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burnskiez edspratt's article
Jul 15, 2020 at 15:36
Jul 15, 2020
Getting to Know: French Moto Champion Turned e-MTB Racer Levy Batista
@phops: Sorry I dont have the time to look up an article for you to not read. Too busy actually riding a bicycle or working in the fucking hospital. I've been on both side of the coin in both areas. Everyones new at first and makes mistakes, some people learn and get better. Not sure which you are but I've got a good guess. Regardless of that all, why the faaaakkkkk would any sane person give the newcomer the more sophisticated instrument? I mean would you give a baby legos? No, they start with building blocks. Start slow go go go, start fast just wont last. Sorry you've got nothing to lose in Texas, but some of us are lucky enough to have public lands worth protecting and that includes from morons riding mtbs as well as emtbs. Cut a switch back on anything I'm gonna yell at you. Gonna yell at the hiker too. Not that it'd ever be a possibility for you but imagine having 3k descents down a coastal mountain range, ending just miles from some of the most beautiful coastline on the West coast. Now imagine thats all within 1.5 hours of one of the largest cities in the world. I mean shoot its got a greater GDP than all of Texas, its a very large population center. Try to do the math on the trail impacts that occur from that population pressure. Like I said, its easy to say laisse faire when you have very little to lose. But try some more insults, that'll show everyone how awesome of a pinkbiker forumer that you are. I probably should just try to lose my job so I can have enough time to patrol every wee bike related topic and respond to as many posts as I can. That way people will know how awesome ebikes are and how I definitely don't have a chip on my shoulder at all or anything. On a positive note, I cant imagine all the time youve wasted posting and not playing emtb. Guess its like a public service, one more dolt, err volt off the trails.
burnskiez edspratt's article
Jul 13, 2020 at 16:33
Jul 13, 2020
Getting to Know: French Moto Champion Turned e-MTB Racer Levy Batista
Please do not slander boogie boards like that. Compared to ebikes, they represent the pinnacle of sport. I personally do not ride one, but only because I do not own one. I've seen incredible days that were a bit too heavy too body surf that would have been incredible fun on a proper body board. Body boarders pioneered many of the mega heavy spots around that globe that are now surfed with conventional boards. But they were first sent on body boards. I suppose its similar to how aid climbing opened up the big walls to being climbed with any artificial aid. And I suppose there must be some sort of similarity between e mtb and riding a bike, but I cant see it for the life of me. I cant see it adding anything to the sport.
burnskiez edspratt's article
Jul 13, 2020 at 16:23
Jul 13, 2020
Getting to Know: French Moto Champion Turned e-MTB Racer Levy Batista
@phops: The wee bike crowd needs to stop touting the "zero evidence......."bit, you sound like the orange clown passing wind about "no collusion, no collusion". I think any reasonable person would agree that new users cause increased problems on the trail. This is common in any workplace like a hospital with annual hiring of new grads. Errors definitly increase during the next 3 months, statistics do not lie. Ignorance does not fail to create problematic situations. ebikes increase trail use, and an overwhelming amount of those users are not only new to the sport but oftentimes complete newcomers to the outside in general, so there are going to be more problems on the trail, its inexorably linked. Its an education issue, something that is a lost cause with the general public. Ebike attracts more of the general public than a mountain bike because its more user friendly. Your opinion on whether or not you want more of the general public involved in your sport is your own to make. Personally I do not.
