Lance Armstrong 2011 Rebellion - Oakley

Feb 15, 2011 at 11:30
by Tyler Maine  
There is a challenge before you. An obstacle. You have two choices: find the courage to beat it or to lay down and accept defeat.


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 Armstrong is a machine. badass video.
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flag FindlayReade (Feb 17, 2011 at 0:18) (Below Threshold)
 But ive never understood the leg shaving part...
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 its to make road rash less painful, also leg hair allows dirt and bacteria to harbour, so if they get a cut then there is less chance of infection if they have their legs shaved Razz
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 also when you have to get massages every night after a stage, it sucks if your legs are hairy as shit. (seriously)
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 Also, very slightly more aero Wink
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 dude... so much more aero. Its more European... and err'one knows Europeans cut wind like no-one else!
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 Lance is a great and truly inspirational biker, so no one can give him for shit for riding road, when you win 7 Tour De Frances, then you can. Great bloke, he also retired today.
  • 19 1 preparation for his second un-retirement party next week.
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 Also, it feels HOT!,,Mmm Mmmm, I'm doing mine now...then on go the fishnets...
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flag stooky (Feb 17, 2011 at 3:54) (Below Threshold)
 a cheat plain and simple.

good work in his cancer role though. Even if he thinks everyone can beat cancer with minimal support. Is he trying to say that the expensive drugs that he took had no effect on him and it was all down to will power.

What an insensitive ****!
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 a cheat plain and simple??? Are you actually for real?

Your the insensitive ****!!!
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flag Icculus19425 (Feb 17, 2011 at 7:40) (Below Threshold)
 Lance Armstrong was Blood Doping. Fact. But who cares?
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 Can you relate any evidence that he was? Like an official source?

Hit me up if you can.
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flag Icculus19425 (Feb 17, 2011 at 7:55) (Below Threshold)
 Like his teammate ratting him out? pretty official IMO
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 road cyclist shave their legs because when you fall on the road ( and thats quite often) they need bandages to cover up their road rash and when they remove the bandages it would tear the hairs out of their legs. which is extremely painful so instead of dealing with this pain they shave their legs and it has become a sort of culture of the sport.
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 But did they prove he was doping? could be a rumour....
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 Lance doped. Their is solid proof of this, not only from his teammate, Floyd Landis, ratting him out, but his blood results were also proof.. A normal persons testosterone is 1:1. Slightly higher than that for some. The restrictions have been reduced to 6:1 and now 4:1. He once tested at a level of 9:1. The same people that are chasing Barry Bonds, and others in professional sports are now going after Lance, and HE WILL LOSE. Guaranteed. His excuse is, with so much that I have done for cancer patients, how could they attack him. Ya, great, you helped cancer patients, BUT you still doped!! So, come over that obstacle a*shole!
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 Go and learn french and read LA condifidential a book he stopped from being published in english cause it proves he was a cheat. And seruiously what makes him imply that people who die from cancer have no will power that is insensitive and a down right lie.
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 Ah okay, fair enough, I guess I have lost a little respect for him for doing that. Blank Stare
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 Its cool, people just put him on a pedestal and worship the ground he walks on when in reality hes just as human as the rest of us and do everything they can to get ahead....such is human nature.
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 floyd landis is a bitch
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 doesn't matter if he took drugs. That man had cancer and even so he's been a beast on that bike for a very long time. I bet this guy gets the BS that a lot of popular people on the media do. I'm not going to believe the media everytime...they are a bunch of nasty, heartless people, that will do anything for good ratings
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 everyone dopes, get over it. but to be the best doper consecutively and beat out the other dopers, its like if they didnt dope.
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 and for the record, he has one of the largest lung capacities in the world. fact
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 If you can honestly tell me that every single person in this group has never cheated at something... a school test, a video game, a game with a sibling... then I am the pope. Everyone cheats and its the way of life. I believe I read someone in here said people put him on a pedestal because he won 7 tours... and thats true. Why is Lance so much different than everyone else? We are just human. Tiger woods cheated on his wife 30 times (or so) and OMG the world is going to end... but if someone down the street did that, there would be a divorce and a moving truck, thats it. These athletes are special, and I definitely look up to riders such as Gee, Aaron, Cam, Darren, and any other who can make a successful living from the the sport of bike riding whether it be on road or mtn. C'mon guys, everyone cheats. And for those getting mad about people having opinions about the guy.. grow up. Everyone has an opinion and they have the right to share it.
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 a closer analogy is a doctor 'cheating' by making up lab results, or frame designers 'cheating' by only competing half the welds on a frame. If its your job only because people assume you AREN'T cheating, then yeah, cheating is a big fucking deal.
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 Obviously whenever Lance is mentioned, there will be debates on whether of not he was clean. It is almost always the same with any other athlete who is at the top of their field. Nevertheless, top athletes work so hard and put in so much, so to rag on them from an average athletes perspective is nonsense. Their coachers and fellow athletes push them to their max, and if taking an injection would help, then it is most likely a quick choice. Most of those guys who are competing at this extreme level almost have to be on something, completing the tour is ridiculous, and to be able to be competitive, every edge helps. Personally, Lance to me is a great cyclist who is a great inspiration, but others will always see him as a cheater.....
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 lance armstrong doped. fact. lance armstrong is a normal man. false. lance armstrong has a heart 1.5 times bigger than the average man. fact. lance armstrong has a large lung capacity. fact. lots of people doped in the tour making him no different than anyone else fact.lance is a boss. fact. k theres my opinion... supported with facts.
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 the thing that makes me laugh is his name isnt even Armstrong, its Gunderson. Who the fuck calls themselves Armstrong. Lance Armstrong is a wannabe porn star name
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 There is 100% no solid evidence that he doped. Fact.

