Video: Colby Raha Freerides a Moto for His X-Games Real Moto 2019 Entry

Sep 13, 2019 at 9:35
by Brian Park  

The rest of the Real Moto 2019 entries are bonkers too:


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 Jesus says thank you for saving me from seeing butt cheeks. I would hate to accidentally be hell-bound right now.
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 right?! they def weren't naked hahaha
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 Dear x-games, If you’re going to keep @samdeatley’s imagination in check, you’re going to have to be a little more thorough with your blurring techniques.
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 I’m this day and age is there really any reason to have half naked women in these videos: if you really want to grow a sport for all wouldn’t it be better to have half naked men?
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 Would hate to be a judge on this, extra points for booty. Seeing the G.O.A.T. was freakin awesome! Ripping Florida a new one still.
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 It was hiding the cottage cheese......
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 I hate seeing all these lazy slobs not pedaling. You gotta earn your turns!
They're going to ruin mountain biking for all of us.
Shouldn't there be some sort of barrier to entry?
Why am I seeing this? Where's my filter, Pinkbike?
(Did I cover all the bases?)
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 You forgot to throw in personal insults for no reason, you moron ;-)
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 You also forgot to address the threat to our tire and wheelsize standards. “Great, now the industry is pushing 19” wheels?!!”
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 If you want a motor, why on earth would you buy an E-bike instead of a Moto!!! Hot damn these dudes are rad!
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 Exactly. Kind of reminds me of early attempts at quiver killer bikes, they tried to be XC on the ups and DH on the downs but ended up sucking at both.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: Nicolai G1.
You're completely wrong
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 Motos are much more difficult to deal with. You need a trailer or a truck to carry one (and the dual sport street legal ones blow compared to the dedicated ones), they require maintenance, learning to ride them is more dangerous, and so on.

And you can't keep one in an apartment. Although I did know a dude that kept one in his, on the 14th floor.
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 @scary1: I think you missed the point there, I was talking about years ago when bikes like the Trek Slash and others were first coming out. Maybe I'm missing something but the oldest G1 I can find is from 2018? Modern enduro/AM bikes are awesome and I am sure the G1 is as well but bikes in 2018 are a lot different from 2012.
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 @phops: How much worse are the dual sports? I've heard the same thing about them sucking for off road but being able to ride to the trail is tempting.
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 @dtimms couldn't be more right. Was on the fence about an e-bike. Instead a new yz250x ended up in the garage and it's been so much damn fun ripping around on mountain singletrack on this thing. It's a DH bike with a 50hp engine attached!
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: yeti sb130.. You're completely wrong.
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 @phops: That's why u need a better job.. So u can have a house, with a garage, trailer, so forth
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 Cuz i like mtb better and ebiking is 90% mtb 10% moto.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: The G1 is just the modern version of the geometron which came out in 2014 I believe but I take your point those earlier bikes were crap.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: Theres dual-sport and theres “dual sport”; the latter being a full moto converted to street legal status with blinkers, lights and mirrors. Yamaha WRs are good for this. They suck on the street if the ride is very far though.
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 @SintraFreeride: ok cool, I figured I was missing something. Those Nicolai bikes are works of art, glad to hear they ride as well as they look.
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 @highfivenwhiteguy: agreed. But they've had advanced geo for 4-5 years
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Dual sports usually feature detuned engines (like a different compression ratio), because they have to meet things like emissions (which means they run leaner, not good for heat), and the maintenance intervals have to be longer. You also don't want to run dirt knobbies on the street. They are also usually heavier. If you got the skill, you can definitely ride them, they just aren't as much fun.
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 They're E-Bikes
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 I absolutely considered "Colby Raha Freerides an eMTB" in the headline but figured it was too much trolling.
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 SlopeDuro E-MTB
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 Same thing right?
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 love the riding, just clip after clip with bangers!

on another note, couldn't care less about portraying women as thots who clean after others; speaks a lot about the people behind the video.
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 Kris Foster's backflip before starting the bike is awesome!
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 foster wins by a mile
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: for sure. No contest.
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 and that doubledrop... oh my god
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 The course looked like MotoFEST series!
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 Amazing riding, and not that anybody doubted it, but RC4 still has it, the way he rails corners is amazing.

