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Suzuki Nine Knights - Building Video

Aug 16, 2011 at 9:08
by Tyler Maine  
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The construction phase here at the first ever edition of the Suzuki Nine Knights event is slowly coming to an end and is looking sicker every day.

Press pics from Nine Knights
Press pics from Nine Knights

"The challenge to build a course looking like a castle was huge" says host of the event Andi Wittmann. But a great team and some creative minds made it happen in a never seen before way. And not only the BIg Air section, but also the new Suzuki Nine Knights trail is shaping up nicely. Watch out for more news, the winner of the "Wanna be a Knight?" Online qualification competition and another stunning video of the finished course on Thursday.

Press pics from Nine Knights
Press pics from Nine Knights

The Nine Knights Crew

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Also... you see the arm loader, dwarfed by the takeoff it was being used to construct?

Um... "Bring me my brown pants!!!"
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 kind of a small rider line up hey?
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 oh the things i would build if i had that much lumber...
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 "your a wizard harry!"
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 I'm a what?
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 Was it just me or did the music from the video totally sound like something out of Inception? That was immediately what I thought of when I heard the audio.
Totally sick course, though.
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 It's actually from 'requiem for a dream'.
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 I'm not sure why I know this, but this video might clear things up for you www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFiP38gq23I
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 Awesome. Its a pretty epic song, thanks for setting me straight guys.
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 That place looks epic!
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 Anybody know if this is gonna be shown live..?
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 its fucking narnia!! sorry i was watching Dane Cook
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 easy...i looked it up on google
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 Chuck Norris would be proud!
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 did any one see that super smooth landing that the machinery was working on
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 Ah yeah. Damn, that is some sweet smooth packing by a machine!
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 That's what she said... ^^
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 @petersavage: just like the name implies, nine riders for Nine Knight? Just thinking out loud Smile
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 When I first saw this I felt "it" move.
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 I've just found my login and password which I wasn't using for almost 2 years on PB, because I'd like to ask - why the hell they need to waste so much wood .. Frown ? shame ..
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 The Castle is built for at least 3 Years... so.. don´t worry Wink

Also... the wood we used to cover the castle is just a drop off from a sawmill Smile

And the tree trunks for the droptower we got from a junk yard and saved them form getting chopped.
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 Hey ! Thanks Smile
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 Is that thing going to be permanent? If not, such a waste for all that effort. Sick, nonetheless.
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 i'm sick n tired of this music....behhhh but video is OK Wink
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 most epic vid/teaser i have ever seen
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 in terms of music choice most certainly.
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 holy.... shit...
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 so sick Smile
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 wow that's a sick course
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 wow nice corse
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 epic location
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 now all you need is a bunch of knights in shining armor. Is semenuk gonna "borrow" the Cleymore sword for this event? hhhmmmm?

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