As Lance said himself this week:

So lets say hypothetically he did blood dope and win 7 Tour De Frances, no one can take 3-4 years off the bike then return and come 3rd. Lance is gifted at cycling, and some people hate that fact.

Landis being one of them, he was caught because he was straight up a drug cheat, with his testosterone being 3 times over the limit. He just wanted to try bring Lance down with him, if there was evidence of Lance doping he would have been banned, because he's like any other rider at the end of the day.

His doping allegations have become far too political, epecially from the French. They hated the fact Lance won the tour 7 times, it was almost HIS tour instead of France's. They hated that a somewhat "arrogant" American was destorying the Tour time after time.

All the allogations just boil down to jealousy and politics.

Enjoy your retirement Lance. Livestrong.
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 Dat be sum gud advertisin' right durrrr!
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 Oh, and for the record... more than one CHARITY ride ended up bankrupt after paying Lance's fee to have him ride with the participants. Yeah. He's that much of a tool.
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 Wow, had no idea....that sucks.
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 So much for "charity"

LiveStrong my ass.
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 ill give him props for being an amazing rider but ive heard many first hand accounts from people who know lance that hes a douche. sucks when people pull that move. he would have way more respect if he didnt suck as a person...
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 He had to have doped, he couldn't have beat dopers clean, im sorry but you cant. it doenst matter. they all dope, i have heard hes an A hole, but ive never met him so i cant judge on that.
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 Of course he isn't a saint; you're bound to be an a*shole if you're as driven as he clearly is and there is a dark cloud of uncertainty that surrounds his relationship with drugs, yet the important thing to consider before you rush to judge the man is that nothing has ever been proved- innocent until proven guilty. An incredible guy and one that we should hold in higher esteem than we seem to on this site, I challenge the haters to live a life half as full of achievement as his clearly has.
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 As George Carlin said - fuсk Lance Armstrong and fuсk his yellow jersey.
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 wow. Lotta haters up in here... Funny how people that are not at the top of ANY sport (pinkbike doesn't count) can judge and rage on somebody that has done so much. It's not like he just wakes up, goes and ride a few weeks in July, and then goes back to a normal life. The guy lives a life that NOBODY here can relate to, yet everybody judges him by their own standards. But, when you get down to it, he is a person, like everyone else. Except his life is lived under a microscope of media. Maybe he was a DB to your sister's cousin's best friend's mother, big deal. Like any of you have never been a DB to someone before. Or lied. Or cheated. Doped? maybe, it seems to be the game riders have to play to compete at that level. That so many have been caught, leads one to beleive that the majority do it. Guess what? Denial is a huge part of that game. Nobody is going to finish the tour, roll up to Phil and Bob at the interview and say "I doped so hard this tour!!!, Yeaaaaaaahhhhh! ARRRRGH!". No, they deny it. It's how the game is probably played. Demonize Lance because denies it? But don't EQUALLY demonize the sport which promotes it?

