Trailforks 2023 Development Updates

Dec 7, 2023 at 14:59
by Trevor May  

Words: Trailforks Trevor
Disclosure: Trailforks is Pinkbike's sister company and also owned by Outside Inc.

We've been hard at work in 2023 improving Trailforks with new features and refinements along with bug fixes. While we spend a lot of development time maintaining the platform, tweaking backend systems to be more efficient, optimizing database and other boring stuff, we have also continued to add a lot of new features. Many of these features are for everyday users, while others are built specifically for trail associations.

Here is a list of some of the changes we've made in 2023. But first, three big milestones Trailforks recently hit.

650,000 trails mapped
3,000,000 trail reports added
60,000,000 Ridelogs recorded

We have expanded our internal curation team which added 40,000 new trails. Contributing to the 102,000 total new trails added in 2023.

Website Updates

3D Maps on the website and app. View the trails, routes and all map layers in 3D.


New website search - Better & faster search, with our unique search UI, provides a great overview of results with filtering options. Search is geo-location aware, showing you nearby results or results in the context of the current map. The result: more relevant content in the search results.


Summit Tracker - Whether you’re on a mission to tag all 58 of Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks, ski all the summits in your state, or tally how many times you ride your local hill, you can now keep count with the Trailforks summit Tracker.

To track summits, simply record your ride, backcountry ski tour, or adventure of choice in the Trailforks app (or on linked Garmin device). We’ll document all your summits, show how you stack up against others, and unearth new places to explore.


Major Activity Feed improvements - A new personalized "following" feed. Follow friends, regions & trails. Many new feed items added along with new features like "high five" and share to followers. Also a new notification system to keep track of updates.

The new notifications system is much better than the old dashboard, has many more types of notifications and has a drop-down pane when clicked.

Of note, there are now new notifications for most all content related actions: issue status changes, issues assigned, content approval, content rejected, content rejected notes.

The Activity Feeds are also now viewable in the Android app for the first time. This is brand new and still under development.


Trail Reports Map feature to visually pan around the map and view recent trail reports & conditions within the map view.


Fullscreen Map improvements - When any map is made fullscreen, the search button will always be available and all searching will provide search results based upon the current viewable map. Clicking search results will automatically pan the map to the location, allowing the user to select the trail detail page if desired, and not automatically navigating to the trail detail page. A new quick menu has also been provided in the top left, for quick navigation to some of the more common map pages.


Sign In With Google on Website & App - Faster & easier login


Highlight Top Trails - Trailforks will periodically calculate the top 3 trails for each trail system, and highlight them automatically on the map.


Regions friends visited count - Periodically we analyze which regions your friends have rode. This then powers a new map layer showing these friend counts with the region markers on the map. So when you're going on a roadtrip and wondering which riding areas or towns to stop at, let your friends past activity help you decide!


Trail Connection Route Discovery - Have you ever wanted to find a route that includes 2 or more specific trails? This is now possible with the new "Routes by Trail Finder" in the "Routes" menu. Select as many trails as you want on the map, and search for all routes that include all the selected trails.


Follow system improvements - The activity feed now has a card that appears with follow suggestions. And you can now also follow Youtube Channels.

We also added the ability to connect your Google Contacts to help find your friends on Trailforks to follow.


Garmin Connect integration - With the click of a button sync a route or trail you find on Trailforks to your Garmin Connect account.


Youtube Shorts - Shorts are detected and separated to new dedicated pages. Also a Shorts Player to view MTB shorts in a stream.


Feature tour tooltips - 6 pages now have a feature tours to help educate about the robust Trailforks features.


Signup & login security - Much work was done improving the security checks to stop spammers and scammers along with improved moderation tools.

Wahoo integration - Allow users to sync routes from their Trailforks account directly to the Wahoo ELEMNT Bike Computers and ELEMNT Companion App.

More Trail Association Focused Features

Track individual workers in reports - New work tracking feature, allows trail associations to keep track of volunteer work hours, create full volunteer work reports, and export the data.


Issue Tracking for Trail Reports - Create and assign users to a trail report. Assigned users can then provide status updates on trail issues. Administrators can manage and track issue progress via our new issue management pages.


Trail sign contest - System to submit and vote on photos for a contest. We will use this again!


New region stats for admins - Pageview statistics for a region and the combined totals of all the content in that region. Only admins can view from a regions admin page.


More Web

• Show Bikereg events on Trailforks events section and featured events on the map.
• Add new 'missing trails' layer to map for contributors
• Unverified trail filter
• Region trail reports, reports can be attached to a region rather than a trail
• @mention users in trail report description and comments. user receives a new notification
• Route plan widget
• POI winter/season option
• Replace many old Google maps with Mapbox
• Show Route Turn-by-turn directions on route detail page
• Set trail status to open when "planned" flag removed
• Add Gravel, Fatbike & road to Route Finder activities
• Routes layer on map hover highlight. Only show the highlighted route
• Log meters worked on in trail work report
• Save current map state when adding another trail
Discover Map now shows videos and Outside articles
• Updated Activity Recordings layer with better data and more coverage
• Improve region markers on dense areas of the map to not clutter
• New help knowledgebase

Mobile App Updates

Rebuilt GPS Ride Recording - Ride recording has been completely redesigned to our own in-house native code. We used to rely on a 3rd party geolocation plugin. The save Ridelog form is also rebuilt along with the upload of your ride to a background task for more reliable & faster activity saving.


Mapbox 10 Upgrade & 3D maps - This was a major code change to migrate to this new version of our mapping framework. It did bring some cool new features like 3D maps to the app.


Rebuilt Navigation UI for Android - The entire navigation UI including header, tabs, menu, map sheets and bars is new on Android. These new developments provide a smoother user experience and sets up a better foundation to build new app features going into the future.


Optimized background data syncing - Downloading of regions is much faster & reliable now and happens in the background, even if the app is not active. Same goes for syncing of all other data, moved to background tasks. The settings and sync screens have also been rebuilt. This might not sound like a fancy new feature, but its major re-architecture work that improves the basic functions of the app. Maintaining our commitment to have as much of the app work offline as possible.


App tooltips - We built a framework to start adding tooltips to educate users on features of the app. We've added a couple tooltips to start with more coming in the future.


Waypoints - Last year we added personal Waypoints to the website. Now these customizable waypoints are synced to both the Android and iOS apps. You can also add and edit waypoints in the app.


More App

• Trails with a "Closed" trail status show as faint on the map
• Do not show trail name label layer on areas which have not been downloaded yet. To reduce some user confusion with trails not on the map.
• Improve the cold boot speed of the app on Android.
• Option in settings to manually toggle dark mode separate from OS default. More screens in the app are getting dark mode support over time.
• Fixes to the Discover screen
• More checks and warnings if a user try's to record their ride with battery saving modes enabled
• Private toggle on trail reports
• Native photo view with zoom
• Fix deeplinks
• Flaky & inconsistent location compass mode fixed
• Refactored login & signup screen with Google & Apple login
• Show photos on POI detail page
• Rebuilt settings screens
• View your notifications and message inbox in the app
• Gaia Topo Basemap

Coming Soon to The App

Traildar - Proximity alerts on the map. Place a Traildar point on the map at an intersection or point of interest. Then as you ride get audio and haptic feedback when you near that point.


