0
 Yeah luckily I’m not as ignorant as some... thoroughly impressive riding on equally as impressive trails.
  • 1 0
 ‘Get away from the grind’... nice one Gwinny!!
  • 2 1
 Wow. That really shows just how fast the top guys are. Incredible.
  • 1 0
 Loves this, Mammoth should be back on the WC circuit.
  • 1 0
 5.33 - is that shock moving at all ?
  • 1 0
 See that people, left foot forward. Mmm hmm. Pro.
  • 1 0
 We got dusty watching the intro. Damn, GWIN is fun to watch.
  • 1 0
 they lost me at the slow mo
  • 2 1
 He does shred, for a MAGA biker..
  • 1 0
 @robw515: i like Qreq Minnar
  • 1 1
 chunnnng.... chunnnng.... chunnnng... diiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng
  • 3 5 so cal, the west coast's version of florida, needs to stay out of mammoth though. trash and human shit everywhere.
  • 1 0
 unreal speed !!
  • 1 0
 Perfect traction???
  • 1 0
  • 1 1
 That could have been a 3 minute video minus the slow mo
  • 2 2
 I am not an Aaron Gwin fan.
  • 1 0
 great vid
  • 3 4
 Aaron needs more mud skills. Come do Europe next summer ;-)
  • 1 1
 what a stud.
  • 1 2
 Marketing gold. Whatever Mammoth Mtn paid for that, it was worth it.
  • 1 2
 Gwin a legend ????????????????????????
  • 3 6
 If I was fishing on the Owen's and saw a drone I would not hesitate to shoot it down
  • 2 0
 Do you fish with a firearm?
  • 2 5
 He’d be EVEN quicker if he stopped dragging that rear brake the whole way!
  • 2 0
 Because he was testing a prototype TRP brake set at the time....

There is footage of this on both TRP and Aaron’s IG page explaining this months ago.
  • 2 3
 Stop the slow mo
  • 4 6
 The Goat!
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