2018 BC Enduro Series - What's Next!?

Nov 7, 2017 at 16:54
by Ted Morton  

The BC Enduro Series has been a staple of the riding scene over the past 4 years, we've been across the province and back again, showcasing new riding destinations and of course the classics! We've helped develop riders; contribute to local trail clubs with our donations(more than $70,000 to date) and with our 2016 IMBA partnership; and most recently, matched funds by MEC. All of that is really, truly exceptional. But, it's the communities, riders and volunteers that have always and will always make these events, special!

That's why for 2018, we're taking the focus off of racing, and re-aiming our gaze on showcasing communities, creating more accessible experience for a broader range of riders!

I just want to open this post with a deep, sincere, thank you, to all the riders - you folks make the event. Your positivity, willingness for misadventure, and understanding have made this such a memorable scene. The other thank you is to all of the communities, sponsors, volunteers, trail-builders, friends and everyone in between.

We've seen a huge increase in ridership over the past two years, while this undoubtedly is a good thing, it does come with the inherent impacts, both positive and negative impacts. Many people understand the impacts on the trails (both positive and negative), some of you understand the importance of the economic spin-off of the event (approx. $75,000 per 150 participants), and very few will conceptualize that the event reaches much further - we have changed strategic community plans for trail networks, persuaded people to relocate their lives, encouraged kids to ride more and helped trail groups legitimize their status to key government stakeholders.

I'm not asking people to understand the nitty gritty behind the scenes, rather to just acknowledge that by attending these events, you should be proud that you've contributed to truly developing the riding scene in BC, you've helped support the entire riding industry! You're part of the MTBing family and who would have thought that would be the outcome from hurling yourself down in order to get bragging rights over your buddy?

When I was working that first-event in Penticton 4 years ago, it was raw; people got lost on course, there was lots of uncertainty and there were only 60 people! What sparked my interest!? How cool it was to meet new people, explore a new place and truly have the riders of that local community show-off their hard work. The series in my eyes has always been a collaborative affair, 10% Racing, 70% Social, 30% Exploration. As the Canadian National Enduro Series has grown, I've begun to see a clear line from participants, between, serious racers and riders just looking for a good time, while you certainly can be both, sometimes trying to be everything to everyone, all at once, is just not possible. The goal with this change in structure is to narrow the scope of both series, so that the events become more accessible, and everyone leaves with massive smiles and sore legs!

- Ted Morton | BC Enduro and Canadian National Enduro Series & The Revelstoke 3-Day Helicopter Enduro

Canada s Enduro Champion Crowned at the 2017 MEC Canadian National Enduro Championship

2018 BC Enduro Series

Canada s Enduro Champion Crowned at the 2017 MEC Canadian National Enduro Championship

So what does that mean for 2018!?

Our fastest growing category is U21 followed closely by 30-39, 40+ and Open Women. This fall I held a beginner-focused enduro/xc in Kamloops, we had around 50 riders and it really reminded me of the first few years of events; low-key, super positive and it was all about the journey. I want to get back to the roots, while keeping the Canadian Series the focus of high-level competition.

BC Enduro = Family Fun, Adventures, Accessible, Community Focused, Less about racing, more about the experience.

Canadian National Enduro = All of the above plus; focus on racing, better course marking, harder trails, bigger days, experts only.

With increased pressure on local trail clubs to maintain ever growing trail networks, largely via volunteer labour, I began wondering how we could better support not only the communities, but how could we reduce a bit of that pressure on the trails, while maintaining that rawness of the events?

2018 will see the BC Enduro Series (BCES ONLY, not CNES) no longer be a cumulative race series, this means the following:

- There is no set BC Enduro schedule as of yet, it depends on the number of applicants.
- No points or overalls.
- No double black diamond trails.
- Short Course at every venue.
- Reduced registration cost (set by host organizer).
- Capped entry at 200 riders.
- No Pro Men or Pro Women Categories - these races aren't for pros.
- Less media production (to keep registration prices down and focus on fun!)
- No formal course release, we want to cool down the shuttling and amount of practice laps - so we'll just post the route to Facebook on Saturday morning.
- Option for races to be held on Saturday's.
- Not every venue will have food and beverage apres.
- No formal awards ceremony - to let people leave early to get home, we'll announce the winners, but it will be pretty informal.
- More $$$ back to the trails - by narrowing our scope, this will leave more cash and opportunity for capacity building in the local community trails!
- No prize money at events.
- No pre-race email - just a simple post on Facebook on Saturday night, with the course route and where registration will be held.

Essentially, the BC Enduro Series will become an event manager, providing timing and minimum guidelines to host organizers. The major change is that the series will now operate more as a collective, where local communities who really want to host an event can utilize the BC Enduro expertise, framework, and systems. This will ensure the focus of the event is even more community centric, rather than focusing on high-level racing, it will be focusing on intermediates and serious recreational riders who really just want to ride awesome trails, B.S. with their buddies, and have a no-fuss weekend of riding with marked trails.