Basic Location Sharing - This has been a long time coming and is just the first step. Share your location with a friend via a link. Open the link in the app to view the location or on the website and watch it auto-update. The early version of this is already rolling out in Beta on Android.


Trailforks Platform

Health of the platform is strong as Trailforks website & app usage continue to grow. Contributions by our amazing community of local admins, ambassadors and power users remained strong in 2023. We also added over 40k trails from staff this year.

We recently have on-boarded more dedicated customer support and have hired another community & social manager. We are growing the development team as well.

We also soft launched an affiliate program for trail associations.

We have a lot of exciting things coming in 2024. As we've been laying the foundations through app-refactoring, we are now able to focus more on adding new features.

If you are with a trail association and want to learn more about the benefits of Trailforks, click here.


Thank you to our users for their continued support whether it's being a Trailforks Pro subscriber, a contributor of content to the map, or just a regular user contributing ridelogs and trail reports.

Happy Trails

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 I'll throw out there that it is very rare where an app has this much utility, to so many people, and doesn't exploit the hell out of them as a price tag. TF has grown to become invaluable to trail management, and to wayfinding in new zones.

I don't like admitting that to tech companies normally, because it generally leads to extortion, but I trust @canadaka and crew as they have been very fair and very generous over the many years.

I use TF as a software design example to clients. It ain't perfect, but it is built with the user in mind, and gets better all the time. All you can ask for.

Keep up the great work gang. And please don't let the capitalists make you extort us Wink
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flag FuzzyL FL (Dec 7, 2023 at 22:14) (Below Threshold)
 Is anybody still using this? I threw it off my phone as soon as it cost money, which was a shame at the time, as I had tracked some trails there that I never found again, but if you have to pay for it, at least here in Europe, the likes of Strava and Komoot seem to have ten times the number of trails.

(Which might become irrelevant in Germany anyway, as the use of all these apps might become illegal for mountainbiking.)
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 @FuzzyL: Your closing remark demands explanation
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 Curious how many Strava subscribers have a "problem" with TF's very reasonable, IMO, subscription price.
Maybe some people never, ever, ride anything but their home trails?
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 @FuzzyL: tried strava and komoot and was disappointed both times.
strava: UX is total shite IHO. I still have strava but i guess it's because of "historical reasons" because strava used to be a great solutions but trailforks definately overtook
komoot: lack of trails and contributions from users. more targeted for touring than for biking

with this newest update TF sets itself even more in front than ever. i even think it's time to get rid off strava completely because lack of USP.

all in all: WOW @canadaka those updates really are top! Happy you guys exist and happy to pay for your service!
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 @boozed: A draft for a new unified german forestry law was recently leaked. It includes arbitrary limitations on our institutionally granted right of way and bans you from sharing images or location data of unsanctioned paths.
By law, recreation is currently a core function of our forests. The draft wants to change recreation into an optional function.
The reasons for these changes boil down to financial incentives for the landowner, environmental protection and the age old debate of landowners vs. right of way.
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 *constitutionally granted
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flag rzicc (Dec 8, 2023 at 0:47) (Below Threshold)
 @AlarmEEK: stupid comment. If "strava subscribers" just rode home trails, why would you need to pay for TF... Also, maybe your opinion sucks. I agree, its a fair price, what what does Strava have to do with it??
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 @endoplasmicreticulum: Interesting, cheers
  • 8 3
 @boozed: You only really get official sanctioned trails in the UK on trail forks. Strava has everything including the heat map so it’s impossible to hide trails because even if there not listed you can still see them on the heat map. I only really use Strava for finding trails there’s nothing on trail forks to find.
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Not to get too political here but exactly why we should all be concerned about things that limit our freedoms. There's always a reason/excuse that ends up restricting some people at the request of others. You can just rewind two years and see how quickly access was cut off to public places in the name of "health." As a rider, I hope the future isn't more narrow minded and bureaucratic trail "management."
  • 6 2
 @foggnm: I agree with you partially... until the COVID reference part. I am not sure if people who panic-purchased toilet paper should be allowed to freely go anywhere during a pandemic. So that part of the restrictions I agreed with ahahaha
  • 2 0
 @thenotoriousmic: that's interesting info to know, I'm just getting back into riding and trying to find things outside of centres, you reckon Strava is the app to use for uk ?
  • 2 0
 @boozed: You’re Right, I probably should have explained that right away, however, @endoplasmicreticulum did it really well.
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 @TheHartsHorn: yep just go on segment explorer in the Strava app set it to bike and you can see where everyone is riding through the heat map and that’s if someone hasn’t already uploaded that trail and someone usually does against the builders wishes. Likewise if you’re trying to keep a trail hidden don’t use Strava even if you don’t post the ride you’ll still contribute to the heat map.
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 I’m not sure if it’s just my area but I have found the quality of timely information in Trailforks to go way downhill as soon as the mobile version was placed behind a paywall. Pre paywall you could usually count on regular trail updates on conditions, closed trails, etc. Post change this feature is almost useless given how infrequently it gets updated by other users. I do pay for Trailforks though I find it harder and harder to justify as it’s the trail conditions I found the most value in based on large community usage.
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 While it will vary region to region, you can see from the yellow chart at the end of the article that trail report submissions has continued to rise every year, even after the introduction of Trailforks Pro. I often look at "last ridden" trail map style or at recent ridelogs on a trail or region to also gauge conditions.
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 I used to log trail updates regularly before the paywall. Not worth the effort now. I imagine other people feel the same.
  • 16 7
 @jessemeyers: Very possible, that's fair. But more new people have started contributing than people that stopped.
  • 20 2
 @canadaka: thanks for responding. Not restricting the map to a home area would go a long way. Keep the premium features behind a paywall like Strava does but the basic map, ride log, and trail reports should be free for all since the content users generate adds value.

Also, and this isn’t Trailforks issue but most of trails in my home area aren’t on Trailforks so it’s most beneficial traveling outside of that small rectangle to areas that have legal trails. I’m def not going to contribute reports to trails I can’t even see in the app.
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 @canadaka: Show the trail reports per trail graph. This one is useless since you added more trails there will be more reports.
  • 7 2
 @lkubica: That would take some work to create that data. But here is a chart quickly showing the amount of unique users adding trail reports. has remained strong. Like so many things in the bike world, there was a COVID bump that receded a bit.
  • 3 4
 @canadaka: Hmm, from the graph above, very roughly estimate. The first graph depicts growth of the number of trails, so very roughly ~8k new trails per month? from 2021 onwards this gives us 3*12*8k ~= 300k new trails, whereas reports per day is rising very slightly, on this scale is very hard to tell, but we can assume that 1500/day in 2021 and 2000/day in 2023. Which gives us 500/day more over 3 years. So let's assume those trails and reports where added at once, so we have 300k trails and 500/day per 3 years which gives us ~550k reports total, this gives us ~ 2 reports per trail per 3 years, which is less than 1 report per trail per year ...
  • 6 1
 @lkubica: The 2 charts are quite different, one is daily reports, the other was monthly unique users to contribute reports.

