California Enduro Series Announces 2019 Schedule

Nov 15, 2018 at 10:56
by Michele Charboneau / Cali Enduro  

PRESS RELEASE: California Enduro Series

¡Vamos a México todos!

¿Qué-WHAT???!! That’s right … the California Enduro Series is shaking things up and heading to Baja to kick off the 2019 season. Round 1 — the Ensenada Enduro — is part of the inaugural Ensenada Bike Fest, which takes place over Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27) at Horsepower Ranch in Ensenada, just 90 miles south of San Diego. Get those passports renewed and brush up on your Spanish because this is an event you don’t want to miss.

Ensenada Bike Fest’s Lou Mollineda says, “We’re stoked to be hosting the very first CES race outside of the US. Ensenada, Baja California is known as the ‘Cinderella of the Pacific’ … a magical place. Everyone knows Baja for its awesome fishing, Baja 1000, and friendly people … and very soon, the Ensenada Bike Fest!”

Also new this coming season is the Mt. Shasta Enduro, which is the third stop on the schedule, taking place July 13-14 at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park near Mount Shasta/McCloud. This event introduces riders to a fresh riding zone that many aren’t familiar with, despite its location on the south slope of Northern California’s iconic Mount Shasta.

Mt. Shasta Ski Park’s Taylor Russell says, “We’re excited to be joining CES for the upcoming 2019 race season. The Mt. Shasta Enduro course features 5,000' of descent on a variety of fast, technical and fun terrain right underneath the beautiful, majestic Mt. Shasta. Come challenge yourselves!"

As if that wasn’t all exhilarating enough, the popular Northstar Enduro returns for a sixth season — this time around being part of the Enduro World Series. This race takes place over the August 23-25 weekend, and is the EWS Challenger event for 2019. (Scroll down for important information re. Northstar registration.)

Three other popular venues also return to the line-up. Big mountain favorites China Peak Enduro (June 29-30) and Mammoth Mountain Enduro — formerly Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro — (TBD) will serve up the monster gnar as usual, while the singular Ashland Mountain Challenge will once again wrap things up in style on October 5.

CES Director Steve Gemelos says, “With two new venues and an EWS event at Northstar, the 2019 season is going to be huge! We’re thrilled to kick off the season by heading down to Baja for the Ensenada Bike Fest over Memorial Day weekend. That event is going to be off the hook. We’re also stoked to team up with the folks at Mt. Shasta Ski Park, introducing folks to a sick riding zone most have not heard about.”

Gemelos adds, “And of course, EWS … so awesome to bring the top international racers to California to race one of our favorite venues — Northstar. Returning to China Peak, Mammoth and Ashland rounds out an amazing enduro season ahead. We can’t wait to bring the CES race family together again and we welcome new riders of all racing levels.”

2019 series points will be based on the top five results of the six races. CES RiderID is required to register for these races. Northstar Enduro racers should note that EWS will be managing registration for that event; registration for EWS racer opens on December 11 and December 14 for CES/Challenger racers. Details to be published soon that will help riders prepare for EWS Northstar registration.

CES is made possible by the generous sponsorship of industry and community businesses. If you’d like to get involved and be part of CES’ exciting 2019 season and/or EWS Northstar, send an email to

CES 2019 Schedule

May 25-27 — Ensenada Enduro at Horsepower Ranch in Ensenada, Mexico
June 29-30 — China Peak Enduro at China Peak Ski Resort in Lakeshore, California
July 13-14 — Mt. Shasta Enduro at Mt. Shasta Ski Park in Mount Shasta/McCloud, California
August 23-25 — Northstar Enduro **EWS #7** at Northstar California Resort in Truckee, California
Race date TBD — Mammoth Mountain Enduro at Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, California
October 5 — Ashland Mountain Challenge in Ashland, Oregon

Learn more about California Enduro Series at Learn more about EWS at

Enduro Norte’s David “Chuvy” Franco on loose, steep La Sierrita, a pro/expert stage on the Ensenada Enduro course. Photo: Warren Bower.