2018 BC Enduro Series

2018 BC Enduro Series

Race Recap Golden - MEC BC Enduro Series 2017

Apply to Host an Event

Applications are open to anyone, we're looking for solid community champions, and communities that want to host an event for some of the most interesting riders in B.C.!

There is no set schedule for BC Enduro events, the schedule will depend on the amount of inquiries. Please email to find out the list of appropriate dates.

Email Ted@bcenduro.com with the following information:

This doesn't guarantee an event, I will email back an application overview form and we'll start this awesome process.
- Proposed dates. Saturday's are ok!
- Proposed location/trails - ensure you know the land managers and land base of the trails.
- How many volunteers you expect you'll need.
- Who is going to be the key contact for the race - this person needs to be dedicated, a community champion
- First-come, first-served

2017 Canadian National Enduro Series in Crowsnest Pass. Photography by Sam Egan - visit www.cedarlinecreative.com for more

Race Recap Penticton - 2017 MEC BC Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles

Race Recap Kamloops - MEC BC Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles


The Canadian National Enduro Series has quickly become the flagship enduro series in Canada, with events in BC, AB, ON, QC, the series represents a solid Canadian competitive stage for athletes focusing on the Enduro discipline to garner serious mileage, while using this series as a stepping stone to the EWS. Last year we had three EWS Qualifiers, that provided excellent opportunities for a rider to secure their entries for the 2018 EWS.

For 2018, the focus of the CNES will be once again; expert riders only, technically/physically demanding stages, BIG days, with some new venues thrown into the mix. The schedule will be released late November, expect 4-6 events - 3 in BC, 1 in AB, 1-2 in On, 1-2 in QC!

*New for 2018*, we will be hosting a typical Championship style. In the past, we've simply held the championship as a cumulative championship. In 2018, we will host a Canadian National Enduro Championship, that will be a stand-alone race. One event, to crown the Canadian National Enduro Champion. We will continue to award the overall champion based on points, at the end of the year.

Why are we doing this? We've seen interest from serious riders who want to have a more formal championship, so we're delivering!

Championship Dates

The championship will take place prior to EWS Whistler, so that the winner can represent Canada at the only EWS stop in North America

Dates: Currently the proposed date for the Championship will be June 17th or May 27th, it will be at a brand new venue, and you can expect to be punished. This course will test riders in every faucet.

Need something? More information?

• Athlete Inquires | athletes@bcenduro.com
• Volunteer Information | admin@bcenduro.com
• All other inquiries | ted@bcenduro.com (Event Director)

Race Recap Fraser Valley Enduro MEC Canadian National Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles
The podium winners from Fraser Valley showing off their flashy yellow, Kazoom Custom Cycling jerseys.

MENTIONS: @bcenduroseries


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 So how does one compete at a "provincial" level now? Just jump from regional races to CNES? Go from competing within a few hours of your hometown to having to fly all over the country just to complete a higher level Enduro race series? With Toonie races and local groups already holding the kinda fun little races at most trail areas this seems like a giant step back for Competition in BC.
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 Hey Keeqan - You'll still be able to utilize the BC Enduro Series as a stepping stone, knowing that these events will likely have a more competitive field, and more competitors in general than your local toonie race.

You're also right, with so many toonie and local group races, I didn't want to dilute the scene and take away from those communities.

As we've grown I've needed to consider the impacts on volunteer built trail networks by these awesome communities!

Also, we're the only province with a provincial series - previously, the BC series utilized the majority of the same events for the Canadian Series. So the real difference is there will no longer be a provincial champion, which in the past we split between East and West anyways.

The BCES will still remain a stepping stone to the CNES, think of it like this.

1) Start at Toonie Races, see if you like it
2) Move to BCES, travel a bit, knowing you're getting the best venues, more competitors and professional organization.
3) Race the CNES - travel more, ride harder, challenge yourself
4) EWS Whistler - Send it!
5) EWS - Sell everything you own for racing!
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 @bcenduroseries: Fair enough and I know the weekends are tough on the trails etc. but its tough for a young kid that is breaking into the scene to put 'Provincial Enduro Champ' on their resume when that title doesn't exist. Now they have to fly all over the country to have a fair shot at a title that will progress their career.

I'd also argue we're the only province with a provincial series and championship because we're lucky enough to have so many rad spots.

What could be cool is all the local toonie races uniting under the BC Enduro Series banner, which could bring more volunteers and organizational power into the mix. Not that I need to tell you guys how to organize a race though, you've got the recipe dialed.

