Outside is Hiring Lab Test Editors

Jul 13, 2023 at 14:00
by Brian Park  
Taj Mihelich

We'll save the details for the official announcements down the road, but we are hiring for our first Test Editors for the new Outside Lab at CU Denver.

There are Lab Test Editor and Associate Lab Editor positions available. Both roles have varying levels of journalism and engineering/materials/hard science experience required. Responsibilities will include everything from machine calibration, dialling workflows with the lab manager, designing and running new tests, and collaborating with students from CU Denver. The roles will work in a hybrid model, on site at the Lab in Denver at least 3 days per week.

The roles extend beyond bikes, but empirical bike gear testing is a huge part of the lab's goals. There are some insanely talented folks in this community that we'd love to see throw their hats into the ring.

Apply here:
• Lab Test Editor job posting
• Associate Lab Editor job posting

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 Salary as low as $49,000 to live in Denver with job requirements of having a bachelors in journalism and engineering experience.

Way to go Outside. Keep that train of “underpaying people in the outdoor industry with the excuse of lots of ‘fringe’ benefits”train rolling strong.
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 "But you get the privilege of working in the industry! Think of all the industry deals you'll be getting!!!" - every outdoor industry job
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 That was my starting wage as an engineer out in WA in 2013. It was hard to get by then. Can't even imagine how hard that would be now
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 @Jvhowube: Can confirm the bank does not accept industry swag/prodeals/goodtimes as mortgage payment.
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 Hope I can get Wifi in my tent on the 2 days I have to work from home. Just kidding, I'm not going to work there.
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 Yeah... not sure how much journalists get paid, but nobody with any kind of engineering degree should be taking a position in Denver for $70k/yr fresh out of school, let alone with experience.
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flag onawalk (Jul 14, 2023 at 12:28) (Below Threshold)
 @krashDH85: How do you know when someone on the internet is an engineer?

Dont worry, theyll tell you....theyll tell you
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 Brilliant industry visionaries stumped why every graphic designer is terrible.
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 Strange one. Save the $ and pay some youtubers for their reviews.
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 Is this similar to doing Bike service courses , after 5 years becoming head mechanic in a popular bike shop for $1 above min wage...... sounds real good.
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 @onawalk: lol
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 @onawalk: Keep my engineer identity secret online.

I prefer to stand in the park with a megaphone, explaining everything to the plebeian masses who haven't passed calc 2.
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 Think the podcast needs to have an economics professor on an episode to explain supply, demand, markets, and other similar concepts.
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 @dancingwithmyself: How about the labour theory of value, surplus value and class-power relations?
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 @hitmansam: Absolutely don't think a pure free-market economy is perfect. The wealth inequality in the US has gotten obscene. Very valid to question our current system.

But the whining about people in the industry not getting paid enough is ignorant and tiresome. On a micro level and under our current economic paradigm, supply and demand work.

Why do homes in mountain and coastal communities cost more than comparable houses in other locations? Because people are willing to pay more to be there. And why do jobs in the industry pay less? Because people want to be in the industry.

Don't want to overpay for a house or get underpaid at your job? Move somewhere else or work in another industry. If not, for God's sake stop asking everyone else to feel sorry for you.
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 @dancingwithmyself: why is the onus always on the individual and not the company or corporation? Outside is large media holding that conceivably has a large amount of cash flow through.

If they want to create a new position located in an area with high cost of living, why don’t they have a responsibility to pay what is commensurate with living expenses there? If they can’t afford it, they shouldn’t make the position.
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 My current job is very similar to the associate lab editor position, but the pay range they’re advertising is way off the mark. Considering the Denver area has a similar cost of living to my area, I’d say the pay is roughly half of what it should be, on the high side. I pay my entry level people similarly to what is advertised, and I have expectations that they’ll be able to do the majority of the tasks listed within a year. If you’re looking for an experienced test lab technician, the pay should start at $100k and for the Editor, probably $120k+. I’d probably be an ideal candidate (journalism degree, 15yrs of test lab experience, 10 years of lab management, lots of experience building custom test fixtures, welding, machining, tons of experience with data collection equipment), but since the pay scale is so damn low, I wouldn’t even consider sending a resume.
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flag mrbrighteyes (Jul 14, 2023 at 10:55) (Below Threshold)
 You're overqualified, then, not a perfect candidate. I agree this range is low for an engineer, but it's probably targeted at recent grads who;

a) want to use their degree & have a little bit of experience from college internships or labs. For the lead position they're probably 2-3 years into their career and want do something more "fun" for similar $$.
b) don't want to leave Denver & have a good rental situation
c) are obsessed with bikes & are bored from their non-industry job
d) are looking for a springboard to get a better job within the bike industry.