Yeah, bunch of haters up in here today...
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 ya i think your right ,i cant take down the man i dont know him, but hes a winner for that i can respect what he did ,for the rest ill keep for my self .
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 perfectly summed up
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 I think there are a few people here that can relate to him and his life style. ( I can't ) but as he chooses to promote him self in such away I can have an opion on him. This site would be pretty quiet if we didn't voice those opions. Some of these including my own are expressed in a such away that they come across quite strong. In many ways I think that shows how much the sport of cycling mean to the people on here. Some time all the shouting needs to be heard.
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 I think most pros live that life style to some extent. I bet the Athertons do. Yet they seem pretty nice. Lance comes across to me as a sell-out. PS. I'd love to have to spend my days full time biking and training. I have to take time away from my family, work, and school to get out. Don't tell me someone is a better person for spending their 9-5 in the saddle.
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 lance is just another piece of the corporation, he's an athelete on a posterboard selling products on his soapbox, i bike as hard as i can for as long as i can, because its pure freedom, rather its DH or road i seldom get the chance but when i do its blissful and fun, i think lance has lost sight of it being fun and blissful, its just another marketing tool, that video just made a whole bunch of people wanna get a trek, a pair of oakleys and whatever else lance was sporting that seemed top notch, i get oakleys for free Razz
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 i understand what your saying ,for my part ill never buy oakleys ,because someone like lance have them ,i really dont care about that ,second there price are to high,hehe and im a cheap basterd,,but everyone need to put bread on the table ,to become another piece of the corporation that was his choice ,its up to us to to give in to that crap
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 i understand and agree K2dan, i wouldnt buy oakleys either, but the army gives them to me so i use them Wink im a cheap bastard too
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 lol, i understand free is always good for us the cheap bastard
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 Nice vid. Really good story, will inspire new generations to not be affraid to achieve their goals. Very clear message that you can even beat cancer if you only want, if you challenge the mediocre you can win the most prestigeus competitions more than once. That you need other people to achieve the best, wonderful principles that we all need to remember as passing through the journey of life.

And offcourse Oakley Jawbones are going to help you greatly on the way to the top!!!

When I was a kid - sheee hoosh OAKLEY JAWBONES ARE COOL! - then the mental aspect - woosh shooosh OAKLEY JAWBONE BETTER THAN YOURS !!! - Oaklye are a special company - wuuushasha shuuu life cycles style shushuu JAWBONE!!! when I won Tour The France - shushhhhh OAKLEY JAWBONES SICK!!! - making it through the disease - sheewuuush BUY OAKLEY!!! - then I opened the newspaper - it really happened...

I guess I will be a better person now... I want to be a better person! Does CRC carry JAWBONES? I need them to be better..
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 I enjoyed reading your ramblings. The sound effects were awesome. SHUUUSHUUUU SWOOSHWHOOSH
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 What The Mind Can Conceive It Can Achieve
we already know it, lance Smile
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 I suppose you guys who support lance also think Barry Bonds is the greatest baseball player on earth.

Lance likely gave himself cancer because of PEDs

As far as "charity work" goes, all wealthy people set up charitable foundations. It's a tax shelter and a way buy things (houses, cars, jet planes, etc...) at a discount. Tiger Woods, George Lucas, Will Smith... they all do it. It's a great business move and Lance has gotten richer because of it.

Now he can't come clean because what happens to his reputation happens to his charity. He is locked in his lie forever. Or as long has he remains believable.

A hero? Use your head.
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 If everyone dopes, then Lance is still one of the best riders out there.

Personally I don't believe anything that says he doped, even "admissions" from the man himself.
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 Wow. I have some beach property for sale. Interested?
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 So you're making light of my faith in man? Get a life.
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 Just keeping it real seraph. Faith is for people who wear blindfolds and enjoy it.
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 I think you're confusing it with "blind faith." I have faith in my fellow man to be truthful and honest. It has been proven that there are still people out there who are real and it has helped bolster my faith in people like Lance. Time will tell who is real and who is fake.
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 maniverscas, "Faith is for people who wear blindfolds and enjoy it" oh enlightened one, fill us with your gospel. I often wonder what's better or worse, wearing blindfolds aka. believeing in people or being a loonie prick like Dawkins. Oh wait he still believes in something, how about dickheads like Trump?! Or Berlusconi? - they don't believe in sh*t. Good idols ha? Maybe we should all go like: everyone cares only for himself - let's face it right?! We should be true to ourselves not deluded. Fu*k people in India, Africa workig for pricks thinking this way, screw them! They are worse kind of people, they should serve us as production machines. Oh oh... people like mr Trump forgot to tell you that this attitude screws you up, mentally, then screws up your health with crap in the food you buy, crap so bad that dog food seems healthier.

