Pinkbike is Hiring a Social Media Role

Aug 9, 2021 at 11:18
by Brian Park  
Photo by Trevor Lyden
No fun allowed.

It's been a wild 2021 so far, and now that we're a part of the Outside team we're turning our attention back to adding some much-needed roles at Pinkbike. First up, we're overdue to add some social media muscle.

We have posted a Pinkbike Social Media Coordinator role, but we're also looking at several other social roles in the near future—so even if you don't fully line up with the posting (too senior? too junior?), feel free to apply anyway.

As always, the most important things are being on the pulse of mountain biking, knowing what's good, and having the right attitude for the gig.

Beyond that, the social media coordinator role will facilitate stories across all our channels, create original content, manage paid campaigns, work on user generated efforts like #pbwmn, and probably get roped into doing the Huck to Flat challenge at some point. There will be no dancing on TikTok, unless it's as penance for calling our followers Pinkers.

Our HQ is in Squamish, BC, so you'll have to overlap with our timezone, but the role can be remote.

How to Apply

Please apply to the Social Media Coordinator role on Breezy. Include your resume, a short introduction to what you're all about, and any relevant work examples you have. No firm deadline, but we're looking at resumes now and expect to make some decisions this week.


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 PB/Outside are far from the only ones to do this, but I hate job postings that are a big list of "what you need to do" with absolutely zero information on salary or benefits.

Asking someone to apply to a job with zero salary or benefits information is like asking someone to buy a house without telling them the list price. Or rather, it SHOULD be, but for some reason we're OK with job postings that don't include basic info like a salary range.

It's just a waste of everyone's time, particularly for roles like this where the salary range is HUGE depending on company, experience level, etc.

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 Yeah I hate when brands do this too. Outside generally posts official ranges, and I'm not entirely sure why it didn't get included for this one yet.

Based on skills/experience/location/etc. I believe the range will be set at $35-70K USD.
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 @brianpark: Thats a big range...
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 @brianpark: And how do you live in Squamish on 40k
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 @brianpark: roughly half or double. sounds legit. send bank details with application too?
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 @Dlakusta: the job can be remote, and $40K USD is significantly higher than most social media roles in Vancouver.

@FoesKnows @Jaib06: the range is large because we've got a wide range of things we're looking for. It could end up being two roles, etc.
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 Some rich kid out of college that doesn't even actually need to work is going to take it regardless of what they choose to pay for it because it is "cool"
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 @brianpark: the large range can also be interpreted as: "we have no idea what we are looking for really...1 role? 2 roles? 35K? 75k?....but let's toss something out there and see what sticks!"

gives some insight into the working culture environment at least I guess! Good luck everyone!
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 @brianpark: That makes sense! And thats not too bad for someone that lives somewhere else.
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flag blcpdx (Aug 9, 2021 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 @specialk1: I feel that
follow them on LinkedIn to see which Outside ad revenue generator they become marketing manager for in 18 months.
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 That's why when you apply for those and they ask you for your salary requirements put "negotiable" or $1. First person to throw out a number loses.
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 @brianpark: Only 2 positions worth of work? Where do I apply?
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 @brianpark: per month?
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 Try living in New Zealand, no one posts salary ranges - it’s stupid
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 @blcpdx: I see this in my industry every day
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 @brianpark: sounds good. I’ll take $70k then.
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 @Dlakusta: you dont
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 @RR1: I'm sure they know what they want, the question is if that person is out there. Have you tried hiring skilled labor recently? Its damn hard and you usually end up with someone who is sub-par who you have to train.
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 @Dlakusta: on an art history major, social media minor, dah.
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 @specialk1: 1st task, delete facebook.
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 The most Millennial job ever
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 @specialk1: yup 100% chance of a kid from a well to do family who’s dad bought him 5000 dollar bikes his whole life.
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 @Dlakusta: how do u buy a basic model Pivot at 6k USD if you make 40k cad a year?
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 @extratalldirtrider: I'll do it for $69K because it's cool.
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 i will work for double stuf oreos.
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 Hired. Send me a message.
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 pubsey! please come back, the world needs you now more than ever... and by you I mean your shitty drawings of crap that doesn't matter and Surly hate.
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flag DoubleCrownAddict (Aug 9, 2021 at 22:38) (Below Threshold)
 I'll consider applying, but they'll have to up the ante for this talent.
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 Another competition where I need an Instagram account? This one's not for me, I'm out.
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 Not Insta, Tinder. Are you in now?
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 @coyoterun: I honestly don't know which one Tinder is.

Ok, just Bing-ed it. It's the swipe left/right one, right?

You never know, with all the Outside money will we see Pinder? or Pinker?
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 @Pedal-Bin: Pounder
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 @DizzyNinja: the Duck Piund jokes never get old
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 @DizzyNinja: Gear Grindr
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 It is a social media position lol
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 I quit Facebook a couple of years ago, never had a twitter, instagram, myspace or anything of sorts, am I really missing much in life?? It was a topic of conversation yesterday during the hikeabike, apparently I am missing the latest information related to the MTB world by not having instagram... any suggestions or experiences...
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 apparently if you have a job you are a loser
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 Dude I'm jealous of your life
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 Software literally designed to use more and more of your intention and sell your information to the highest bidder; all the while decreasing the mental wellbeing of all of its users and society at large. Nah, you made a great choice.
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 Twitter, I call it twatter. Never had it, never will. In my opinion, it’s primarily used by journalists who like making stuff up to support their articles. “These people on Twitter...” sounds more valid than “A source, who wishes to remain nameless...” for some reason, even though it literally means that journalist made it up.

