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Nov 28, 2013 at 23:28
by Tyler Maine  
Arrival cover art.

ARRIVAL is presented by RockShox, in Association with Specialized, Clif Bar and, and with support from Trek, Whistler Mountain Bike Park, Devinci, and Evoc.

Watch the Official Trailer here:
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 static noise and freezer at 21 min in scared the $#!£ out of me half way through ....
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 Yup - got that too. thought for some time that it was on purpose.
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 I had my headphones on full volume and nearly died from a heart attack!!!!
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 same it scared me
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 PigletOrange I thought that too! Like just an intense ending to the Whistler segment.
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 maybe it was some slick ploy to get us to buy the whole film?
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 I went and saw the premier in London, tbh I wasn't that impressed with the video.
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 were you high?
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 no. I didn't say it was rubbish. I mean the step up was pretty knarly but it's not as amazing as something like life cycles
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 it s one of the realest videos out there i think.. filmed by riders
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 LifeCycles was sick when it came out a few years back, but this movie is on another level from any other shit thats came out before. I dont think you understand how much effort these dudes put into making this. Building, riding, editing and producing all of it. And the end product was fuckin sick. Now get off your high horse and go ride your bike
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 ^ with a comment like that I hope you spent the $30 to buy the DVD. IMO it was ok
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 I am SOOOOO HAPPY I DIDNT BUY IT!! WOW lol It was good. Yea.. lol
I just cant stand super slow mo shit all the time, you bomb the hill at mach 10 + jesus's power and they show it super slow.. I like seeing the riders kills lines at real time speed.
Sick riding for sure, hands down! I just think the movie coudve been better in quite a few ways.
I rather watch Drop in lol
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 Photography was epic and everything was great
I find that when i sit and watch 35 mins of top level riding it all blurs together…
i think the film needed more of a plot
and thats what makes films like life cycles and where the trail ends great
there is awesome riding AND a plot line to hold the viewers attention
great riding
but I don't think it deserved the title of FILM
it is a glorified EDIT
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 Agreed. And at $12.99 on iTunes, I can go see a full feature film in theaters for that price.
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 for that price you buy a jacke n coke in a bar
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 it's 6;00 pm here. Just time to get home from work sit down with a beer and 12 hours are up.
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 i opened it earlier in the day and finally got time to watch it, halfway through the footage froze and audio went to static. when i refreshed it, it was gone.. such a tease. damn you shitty internet!
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 i got some nasty static too, im pretty sure everyone did, oh well
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 Cached it before I went to work and watched it tonight when I got back. Same static problem in a few places. Had to skip. Thought it was because I cached it.
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 Same shit happened to me deadsailor. I just worked my way through the noise though, thinking it had something to do with the fact I was watching it at 9pm. It appears others experienced it too.
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 The first segment with Curtis, Dylan and then Norb's part were the best out the whole film in my opinion...At least Kenny Smith made another appearance even if it wasn't that long!
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 You should just buy the dvd and enjoy it without any problems. It's only $12.99 on iTunes, well worth it in my opinion.
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 ROAM for me bro
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 I am actually baffled at how bummed I am about this short film currently. Back to watching the making of's video.
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 If the status is sold out, when would a copy make it to me?
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 I've been wondering this too, the status on the Pinkbike store says 'Out of Stock' Anyone have word on when it might be back in stock or ship to those who purchase while it's still out of stock?
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 Anyone got the soundtrack of this movie? Started bugging at 21 minutes for me as well, so couldn't see the end credits.
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 Nice vid ill say it was better then not bad. And the windsor section was a trip. As was the opening
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 Norbs was siicckkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!
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 does anyone have the whole soundtrack list???
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 cual es el nombre de la cancion del video ?
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 I question all these new videos that are showing riders going out and building trails. Are they building with permits on authorized land?
If not the riders and film makers are really undermining what the organized groups are trying to do legally.

All kinds of talk in the bike world about doing things right, i really hope this isn't a situation of do as I say not as I do.........
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 These guys get to build there own bike park. They're probably busy with there own legit stuff to be doing any of the "freedom fighting trail building". And who would do that to their sponsors if they were getting paid to make a video? So they can get busted by everyone when the video goes on sale? And have their sponsors back out! With the silly comment that you made. I hope the organizations you mentioned don't think equestrians are better for a nature trail than mountain bikes, like Parks Canada. Because they shit everywhere and their weight causes trail degradation but this is ignored because they have political power. Mountain bikers and their trails, are the real stewards of nature and the land.
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 silly comment? justified as for as I'm concerned. I have been fighting for sanctioned trail developement for nearly 10years and continue to see trails get built in my area with no authorization.

you are assuming alot.

where did I mention horses?

If the building was on private land then its not an issue but I really feel this should be mentioned as such so the younger riders see that the big names are doing it right.

you think mountain bikers are stewards of the land..... that is a silly comment.
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 Gotta love me some Lorraine! She rocked the 12th minute!!
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 When is estimated arrival for people who pre-ordered?
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 Will the dvd have the original music?
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 Soundtrack (at least on the premier on PB) was the only let down for me - however, it soared through the 'is it a good video' test when I watched the whole thing on mute - it was rad! That said, with Not Bad and this the trailers and hype were a little beyond the product in my opinion, especially with Not Bad, that said Ive bought both and am still loving them - this will obviously grow on me more and more with a few watches I imagine!
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 it was the worst film ever it clitched all the way through
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 Music for the wistler segment gave me cancer...
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 blu ray eventually?
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 Pretty sure it comes as a combo pack.
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 IN the combo pack you get both regular and blu ray disks.
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 norbs was robbed
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 Really? It's midnight.

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