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Video: Ratboy Rambles - On Red Bull Hardline 2024, Being A New Dad & Being Back on a DH Bike

May 29, 2024 at 3:46
by Burgtec Limited  

Burgtec's Disco Dave and Josh sit down for a natter about him having a baby, Red Bull Hardline, racing and more.

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 Awesome to see this guy thriving. Those DH seasons with Bryceland, Stevie, Gwin, Gee all in their prime and guys like Loic coming up were the best years of watching DH looking back at it. All with Warner on the mic.
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 Amen, the sport just felt so healthy in that era, it was confidently unhinged and I was well and fully addicted to DH in those years. Still love it, of course, but Warner brought it all together for me and I continue to pray for his eventual return.
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 That's the truth. Not sure I knew it at the time though.
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 @robito: have you never heard the phrase "the saddest part about the good times is that you only realize it after their gone"?
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 A guy who values friends, bikes and the planet. Class.
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 Yep. This is my dude
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 Is it just me or is RatDad easier to understand than RatBoy?
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 Haha maybe he’s gotten in the habit of enunciating a little for the sake of his kid’s speech development
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 I love how they put in subtitles for Dave but not Josh. I did hear Mint!
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 He'll be Peaking like a Chinese Duck
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 It’s dope to see him back involved in the cycling community heavy again…more coverage plz! Yeah those years of him, Fairclough, Chainsaw, Peaty, Gwin, & Warner on the mic…priceless!!! Definitely the best seasons ever!
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 Rat has the best style of riding the bike, it's a pleasure to watch his mountain biking videos !
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 50⚡️01 and ITHG should come together for an edit. Two MTB groups I really enjoy! Thanks all.
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 Need a MTB Ratboy vs BMX Ratboy showdown...
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 I'll be cheering at the TV come Hardline.
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 I love DadRat
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 I don't often listen to podcasts; but when I do, I prefer Ratboy.
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 Is his kid taking tokes off the vape thing??,,,Just kidding.
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 you mean a plastic clip and nothing at all to do with a 'vape'?

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