A lot of the trails making up that 300k are access roads, connectors & such. It will vary region to region, some will be very active, some almost nothing. But Trailforks platform has more trail report volume than competitors and other features to assist in figuring our trail conditions. No app is going to have consistent high volume globally.

There is a lot of features related to trail reporting:

All I can say is that in 2023 the most trail reports have been added at over 610,000 in one year.
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 @canadaka: It would be very cool for TF to somehow partner with 'Regions' so if a user becomes of a supporter of that region, they would gain access to the region on TF mobile app. This benefit could be twofold: 1.) help raise money for regional organizations from the non regular users, and 2.) promote data creation of those regions for TF. I could see it being particularly beneficial for someone traveling out of state to a new area to ride and not having TF for that state. While they may not need access for the entire state, they could get access to the region when they are visiting by making a contribution through TF or becoming a 'supporter' of the region. It would be kind of like traveling somewhere new and buying a guidebook from the LBS when you visit.
  • 2 1
 @TerrapinBen: Unfortunately this sort of integration is just not feasible or scalable. Every trail org has different membership and payment systems, high turnover with board members. And much more complexity.

We did however start to launch an affiliate program for trail associations. Where they recurring cut of the subscription and the user gets bit of a discount as well. We launched it too late this year to hit membership drives. So it should see more usage this next season.
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 Really? Deleting commenting saying that you aren’t stoked on trail forks heat maps showing off rogue trails and that there have been efforts from cycling clubs to have them hidden (as you say you will do) but nothing was done. Lame.
  • 13 1
 Same for me too. Ghosted trying to get sensitive trails off the heat map
  • 9 4
 @BrianColes @skimtb1: We have tools and processes in place to manage this. For one, mapping and then hiding rouge trails is how we deal with this. Once a trail is mapped and hidden then the system knows this trail should not be public and the process starts to remove this track for activity layers and heatmaps. This does not happen overnight, but it will happen. Can't say there is any other app that does this, Strava for one does not have a process for removing rouge trails from its heatmap, OSM.... well it is the wild west of mapping.
  • 9 1
 @markholloway: I know. I’ve gone through the entire process. Traded emails. Heard excuses. TF did nothing to hide the rogue heat lines.

The moment you guys hide one rogue heat map in our town, then I’ll believe you. Two years later and I’m still calling BS.
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 @skimtb1: maybe if they're so sensitive you shouldn't be using trailforks for them yet... just an idea
  • 20 3
 do not touch the heatmaps... how else I am going to find these trails?
  • 7 0
 @BrianColes: there's a trail network in my town that gets tons of traffic but the trails aren't technically sanctioned. There's nothing there in the TF heat map, meanwhile it's glowing hot on Strava. They're not lying, they do hide unsanctioned trails. I'm just guessing there's an automated process that takes time or crowd sourced info to make that happen. I can't imagine an easy way to do this automatically across the entire goddamn continent.
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 @Gristle: if you want a trail hidden on heatmap, TF requests a gps of that trail. They then make a geo reference so anything that pops up along that line doesn’t go to heat map. They can also do this to large areas and not specific lines.

Infortunately, when you jump through all their hoops, they don’t do anything and the trails remain on heatmap.
  • 1 1
 @BrianColes: but I just told you my local unsanctioned trails do not remain on the heat map so your last statement doesn't hold up to my case. I believe you that it didn't work out where you're at but to say it doesn't work across the board is wrong, which is why I gave my example.
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 @Gristle: I didn’t say it didn’t work for you.
  • 46 25
  • 17 11
 Yes users should have the personal discretion if they ride rogue trails. But Trailforks try's to keep as much of it off the heatmaps and other data as we can, knowing that not all users have discretion, or simply forget.
  • 15 4

Except you ghost people who reach out get help trying to get sensitive trails off the heat map...
  • 10 2
 @canadaka: I’ve never received a single reply when asking you guys to remove a rogue admin that wasn’t even from our official trail building organization who was adding all kinds of discrete trails. No support ticket no auto reply just a black hole.
  • 35 6
 @skimtb1: ... I did respond to a bunch of your messages (7) and told you who to reach out to for further help. I am sorry, I'm only 1 person and this is a global platform with millions of users. I cannot spend all my time on each customer service message.

We try our best to create automated systems for flagging and removing sensitive trails from the heatmap. And create lots of self serve methods for admins to help. But it's always an imperfect system, matching GPS is never perfect. updating world wide heatmaps in a timely manor is hard. But we still try, this is something that our competitors do not do. We don't have to do any of this, we could just use OSM data and be done with it, everything shown, like all other apps.

"secret" trails in the middle of a popular trail network are never going to stay offline, those days are long gone. The trails in question are lit up on Strava.
  • 16 3
 @cogsci: Sorry if you had no reply, I don't know your case personally and is not really my job to handle support tickets.

But I will say that at the end of the summer we onboarded 2 new support people for Trailforks and just hired a new Community & Social manager. So now our responsiveness to support inquiries will be much better than it has been.
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 @canadaka: I wrote in requesting the heat traces to be removed from 3 rogue trails I built. Instead you guys made them hidden trails available to those with regional admin access, and left the heat traces! So now my trails show up to a whack of people that have access and everyone else who hunts down heat traces!
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 @jakemcab: you can do exactly the same on several other platforms, have you asked them to remove the trails from their heat maps too?
  • 4 2
 @jakemcab: Mapping and hiding the trail is how we can remove the heat for these trails. If we don't map and hide the trails the heat is visible to 1000's, or we map the trails and hide them, and the few admins that can see hidden content can see them.
  • 4 2
 @markholloway: heard - but who vets the 'admins'
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 @ShreddieMercury: And who vets who vets the admins? and who vets who vets who vets the admins? The neverending story. Admins are usually long term platform users with a proven record of their volunteer contribution and commitment to have the best content available possible for everyone. As with any other situation in life, there could be some "black sheeps", if that's the case, you can report that admin to the TF superadmins through the support email and explain the situation.
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 @markholloway: but the heat still shows.
  • 4 0
 @elyari: no because it's my trails I'm concerned about and there isn't a heat trace on Strava - the only other platform people use around here.
  • 9 8
 @jakemcab: Let me get it straight.... you build a trail and do not want people to ride it? Is it on your private property? I am not trail builder but WTF?
  • 13 0
 Are you saying we can turn off our phones or gps while riding a rogue trail? That seems way too easy , I'd rather bitch to the trailfork administrator
  • 12 0
 @valrock: I'm not jake but here's a perspective.

If it's on TF a trail is more likely to be ridden by more people. Sometimes when a trail is built its nice to have it found simply by people looking, or by word of mouth or (my fav) being shown by the builder.

Having said that, In this day and age, a trail will inevitably get added on to OSM or some heat map etc. What a builder might try to do is buy the trail a year or two of quiet time by keeping the numbers low for that time period. It doesn't mean others are forbidden from riding it. It may simply just mean that people discovering the trail get the joy and wonder of finding it the "old-fashioned" way of human discovery.

