Welcome to Pond Beaver 2021: Pinkbike's Virtual Trade Show is Back

Apr 6, 2021 at 10:40
by Brian Park  
Pond Beaver 2021

Well, I was hoping I wouldn't have to write this one. Despite bike media saltiness about trade shows, we love heading down to the annual Sea Otter trade show in Monterey, California. Well, most of us anyway, I'll let you guess which of the Mikes complains every time. But for a second year in a row, the event isn't happening for obvious reasons.

Look at us, so full of naive hope and joy.
The tents are still in storage...

Fingers crossed for 2022, but in the meantime, there's still a bunch of new stuff coming out. So through the magic of the internet and the postal service, we're putting on another virtual trade show: Pond Beaver 2021.

We'll be taking a look at all the new tech and doing our usual show coverage—first looks, randoms, videos, etc., but we'll be doing it from the comfort and safety of home. In order to recreate the experience as accurately as possible, I'm going to make sure I've got a sunburn, a hangover, and dust in my eyes at all times.

Most importantly, we'll be doing another Pets of Pond Beaver.

Photo by Trevor Lyden
Mike Kazimer is an expert in Zoom, Slack, FaceTime, Hangouts, Messenger, Skype, Teams, and GoToMeeting. Ugh.

Over the next few weeks you'll see a ton of new bikes, suspension, and gear from Pond Beaver, starting tomorrow. We've got fresh goods from a ton of brands, including Trek, Fox Factory, NS Bikes, Dakine, Ion, Niner, Race Face, Lezyne, and many more!


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 The way sales are going, there’s no point to the traditional trade show model. Give all the employees an extra week of vacation instead.
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 who needs advertising when you don't have anything to buy anyways
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 Who needs vacation when you don’t work anyways
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 Funny thing about weekends when you're unemployed They don't quite mean so much Except you get to hang out with all your working friends
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 @Mntneer: 2 weeks to slow the spread.......
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 2022 PB classifieds:
12sp Deore chain, 100 miles in: 200$
Yeti SB 150 with no drivetrain, seized BB and no seals in the fork: 250$
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 Where is Levy?
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 at lake musquash
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 Taking care of Affordable Bike week?
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 Probably lying somewhere burred under coastal ferns, after accidentally fallen 10 times on NSMB editor's bike Wink
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 Suez Canal.
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 Underneath a Delica turning wrenches?
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 @ODubhslaine: I'd go for Available Bike week.
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 Probably telling people about small bump compliance and how long his dropper post is.
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 must have called the wrong guy a pinker at curling camp and got stabbed
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 Probably working on his mini, putting an LS in it pr something
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 Levy is working on some NFT interpretive dance about the supremacy of linkage forks at the moment.
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 @acdownhill: Curling camp in Bellingham?
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 @brianpark: NFT or NSFW?
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 Just think of all the emissions we have saved over people not needlessly flying from all over the world to waste their time staring at bike parts when they could be doing it like this behind a screen. much better.
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 Seriously. We'll be a lot stricter about our travel in the future. It's often such a waste.
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flag EricHarger (Apr 7, 2021 at 9:28) (Below Threshold)
 Just think of all the bike shows we could have if we stopped spawning rug rats.

Don’t mind me. Sea Otter was a ton of fun.
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 @EricHarger: ME ME ME.... it's all I heard man sorry.
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 @brianpark: love that way of thinking Brian. Cheers.
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 Maybe we can get rid of half of the strip malls and office buildings while we're at it!
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 @ridingofthebikes: I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’ve never been to a Sea Otter. It’s much more than just the booths.
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 And think of all the bike parts which would be delivered on time at the nice low 2019 rates. The lack of commercial flights is part of the global logistics nightmare and the new high cost of getting anything into your consuming hands.

I'm a business owner in a trade and I could have bought a house and put you through college with the money I've spent in the last decade, just in trade show participation fees. My company takes a last-minute discount booth in the pop-up tent behind the tool shed... a brand like The North Face builds a two story discotec in the middle of the main hall. Presumably, they pay more.

I'm guessing that @ridingofthebikes has no idea what a trade show is, what it's about, who the different interests are which come together for a few days, and what the Human spirit is all about. It takes a person who has only ever "wasted their time staring at bike parts" to think that his mountain bike has anything to do, at all, with people who would actually do such a thing (maybe a tiny bit for marketing and sales researchers, to occasionally study the natives). First of all, they've already seen everything that can be seen on the screen, that's part of the trade. Secondly, they don't "waste their time" when they look at trade documents, such as pictures and specs of bike parts.

Trade shows, generally, are open to the public. But they are not public events. The public gets to see a lot, but they are just the public, at a trade show. Have a sticker.

Not picking on you, @ridingofthebikes, but I'm going to continue. You teed me up too high, time to swing... @brianpark was pointing out that there is often "waste" in terms of company resources at these trade shows. And he's right. In the days of The North Face disco parties and free beer (not public), a lot of companies (including media companies) would send everyone, because there is a shit load of work to be done in four days and its important to have your best team there, even if your ace southpaw don't like hotel rooms and free beer. You totally misconstrued his comment and warped it to fit "that way of thinking" which you "love". Thoughts and emotions are two entirely different things. When you love thoughts, the result is literally "ME ME ME.... it's all I heard man sorry".