The lead position is going to be hard to fill at that salary. They're going to get a lot of applicants from underqualified people. Maybe one will stick.
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 @eight-n-burly: that’s not recent engineering grad pay scale. It was back in 1993…
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 let's not forget job postings describe the IDEAL candidate. Sometimes no one applies matching that ideal, yet the company will fill the position the better they can.
And that's why you should apply to the positions you want even if you don't match the description; maybe no applicant does
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 This should be part of the next PBA series. Here is my applications:

1. I go Outside and do stuff
2. I think Outside the box and can develop torture test for gear that will blow peoples' minds
3. Outside of a few incidents that have been expunged I have a perfectly clean criminal record and will be a model employee
4. I have no clue how to use a semicolon; although it doesn't seem that Henry does either as he has not used one since making the claim in the last podcast
5. Outside of the odd tangent I am laser focused on the task at hand

I look forward to hearing from HR.
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 TIL: Outside has yet to go out of business.
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 I'm an experienced test engineer, but cost of living is fairly low in my area, if Outside wants to match for cost of living in Denver I'll gladly start at $121K.
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 Lockheed Martin is in Denver. You could easily make more than $121k there as an experienced test engineer.
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 @Nobble: Eh, left the Defence industry and not looking to head back in that direction; lost the passion for the product.
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 Perfect time for Vital mtb to send a spy
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 Time for our double agents to come in from the cold.
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 "On site at the Lab in Denver at least 3 days per week"

When does Outside admit that this is where they are keeping Levy, like some poorly tattooed, older, sadder version of Eleven from Stranger Things?!?

@Levy, if you are reading this, ROBIN IS NOT YOUR PAPA!!!!
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 Where is one supposed to live on those wages? Limon?
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 The head editor position isn’t bad if you can land the higher end of the pay scale. But that associate pay…
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 world class trails there tho
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 @mcwag23: In Limon?
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 @TheR: Limon’s trail system is highly underrated.
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 @whambat: I guess it’s Colorado’s best kept secret.
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The trail is probably better than their water.
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 Does this involve standing on derailleurs?
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 Erm wouldnt that mean leaving the comfort of the armchair?
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 Paychecks aside. @brianpark
Does this mean bikes will be tested and reviewed by objective lab measures on top of testers field experience? Example:
- weld penetration
- paint durability
- frame alignment
- dimensional tolerance adherence
- mating surface finish
- general design choice evaluation.

You know.. stuff that makes for a pain, brakage, creak free ownership and ensures long component life.
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 Living in Denver working for an aerospace company hating my job I had a nice day dream about testing bike components. Then I read salary and the job requirements. It would be really fun to invent new tests. You could give wheels lateral and vertical flexion tests as well as rate their shock compliance/damping. I think if they combined the two salaries they might find someone bored enough with their current job to give it a try.
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 Dont take the money no matter how much the armchair is mightier than the paypacket
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 you say "armchair engineering" and then you require a degree, is this a failblog repost?
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 Contrary to popular belief, armchair engineering standards are quite strenuous. Smile

Seriously though, anyone with technical skills that's interested should put themselves out there, even if they don't officially meet all the requirements.
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 @brianpark: Great, I'll sign up. I'm excellent at everything, I'll probably only fail to make it to Denver in time every day as I strictly cycle to work.
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 @vinay: better bring a 'waterfiets'. Or maybe a fat bike to cross the North Pole...
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 @ak-77: MIT had a couple flying aircraft but I think they'd allow you to fly at walking pace. In a project we (as a student team) also designed a tandem aircraft that was supposed to be able to fly a marathon distance within an hour, including a couple of 180deg turns. We worked with a pair of fuselages on the same slender wing to distribute the load, each accommodating a pilot/cyclist. It did work in theory at least but obviously we never built anything bigger than a 2m wide model and a simulator. It was only a ten week project after all. But yeah, 42km in one hour, I'd still arrive a tad late I'm afraid Wink .
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 "All Outside testing will be conducted inside" Wink
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 So while the pay scale is laughable I do see some benefits from actually testing gear in a controlled setting.
Case on point; earlier this week while riding Whistler Creekside my wife had a very mild tumble on Earth Circus at very slow to moderate speeds and one of her 7idp Sam Hill knee pads ripped exposing her knee to trail rash and serious bruising, and her compression jacket full upper body pads from 661 did the same on her elbow. Bad trail rash, and literally no significant protection.

And yet you read the reviews and these products both seem stellar. Not from a crash tested perspective, but from a 'seems like good levels of protection based on the comfort' idea. But where is the empirical testing of these types of gear? @brianpark?
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 I wear the same kneepads as another guy I ride with, I've had nothing but a good experience with mine through many crashes. The other guy had his pads move out of the way or tear every crash leaving him beat up and injured. He eventually stopped wearing them and went to a different brand. Ymmv as they say.
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 I can yell, IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE!!! really really loud.
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 Levy is the chief test engineer overseeing this lab now! That’s great!
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 Missing bmx background as a mandatory requirement.
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 Don’t worry. Outside will subsidize the meager salary with $69 of stock options annually, 1 sixer of PBR a week, and unlimited access to showers and clean water
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 Perks also include free handlebars (fatigue tested) and tires (tread life tested).

Was that a sick burn, because it looks a lot like Blister...
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 lol, I dont have a bachelors in anything and I earn more than that on a 45hr/week job... surely that salary is a joke?

I work with some dudes that spent 5 years getting multiple toilet paper pieces and have big debt, they do the job OK but man as soon as something is different or theres a change they are so lost, No common sense with those guys at all.
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 So to sum up, you need an insane mad scientist type, to work in your lab as a test dummy, but just part time, and you want my hat too!
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 The primary focus of this position better be Grim Donut development.
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 Living on the front range blows.
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 I am qualified and sort of interested. But can you move the lab to Northwestern Europe for me please?
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 "I am not an engineer, but I play one on T.V."
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 Speaking of which, I saw a new article on the BikeMag site, about the new GX transmission. Wonder if that's where they'd go.
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 Be a Beta revival
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 I've been training for this.
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 so much "golden rule" going on here...
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 im hired.
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 'm qlfd. Hr m pls. Thx.
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