Hope this makes sense
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flag valrock (Dec 8, 2023 at 8:51) (Below Threshold)
 @leelau: ok grandpa, now let's get you your pills. I was hopping I am not getting it right, but your respond confirms it is even stupidier than I though Big Grin
  • 10 0
 @valrock: what can I say? I tried to give you a respectful answer from a trailbuilders perspective.

I always try to keep the view that one should keep expectations low so as to not be disappointed. Thank you for being a good example of why that's a good view to take
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 @canadaka: does that mean my requests for the other year are getting looked at? It’s really disappointing that there is no follow through.
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 @valrock: I don't care if people ride it, on bicycles. The problem is there are a lot of motos around and I'd really rather them not be ripping up a downhill trail and making a mess of it - as they have with countless other trails around. The entrances and exits are not marked or easy to spot, unless you have a GPS devise that shows where you are, and where a trail is. If the heat trace doesn't show, they have no reason to go hunting for a trail.
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 $30 a year for premium membership that offers a lot, is not a lot of money. People want free stuff but if you asked the same person to work for free they’d think you were crazy. Same people complaining are wasting that same $30 elsewhere without issue.
  • 8 2
 I just placed an order for 400 bucks bibs, 200 bucks pedals and prob gonna get 400 bucks kashima dropper, but yeah, app I use EVERYTIME I am out of town where I live is a rip off for 30 bucks a year Big Grin
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 Apple Watch Ultra app please!!
  • 21 1
 We are finally seriously thinking about it.
  • 4 0
 @canadaka: would be incredible to have route directions! Currently making it work with the WorkOutDoors app, but using trailforks directly would be so cool
  • 2 0
 I want this so bad.
  • 1 0
  • 3 5
 Will pay $100 for this.
  • 6 0
 @sb666: damn, you people are lazy... what happen to good ol times when you need to stop every 100m and whip your phone out to check if it is left or right? Big Grin
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 @canadaka: Presumably it would be the same app for all WatchOS devices? Peasant here with a Watch SE, but if you had an app that also has HR recording, I'd drop Strava entirely.
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 I'm glad you're doing more for mobile than before but let's be honest, it's still lacking compared to your desktop product. Trailforks should be heavily focused on mobile apps over the desktop site, it's a freaking mobile thing that we do. I appreciate your work to improve, but the resources are being applied invertly to where they're needed.
  • 13 0
 There are more app developers than web. Its just much slower working on apps. And a lot of our time on the app has been re-factoring an architecture created in 2014-2015. We are in a much better spot now to move faster with app development in 2024 now.
  • 9 2
 I use desktop version more than app. Way more. So I don't agree with you.
  • 2 2
 @DizzyNinja Don't know if you know it, but those tiny things you have in your hand have several times smaller screens than a laptop or a home PC, also have lot less powerfull hardware and the software you can run in there is slighltly limited and/or differente from what you can run on a computer. That said, you will always have less functionalities on a phone app when compared to what you can get on the full platform on a PC. You could always open a browser on your phone and use the desktop version in there, but ofc it would be really painful to use. That said, I also use vast majority of time TF on a PC and use the phone only when on the trail to check where I'm and see which trail I can ride next. Everything else is done on the PC.
  • 2 1
 Agreed. This should be a mobile app first, web app second. I'm not normally at a desktop computer when I'm planning my rides and when I'm out on my ride and modifying my route, I'm definitely not on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • 9 1
 I can vouch for how well the app is working now - my wife downloaded it last night and went for a solo ride this morning.

She’s still not back and I’m having too good a time to report her missing.

Thanks Dev Team!
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 built by riders and taken away behind paywall... i think we all love a great local trail map,,, which are now extinct !
  • 5 2
  • 15 6
 Want me to email you a pile of GPX files and then you can make a globally-available mobile app concurrently used by 1000s of people daily for free, in your spare time?
  • 11 2
 @pmhobson: The difference is that if contributors were informed about the plan to hide everything behind a paywall in advance, there would be no contributors. So they kept silent about it, and did a rugpull when they've decided they have enough data and traction.

They call this "capitalism" now, I call this bait and switch, and apologizing this kind of behaviour is immoral at best and I hope one day even illegal.
  • 14 2
 @Archimonde: Your assertion there would be no contribution is just flat wrong. The HIGH majority of users who have added most of the map content are still active on the platform. And contribution actually increased after the paywall.

There was no plan from the beginning. Circumstances, intentions and business needs change.

Trailforks has always offered free ways to still access any data contributed.
  • 2 3
 @Archimonde: Search a bit about OpenSource and how lots of projects have been around for +30 years with thousands of contributors that don't get any economic retribution but there are companies earning millions because of many of those contributions. And they still contribute to those projects. Why? Well, to make it better for everyone, so that everyone can use it and improving our day to day lifes some way or another. Same happened with TF, after it was made a paid app I've not seen a drop in contributions but the opposite, lot more people contributing to it and old time contributors spending part of their volunteer time to help the newcomers. Even adding your ridelogs and reports after your ride will help others.
  • 6 4
 @likeittacky both you and @nosewheelly typical users complaining about paywall, contributions ,etc, but checking your profiles you both have zero and 4 points on TF. So all you do is take advantage from others contributions but don't volunteer yourself a single second, which is even worst. Stop whining and complaining and start collaborating so everyone can grow the platform together and make it even more useful for everyone.
  • 3 0
 @canadaka: That doesn't answer my question. I seriously doubt that the trail database would be as large as it is if this project was subscription based since the beginning. You can say that subscription was unplanned, and we only have your word on that.

With the rate of growth that you had, I'm sure you knew many months in advance when you were going to start charging for it, and you could have been transparent about it and just said it that many months in advance. I genuinely doubt that you went into a serious project like this without any consideration about current and future costs and no plans how to solve those. You could have been at least sincere and said: "hey guys we might put this behind paywall, or accept donations in the future, but you're welcome to add your contributions" and nobody could take offense on that. The uptake might have been slower, but at least people would know what to expect. But pretending to be a underdog, while vacuuming trails from user's strava accounts, and worst of all; having people spend many hours drawing trails, and then later locking those in a vault seems disreputable.

In the end your intentions might have been pure, but this is still a classic bait and switch, and really left a sour taste for any further contribution in any kind of grass roots software. Tempi passati as Italians would say.
  • 3 1
 @elyari: This has nothing to do with OSS so comparisons are stretched at best. Also it would be great if you would not use ad hominem arguments against other users. Thanks!
  • 6 0
 @elyari: hey I contribute to open source code bases almost weekly. So of those contributions are to libraries that were used to generate content on this very website.

I also use those same open source libraries to make money with code and data that I don’t share with the world. And a lot of that data I compiled from free sources. But that doesn’t mean that my time with clients is free.

But the open source mode doesn’t apply here. Paying good software developers to develop good software doesn’t run on hopes and dreams and wishes. It costs money. I don’t care how big your pile of data is. It’s worthless without a good and reliably available interface.

All of the freely-shared data is still freely available on the website. Only access via the mobile app costs money.

I paid for the app, because I *really* want Trailforks to continue.

But I rarely use the app. I’d guess 90% of my usage is browsing on the web, planning a route, and then sending that to my GPS head unit. That’s free for everyone.