Racers take on primitive, chunky terrain at high altitude at the China Peak Enduro in Lakeshore, about 65 miles east of Fresno in the southwestern Sierra. Photo: Kasey Carames.

The Mt. Shasta Enduro brings a fresh new zone to the California Enduro Series, offering a course loaded with trail features such as this wooden wall ride. Photo: Mt. Shasta Bike Park.

Amy Morrison charges Stage 3 (Gypsy) of last season’s Northstar Enduro, which was Round 2 of the EWS North American Continental Series. This year, the burly big mountain action at “Gnarstar” gets even more intense as the seventh stop on the Enduro World Series tour. Photo: Kasey Carames.

Mammoth Mountain, located in the heart of the majestic, wild, and awe-inspiring Eastern Sierra, is an ideal setting for the rough, rowdy and unpredictable sport of enduro. The date for the Mammoth Mountain Enduro (formerly Kamikaze Bike Games Enduro) has yet to be set; stay tuned for more information. Photo: Kasey Carames.

Foot out flat out with James Eves on the Ashland Mountain Challenge course. Ashland Mountain Adventures throws one heck of a season finale just over the California border in Oregon. Photo: Kasey Carames.

Racers and spectators alike keep track of stage standings at the CES Live! timing tent. Photo: Kasey Carames.

The action doesn't stop at the finish line at CES events. Riders enjoy hanging out and swapping race stories … and scoring some mighty fine goods at the series’ signature swag toss. Photo: Kasey Carames.

Getting rambunctious on the pro women podium at the 2018 China Peak Enduro. Photo: Kasey Carames.

We want YOU to come race the 2019 season with us! Stay in the loop by following CES on Facebook @californiaenduroseries and Instagram @ca_enduro. Photo: Kasey Carames.

Words by Michele Charboneau


  • + 6
 Hey that's my name in there : D

Anyone nervous about getting down to horsepower to race should Google maps the drive down. About $9 in tolls straight down the coast and the ranch feels like it's own self contained resort of you camp or stay there.

I'd consider the trail I took the picture of Chuvy on to be a proper Enduro trail. Ups and downs, rocks and dirt with chunky off camber. They've done a great job cutting these trails to be raceable I think.
  • + 9
 "You boys like Mexico?!!!"
  • + 0
  • + 0
 yeah sure
  • + 4
 I thought for sure Wildwood was on a rotation and we would be back racing that again this year. I'm bummed it's not happening, in the process, locals of Ft. Bragg I'm sure are relieved...
  • + 3
 That has been my favorite venue and I’ve been back to Mendo a few times cause their trails are so special. Amy the race organizer was pretty adamant after the 2nd time that it was over. Tough to get enough volunteers to commit, especially for how long both races were. I’ve chatted with her each time I’ve been up and keep trying to express how much all the racers appreciate her work. I’m hoping we eventually get to go back!
  • + 1
 @Toryt7: is there a local shop in Ft. Bragg where I can get trail beta (or perhaps speak to Amy the organizer herself)? Had to sell my starting spot at Wildwood & have been itching to get back up there.
  • + 2
 @Veloscente: use trailforks. everything is on there. It works without cell reception. Those trails rule so hard. Have fun!
  • + 4
 I kind of lost interest in the series last year with no new venues. So pumped to see new life into the series, great work guys!
  • + 2
 Thats why we go to the Whis bro!
  • + 1
 @code26: ????haha exactly what I did this year
  • + 3
 I assume registration will be different for Northstar now and follow the EWS guidelines? Will there be separate classes or EWS Elite/CES Pro will all be together with the 200+ racers like every EWS?
  • + 5
 *Details to be published soon that will help riders prepare for Northstar EWS registration
  • + 8
 The main goal of combining the two was to provide racers with the longest lines known to the mtb world at the top of each stage. Along with pink bike photographers being able to photograph the utter frustration in the pros faces after racing every fire road on the mountain.
  • + 5
 @tahoedude3: ohh man with that many people the normal hub high dust will be top tube high. Ill bring my canoe.
  • + 2
 Im guessing registration will go through the EWS meaning you enter in via lottery or qualification.
  • + 1
 @trailpeek: No lottoeriws for EWS starting 2019 - top racers by EWS points get on the reserve list and register 12/11 - the rest are called EWS100/EWS80 spots sold first come first served basis - no lottery option.