When you love thinking, the result is quite the opposite. At a certain point, you get a group of like-minded thinkers who, for one reason or another, come together, share (some steal) ideas on their mutual thought, and go back to their laboratories having decided on the next step to develop their idea. These folks call themselves a trade and the event a trade show.

The fact that there are still no trade shows should give pause to all of us. My business is not content with the "new normal situation". Every business I work with is not content with the "new normal situation". The "new normal situation" favours monopolies, organised crime, parasites of every type, and brands partially owned by BlackRock. The consumer is in for a nice ride. Producers are asking themselves why they need to work like damn donkeys when they can sit in the grass and think about something else (like MTB!) all day without taking another order or paying another tax, because they know they are in for a nice ride... and there are no brakes on this "new normal DH...". (Also no seat, just a seat tube. Chainless. Full New School.)

In any case, a trade during war time isn't a trade... production on government command isn't trade. Nobody gets to build or ride a bike during the war. RIP Fausto Coppi. Bella, ciao!


(edited to add: Rabbit Breeder, card-carrying)
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 @SteepJobs: Dude.... calm the f*ck down. I've been to a trade show. and everything you said is ABSOLUTELY a long-winded unnecessary triggered response about your opinion. Please suck a D.
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 @SteepJobs: It's worth noting my comment received 23 upvotes and your's is getting crickets. do the math. you're obsessed with your opinion and love trade shows. calm down and go ride your bike man.
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 Can't wait to see the 27.5, horst link, e gravel bike from Niner.
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 We want Levy back!
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 Seriously where is he?
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 @XacciX: probably still explaining the importance of checking your tyre pressure to other pb staff
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 @XacciX: Grim donut?!?!?
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 @XacciX: "Curling Camp"
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 "Mike Kazimer is an expert in Zoom, Slack, FaceTime, Hangouts, Messenger, Skype, Teams, and GoToMeeting. Ugh."

and OnlyFans.
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 Hope that picture of Kazimer was taken just as he'd put the finishing touches to the EXT fork review, and was taking a moment to enjoy a feeling of quiet satisfaction for a job well done.
I might be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me anyway.
Am I right @brianpark?
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 Or he's watching slug porn
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 @ReformedRoadie: I dunno, both his hands are in shot.
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 @chakaping: but are his feet?
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 Pound Beaver.
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 You missed the abbreviated form of Richard to make the usual PB forum crass joke
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 Humm, Crazy. From what I'm hearing at the PB podcast, Kazimer is like riding every day. That would mean he does the Zoom and stuff on a bike using a cell phone mounted on the bike, not in a cosy chill out atmosphere with jazz music playing in the back ground. Yup, that photo is fake.
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 I think it's real, but posed. Intended to portray the intelligent, insightful, reflective side of Kaz. Needless to mention, the photog had his work cut out for himself....
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 from Fox?, what news.. they have found a new acronym and want to update the price for the '38 from 1660 euro to 2000 euro?
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 I could care less about bikes and parts that won't be available till next year, at which point they'll be obsolete. However, I'm very stoked for the pets of PB round 2!
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 This gives me that feel when you get to the top of a climb and you derailleur catches a stick and then have to walk back down to your car with a broken bike and Edith Piaf won't stop playing in your head.
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 oh no, not edith piaff! the horror...
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 I love this song:


Can't believe she was mentioned on Pinkbike.
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 @flipoffthemonkeys: Saddest woman in history bruh. Only out sadded by maybe Frida Khalo or Billie Holliday.
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 @boogereater42069: i think the saddest woman in history is my ex-wife. whick is kinda why she's my ex-wife. i couldn't stand the sadness...it just wears you down. i've been to mexico city and i've seen the frida kahlo house and the trotsky museum and a bunch of diego rivera murals. frida's life was punctuated by tragic events but she didn't really cave in to eternal sadness. actually quite the opposite. i think she actually did pretty well for herself given the circumstances. a broken derailleur is no reason wallow in darkness my friend. remove rear mech/shorten the chain and single speed back to the car!
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 @flipoffthemonkeys: its okay to ask for a hug
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 @boogereater42069: it certainly is, but not now-there's a pandemic.
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 Hum, this probably means the cheap bike field test articles are not imminent. Oh well.
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 Don’t quote me on it but I think we are aiming for the 17th.
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 Nothing to see here...literally.
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 Hopefully trek starts making a relevant non-xc hardtail.
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 I'm at the point where I forget what the actual name of the trade show is...
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 Perhaps you otter get yer memory checked.....
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 @RayDolor: Sea! The comments section can be helpful!
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 Very kelpful....
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 I wonder: is pounding Richard a serious sport or just a leisure activity?
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 Can't write this article about Pond Beaver virtual trade show without showing a few new goodies. ;P
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 Isn’t sea otter still supposedly happening in October?
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 Still on for Oct 7-10 from what I see. Hope it stays that way because I plan to go for the first time!
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 Showing new goods which won't be in stock for at least 6 months or more...! We al love that!
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 you need to swap geometry charts for the Ribble hardtails
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 Your year sucks, thats too bad for you bud.
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