burnskiez Cannondale's article
Jul 3, 2020 at 13:55
Jul 3, 2020
Video: Backyard Sessions with Josh Bryceland & the Cannondale Waves Crew
YESSS!!! Last place I ever expected a greenough reference, good on ya! pb comments always delivering
burnskiez jamessmurthwaite's article
Mar 23, 2020 at 18:21
Mar 23, 2020
Updated: Canada & Australia Withdraw From 2020 Olympics
@justinhoelzl: Lol thanks for looking into my profile, since you're interested: I enjoy long walks on the beach, pissing off new yorkers and a good pinot. Your words: "This just screws the athletes if the event goes on, most likely will never get a shot at this again and somebody else made that decision for them." Seems to be complaining about life not being fair and debating the merit of Canadia's decision to pull the plug on their olympic participation this year, which was an important and symbolic gesture that should have come sooner and not just canada. Now gnoring the stupidity of a fairness argument, lets pretend to have a discussion (I know its painful, just relax and it'll be done sooner). In a pandemic situation that has escalated beyond all predictions (and all modern history short of the 1918 Spanish Influenza), are we really going to pretend that its tragic that athletes will miss out on this?? Are you kidding me, this is a life or death topic, the world is on pause right now, that sort of thing does not happen for anything short of world war. Like I said earlier if you didn't realize back in February that the olympics were not going to take place then you did not and likely still do not understand the situation. "Quick somebody get this guy a job up at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!! Kids got talent!" And yes we do have many problems in this state, no money for anything, too many people for everything. We'd love it if the rest of they country would stop coming here, please tell your friends we're all assholes, our schools suck, our riding is even worse. Surfing is a lie too, I mean it didn't even really become an olympic sport after all now did it, they lied. Finally I would like to congratulate you on your incredible effort of discerning that I am angry. As a healthcare provider watching this situation unfold I am beyond angry. You should be too. When something comes along that endangers the health and well being of your community and the actions of your countrys leaders and a surprisingly large percentage of citizens fall completely short of appropriate, anger should be the response. Similarly, but of magnitudes less importance, I am a rider and watching the way that e-mtbs are being used by individuals and ignored by land managers makes me very angry as it definitely poses an access risk. Still anrgy but not at you man, sorry text is a funny way to communicate and I didnt intend to piss you off with the first message, however this was fully intentional. But dont worry I won't say anything to hurt your feelings anymore
Feb 28, 2020 at 17:33
Feb 28, 2020
burnskiez edspratt's article
Dec 16, 2019 at 11:52
Dec 16, 2019
Video: Bernard Kerr Starts Practicing on a SX Track and Receives Coaching from Jeremy McGrath
@WAKIdesigns: Call ebikes whatever the f*** you want, no one really cares or wants to play that dumb little semantics game with you. Just stay off bicycle trails. You are 100% correct that you are entitled to have your slomoto or whatever you want to call it, no ones gonna stop you, we're all gonna laugh at you just like we do at how lame the emtb comps have turned out. Its great entertainment, keep up the good work your E-minence!!
burnskiez danielsapp's article
Nov 29, 2019 at 10:42
Nov 29, 2019
U.S. Forest Service Sued Over Decision to Allow eMTBs in Tahoe National Forest
@ranke: ooooohhhh please tell us more about how amazing of a rider you are........spray spray spray it from the hills brother!!! Saved us all the trouble of defining you as said kook. Let me guess theres a SUP in your garage as well, leaning against the tesla and 4 other dusty emtb ooooh I bet you've even ridden with a pro before and they said hi to you, you are so incredible man.......did I tell you how incredible you and all your incredible friends are?
burnskiez danielsapp's article
Nov 28, 2019 at 23:11
Nov 28, 2019
U.S. Forest Service Sued Over Decision to Allow eMTBs in Tahoe National Forest
Soft? emtb is the definition of it. Y'all should try a real sport like climbing or surfing. Nothing on two wheels is "hard", theres no history to it no ethics to it, its just fun and thats the beauty of it, but dont try to justify your support for the ebike "movement" with that argument, you're the softest of all, you cant even get your bike to the top of the hill without an assist. All trail users are great, theres just an appropriate environment for each and most e-mtb users do not understand this.
burnskiez danielsapp's article
Nov 27, 2019 at 14:47
Nov 27, 2019
U.S. Forest Service Sued Over Decision to Allow eMTBs in Tahoe National Forest
@WAKIdesigns: Go home, there is no discussion here for you. Ebikes have been accepted in Europe thats fine. Just like how you have no true wilderness, the mountains are littered with backcountry huts and via ferrata, but we chose differently here. Different ethics, thats why we passed the Wilderness Act. Its great though because if you want a true backcountry experience come to the west, if you want the hotel in the alps stay euro, everyone wins and we do not have to compromise our values, neither side does. Same with Ebikes, make your own trails, ride your own trails. Do not bring that shit here. This is frighteningly reminiscent of the trad vs sport climbing wars of the 80s/90s will we be chopping eachother's tires like they chopped bolts on routes back in the day? Anyone else notice the similarities?
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