Read more here
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 Excited for baja! This will be the closest thing to a “local” ces race for us in San Deigo.
  • + 0
 I'm in!
  • + 3
 It’s a shame the Mamoth Bar Enduro was fumbled. There are a lot of awesome trails in that area that the organizers never recognized............
  • + 1 saw this don't know who's organizing it but looks similar to past races
  • + 6
 False. Organizers weren't granted permission to use said trails cuz state parks is a pile of bureaucratic excrement
  • + 3
 @ryanxj2: they trashed the trails for the past 2 yrs. A lot of trash and tape left up after the race. Wish they would do a trail day after the race to repair the trails post race
  • + 2
 Shasta sounds fun. Sad to see Toro gone. Was planning to get my kid to race Toro and bring the rest of the fam to play at the park... Frown
  • + 4
 Amy Morrison looks ripped.
  • + 2
 "Enduro Norte’s David “Chuvy” Franco on loose, steep La Sierrita, a pro/expert stage on the Ensenada Enduro course. Photo: Warren Bower."

That trail looks like a$$.
  • + 1
 Ya id eat it too
  • + 3
 Looks like they pronounced "Gnarstar" wrong, should be "Clapstar."
  • + 2
 Sick. I'll be at N*

Heckling and ogling and burping. Hopefully Adam Privateer will be there. Randy, too.
  • + 1
 Hopefully they will have all the border lanes back open by then so it wont take a day to get back in the US. Looks like a fun addition for the series.
  • + 2
  • + 2
 @westeast: Scary time driving that border road towards San Luis Rio Colorado. Heavy, heavy Federale presence.
  • + 3
 No Mad River Enduro? Maybe too soon. 2020?
  • + 3
 In my opinion, its better as a grassroots event. CES would screw that race up
  • + 0
 Keep Mad River underground! It’s doing just fine. The Logger Bar is rowdy enough without hundreds of raging dentists
  • + 1
 @endlessblockades: The whole point of building there is to get Humboldt mountain biking above ground, so Bring on the raging dentistry. Seeing that many people riding in blue lake was such an awesome sight to see.

More trails will be available next year, maybe a 2 day event?
  • + 1
 @Jimmy0: OK you're right - it wouldn't be fair to hoard the stash. The place and people are great and those shuttle rides on practice day were super cool. Camping in a field near a brewery is always good too! You could throw a DH race on that steep-ass ridge, too. Maybe a week-long fest one day?
  • + 1
 @endlessblockades: sky's the limit. I'd like to see a local dh series.
  • + 2
 Mt Shasta is close to home, I may have to try this one out.
  • - 2
 It'd be nice if the CES focused more on running efficient and affordable races and less on media stunts like pushing a race to Mexico. Sounds cool and all but who can really afford the time and money to go race in Mexico? I bet the turn out from Norcal racers is LOW. This year if I really get the urge to wait in line I'll go to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon.
  • + 0
 I miss the Toro course. It was a great venue because the segments were so short that the winning time was like 2:42 and the last place was 2:51.
  • + 1
 The two races that I could make it to were dropped thats nice
  • + 1
 Baja is going to be so rad!!! Looking forward to it!
  • + 0
 very good im there
  • - 3
 California Encroached Series? Looking forward to the new venue in Nevada the following season!
  • + 2
 They already did it, you missed the boat dude. CES has been dabbling outside of California for years.
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