I've been a big fan off all the races put on in the past and hope 2018 is another banger season!
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 @keeqan: Hey Keeqan;

Thanks for supporting us!

While you won't get the title of Provincial Champ, you'll still be able to list your individual results at BCES races.

Also, not much travel is needed for the Canadian Circuit - With 2-3 events out East, and 3-4 on the west, you'll be able to stay provincially and travel (likely as much as last years BCES) and gather the points you need without ever leaving the province! How sick is that!

You're also right, that we have so many amazing spots in BC, but that doesn't always mean that they are suitable for large races or events, lot's of layers.

What you proposed is essentially the BC Enduro Series, events are on the rise, so sometimes it's taxing on a community, volunteers and the trails to have more events. Just food for thought!

Thanks for the discussion!
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 @keeqan: Results wont get you sponsored, a solid social media presence will.
  • + 9
 @Tmackstab: Or biceps....
  • + 4
 @bcenduroseries: Curls only, all winter.

@Tmackstab I'm sure the sponsors would love to see insta posts about how I placed a solid 69th out of 420 at the last race with no podium shots and no big banner with their logo on it.

When you're competing against another local shredder with another 1000 followers and just as much street cred those race results make all the difference. Especially if it qualifies you for the next level of racing to step up to the top.

Racing does nothing for the prestige of any other sport right Wink
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 @bcenduroseries: Biceps are the obvious requirement
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 Tons of racing in BC dude.
Pemberton Enduro
Gryphon in Squamish
NSMBA Fiver series
Phat Wednesday’s
Right across the border you have the whole Cascade Enduro series which is closer to you than almost all the BCES race.
The future is in your hands bro. Make it happen. Lots of opportunity
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 @keeqan race results at the provincial level actually don't mean much when it comes to sponsors. Getting results internationally will go a lot further. I am the team manager for Evolve Bikes and having a solid media base that's marketable for the brand is a lot more valueable ( ie. short edits and working with good photographers). Albeit, it is pretty rad to have a rider do well in Canada, but it's not the most important.

I like what the series is doing now, separating the more competitive side and essentially splitting it into two. It's going to allow them to showcase some burly trails in the CNES and also keep the average rider stoked on a challenging but not terrifying event at the BCES. I'm all for more rowdy blind racing as I believe that showcases a riders ability to put it all together for a win, hope that's the direction the CNES goes.
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 @justinhodgson: Right, you guys have a great team and you shred. How are you going to prove a product will help a slow guy like me faster if your riders can't all get on the podium though? For a small bike brand social media awareness is definitely what you guys should be pushing above all else, but for larger sponsors and people that want to push up to the next level results, and competition start to play a bigger factor. All about progression right?

I agree that the BCES and CNES basically seemed like the same level of competition and difficulty this year which they shouldnt be but the changes just seem like a bit of overkill, you know?

@theedon Yeah lots of beer league racing around like I said. None of these are a good barometer for stepping up to the CNES and then the EWS though. Now there will be no pros or difficult trails in the BCES which takes away from the competition so the beer league, local, race will be tougher to win than the provincial competition?

Cascade Enduro is great if I want to spend too much money and not support the awesome Canadian race scene and trails I guess?

No love for the Summer Series or Island Cup? C'mon!

Yeah there is tons of racing, I've been doing it for years., I think the changes to this one change the spirit of what constitutes a Provincial Enduro race series.
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 @keeqan: so you want to prove yourself with BCES so you can advance to the EWS? Long term goal type thing?
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 @Tmackstab: Purely hypothetical, all of this. As dope as it would be that ship has sailed man. But the series is supposed to be for progression and kinda a next step up to the CNES from the local level right? All I'm saying.
  • + 1
 @keeqan: Yeah fair point. I was going to say that if a racer wasn't willing to travel across Canada for the cnes than there's no hope for a career in the EWS. Looking at the bces as a stepping stone to the cnes is a valid point though.
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 @Tmackstab: "Results wont get you sponsored, a solid social media presence will."
Really? So entertainers with no bike skills are the sponsored one's?
  • + 2
 @MX298: Mostly yes. For every athlete sponsored for their actual skill/results there's 20 'brand ambassadors' that get free product because they have 20k followers on instagram. Its all about exposure.
  • + 2
 @Tmackstab: seems undeserving if you ask me. They call do it racing. I actually don't buy products that promote ambassadors with "bro" hookups over actual hard working racers with skills.
  • + 2
 @MX298: Ever heard the expression 'Fake it till you make it?'
  • + 2
 @Tmackstab @MX298 See Remy Metaillier, lotsa sponsorships and hook ups just from doing Whistler edits and Phat Wednesdays. He shreds, but not at a world cup level. Then the DH/slopestyle/XC top level competitors have full on race teams, dedicated mechanics, and red bull helmets. Sick edits and a good attitude will get you far but winning is winning.
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 @keeqan: let me ask you this. What male placed 10th overall in the EWS this season. Without googling do you even know? What bike does he ride? You have no idea. Results aren't everything and sometimes barely anything. I can name quite a few social media atheletes and their sponsors off the top of my head however. Exposure is way more important than race results unless you're a top 5 athlete.
  • + 1
 @Tmackstab: Oh I totally agree, thats why winning is winning! If you ain't first.. well... EWS is kind of a poor example though cause I couldn't tell you who rides what on Social Media either really, the block of @ signs and sponsor tags in photos is pretty easy to ignore.