So speaking of cancer... if you don't believe in people, in higher values, then well, you are eating your way to cancer and diabetes every day.

As for Lance and dope in general: I think what he achieved is great, did he achieve that on dope?! I think so, but it's not only his fault. It's the retarded western civilizations rush for being the best that creates such abreviations of normality, of nature. Cycling is so doped oriented only because there is so little money in it compared to i.e football. If someone finds out that Christiano Ronaldo dopes, there's too much too loose for all different actors investing so much money in everything related to him. So everyone will cover his back. And no one will tell me that winning grand tour 7 times is obvious for doping, and running in such explosive manner for 90 minutes on football field is not.

To me all the cyclists speaking of Armstrong doping, is like housewives association speaking of potholes and pornography. Focus on your own life how to make it better, and better for other people around you, and those on the other end of the world.
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 for all those people defending shaving your legs to prevent bacteria and dirt to get in your boo boos, do you see sam hill shave his legs, or peaty or most other downhillers who are eating shit in the mud, crud n rock pulling out the razor every day. didnt think so
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 Most riders that shave their legs and use all those excuses why they shave their legs don't get leg massages, aren't fit enough to notice improved aerodynamics, and just don't compete, period. They're just gay.
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 Funny how the americans atack another american.That doesnt happen very often.

Fact is that no normal human can do more than 3000 ks in 20 days without using extra help, if the races were more normal then the racers would be clean.
I dont aprove drug use. Have you noticed how when there is somebody better than him with chances to win his team buys that rider and becomes one of the bunch that just helps him $$$$$$$ god dollar is the one that counts.
His merit has been to profit on all of that; like it or not he has been smart enough to get what nobody else has.

Keep on doing DH and have fun; life is all about that.
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 Its a sad day when someone "rats you out" is considered proof of doping. Let's hope you guys never get called for jury duty.
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 He's a motivated Donkey, all I got out of that video was Lance saying how great he is.
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flag dillon-kelly (Feb 17, 2011 at 7:33) (Below Threshold)
 ahh shut up
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 … a donkey will never win the Kentucky Derby … what a great line.

Another great line … Prosper within the confines of the system provided.

Lance never failed a test and he won; what else can you say!
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 I know a guy who was one a few Canadians chosen to run the New York marathon with the Livestrong group, he said they had a prep rally sort of thing and Lance just showed up said a few words and left...he didn't bother to take the time to meet and greet these people who raised money for his foundation for cancer research but he looks like the hero. I know money is money and anything for any cause is a great help but he is just the face on the Livestrong label
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 mtnbykr05, way to call him out on surviving cancer and make fun of the physical scars of what he went through. Classy.

I completely respect that people have differing opinions about lance. anyone that does something as great as he has will be under scrutiny. "Holy shit, this guy won 7 tours. He must be doping." Did any of you know he is the most drug-tested athlete in history? Have any of you met him? Do you have any tangible proof that he is the doping douchebag that you are claiming he is? If you're so convinced he has doped, great. Show me some evidence. seriously, I want to see it, I've been waiting for skeptics to show that evidence for years. Have you seen his VO2 max readings? He's the Michael Phelps of cycling, his body can just handle the demands of this sport. He's a biological anomaly. There are claims that his cancer treatments may have caused some changes to his internal systems and physique that allowed him to succeed, but who can really tell.

I cannot deny that he may have doped because his performances have left me scratching my head sometimes too. But someone very close to me has met him on several occasions as he is deeply involved in a particular company that Lance is also associated with, and he has had nothing but praise for Lance's personality. "Mellow, respectful, passionate" are 3 words I've heard him use to describe him. Lance's manager, however, is apparently not a very nice guy. Maybe he's the one giving you guys negative impressions in terms of what you hear in publicly reported news. All I'm trying to say is, stop citing ridiculous conspiracy blogs to come up with reasons to hate this guy. Accept that he has done a lot that he should be admired for, and if you can't do that, work on finding some reputable evidence regarding all of your doping accusations. There is an entire cycling community waiting to see what you can find.
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 Too bad he just retired...again. We'll see how long his "retirement" lasts this time.