But if you can make a mobile app for free, tell me where to email my data and I’ll send it to you.
  • 1 0
 @Archimonde: what better way to divert attention though? :/
  • 1 0
 @elyari: hey that last response wasn’t directed at you. Sorry.
  • 5 0
 Appreciate the updates! I mostly ride local stuff that I'm familiar with, so when I use the app, my main uses:

1) Pre-ride planning - Need to know trail conditions. I would like to encourage more users to report trail conditions. Maybe a quick, post-ride "How were trail conditions?" survey to get more accurate data? Something as simple as 1-5 scale where 1 should be avoided at all costs and 5 being perfect. It seems like the best way to get updates is on Facebook groups, but that's another good bit of navigating and searching for specifics....
2) Leading a pack and need to quickly verify location/path. Having Traildar is genius!
3) Checking how much more distance/elevation from existing location to end of climb/descent. A calculated amount based on trail location would be sweet!
  • 3 0
 We do send users an email asking for trail reports if a certain percentage of the trails they rode don't have a recent report. So we aren't spamming users after every ride.

You can determine likely conditions a lot of other ways than reports on Trailforks as well. This blog posts explains a bit more
  • 5 0
 I'm pretty much building Traildar for myself Razz As I often lead rides, but without a set route. but maybe have some specific trailhead I'm trying not to miss.

For #3, this is not something Trailforks currently does, it would involve following a planned route. However through our partnership with Garmin you can get this feature on Garmin Edge devices. if you follow a route on the Garmin, it auto-determines some of the climbs and shows you a special climb display.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: Rad! I appreciate the reply Smile
  • 4 1
 Trail conditions are already reported, in depth. They're just not shown to you.

One problem with these apps is that users have no idea what they're actually giving up, because the companies mine the data on their own and don't share the insights with users.

Any data scientist worth even entry level money can tell you what the trail conditions were on a given day by looking at the usual speed of a cyclist and comparing that to the day's conditions, over the dataset of everyone who rode that day. Muddy trails slow people down in an identifiable way, ice slows people down in an identifiable way, rain slows people down in an identifiable way. Even a junior data scientist can also fingerprint any type of trail hazard just from GPS uploads. The accelerometers in a modern cell phone can tell from your gait when you're tired or have an injured ankle, they sure as heck can tell when you stop your bike get off and jump over a log.

They're hiding all this data mining from you, but I assure you they know EVERYTHING. They just haven't figured out how to monetize it yet.

Edit: A modern cell phone can fingerprint the person whose pocket it is in just by fingerprinting their walking gait, which is as unique as a fingerprint:

The power of the sensing is a thousand times greater than the power of humans to understand what's being sensed. And the data sits forever in the data warehouses, yielding new insights as AI gets smarter and people don't.
  • 5 0
 Is there a way for users to download gps tracks of trail systems for use in our own mapping and apps? Wouldn't that make sense since we contributed the data in the first place which is the only reason you have an app? I emailed support about API access for this purpose and was basically told if you're a trail org we'll give access to your managed systems but otherwise you're out of luck. Not here to rehash the monetization debate but at least do your part to facilitate open data exchange. You talk about the capitalist system, are you concerned someone will build a better app with the data and you'll actually have competition? Anyway, if there is access to this data and I'm just confused please let me know. Geojson downloads would be easy and a minimal burden for your infrastructure as far as i can tell.
  • 4 2
 Yes, we do allow some group access to download content for trail advocacy work and emergency response purposes. No, we are concerned about someone building a better app, If someone wants to spend the millions of dollars it takes to build & keep a product like Trailforks up and running each day, I say all the power to you.
  • 2 0
 @markholloway: I'm talking about the GPS data that was uploaded by your users. Not any other "content." My understanding is trailforks started as a free app that had far from a budget in the "millions of dollars." Maybe your future competitors will start out the same. I expected an argument more along the lines of "we spend time processing and refining the data which is a value add and don't want to give that away for free." Not a condescending remark about how big time another app would have to be to compete. Anyway, seems a bit shady to me such a bigtime app like yourselves wouldn't support open data access for public trails (just the gps data) but so it goes. Easy enough for someone to trace raster screencaps and replicate, luckily.
  • 10 5
 I really appreciate Trailforks. It's a very powerful tool. One limitation that I recently found is that there's an upper limit of 100 route plans that can be saved. I just love planning adventures!
  • 12 1
 There is no limit, but there is an issue with the way the app currency syncs the data. It will only get the 100 most recent route plans. We have plans to rebuild the syncing system for the route plans to the app in 2024.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: would re-naming a old route cause it to move up to be most recent?
  • 5 0
 @deaf-shredder: Currently no, but that is a good suggestion.
  • 4 1
 Trailforks has been an amazing navigation tool and source for finding and exploring sooo many amazing trails and the areas they are in. I am extremely grateful that it exists... it has kept me on track for years. I love exploring new areas and also really appreciate all that contribute to updating their areas and all the diggers that have made such beautiful artwork in the woods. Been using it since conception and didn't flinch when asked to pay a yearly fee. I had the good fortune to meet and ride a run at Mt. Washington on Vancouver Island awhile back with Trevor and probably gushed to much about my love for Trailforks. Thank you Trevor and all that help Trailforks keep me inspired and dreaming... especially now that winter is approaching....Cheers!
  • 4 1
 Trevor, Mark and crew,
TF is better than it ever has been. It’s worth the price to have this service. I use it daily.
I’d really like to see TF do a yearly donation drive for local trail orgs. The trail karma thing has done good for us at EMBA and the JGulch crew. Pairing a donation drive with a contest to win TF pro or something else from a generous donor would be a great thing.

Thanks for what you do!
  • 2 1
 We've really been trying to get the new marketing team behind doing another Trail Karma month. Its a top priority for myself and Mark. We recently had big of a restructure of some marketing and we have some new TF focus. So I'm quite optimistic it will happen again in 2024. The 2 drives we did in the past were quite successful.
  • 6 0
 Why did the free area get made smaller?
  • 8 2
 It's in preparation for a change which will make basic use of the map as a free user much larger.
  • 8 1
 because we're peasants
  • 3 0
 At the fixed early adapter price, I'm happy with the app. Very helpful if you travel. Hell, just that arrow letting you know which direction you're facing on an unfamiliar trail is tremendously helpful!
  • 3 1
 Im 100% off Strava and using trailforks to record everything this year. I have been very happy with the experience overall. I really like that you all have avoided nearly all the dark patterns other free apps employ willingly. I'm glad the early adopter price tier is sticking around year after year but if I had to bump up to $30/yr I would still be very happy. Stay small, focused, and nimble, I love to see it! Keep up the great work! ❤️
  • 2 0
 All great updates to an already great platform. Would love the ability to be able to delete your own comments on trails or content. If I make a comment on the wrong trail, or a comment I made from 5 years ago is now incorrect, it would be sweet to have the option to delete my comment
  • 2 0
 Since the app (IOS) update it is now very buggy for me, said ride was recording didnt log it, screen kept timing out, clicking on trails didnt bring them up at the bottom consistently,

Very poor beta testing of the upgrade, needs alot of work to get it back to where it was (i.e. usable!!)
  • 1 0
 Inconsistency in actioning trail reports is my small gripe with an otherwise amazing resource.