Anyway this is way off topic from the original discussion of Racing Difficulty and Progression now but great discussion, thanks for it.
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 @keeqan: *hugs*
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 Sounds like there are lots of positive changes, but a few negatives that stickout...

'No Awards Ceremony, No Post Event Food/Drink available, No Pro Class ("these races aren't for pros"), No race email; relying on Facebook for communication.

Looks like they're taking a really good high-level provincial series and making it individual sandlot races. A loss on a few levels.
  • + 7
 @btjenki totally hear you, we're trying to reduce the burden for the communities that host it.

Also, by removing those items you mentioned, I'm able to reduce the registration costs drastically, likely down to the $60-$80 range.

Thanks for the feedback!
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 @bcenduroseries: Credit where due, that's a solid answer. People want more affordable races, this is how you have to do it.
  • + 4
 What about people without facebook? I understand the direction you're taking this, but why cut out emails?
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 @xTwoSnakesx: I understand your thoughts - the pre race email is created through an online reservation platform, to save some fees an organizer may not utilize that service, as such, there will be no way for me to have a database that's linked to my online email platform. That and the racer emails take a lot of admin time. So if an organizer can post on our facebooked page for free, and it reduces admin time, it saves you $$$!
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 @xTwoSnakesx: workload. Facebook is free, if you want to race then you will get it. look up the info you need.
email requires a database, somebody has to maintain it. costs time which is money
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 If I win the Nobl bc Enduro grassroots Enduro series Enduro Sponsored By Mec brought to you by intense and osprey packs, will
My sponsors still give me 3 percent off msrp? I agree with slinky Sammy, make them chill but not too chill, gnar but not too gnar, and also lift access or shuttled. And no rain either, just dry, and some corners but not too many. And make it super long and challenging but kinda short. Oooh and do whatever you want Ted it’s your series and you’ve done an amazing job and we should all be thanking you for continuing to run it so we’ve got a place to show case our mediocre skills. Thanx bud! And great idea going forward.
  • + 3
 @jbob27 The fact that you logged on to pinkbike and made a comment baffles me...but I'll take it! Right on!
  • + 10
 Smart idea on the Championship time! Glad you included the expected dates and it doesn't coincide with an EWS
  • + 2
 @JesseMelamed - Shit yeah Jesse! I know our Canadian Enduro Development Team would love to see how their time's stack up!
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 This is a good and bad but for the better. BCES got me back into riding not to mention my job I had with Giant bikes. Being a junior and pro... what ever that is back in 1994 to 2002 ish we had alot of races to choose from and if you wanted to be competitive you made choices to travel far... I saw BCES grow from that first race and become what it is but I do miss the days of just being able to show up and not expect to much.

I didn't race as much last year because there was to many events and seemed to be situation if who knew who and how many days of work you could get so you were able to practice more. So that ment did you know someone to have a program set that weekend for shuttling to get as many practice runs in and which in turn was very hard on trails and extra vollys on practice days in high traffic areas. Also money... 3 race weekends in a row cost alot..

I am concerned for alot of guys who are racing for the prize like my self just trying to get a top 10 in pro at 40 years old or making $300 bucks that weekend pay for all the hard work they put in over the winter to train. The National series will give them that and even a old leather boot like myself...

I like this new format seems like if a community wants to bring this on they can make it the best event they want and provide those services like food and prizes if they want. BCES is there to provide the insurance, course marking, timing ect ect. The entry fee is less and that's plus. I like blind racing myself so with a toned down course alot of beginner intermediate riders can show up day of race and not feel like they need to clear some drop or jump they have no idea about..

Some mentioned above the lack of organization well it's alot of work and it can't be perfect and I think this is why Ted is toning it back a bit. I could see a small improvement in course marking but that's about all you need. It really is the easiest form of mtn bike racing and you just go about your day as you want to.