Instagram. I don’t get it. It’s basically the same as Facebook but without the classifieds. I think it’s just Facebook for people under 30 who think Facebook is for old people. More fool them - it’s exactly the same yo!
Are there other social mediums? There probably are. They all blend into one to be honest. Just a pointless waste of time pretty much.
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 Mainstream social media including Instagram, FB, Twitter, Tiktok and increasingly LinkedIn are at the very heart of the demise of today's society. It's silently making life harder and worse. It's easier to ignore this and keep being sucked in. Those who don't use it are onto a good thing and would do well to keep it that way.
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 You’re on here so your probably not missing it - pinkbike is a proxy for Instagram
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 It's the "opt-out" vs. "opt-in" philosophy. Modern corporations/society/capitalism would prefer you to opt-out of the relentless barrage of sponsored content and advertising. Because, every waking moment your eyes are looking at something is considered a potential marketing opportunity. So...if by "missing anything" you mean the simultaneous pandering-to and exploitation of a, you are not missing a damned thing. It's business as usual.
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 But everyone is on here which has sponsorship and marketing why is this any different @Dopepedaler:
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 @danielstutt: how can they not hire you for the job!
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 I stopped using Instagram recently and I feel a lot better for it. I get more done and stare at my phone less.
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 @Dopepedaler: name checks out
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 If there are so many social media it means that there are many people with a lot of free time
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 U never got Zuckered!
What u dont want to help the tech elitist censor freedom whilst they bow down to China(and the marxist everywhere else) as they're living on secluded islands?
Amazing to so many your not one of the drones.
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what about kids, does anyone have young kids? are any of you letting them have social media accounts as soon as they are of age? what are your thoughts?

my hope is all of that fades in 10 to 15 years and my daughters will see it as antiquated but i think might be wrong, and they could actually need it to be socially connected...

at the end of the day i am not a 100% disconected, i use whatsapp for my business and a pinkbike tab is open on my laptop all the time...
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 Good choice.
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 @Narro2: Thoughts...I seriously worry about the collateral psychological damage of instant gratification and unrealistic expectations on unrealistic timelines. I worry that our experiences have been distilled down to either "the best thing ever" or an "epic fail" (even if they were initially meant ironically or in jest). I worry that "winning" now means absolute domination over everyone else. I also hope this fades in 10-15 years. But, the combination of rabid profiteering combined with 24/7 eyeballs suggests otherwise.

Nuclear holocaust. Climate change. Pandemic. Social Media. Not necessarily in that order.
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 I didn't read the listing but if this is for that professional PB commenter position then I'll take it. I'm very detaled oreintented.
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 no your not
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 @rrolly: no you’re* not
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 @BrynScott: whoosh...
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 @brianpark does this mean we get to see @mikelevy doing tiktok trends in the future?

More seriously, excited to see who you choose, and to see more opportunities as PB grows.
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 Nice to see the paywall will be paying for something…
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 Does anyone else see the irony in "being on the pulse of mountain biking, knowing what's good" and applying for a job with Outside?
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 Can u drink on the job?
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 It can be remote, so yes.
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 I nominate DoubleCrownAddict so he can finally crawl out of his grandma’s basement and show his face, rather than just type hideous shit from behind his keyboard whilst eating Cheeto’s and stroking his cat……
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 Thanks for the opportunity but I just feel I'm not what you're looking for right now.
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 Post 300+ stories on TikTok. Then, shed a single tear, pull your still-beating heart from your chest to see how black it has turned, and finally walk into the Salish sea.
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 Not TikTok – Outdoor uses Tik Tik, didn't you know!
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 @brianpark: Do you drug test? Asking for a friend...
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 I'd apply, but I don't know how LinkedIn or Indeed works. Can I send a letter somewhere?
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 Just address it to "Pinkbike HQ, Squamish, BC" They'll know.
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 You'll have to buy a computer for the job though!
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 is now or never! hire @WAKIdesigns !!
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 I think he lost his mind finally
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 I am ok with a Paywall if the Waki is back.
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 No salary info has been proven to bake in unequal pay - some groups have been shown to ask always for more and overvalue their skills and renumeration while others the opposite. The industry quite frankly deserves better.
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 Do you have to be deliberately ambiguous when reporting on Instagram posts?
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 PB Question number 1. Whats your favourite bike?

Applicant: Eeerm... Santa Cruz Bronson cc V2...... In pink!

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 Can I wear my pyjamas to the interview??
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 We have a strict ratty t-shirt dress code.
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 I’d like to nominate Pinkishbike for this position
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 How many pb comment a day do I need to get the job? I am more of an anti-social kind of media but am willing to learn.
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 Looking for a 'fall guy' if anything 'hits the fan' in other words! Have back up plan!
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 Can you please hire Waki for this?
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 Bummer Pinkbike doesn’t even have the respect to email back. After multiple emails, it’s fine if I’m not the chosen candidate, but you can at least email back…
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 Sorry if you haven't gotten a reply in the past. We get a LOT of applications and cold-calls. We're getting up to speed with Breezy HR now, so candidates should get updates on their status going forward.
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 @brianpark: thank you for the follow up sir! I will send another email
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 @stormracing: how not to get a job 101
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 @LuDH: that’s totally fine by me. I’m all good and a okay with what I got going on. It was for something back in the past. But had to say something cuz that comes from a respect standpoint. Communication shows respect
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 Nice to read the future strategy for pinkbike.
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 Can I apply for a yuck to flat only position?
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 When do I start?
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 I got this shit!!!! Lol
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