Photo of the Month - September 2016

Sep 30, 2016 at 15:18
by Tyler Maine  
  Check out the top Photo of the Day images from the month of September 2016.

Huge suicide no hander above the road.
  1. Jaws with a huge suicide no hander over the road. Image by Sheiffa - 14308 views

Amir Kabbani is flying over a canola field close to Boppard Germany
  2. Amir Kabbani is flying over a canola field close to Boppard, Germany. Image by Christoph Laue - 7381 views

Ethan Nell
  3. Ethan Nell at Nine Knights. Image by Nine Knights - 6626 views

Exploring the Queendom with Lorraine Blancher
  4. Exploring the Queendom with Lorraine Blancher. Image by Robin Munshaw - 5934 views

Mayhem everytime we shoot with Bartek Wolinski
  5. Mayhem everytime we shoot with Bartek Wolinski. Image by CP Gang (Bartek Wolinski) - 5851 views

  Honourable Mentions include:

"Steve Storey on a Fall ride in Slovakia." Image by Justa Jeskova. This is our first runner up with 5821 views.

"Concrete wave with Corey Walsh." Image by Nick Tingren. This is our second runner up with 5766 views.

MENTIONS: @sheiffa / @szczeki / @Laue / @EthanNell / @nineknights / @lbbikes / @skizzer / @wolisphoto / @cpgang / @stevestorey / @Justa25 / @nickt


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 Should really change the way POM is judged, what is the logic in doing it by the photo with the most views? When that's mostly down to the time/day it's posted and if it's shared on FB and Instagram. For someone to 'fav' a photo shows they actually like it, not just looked at it, so surely the most liked photo should be the picture of the month?
Put it this way, the POM this time has 14,300 views but only 86 favs. Yet the photo in 5th has only 5,800 views but 201 favs. That's 8,500 more views, but 115 less favs.

Not to mention, the CP Gang shot is clearly the best haha
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 My girlfriend's phone makes clicking noises when she texts. That's not fair.
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 This also has a lot to do with timing on when the photo was posted, if an article was connected to the photo, and how far through the month did it become POD. I'm fairly certain that the photo most viewed was early on in the month, while Lorraine Blancher's photo was POD only a few days ago and the article was from last week. Surely not enough to time to rack up the 'points' to win, but in my opinion, is the most visually stunning and the one I'd most likely put on the wall in my living room.
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 I didn't even see a lot of the photos until now. Did they ever post them to be voted on, or do you have to just come cross them?
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 Yeah, VOM on the other hand really does matter on views. If people like it, they're watch it again ad again. I don't know about everyone else, but I hardly ever look at photos on Pinkbike (Unless its a local track to me or I know the rider/photographer personally). To see these photos it absolutely amazing! Kudos to all the photographers who made the cut and all those who got robbed.
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 Who cares? Pinkbike provides us with so many awesome things and I think checking out the amount of views or amount of favs is a legit way to choose the POMs. Better spend your time and energy in something else. Which makes me realize, why am I even wasting my time commenting this?

Anyways, the Pinkbike crew is being awesome as always, big props for that! Beer
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 Pinkbike should post all POD's with a poll to at the bottom to choose your favorite, and give it a few days then post the top 5. Seems simple enough
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 that seems like the fairest idea, as some people might not have seen a certain photo on a certain day, and this gives a chance for everyone to see all the photos next to each other and compare all aspects of them please do this pb
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 Damn those are all so cool...the last one just says lets fuckin party.
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 I know dude wish I was there
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 All great photos! #5 is my fav. Bartek has some skill capturing all three riders in focus, moving at pace like that (& at different depths). Respect.

Congrats to all entrants and well done. Keep them coming please! Big Grin
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 The fifth photo is probably the best
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 #3 gets my vote. The scenery is jaw dropping. The steep he's on is just the definition of rad. Followed by the fact that it looks like the rollout is across the actual trail into the abyss. That's one hell of a photo.
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 5 it is
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 nobody goes on pink bike now anyways! back in the day all the PODs used to get 30k+ views and a shit ton of comments! its a shame really :/
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 If not PB then where else?
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 @vinceain: thats the thing, i feel like all of the online mtb websites are loosing viewers! tried vitalmtb but thats pretty dead. i dunno, maybe they all do better on instagram and other social media outlets?
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 @robyhsb: It's nothing to do with Pinkbike figures for the site overall - they'll be going up every year. POD views have shrivelled so much because they are now shared with the PB Instagram account and also probably because of sites and apps like Instagram in general soaking up peoples appetite for amazing photos...
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 @natedh9: good to know, cheers Smile
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 The cp gang is how i would like me and my riding mates to look like when we're blatting down a hill....its not.Jaws is just awesome,i dont think id even be able to watch that in real life.
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 #1 is absolutely incredible, scenes like #3 is why I ride, and #5 just makes me grin and nod.
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 5 sick but 3 is something else
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 The CP Gang one is best!
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 Impressive #1.
Nice jump
Also called "so far, so good..."
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 #3 does it for me but all are great.
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 I was gonna say three but i think four just pips it.
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 #2 for me - "something different"
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 Piles of gold here.

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