I can go on rarely post on PB but I think it's for the better . National series is still here and the provincial is a great opportunity to sing up last minute and message a friend to show up and we can go race blind and have a blast in a new riding area and not really worry about having new tires, a shuttle for practice and stuff like that. The young guys and serious girls and guys could use these event for practice and bike setup it's really just about having fun and getting new people into the sport.
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 Thanks Shane! 40+ Never looked so good!
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 This is not the Shaner I know. Well said man. I just may try a race or two close to hone next year.
  • + 5

So much for pushing the boundary of the sport and moving forward... We where the only province with a title, great it makes us the first! Its great that you want to make it more approachable(no double blacks) but

'No Awards Ceremony, No Post Event Food/Drink available, No Pro Class ("these races aren't for pros"), No race email; relying on Facebook for communication.


CNES, it's awesome how it's going to become more formal and being the Canadian national enduro series, it's to be expected that we might have to travel.

But now with the BCES basically being random races, there is no proper intermediate step. It's toonie or CANADA!

I get that you want to make changes, but I'm not sure about this...

-Just a thought.
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 I think this is a great change. I really enjoyed the first two years of the BC Enduro races when things were pretty casual and the days were a bit more relaxed (1200-1500m of climbing). I'd do the odd race/stage blind, but I'd usually have time to ride most or all of the trails beforehand, depending on the venue. The weekends were as much an opportunity to go explore a new trail network with friends as they were a race. I like that the basic series is returning to that more grassroots/ friendly-competition feel. Enduro was never meant to be super serious as far as I'm concerned, and I don't see how anyone can say it's your responsibility to have a provincial race series, when there wouldn't be any race series at all if BCES hadn't taken the plunge and created one.

Also the award ceremonies could be super cumbersome, especially for out-of-towners. I remember at more than one race waiting 3ish hours from when I finished to when the results were in from all categories to do awards.
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 We did three events this year plus the Gryphon. Had a great time and will be back next year. I support the idea of more local racing, lower prices, and a grassroots/club level approach. It's all about the riding and racing to me and posting the best results possible.... this is why many race... something about a tap-in or starting line that changes your psyche and pushes you to ride harder than you ever would under normal circumstances and you discover how well (or poorly) you can actually ride. So more racing, for less... especially for those younger athletes just starting out... is a good thing.

That said, my only concern would be that BCES doesn't get 'dumbed' down. Here I mostly talking about total length of the day and total elevation gain/loss. If the goal of many young riders is to push to CNES, then the BCES full course needs to retain a level of 'hardness'. If BCES starts dropping under 30-35km days and less than maybe 750m-900m vertical minimum, then these athletes will get destroyed if they try to step up. It may also not be worth the travel time to ride what would be a 2 hour race. So, if you're adding a short course to most stages, then make sure the full course remains demanding enough to attract the up-and-comers that can't get to CNES races due to age or $$$. Blue/black mix is fine, as it will just get amped up in speed for those pushing for results, so long as rider spacing and etiquette is on point and well managed by the local organizing committee.

Other than that, I think this approach has merit and could grow the sport without dumbing it down to being nothing more than another recreational series. I saw some of those groms (some really young) at the Sun Peaks finals and it's amazing what is up and coming, so you don't want to bore them. We'll give it a go.
  • + 2
 ^This^ Keep them long. Short course options are an easy fix to accommodate. Agree that racing easier trails is just as fun; everything is hard if you go faster.
  • + 3
 Love this. I'm an Olympian in Freestyle Skiing, these changes will be great to boost Canada's athlete development model for this sport. Well done. I really hope though that you still encourage the local pros to be involved, coach kids, and still race, it may take away the win from someone else, but the benefits would outweigh that, I will never forget the inspiration I got the first time I got to meet, be coached by, and watched a pro ski. It made me understand in real life what was possible!
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 The change to BCES is an exciting opportunity for local trail organizations to simplify putting together an event that can draw interest to the trails and tourism to the area. Great idea, Ted! Thanks!
  • + 2
 Thanks Dan!
  • + 2
 I imagine Mooseduro(2017) being similar to the 2018 BCES races. I think Mooseduro was a huge success and a super fun event to participate in and I look forward to more BCES races in 2018.
  • + 5
 not much of a provincial race series.. I'm all for the idea of making more approachable races, but not at the expense of having a serious provincial level series.
  • + 1
 @talderson Tom, this won't really affect the provincial series, as the last two years, the BCES has utilized many of the same venues for the Canadian Series.

The major difference being that we won't be crowning a provincial champion, which we're currently the only province doing. So I thought let's make it more accessible and intimidating, and send the serious riders to the national series.