We've got a load of trails that have been closed through storm damage (for years) - in some forests the trails have been marked as 'Closed', so appear as greyed out and dashed lines. On other areas, the trails remain visible, even though successive reports have people saying that the trail is closed, dangerous etc.

What's the process here?
  • 2 2
 @GavinJB You are talking about two (although related) things here. One is the usual trail report that any user can generate when they do their riding. On that report they can add a trail status (clear,minor issue, major issue, closed) and the terrain condition (ideal, dry, muddy, icy, snow, etc). And the other is actually editing a trail and changing its status. First option if you select "Closed" it does not directly means that the trail is officialy closed, more like "trail is impassable due to some major issues that make it unridable". The second option can be done by editing the trail and changing the status to "Permanently Closed / Decommisioned". This change requires an approval from a local/regional administrator.

If you are an active local user (seems like that from your user profile on TF) and want to get more done, then get involved, contact with your local Trail Association, check who is the region admin (scroll all the way down on the region main tab to see it), edit the content your self, add trails that are missing.

This is the local trail association, that you actually donated some Karma to them:
  • 1 0
 trailforks is an absolutely incredible resource - 100% I would not be as passionate about riding bikes if trailforks didn't exist. found so many trails around home and planned a bunch of sick trips based on looking at the map, photos, and conditions reports. i'm sure it's different regionally but off-map trails showing up on maps really isn't as big of a deal as the comment section haters make it out to be? the heatmap on trailforks seems to be slow to update anyway, I built a trail this past spring that got ridden pretty heavily all summer and it still doesn't show up on the heatmap. if you're lookin to find new rogue trails strava heatmap does a much better job Smile
  • 4 3
 I recently bought Trailforks and completely regret it.
1) Search function just does not work - I can find a trail on Trailforks website, but whenn I type in the exact name in the app, it doesn't appear at all.
2) Using Trailforks in UK is pointless - very outdated trails, app does not include new trails (in trails centers), does not shows trails as closed etc.

Waste of money unfortunately, tried using it 3-4 times and gave up. Maybe in the US/Canada it works well
  • 12 3
 For point 2, TF works as a wikipedia of trails, everyone can add content and/or update what is currently in there. So go on, get on your local knowledge on the platform, update those outdated trails and upload the ones are not in there. But complaining and wining is easier.
  • 4 1
 @elyari: who doesn't love wining (and dining)?
  • 3 0
 1. You can using the map. Not that hard.
  • 1 0
 Would love to see garmin connect route option on web as a mobile function where it would be 100x more useful. Trailforks app for garmin watches was so helpful for sending routes to my garmin but upgrade to new watch and no longer works. Frustrating (I'm sure for you as well() to have a partnership with.garmin and still have to code each new watch to work....I know my.home network so mapping is not used when I'm.home, it's traveling to new placed it helps.
  • 3 0
 Garmin Connect Courses sync from the app coming next month hopefully. It was only recently added to website. It's kinda a better way to get the route or trail to your device than a Connect IQ app.
  • 1 0
 I love all this and trailforks. It does seem like the following feed for favorite regions went a little downhill, however? Doesn't populate the same way and less intuitive to navigate. Before it was just whatever happened in favorite regions and that doesn't show anymore despite trying to manipulate the feed a million ways.
  • 1 1
 The "Following" tab contains the activity for the regions you follow or favorite. Along with actions by users you follow. There are way more activity events now in this. Maybe you are filtering out some content in your feed, click the settings/gear icon in the top right of the feed.
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 I don't know if it's part of your 'internal curation team' or not, but there have been numerous trails added by a particular MAPTEAM person that are not actually trails. One was a path used by homeless people. Two were abandoned and were completely overgrown. Those are the ones I've visited to verify myself or have based upon the reports of other riders. I can provide the specific names of trails so you guys can see what I"m talking about. Of course they were entered without any descriptions except what the system auto-generated.

It would be better if you could only add a trail if you've actually visited the area and been on that trail - like from a Ridelog. I think people are adding based on old OSM data.

That said, I enjoy using TF and I contribute frequently.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka I have had some issues when trying to plan routes. I often switch between basemaps and zoom in and out as I plan rides for my gravel bike (satellite view lets me follow unmapped double track, topo view is easier for roads). I will get quite a ways into mapping a route and then all the progress will be deleted. Any advice or is this a bug that has been reported by many others?
  • 1 0
 Best to bring this conversation to support, you can ATTN: Trevor.
A screen recording video would be worth a 1000 words.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: I did send a support message a few weeks back. I will give it a whirl with screen recording.
  • 1 0
 Question @canadaka - TF doesn't seem to function for a very basic thing. When I search a trail name, then click the trail I'm zoomed to my actual location with a lower-bar that shows the trail name / # and stats. Clicking that bar then takes me to the trail pic / info page - and then it takes me to the actual trail location (which is wanted from the start vs. 2 other screens) - then right back to my location, which doesn't help anything. That is - it won't just take me to the location. Seems like a very basic function and probably a simple fix (?) - maybe some bunk settings on my part?
  • 1 0
 I assume you are talking about the app, iOS or Android? Clicking a trail from the search should highlight it on the map and pan the map to it's location. So if that is not happening, something is wrong. I would start be deleting and reinstalling the app and see if this is still the case.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: Yes the app (iphone). Will check the removal & re-DL. Thx. I tried it again several times after messaging and it keeps doing the same thing - shoots me right back to whatever location I'm at w/ the app.
  • 1 0
 @Mtn-Goat-13: Helpful to know what location and what trail you are clicking in the search.
  • 2 0
 @canadaka: It happens with any trail (from the search function). The trail will initially show up on the map, but on clicking the bar at the base, I'm shot back to my gps location.
  • 1 0
 this is all nice and well, and it would be such a great way to plan rides an all that. but in europe, especially italy, spain and france 90 percent of the trails are either not maintained, not there anymore or have a totally wrong description. this goes so far that when you go out to ride a loop, only 1 out of 10 trails is ok to ride. this makes it unusable. by now i only use it for areas where i know the trails are ok, bikeparks and stuff.
  • 2 0
 Trailforks is much more than just lines on a map. You can check reports, last ridden dates, heatmaps, users rides for a trail or region to gauged what is actually being ridden.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: yes i know, but go to the catalonia area in spain and try to find out what trail is still ok to ride. i've just been there and without knowledge from friends it would have been impossible. reports were wrong, old or ratings so way of it was no fun. totally unusable
  • 2 1
 Trailforks is my go to for biking and splitboarding. I love the Gaia map overlay you have introduced as well.

Any chance you'll be developing the Garmin app for the newer larger screen watches like the Epix Pro Gen 2 with 51mm screen? I was hoping it would come out before touring season.
  • 3 1
 Unfortunately the SDK on the newer Garmin devices has breaking changes, so we'd have to do a major refactor of the Connect IQ app. We instead decided to build in Garmin Connect Courses integration into the website, so you can click 1 button on a route or trail and have it synced to your Garmin account, which will then sync to your device. There is planned work to add these same buttons to the app soon.
  • 1 0
Is it possible to change the function of viewing routes.

