Pinkbike's Development Team Is Hiring

Nov 15, 2018 at 15:38
by Brian Park  

Pinkbike is hiring for our product development teams!

Dreaming of combining your passion for mountain biking with your expertise building world class software products? Want to make products that millions of people around the world will see and use? We're growing our teams to improve and innovate across our existing offerings, including Trailforks, Pinkbike, and the BuySell.

Open roles include:

• Mobile app developers
• Full stack web application developers
• UX/UI design lead
• Product managers

We're looking for candidates with experience in consumer-facing mobile and web applications, and our culture fits best with creative, energetic folks who don't need too much direction to get stuff done. Bonus points for online media experience. Ideally these positions will be full-time and based in Squamish BC, but we're open to contract and/or remote roles for the right people.

Interested? Send your resume and portfolio to with "Development Team" in the subject line.

At Pinkbike we work hard to get people fired up on mountain biking every day, and these roles will help us keep spreading that message worldwide. The work is high energy, demanding, and fast paced. We believe in positive work-life balance and prioritize task completion over office hours. The people here are a focused and fun loving crew that are passionate about bikes. Our office is located in Squamish with an easy-going vibe and the tight-knit team culture.


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 I just learned how to upload a video to YouTube, so where do I sign up?
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 If you want to work long hours in front of a computer for minimal pay, no pension plan, no benefits, but they'll tell you how this will be a great experience for you despite the fact when you divide up the pay and hours you work to find out you're basically earning minimum wage.
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 They should do this nerd fishing more often , keeps them in one place !
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 Hello, World!
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 Just another wordpress site
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 Maybe the new developer can finally make external links open in a new tab/window?
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 Who cares about that, just right click em. Now deleting photos or comments we posted eyyyyy.
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 For both accessibility and usability reasons, opening new windows from links is generally frowned upon and is in fact discouraged in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 with some clear exceptions. See more at

This behaviour may be something that you in particular want, but that same function will present serious challenges for other people.
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 Just hold down Ctrl when clicking the link. gdharries already linked to the explaination Smile
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 target=_blank !!!!
  • 4 1
 Is there a good reason to not set external links to target=_blank? Why would you have people navigating away from your site to someone elses?
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 @SkipSkovhugger: I learned something new.. Thanks
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 @Three6ty: or click the scroll wheel when you are hovering over the link!
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 I live in the wrong country and have zero discernible qualities. When can I start?
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 You can start yesterday and today you're fired
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 Not a comment from Waki? Interesting
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 These jobs require actually having knowledge...
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 @sjflow: you are cute.
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 I've seen Hackers and The Matrix a couple of times, we good? I want to be like that dude from Grandma's Boy, JP.
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 I've finally learnt how to upload photos to Pinkbike.
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 Submitting my PFR (Pinkbike Feature Request) here for the new developer: Open buy/sell pictures in an isolated window so I don't have to hit my BACK button 15 times to get back to the main posting.
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 buy & sell needs a little love, especially the search.
The pictures could be solved by not do a full page refresh on each pic, I never understood why it wasn't a single photo gallery per posting...
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 And full buy sell functionality on mobile would be nice
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 There's a better way to handle that, but I've had the same problem.
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 Perl code? Possible SQL Injection exploits?

I'll stick to riding my bike...
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 It is clearly PHP code from TrailForks ... that site works well so I expect they already are doing all the OWASP recommended mitigations. That being said, if not using Nodejs, I'd rather code a back end in Python than PHP.
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 @JackSB: ewww php. Go node or go home
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 @JackSB: String concatenated sql queries instead of prepared statements. Yeah, probably not doing all the OWASP mitigations. Just because it works doesn't mean anything with regards to security. That's the mentality that has lead to the absolute free for all of vulnerabilities in production software.
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 @bpblack: I was looking for exactly the same thing. It looks like the visible concats are from a row retrieved from the DB. Definitely brave of them to post actual code, knowing that there are dweebs that ride MTBs that are going to pick it apart.
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 WTF language are you speaking?
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 Its sad that we all cringe when we hear php, but esp. after php 7 its actually a pretty good server side language. Nodejs, while getting better, lives on 90% hype. The stuggle php has is that its used in garbage platforms like Drupal, Magento (shudder), and Wordpress. A well built backend in Yii or Laravel will outperform any trendy microarchitecture in Nodejs and be a ton easier to maintain, no matter how many trendy npm packages you throw at it.