In addition, this past year we saw a decrease in the provincial race attendance, and an increase in the national attendance, the serious riders wanted to be showcased on the national stage.
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 Glad your back for 2018 Ted , I raced 2 events in 2016 and was a marshal at Vedder this year . Looking forward to the grassroots approach and racing on a Saturday as I have 3 day weekends Smile . And if you do the CNES at Vedder in 2018 I am down to help Smile .
  • + 2
 @cheetamike - Mike we couldn't do it without you!!!! See you at Vedder!
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 Sounds pretty good to me. As Enduro has grown in popularity and the bikes have got more capable, the courses have gotten harder to match. Not everyone wants to race down Crazy Train or Wizard Burial Ground (to use Whistler as an example) even though they're happy enough to ride them day to day. A series with more focus on fun and less on super gnar trails should be the perfect stepping stone for younger riders and give those of us who worry about breaking ourselves something to race without getting in over our heads. The Muckmedden crew in Scotland have been doing a good job of this over the last 4 or 5 years or so. Less Enduro, more Funduro.
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 @bcenduroseries I'd like the series to be chill, but not too chill, with some gnar, but not too much gnar, with no climbing please. Make it happen!
  • + 5
 Sounds good, we'll also include at the food-station - Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Lactose Free, Peanut Free, Refined Sugar Free...Banana's, cut Julienne style for easy digestion, washed down with only the finest Coconut water.

Does that work!?
  • + 2
 Exceptional work Ted, the evolution is in the recreation level; lots of opportunities exist already at the pro level. The huge success of mountain bike racing back in the 90's came from it's ability to draw a more diverse group of people into races, not just pro's; even Seinfeld had a mountain bike on his wall. Bikes are better, trails are better, and the BCES has made that accessible to more people; nothing better than having someone who has never tried an enduro come up to you with a huge smile and say "that's the most fun I've ever had on a bike". Props
  • + 1
 @squamishenduro - Heck yes! This is the style we dig! Thanks for the support!
  • + 2
 I'm digging these changes! I think it will help to keep things fun! Anyone serious about racing pro can race the national series and seek out the odd EWS. Thanks Ted, Megan and all those involved for all your contributions to the sport in our neck of the woods!
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 @bcenduroderies undecided since if you want do the cnes and win but can not travel to ontario and Quebec but someone with money can then you lose the series. I see the point in all this but to me it cuts out the in between people from racing for the win. I wish we had more local events where I am but have enjoyed the bces in the past to fill that. The 2016 season was good as the bces was fairly easy and the cnes was a step up but all series had recondition. What is the point of racing if there is no goal?
  • + 0
 @rhayes Ryan, the CNES series is the highest level of competition in Canada next to the EWS Whistler. So simply placing well at any stand-alone event is and could be merit enough. The BCES utilized the majority of the same venues as the CNES, so there was no real difference in competition. Accept that there was a medal given to someone for the overall.

If you didn't travel within the province and get to enough events in 2016, then you faced the same problem as the CNES, you wouldn't have enough points to win the overall.

I'm not sure why racing for the win at an individual race is less important or valuable than racing for the win at a series. The championship will be held as a one-race event this year - we'll still award an overall champion, but the Canadian Champ will be crowned based on one races results - this is done in pretty much all other disciplines.

If your goal is to get an overall result plain and simple and you can't find any other goal in racing, than that's a bummer, sorry I can't provide that for you.
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 @bcenduroseries Are there any arrangements in place to ensure that future BC events actually take place? What if the local groups don't opt in to host events to put a series together?
  • + 1
 Yes. This.
  • + 1
 Sorry...I meant 200+ racers in the beginner and intermediate categories @bcenduroseries - and in some cases the top prize is a 6 pack of beer, some socks, and bragging rights...its totally possible for the BCES to hit that as well...
  • + 1
 Solid plan @bcenduroseries - kinda like what is happening in Cross racing these days...intermediate and beginner classes in the Cross on the Rock and the VCXC series are seeing 20+ racers come out, rip it up, and have fun. You are on the right path. More casual riders getting into the scene is a good thing... While we watch XC and DH races die off your series will grow because it is way more accessible to more people. I like it! Can't wait to see where the venues are this year...
  • + 2
 This is great news Ted. Might bring me outta retirement! Wink

Its a great evolution of the series, as many felt the series last year was getting too elite level.

Keep it lit, keep it underground.
  • + 1
 Some good things and bad things for everyone with these changes. I’m not the biggest fan of the no formal award ceremony, and communication being limited to Facebook...

However I am a fan of making these races more appealing to different crowds. I didn’t ride my mountain bike all last year, and partook in the BCES from 2014-16. I found that it was hard as an intermediate-somewhat advance rider on the series, as the double blacks almost killed me.

I could see frustration from the more advanced riders in AB & BC though. There is no longer a competitive series in Western Canada, & the BCES seems to be shifting into a casual group ride with trail markings.... Seems impossible to compete against anyone without having to travel thousands of kilometres. Not quite sure if you guys are going the right direction. I always thought that you should have just grown the shorter course option a little more, and kept BCES as is.
  • + 1
 @baylenc1 Baylene, I totally understand, Facebook isn't super great. It's just the easiest platform to give host communities access to communicating with riders quickly and efficiently. It will also reduce the Administrative time, which means cheaper registration for you!