I also wonder how long ago this video was made, because he mentions winning only 6 Tours when in fact he has won 7.
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 when the Schlecks are dead he'll crawl back.
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 No, he mentions 7, but when he talks about winning the 6th tour, it's because when he won his 6th he was the only person to ever have done so, then he went on to win one more.
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 How in the hell did a 3 minute Oakley advert make its way through my AdBlocker? I will have to add some more lists.
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"anyone who rides bikes for a living and they DON'T do drugs - there's something wrong with them!"

Anyone seen this dude ranting on the topic? Pretty funny...
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 according to this guy we are all on drugs because we ride a bike .but that is okay if youre a kid because kids are allowed to ride bikes and therefore do drugs ????????????????????
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 I want more of those Oakley Rebellion videos Big Grin they're awesome!
and lance is such an inspiration !
Maybe have one with Zink ? I mean that was just as impressive ! 4 ACL reconstructions and then that 360 off the oakley sender ??
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 started hurting my eyes after a while though!
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 If Oakley was really so innovative they would stop charging people $300+ for sunglasses during a depression...
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 yeah love the way he just told us they're only making tiiiny changes to the glasses now such as weight, i'll probably just buy last year's model!
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 Not everybody is suffering in the "depression". Sure, Oakley is evil for charging an arm and a leg for their product. By the same token, ALL DH frame manufacturers are evil as well. There's this depression on you see, you should see me your wares for cheap!
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 No everyone is not suffering ,that does not change the fact that they are making 5000% profit off of everyone.
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 that's what companies do - make money. Unless you're a non-profit, you are driven by the bottom line, which is money. Why should Oakley be punished because they are good at what they do?
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 Lance Armstrong made two suspicious payments to the top guys at UCI and that is unprecedented, no other active pro cyclist has ever "donated" money to the UCI. That reeks of corruption, bribery, and coverups. The UCI is totally crooked, look into the Kierin Olympic Cycling scandal. Anyway on Armstrong's kickback:
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 I love the fact everyone seems resigned to the fact that all riders on the tour dope. Thats a pretty f*cked up world right there where the majority are ok with the "elite" riders all being massive drug fiends. Personally one guys fitter than the next and maybe weighs a bit less or a bit more.... don't care, if you have to dope to win you're already a loser.
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 hes standing there with his shirt off. inside. wearing sunglasses. then they edit some documentary action in.... i fail to see the connection between lance being successful lance and the fucking sunglasses he is wearing... who gives a crap... their sunglasses. sorry oakley.. BOOO
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 $100,000 dollars gift to the UCI to keep them quiet, seems a bit strange for an innocent man? So does his deffence and respect of proven dopers such as Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich? If Lance was exposed as a doper it would destroy cycling and cost the UCI and races such as the tour Millions. In such a dope riddled sport it would be the final straw. People ask why Armstrong has not been exposed as a doper it is pretty obvious, MONEY!!! It is surely cyclings biggest cover up and will stay that way, he has alot of powerful people in his corner!
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 Alright Lance Armstrong fanboys... go google "lance armstrong abandoned his kids".

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 Every or nearly every guy in road cycling is doping.
And like mtnbykr05 said they are always ahead of the UCI.
So he is the best doper but if he is the best on a road bike will never be clear.
nice vid:
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 Maybe he is controversial person and we can discuss about him many hours but for me he prove that we can win the most important race in the life - race against cancer - and back to what we love to do - ride on bikeSmile
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 Maybe he is controversial person and we can discuss about him many hours but for me he prove that we can win the most important race in the life - race against cancer - and back to what we love to do - ride on bikeSmile
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 I actually laughed out loud at you guys who said cheating is fine just cause everyone else does it. Cheating is cheating. You're an asshole if you cheat and so are all the other cheaters.
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 I got my opinions about Lance from his book, It's Not About The Bike. Some parts inspired me, some seemed like total b.s. Still, for twenty five cents used, it was worth it.
  • 2 2
 Even if Lance doped, he's a great rider either way, and you can't take away all the money he's raised for cancer, that's worth more than any bike title, even seven tours, he's a great dude.
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 hey, LA rode mountain bikes too. he joined the leadville 100 a couple of times and he placed 2nd at one point.
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 Everybody on a bike at the tour de france is doping. And they are always a step ahead of the UCI.
Nice song about the doping theme.
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 No, the UCI is in bed with them, at least the big names. They don't want Lance, the Michael Jordan of cycling, to be discredited as a creep. Also they like cash money in the form of bribes.
  • 2 0
 There is a challenge before you. An obstacle. You have two choices: find the courage to beat it or to dope and win anyways.
  • 4 2
 I definitely respect that guy! fun to watch as well
  • 2 1
 "Pain, is about to see how strong you are, ...mentally"

