Anthony Messere and Kirt Voreis get their Nor Cal Jump On

Jan 25, 2012 at 12:16
by Tyler Maine  
Fox MTB Trip Nor Cal Part 2 Anthony Messere / Kirt Voreis

We did some filming and testing with the new 2012 product line in Nor Cal. Here is some more fun footage we got of Anthony and Kirt riding together. The new 2012 Fox Bike line will be dropping 2/1/2012. Keep an eye out for it!

Chilling on the deck

Throwing down a sick table at Post Office

Whipping it out. First time riding Post Office and killing it

Filmed by Root One Media


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 Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Bar-spin. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Tuck-No-Hander. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down...360. Up and down.
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 Nic Genovese helped us out a bunch with this edit, I just wanted to make sure he gets some credit as well. Thanks Nic!
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 Chuck Norris approved
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 old school to new school, love it
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 So really, it's an edit of Anthony boostin' jumps?
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 great vid,still sorta rather his first on....
i hade a ques tionabout the purchase of that blue rct,i was wondering if its free to the publique(like can i get one,or is it just for the pro's for now...if not well when can i get it???
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 thats the colour of the 2012 argyle rct, and yes u can buy them
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flag thomaluettgen (Jan 25, 2012 at 17:45) (Below Threshold)
 and dud,oviousely blue,did u check the vid,or do u not know what an rct is?...argle rct 2012---^>blue ------>the one hes riding!
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 Damn, you're dumb.
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 wshat why
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 This video would have been so much better with a more relaxed song I think that would fit the riding being done better
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 Not a big deal, but that song is not Trials and Tribulations, its 'Overtime is a Crime' the next track on the album. Great vid, i do find DJ'ing a little dull after a while, but he rips pretty damn good, regardless of his age.
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 I like this big poo
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 More Voreis too!
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 haha he totally bailed at 2:31
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 K......wait! I thought I read Kirt and Anthony......prity sure I seen kirt do like five...maybe six jumps??? Well.....good vid of Anthony!
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 Rather evident in the fact that he got 3rd place at the Red Bull Joyride.
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 could have won had he not fallen
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 It's to bad that Anthony is a complete asshole..... I would have a lot of respect for him otherwise.
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 Kid boosts!
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 anthony wasn't doin tricks pretty much the whole time it was abit disappointing...
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 spencer its for the clothing they ride fox Wink
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flag mrandt (Jan 25, 2012 at 12:57) (Below Threshold)
 funny how Kurts got like 20 years on anthony, yet anthony is much further in skill IMO
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 Kirt is almost 40 years old, obviously Anthony is going to be gnarlier... he's in his prime! Kirt's just a legend, a steezy one
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flag mrandt (Jan 25, 2012 at 13:07) (Below Threshold)
 ya i agree I'm just pointing out how insanely fast some kids are getting good now a days, and in this vid it was easy to compare anthony to kurt
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 Lets see Anthony beat Kirt in a race. They have different skill sets. While Kirt is a ride everything kind of guy, hes a damn fast and flowy ride everything kind of guy. Dude is a total legend and still shreds like a beast.
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 IF you have ever followed Kirt down a Dh trail. You'll understand where he rocks. Everybody has a different discipline they are better at!
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 Yeah but who knows how good Messere might be at different disciplines. I can't imagine him sucking at any form of riding. They both rip.
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 Hahaha Mrandt has to be the stupidest kid on Pinkbike.
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 Quite possibly the most boring video ever posted. I'm sure there are worse, but at this point, I can't think of any.
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 I take it you're not into Dirt Jumping? I really enjoyed watching them just flow through Post Office without throwing monster tricks everywhere. Gets boring watching trick contest style riding- I thought it made a nice change to watch how they would normally ride.
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 I feel sorry for you that you can't appreciate style oldedge
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 that is hella sick
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 Awesome riding!
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 2:00 anthony messre likes it very smooth...
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 I'm in the background Smile
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 what treads does anthony use?
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 Stoked that We Are The Oceans was the band picked!!
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 shit! the kid is smooth
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 ... show off
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 ah come on,hes a boss
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 im not saying he sucks, he's a great biker, but he's so young with blows my mind!
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 ah ok,from that point of view i must agree,but he dosent seam to be a show off,some kids just shred and u cant really take that away
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