Just good luck getting a developer to work in php, let alone even admit that they know it.
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 OWASP referenced on PinkBike? My worlds are colliding. Stop this madness!
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 @JackSB: right, but the problem there is that assumes the DB itself isn't compromised. If there's SQLi elsewhere, there's no guarantee that data from the db is safe.
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 @canadaka: Ah, I'm being the stereotypical infosec jerk. I'm jaded, it's the end of the week, and I'm being a security scold based on a snippet. My bad. Appsec is hard, and scolding doesn't win over any devs, I know. Keep on validating that potentially user controlled data.
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 @Layman: Right!? The last time this happened was when Nicky V (Berkel) left LinusTechTips for Pinkbike.
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 @hamncheez: Pretty Horrible Perl
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"A well built backend in Yii or Laravel will outperform any trendy microarchitecture in Nodejs and be a ton easier to maintain, no matter how many trendy npm packages you throw at it. "

Absolutely disagree, 12 years of php here, 4 in nodejs, and meteor rocks the socks off of yii / laravel.

"Just good luck getting a developer to work in php, let alone even admit that they know it."

Here we can can agree 100%. Isomorphic javascript / nosql is simply undebatably the future, the people arguing against this are just unwilling to adapt to the change it will require.

@dro-cfr: Gotta pay for the bike nerddom somehow Wink
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 @probablyoutriding: Nosql is the future? Meteor rocks socks? Both these are seeing a plateau or even decline in use. Effing postgres used with a single table outperforms mongodb. Meteor is dead.

What I'm seeing the greatest trend is toward ORM-free architectures that simply wrap graphql implementations, like monsterjs. Oh, and everything must be reactjs now, until they realize that it can hurt SEO and freaks out the marketing department, and they end up rendering it all server side.
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 Someone please ban the person posting about work on pinkbike!!!!
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 You guys may want to refactor those 6-level deep nested if's and that db query inside the foreach loop!
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 I can read/write code but the commute from LA to Vancouver might be a bit much.
  • 33 0
 e-bike can help
  • 12 0
 And Vancouver makes LA look cheap.
  • 3 1
 @cyrways: and its not in Vancouver
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 let me know when your looking for some QA to make sure all those world class products will work as intended
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 With that attention to detail, it's interesting *you're* in QA.
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 Gammer really isn’t that important for being a Quirky Asian
  • 8 0
 Do you need any ugly, middle age Scottish opinion warriors??
  • 20 0
 Trying to get rid of your wife?
  • 1 0
 @Dropthedebt: you want to take her??
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 Any dentist positions available?
  • 7 1
 The Privateer Adam going full time?!?!
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 i finally figured out how to add a photo the hard way onto pinkbike . i can start working now
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 DBA no needed? database issues see I on your future young Padawan
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 They didn't read XKCD #327 I guess....
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 I work best in crayon. I'll start on Monday
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 Does PB sponsor visa for US engineers wanting to relocate to Squamish? Even though my remote gig now is sweet, I could get on board with moving to BC.
  • 3 0
 “I’m a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I’d like to put more in the dryer. That’s where you come in.”
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 Oh shit mobile app
  • 4 0
 Based on what I see here, the comments section is a dead end for recruitment. Hire slow fire fast PB.
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 Relocate to Whistler?
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 Full stack developer is a unicorn
  • 1 0
 Normal Unicorns don't know that they're Unicorns though, they're pretty chill. Full stack developers on the other hand are like all the bad attitude from 1986 Motley Crue minus the party and cool.
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 "creative, energetic folks who don't need too much direction to get stuff done. "

them red flags...
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 read "we don't really know much about what you're doing or the direction it should be going in but we're gonna yell at you if you f*ck it up"
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 If that picture is legit PB code you need to not do it like that. Your website is in danger of standing on a syringe full of malicious SQL.
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 Just like wheel size, "choose a programming language and be a d*ck about it"
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 I once stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, so...
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flag Kimura (Nov 16, 2018 at 10:28) (Below Threshold)
 i didn't laugh
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 @Kimura: Someone takes their Pinkbike forum very seriously
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 Someone finally gets to fix the favourite buttons so they work on every video posted! And on the mobile app too YES WOOHOO! Beer
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 I'll take the job if I can work remotely and outsource the actual work to India or China for a fraction of my salary.
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 All I see is Neo and Morpheus doing kung fu in an old dojo
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 Not if that is what your production code looks like!
  • 1 0
 I commented about the risks of posting production code and my comment was deleted? PB don't want to hear about the truths! Nasty looking code... ewww.
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 Some times I feel that I have taken the Red Pill and have a direct connection with Morpheus. Sign Me Up!
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 Dang ..only know how to build park
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 They’re working on code to disable the comments sections on the site.
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 UX and UI design lead? Well what do you know, now if I can only delete every comment I've ever made on this d**n site...
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 Looking for mobile app developers, does this mean we're finally getting a pinkbike app?? Super hyped
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 include stdio.h>

void main()
printf("Hello world!");
//return 0;
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 lots of pretty colors...
  • 2 0
 Unplug Neo.....
  • 1 0
 Is that old DOS program?
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