However,,,, theres only 1 urban riding king, Josh Hill on the Alta, the stuff he rides and posts on insta/youtube is just amazing. (probably get max hate for that cos it's an e-bike!!!!!!!)
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 Lol ebikes are hated everywhere
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 Let's be honest. The real hero of that video is the vramp (van / ramp creation).
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 as opossed to the bramp (bush / ramp creation) in The A-team.
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 This accentuates the fact that mountain biking just never will be as rad as moto. So gnarly. I love mountain biking, but the shit these boys do is unreal.
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 A lot of good things come from moto to mountain bikes, but I sincerely hope we never get the objectified, half-naked women that have somehow become a critical part of moto culture.
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 Thankfully MTB is moving in the other direction, but uhhh, we shouldn't act like MTB doesn't have it. There were still swimsuit girls at Sea Otter, and looking at most MTB media and ads from the 2000s would make us all cringe with their blatant sexism.
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 I'm personally of the opinion that we should be able to have half naked sexy women AND men available for anyone to objectify as they see fit. I guess that's just too progressive of a viewpoint for puritanical 2019.
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 @brianpark: I glad we are slowly going as far as possible from this stupid marzo ads
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flag enduroNZ (Sep 13, 2019 at 14:48) (Below Threshold)
 So why show the video with the half naked women it? Surely your just reinforcing the behaviour @brianpark:
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 @Dethphist: some guys grabing their dicks is what mtb ads needs
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 Raha is white trash, which was kind of the theme case you missed it.
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 @trailquestbike: If someone feels that it might help sell more bikes to a different group of customers, why the hell not? Sex sells, it always has, but it should be sold to everyone.
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 @Dethphist: Pinkbike if full of half naked men and sometimes videos of them doing sweaty workouts in short shorts. Go to have a justification for cheap thrills these days.
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 Kris Foster hands down. Kamloops boys doing it right!
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 So sick
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 Can someone explain how motoX people can just jump anything to flat but MTBers can't? Is it only about the amount of suspension travel or does it have to do with throttle while landing?
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 I don't know much about motos but I do know that 300mm of travel front and rear makes a big difference
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 Throttle while landing. You could not slap down big flat landings like that with the throttle off.
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 @Camstyn: Throttling on landing does not reduce the vertical force of impact. It may keep you from getting stuffed into the cockpit, since the bike will slow as it lands, but the the main reasons are to bring the front end up, and it has a stiffening effect on the rear suspension.
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 @spankthewan: I think you’ll find it does , and you just contradicted yourself !
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 Much, much, much burlier components. Dirt bikes make time with the motor, and even then they are traction limited, so you can have a margin for more weight, which means you can make the suspension and wheels burlier.
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 @spankthewan: if you jump to flat on a Mx bike and give it loads of gas before impact , it transfers the weight to the rear hence reduces to force of impact (of the front wheel) and helps the bike to go straight . Which I think this is what colincolin was referring to !
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 @Matt115lamb: Of course landing on the rear wheel will reduce forces on the front wheel, but nobody was talking about front wheels. Here's the original comment: "Can someone explain how motoX people can just jump anything to flat but MTBers can't?"
It's clear we're talking about forces exerted on the riders.
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 @spankthewan: sorry bud but nobody jumps to flat and lands in the front wheel , plus if you land on the rear and off the gas you’ll probably bottom out big time. The acceleration in landing will reduce the downward force on the both wheels !
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 @Matt115lamb: If you're one of the few people who can land in a manual, then you're right about the front wheel, but that's NOT WHAT WE"RE TALKING ABOUT HERE!
You ABSOLUTELY cannot reduce the force on both wheels by applying throttle during landing. You can position the bike such that the rear takes the majority of the hit, but you can't just magically transfer this energy elsewhere. You can lower the average force over time by landing on a slope, but you cannot speed up to reduce forces during flat landings!
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 @spankthewan: a parachutist will role when hitting the ground to reduce to force of impact , it’s the same sort of thing . The force numbers may be the same but the affects are reduced ! To answer the original Q both Susp travel and acceleration are key !
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 @Matt115lamb: Wheels almost always roll, and parachuters don't often roll, but parkour athletes do. You realize your analogy would be like landing a bike with the brakes locked in a pit, right? Nobody is doing that on purpose. I don't see your point, and you still believe the impact from gravitational acceleration is transferred forwards, somehow. Please just trust me.
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 @spankthewan: are you in a alternative universe where the opposite of everything applies? My analogy states that the kinetic energy is dissipated by a landing roll , totally the opposite to having your brakes on ! Trust me
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 @Matt115lamb: A parachuter rolling upon landing is nothing like a moto twisting throttle upon landing. It's like a moto landing to flat with no throttle. I'm not seeing your point.
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 @spankthewan: ok ..... do a test ! Jump to flat on a moto with and without throttle on landing . You will use more travel without throttle ! I’m out Big Grin
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 @Matt115lamb: My very first comment said that, and that's how you're gong to sum up your argument? I think the problem here is you don't understand force, and that's okay. You're not using less travel for the reasons you imagine; the chain tension has a stiffening effect on the suspension.
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 @spankthewan: this could be one of life’s anomalies !!
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 I doubt this guy has ever broken a bone.
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 Is the moto world still stuck in '00's with the old porn hoes opening? Or is this just a one-off... thought we were past that.