This quote fits prefectly for a guy like him.
  • 3 1
 It's also fits perfectly in a commercial for boys who believe that there is nothing more to life than live the passion to be able to say such thing. Nothing of a dissing teenagers, that's normal, but it also works very well for adults like frustrated bosses who believe that some trouble going on in their businesses is caused by lack of knowledge shared by some consulting company i.e. Price Water House Coopers. These catch such words, put them on their desks, worship like words of God. I general fits perfectly for men who are big time male-alpha-wannabies.
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 its funny because lance doesnt even wear those jawbones any more
  • 2 0
 C'mon Lance, ride the RAAM!
  • 1 0
 He's actually a really good MTBer. He has a race out at his ranch every year and normally dominates the local pros. Just FYI
  • 2 0
 have you seen that youtube vid of him coming off the road during tour de france? it was awesome, he did well to stay on the bike!
  • 5 0
 You mean he is actually good at road races on dirt (XC) where it is all about VO2, heartrate and fitness. I would guess his bike handling, DH and FR skills are mediocre at best. Dirt roadies are still just roadies.
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 My money is always on the donkey. Maybe that's the problem.
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 Money can purchase a way to cheat every single time! I hope he goes to jail!
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 Great Video I am pretty sure Lance its VERY worry about The Pinkbike Haters !!!!!!!
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 Isn't he being currently investigated by them same people who brought down Barry Bonds?
  • 1 0
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 roadies on pinkbike? LULZ
  • 3 2
 Nice video, Great guy too.
  • 1 0
 what a great guy! A true hero Big Grin
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 you guys know he's a doper right?? lol
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 straussal...I was going to have posted the same thing, but I read your comment beforehand. I agree entirely. The man has done great things raising money for cancer research, sure, but that does nothing to sway my doubt. Seven Tour wins? I don't buy it. Granted, I have no evidence at all to suggest that Lance is a lying-cheating-doper; nevertheless, I am allowed to entertain doubt if I want. I can think of people who are more deserved of the term hero.
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 was it me or was that a intense sunglasses commercial...seriously now
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 I'm a motivated donkey Smile
  • 1 0
 That guy really loves himself eh!?
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 using steroids what a cheap way to win
  • 5 5
 absolute legend....go kick some more ass!
  • 3 2
 Subliminal Oakley ad.
  • 4 0
 Not subliminal at all!
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 Respect to him, but this doesn't make me want to buy oakleys
  • 1 0
 He's still a douche.
  • 1 0
  • 2 2
 great video Smile
  • 2 3
 This guy has balls!
  • 15 1
 no just one
  • 6 2
 Lance is a douchebag just like most elite pro road racers. You don't win seven tours against a field of raging drug users without doing it yourself. There may be no smoking gun but use your heads.
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 ok obvousley he did not win because of drugs he has been drugtested more times than.... even if he did dope it would just even the playing field.
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 Ok, "Lance-Armstrong", you ever consider with the amount of money in the sport of cycling, that those that are doping are always one step ahead of the testers? How do you know what to test for if it hasn't shown up yet?? I have no further respect for Lance except for what he as done for cancer patients. He doped, doesn't have the BALL to admit to it like everyone else has to, and he is a complete egotistical dick. He'll even admit that.
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 He hasn't done shit for cancer patients. Sure he may have visited a few and said 'Stay still and hold this oakley hat while I get my photo taken with you, it'll give me good publicity' but he doesn't do jack in reality.
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 yeah he also raised tons of money for cancer patients
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