There still will be competitive races, the BCES races will be high calibre, just no cumulative points. Including the short-course option at all the races was a bit difficult, we were trying to do and be too many things at once, it was quite taxing. This flexibility and redefined focus will mean that the very serious riders will have a goal, while the intermediate and advanced riders will also be able to set there goals by starting locally and expanding as their skills or motivations grow. Yet the communities and venues get to drive their own path!

With so many events in communities, we had to be cognizant of our impacts, sometimes less is more, especially when you start drawing close to 200-300 people, with multiple practice laps etc.

As the CNES will have 3-4 events in Western Canada, you can for sure see that as enough races to garner points!
  • + 1
 Agree! -- A few comments:

I like the concept in getting the community groups to take the organisation of these on. What if Ted was not here? We'd be all left competing on Strava.

Even through racing is de-emphasized, tracking points through the year is good motivation to attend more events, even if no prizes just the accomplishment is enough.

I think most people make weekends out of these, and if the racing is kept low key and blind then the practice day will become more about exploring the area than memorizing the trails. Saying that, I do like the course release on Fridays so we can at least check it out the day before; it is fun playing around with fast lines for a purpose.

Will definitely be out to some of these events next year. Cheers.
  • + 1
 I guess my online concern with lack of formal pre-registration is that me and my guys travel from Alberta to get to these races, kinda need some advance notice to book hotels and get there... but not to just show up and be told were outside of a 200 rider cap. Team logistics are a pain in the ass sometimes, but the more plans I have solidified in advance, the better.
  • + 1
 Ive been racing DH bc cup and was considering switching to enduro for the 2018 season but now seeing these changes I think I will continue racing dh. Likely the only enduro I will do is the ews at whistler and with no enduro race experience I will likely fail. I would consider doing some of the other enduros but without the presence of double black runs it likely will not be sufficient experience to jump into whistler. Thank you for ruining BC enduro for me and any other local who just wants to compete.
  • + 1
 These will be good changes. One of my favorite events the first year was the sunshine coast 2 day enduro which was real enduro, as unless you were a local, you were riding every trail blind. More fun, more focused on the weekend adventure. Less "Bro" and pre-riding to nail that perfect line for race day. Hopefully we'll see more of these styles of events this year. Sunshine Coast was too far for most BC travellers of course but the two day format would be cool for weekend destination events. Up to the local community sponsor now for the BC part of series.
  • + 1
 This is frustrating. The BCES was already lacking organization, it seems as though it's now going to be taken even lighter. Are they unaware that those looking to race seriously may not have the means of travelling all across Canada to compete in the CNES? I was really hoping to see an improvement in the way that this is run, but unfortunately this seems to be quite the opposite...
  • + 0
 I think this is a step in the right direction. I've competed in enduro races for the past couple years and the idea makes sense. Having BCES for more grassroots fun races and having CNES for more competitive races. It's also called "Canadian " enduro series for a reason its all of canada not just BC.
  • + 1
 @SG-Mtn - Would love to discuss your concerns, shoot me an email, or call (number is on the website).

I think you may be missing that, you don't need to travel across Canada to race seriously. The structure of the CNES, is that there are 3-4 races in BC (1 in AB), so that you don't have to travel to ON, QC, unless needed. Also, the championship is here as well.

For the BC Enduro, the biggest change is there is no longer cumulative points and the courses are not as hard, which also correlates to riding more sustainable trails.

I would love to chat about what other areas are lacking organization, and if you're keen to come lend a hand, I'd gladly welcome the help.

Thanks for your comment!
  • + 3
 @SG-Mtn how can you judge organisation? You've never even done a BCES or any other mtb event to compare it to
  • + 3
 May I suggest you step up and host an event
  • + 2
 raced 2 events and was a course marshal for another , they are far from lacking organization .
  • + 1
 Hell yeah Ted, this makes a lot of sense. Although I missed the Fall beginner enduro in Kamloops this year, I loved the concept and I think this format makes a lot of sense for many, many riders. I hope Kamloops is one of the stops to continue to get a CNES event though!
  • + 1
 Right on Luke!!!
  • + 1
 I have mixed thoughts on this one. I'm really glad that BC level events will not include double back trails as this really opens the doors for more riders. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of facebook (maybe I'm in the minority), and really appreciate the email communication.

Also, there's not much said about the difficulty of CNES. Will the distance and technical difficulty be the same as 2017, or will the races become even harder?
  • + 1
 @hugebiff - Zac, don't worry more info on the CNES will come out in due time, but yes, expect increased distances, technical difficulty and more rawness.