Currently you go to a trail and go to the routes “tab” and click to view a route, then you have to go back to view the next route in the list.

It seems intuitive to me that I would be able to swipe right or left to view the next route from the list.
  • 1 0
 Are you talking app or website? In the app when you click a route from a trails routes tab, it shows on the map with a yellow bar at the bottom saying like 1 - 23. You can swipe left and right on this bar to go between the routes.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: Nevermind then, for some reason I thought it didn't do that.
  • 3 2
 It was a great app when we were all contributing. I have constructed and maintained my local trail network for the last 20+ years. I put all our trails into the system and regularly updated status. I did all that for free in exchange for use of the app. There is no way for me to start charging for the content I've already contributed.
  • 2 1
 Yeah, so it's now apparent that the programmers at TF are WAY over qualified, talented & motivated to work for a relative behemoth-sloth such as Strava. Even though Strava probably has an exponentially larger budget that TF.

This is badass TF. You should be as proud as proud can be.
  • 1 0
 I am still not seeing Waypoints in the iOS app (just updated from app store, Canada region). I have set a bunch of waypoints and can see them on web but not on iOS. Have tried setting private flag and not, doesn't seem to matter. These are waypoints I just want myself to be able to see for navigation purposes, not POI's or anything that public should see. Any ideas?
  • 1 0
 If you goto the menu, then "My Wishlist" do you see a "Waypoints" tab? And do you see your waypoints listed there? You can also goto settings -> Manual Sync.
  • 4 0
 If I get to a trailfork, should I generally go left or right?
  • 2 0
 Left on the way out, right on the way back.
  • 6 0
 Go straight, there's a cool drop
  • 2 0
 Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
  • 22 18
 That’s great and all. I still won’t pay for it.
  • 15 2
 That's fine, there are still lots of ways to use Trailforks as free user and contribute as a free user, especially on the website. But we have some changes coming to the app as well allowing for some more free basic usage.
  • 17 13
 @KArsenault: I put a well-founded and honest criticism of Trailforks here an hour ago, and it’s been deleted. Not everyone is a fan of Trailforks for the disingenuous way that it came to be a lucrative subscription service. The people who contributed to the database to get Trailforks off the ground haven’t forgotten the history here.
  • 17 3
 @g123: What can I say, we live in a capitalist system, things can't be free forever. Was not my decision personally. I wrote this 3 years ago in response

We have managed to keep the website open and mostly free, even without an account. This is not true for our largest competitors now. We are making some changes to free access in the app this month. Something i've been advocating for and Outside has agreed to. Free users will have basic access to the map and location for a much larger area.
  • 3 0

Wait, really? Free users will have a larger map area?


Among other existential things, that was one of my main annoyances once they changed from free to paid. The free area was pretty small. Like, "choose which one of the two biggest trail networks within an hour of your house you want maps for" small. So any change there would be great.
  • 3 1
 @ocnlogan: More features beyond basic map usage will be paywalled, but the basic map & trails on the map will be visible for the entire state/province.
  • 1 0
 Nor will multitudes of others. Notice they are constantly advertising last chance sale, to purchase TF at a discounted rate; LMAO!
  • 8 4
 @canadaka: censorship by deletion is not cool.. but a straight response, I can get behind.

I re-read the article from 2020, and yes it outlines a number of the free benefits in Trailforks. I can't say as I agree with all of the statements made in that piece. And sure, this is a capitalist system but it was the way things were initially sold as a community project that turned around to charge the very people who provided the data for their own contributions. The article says itself, it was a full-time job just responding to all of the people who were disgruntled by the move.. there's something in that. I feel foolish for believing at one point this was a community project, I'm guessing others do as well. I noticed that the comments for the article you linked were turned off.

I'm glad that subscribers find great benefit to the platform, and hope it makes their riding experiences better. I for one, won't pay for it on principle alone.
  • 2 1
 @KArsenault: Thanks for letting us know
  • 5 4
 @g123: For so much complaining about community work and "The people who contributed to the database to get Trailforks off the ground" you don't seem to be one of those at all. You have only 6 Trailforks Points, from 2 comments, 2 votes, 1 ridden trail (that is automatic) and 1 report. Don't see much content from yourself to be able to call yourself part of that contributors community. Go on, defend them, sure, but you are not part of them at all.
  • 4 1
 @elyari: who are you? Right, a "Trailforks ambassador and admin for several countries and regions" by your description, so there's no bias here at all..

I don't use Trailforks, so why would I have any 'points'? Shocker - Trailforks is not the only way which people contribute to their biking community. You don't know me. I am integrated into mine and therefore rub up against users and organizers who do use it, and have beef.

Nothing changes the facts here: trail networks are primarily community focused (public interests/builders/maintainers/users) and partly business (primarily tourism). At least with tourism, the local community benefits from jobs and income. Trailforks came in under the guise of 100% community, got a ton of community groundwork to gain enough traction and then cleaved off a sizeable component behind a paywall. Here's your free bits, thanks for the private business. Read the comments in every article on this, LOTS of people feel the same.
  • 1 1
 @g123: No bias at all, I'm a volunteer, have been adding content and helping grow the community for years and all that hard work has paid off by having local trail communities in Spain, Portugal and Ireland benefiting from more visitors, karma doantions, new projects money from local authorities thanks to precisely the numbers shown from TF stats. And I'm proud to have been part of that, through the work done with Trailforks, through trail advocacy and stweardship.

Ofc TF is not the only way people contribute, but we are talking here about TF, not other tools or platforms. And focused on TF, the only way to see if a user is involved and contributing to the platform is checking its profile and his activity. I can't say anything else about you or anyone else that is not in there. I don't know who you are and what you do or don't do, all I can see is that you have not added content to the platform and therefore you are not part of the community that volutarly contributes to help the platform grow.
  • 2 3
 @elyari: you mean paying customers. I chose not to volunteer for a platform I take issue with.

Please refrain from the unneccesary ad hominem arguments.
  • 7 4
 Anyone else find this article unreadable? Tiny font..MASSIVE PICS...tiny font.....GIGANTIC FONT.
  • 3 18
flag RonSauce (Dec 7, 2023 at 18:31) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah. Plus I'm not interested.
  • 22 5
 @RonSauce: yet you clicked the link and are here... Razz no one forced you
  • 5 0
 @canadaka: Title -"Development Updates" could have meant maybe TF might be realizing that people just wan't simple trail maps like before the PAYWALL, without all the other BS included and not limited to an area that you can't move 10 miles past.

Why not offer a one time fee that gives the simple format of just trails, GPS and Emergency for a simple fee of just $20.