Anyway, whoa... that guy slays!
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 Humans have loved booties since the beginning. We are never past that
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 @Mntneer: Yes, of course, but objectifying women in that way and continuing to push the stereotype that all women are good for is porn... instead of strong kick-ass life partners. And then spreading that notion through media aimed at young impressionable men with still developing brains, who are also still forming their opinions on the way the world works... is not a good thing. It's how you end up with half the US thinking it's fine to have a rapey president.

I'm just saying, most of us (and companies) have evolved past this point... and watching this made me lose respect for all those involved.
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 I guess this is an endorsement from PB on the Colby video then? It really is the best of those edits.
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 First video. Hip hop, two stroke ring and mad tricks. Just gold!
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 Raha's 2018 Recap is worth checking out as well -
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 Can someone explain to me the physics of how a moto whip works
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 @arrowheadrush: Thats the actual scientific explanation.
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 Raha is a freaking maniac... concrete landings must be dialed or seriously though you're fd.
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 Colby is more hardcore than anyone else on 2 wheels. change my mind
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 That whip at 1:32 for Colby Raha is just SICK!
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 Why is richie carbunkle using Blake Baggett’s number, can’t he earn his own
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 Good one!
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 I cant believe he’s still on a Suzuki
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 Glad to hear that motocross rock is still alive & well in motocross vids.
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 Kris Forster wow! Big fan of that video. Proper freeride!
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 Seriously, they’re all killer riders, but Foster rocks!

My wife says I can’t have one, damn!!
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 Sick! I love anything on two wheels!
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 Holy huck to flat! Adam Braxton would be proud.
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 The old Keswick hawk
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 and pinkbike, the inventors of the e-bike filter, post this... Combustion engine optimization
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 Steezus christ
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 How am I just seeing a moto dirt jump course!!!!
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 real ILLEGAL moto
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 Who names their kid after a cheese?
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 always wondered where the Marzocchi girls went.
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 Thanks for posting pinkbike!
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 RC4 - that was the closest to a raw100 as you could get on a moto. Nice change from all the Nickelback
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 Two words, Ronnie Muthafukin Mac. Oops, I mean three words
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 No Friday Fails here. Man its awesome what these riders can do on a moto.
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 New World Disorder! nuff said
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 Pink Brap! That was awesome!
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 also big shout out to SAUCE THE BOSS and Denim Fuckin Cox!
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 I meant :53
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 Shouldn’t the e-bike filter block this out?
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 No you need to select the filter: ‘no one cares f*ck off’
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 Chris Foster????
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 1:05 Kris Foster
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 Kris Foster killed it.
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 Came here to read smack talk e-bike comments. Sorely disappointed.
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 Waiting for the comments to blow up with an angry Euro to chime in.
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 How are 2 strokes still legal? Sick riding but ...
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 Cause they are awesome.
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