Maybe He came to just read comments and find others with the same feelings .
  • 3 0
 @canadaka: I know, im not being a jerk, just genuinely not interested enough to read all that. Im more interested in what the masses have to say about it. The article was was not laid out in a manner that was easy enough to read out of curiosity, so it put me off even trying. I read tons of stuff im not interested in out of curiosity quite regularly, this wasn't included in the list.
  • 1 0
 @RonSauce: @RonSauce: Honesty question here, curious: what was wrong w/ the layout? Seemed pretty easy to read and follow. What would have made it better?
  • 1 0
 @Mtn-Goat-13: It seems fine now, maybe they fixed it or maybe it was just because I was using my tablet when I first read the article
  • 1 1
 @Dtwillow: Nothing was changed, but I never use Pinkbike on a tablet, maybe there are some sizing issues on tablet screen sizes. Were you on the www.pinkbike or m.pinkbike? Is it an issue with other Pinkbike articles as well?
  • 1 1
 @canadaka: Never have noticed it before last night on any article, not sure what I was on. Maybe I was just drunk. Anyways, thanks for the updates, love using trailforks to look at new areas to bike.
  • 1 1
 @Dtwillow: sounds like a good time! Drunkin PB!
  • 5 1
 I just clapped out my thumb scrolling to get to the comments.
  • 9 0
 On Pinkbike desktop and mobile sites you can click the comment count at the top of an article to immediately scroll to the comments Wink Same from the PB news feed, can click the comment count rather than the article title or image, which will take direct to comments.
  • 2 0
 @canadaka: mindblown
  • 2 0
 @canadaka What about integrations with other devices - like Polar for example? If your team can't do it, how would a dev with 20 years experience get to donate some code?
  • 4 0
 This is actually on the roadmap for the first half of 2024.
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: super and thank you!
  • 5 1
 Can we get a donut shops finders implemented?
  • 4 0
 Request noted, the basemap does already show pubs and bars Razz
  • 2 0
 Would it be possible to add a basic Apple Watch App... Even if it is just to start and stop recording activities?
Would really like to ditch Strava
  • 2 0
 Trailforks stopped GPS recording halfway thru every ride, so I deleted the app off my phone. GAIA does not have this problem.
  • 1 1
 Sounds like you may have battery optimization turned on, this feature affects most apps running in the background. The device turns off background apps to save battery life, so when the TF app is running in the background battery optimization is turning off the app. Try and turn off battery optimization in your device settings.
  • 1 0
 @markholloway: Thanks, yeah I tried that several times. It's probably just my shitty phone. I will try trailforks again when I get a better phone someday.
  • 2 0
 Hey @canadaka how about a camera overlay that shows the trails on top of your view, similar to Peakfinder, etc. How rad would that be when you point it at the mountains! Wink
  • 1 0
 Just for you I officially added it to our issue management software Smile
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 It's really funny how the people who post negative comments are precisely the people who have almost no Ttrailforks points. That leads one to believe that their opinion has no basis due to their lack of knowledge of the platform.
Give it a chance, even if it's just to give your opinion. ;p
  • 4 1
 you only get that if you link your PB with TF, or TF with Strava\Garmin. I have PB account to read news and troll people here in the comments, I do not want them to wait for me on a trail I ride every day to slap me in the face for all the trolling I've done and "I f*cked your mom" comments Big Grin Have a nice day
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 It's really funny how the people who post negative comments are precisely the people who have almost no trailforks points. That leads one to believe that their opinion has no basis due to their lack of knowledge of the platform. Give it a chance, even if it's just to give your opinion.
  • 5 2
 How about not locking accounts shortly after resubscribing?
  • 2 0
 Not something we do... If you are having an issue with your account you can email or send me a PM I will be more then happy to help.
  • 2 0
 Why does Trailforks crash if I try to upload a picture ? Using an iPhone 11..
  • 1 0
 It shouldn't! We don't have widespread crash reports related to that. Best to contact support from within the app, this will include some debug info making it easier for us to find any crash logs related to you
  • 1 0
 @canadaka: sorry, it was because my phone was set to none in settings for photo access. . . It caused the app to crash when attempting to access my photos.
  • 1 0
 @wobblegoblin: interesting, we will look at that for sure.
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 Great work team. Route planner needs a bit of love
  • 2 0
 Bravo! Used jobs to be done? NNg-style discoveries? Seems like a fun project to work on. You a PM, @canadaka?
  • 2 0
 Finally should have the ability to login with out it being a complete shit show if the Google login is being implemented.
  • 2 0
 Trailforks is very helpful when traveling to new places. But is really just a starting point.
  • 1 0
 I love the app for my Garmin watch. Is there any chance you will be getting support for the newer AMOLED watches? It's magic for ski touring in the winter.
  • 2 0
 I stopped riding with my phone. Trailforks. Ride record app for the Apple Watch would be sweet. Thanks
  • 2 0
 Why did my early adopter subscription fee go back up to regular price when I adjusted my payment method?
  • 1 0
 Contact support, that is not something that happens. You likely started a new subscription and canceled the other.
  • 3 0
 Thank you!!
  • 1 0
 I'd like to take the results from trail sign competitions and see if they correlate to Top Trails at all.
  • 1 0
 But have you thought about adding a direct message feature so I can slide into peoples DM‘s?
  • 2 0
 ha, well PB and TF have had private messages since their beginnings.
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 TrailForks is the future tup
  • 1 0
 For many of us IS the present. I have not used any other platform on my travels to search for trails. Dumped my premium Strava subscription and only upload my rides and swims in there for statistical history. Everything else, Trailforks.
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 Still not really working in austria cause the trails are not on trailforks. Such a shame…
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 Everyone can add content. If things are missing and you want to share them with other users, then please take the time to submit content. Can't say it is not working, if you know your local trails and they are public add them to Trailforks. This is how we get it "working".
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 THANK YOU for all the amazing work. Love that app and am happy to be paying for it.
  • 1 0
 I emailed pinkbike to promote my app and they ignored me. I guess they see any other app as a threat.
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 Send me a link I want to try your app.
  • 2 4
 I love Trailforks. A "Relive" style feature would be cool too, so in addition to collecting your ride stats, you can produce a short video to share your ride with friends on Instagram or Facebook.
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 We do have a 3D playback of Ridelogs, Routes & trails for 7 years. Buts its pretty dated and janky. Defiantly no way to export as a video to share though. We do have on our 2024 to start with rebuilding the web 3D tour, that is a first step!
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 This is a great idea
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 Unverified trail filter. why?
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 Sometimes people map trails from heatmap or from sources like USFS. But might not be 100% sure the trail still exists, or exists how it was mapped. So this unverified flag is mostly for our admins to help manage this. The system can automatically remove the unverified flag if a bunch of user ridelogs match the trail.
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 facinated by the heat map image
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 It's actually an old image. I think I made it in 2019. It showed a dot for every new trail added to the database that year. But is a good overview of where the biking is globally.
  • 1 0
 awesome, makes me wonder aboot population centres an economies/poverty
maybe I just think too much :'D
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 Any plans for other language support?
  • 1 0
 Unfortunately Not atm. We have a hard enough time updating the 12 languages I'm the app.
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 Mooga oomgawa fork trails!
  • 1 0
 How about: Streetview aka. "Trailview"
  • 1 0
 What apps do you all actually recombine for mtb trails?
  • 1 0
 @canadaka Any plans for Apple Watch support?
  • 2 0
 Yes indeed. This was asked a couple times in the comments already. It's planned for 2024.
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