I understand Facebook is not a great form, but it reduces admin time resulting in lower registration fees for you, and an easier source of communication for hosts.
  • + 1
 @bcenduroseries Hey Ted, are you saying there will be no podiums after party etc? Or it will be up to the individual race......cause if you want 70% social....for me the practice days, podiums and after party IS the social side of the event. I like the idea of splitting up the events though. The local MooseDuro was a great inaugural race, fantastic turnout, podiums, prizes and BBQ. BCES supplied the timing system for that event. If this was the format for the new BCES I think you're on the right track!
  • + 2
 @andrewkeen, this is exactly it, the Mooseduro was essentially what we were in the first year. As we grew, we adapted into what we are now.

So yes, all the social après isn't provided by BCES, but if the host community wants to bring out food trucks, local shops throw in prizes and have a party then that's awesome and we'll support. I imagine it will happen at every event, I just don't want to put the pressure on the hosts. Also, it's better for the racer, as if you gotta get home and miss out on beer and food and awards, you won't have to pay for all of that!

I ran an event like this in Kamloops this year and it was awesome!
  • + 0
 So if an outside group wanted to hold a race, would they just be able to call you guys to hold timing and create a coarse? I dont like how there isnt a pro class, It should just cost more to enter that class. Like putting money where your mouth is. Also I feel like you're taking the Endur from Enduro, shorter coarse, with shuttles.... Enduro comes from endurance. Sorry but im just not a fan of your new changes.
  • + 0
 Also, No double blacks, No payout, (no skill needed). So really people are just paying for bragging rights. Thats what strava is for
  • + 1
 Great to see the CNES potentially having more events in Ontario/Quebec. Can't wait for the schedule to be released...looks like Christmas is coming early!
BTW nice collection of OTB photos for the post!
  • + 0
 I was just thinking about this kind of format. Growing the grassroots (also a guided tour of the best riding in the area) while still providing the stepping stone for the EWS. Hopefully no conflicting dates with the Marin enduro in Nakusp!
  • + 0
 Thanks! I'm hoping to launch a guided portion in 2019, we'll see how that goes!
  • + 1
 @bcenduroseries: the future is really in timed ski mountaineering descents. Thanks for coming out to Steep Dreams.
  • + 2
 This is a great move! Like all cycling disciplines, the focus needs to be on the Junior kids and U21. It's these kids that will carry the sport, not late 20'/30s/40s slinging product on Instagram.
  • + 1
 @bcenduroseries So if there is no set schedule yet and it depends on the number of applicants.... how do I apply ? Really hoping to attend some race events this upcoming season
  • + 1
 @chris9901 Chris, it's still November 8th, take your full-face off and hang it on the wall. We've got 5 months before the riding season starts! Once we get the applications and set the schedule, we'll let everyone know and you can pick your events from there!

Thanks for the comment!
  • + 1
 @bcenduroseries: But there's only a little bit of snow on the ground! haha. Is there any way we can get notified when we are able to sign up for events? Want to get on it quick as you said registration will be limited!
Thanks for the reply!
  • + 2
 Amazing Ted! You keep innovating the discipline and making it that much more awesome!
  • + 2
 You better be ready with your sinks, tubs and hoses cause this will test riders in every faucet!
  • + 3
 Hell yeah, AB stops for CNES. I'm ready for some real hometown send
  • + 2
 Crowsnest as a CNES stop this year.
  • + 1
 Hey Ted... Thanks for thinking of the trails and for listening to feedback from local bike clubs and communities!
  • + 2
 No double blacks? Ted pushing his 29er agenda...
  • + 2
 Stoked that we'll be getting more Enduro events!
  • + 2
 I kinda just clicked to see that crash pic. Holy crap I hope they're ok.
  • + 2
 Looking forward to testing all my faucets.
  • + 1
 Duncan! Yes, please test them, they could be leaky...
  • + 2
 10% Racing, 70% Social, 30% = 110%
GSD Ted!
  • + 2
 I'm surprised no one else caught that...I was waiting. Thanks for alway taking care of the details Pete!
  • + 2
 no double blacks! WHY NOT
  • + 2
 @singlespeedgoat - Your Mom told me that you're not to be trusted with scissors...
  • + 2
 Yes Ted!!!! Stoked for next year.
  • + 1
 what is a bike race without an afterparty??

the rest of it sounds good though.
  • + 2
 Nice looking Heeler!
  • + 1
 I got to admit I mostly ride to drink beer. Will there still be beer
  • + 1
 Lets see fees for the riders lowered then.. $100 a race, nope!
  • + 5
 @vincelowry you got it my man! With the new structure, you should see the BC Enduro races around $60-80 depending on what the host organizers want to do!
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro: Modern mountain bikes and suspension has taken a lot of the skill out of riding. It would be nice if there was more technical terrain / sections and riders lost points for dabs (putting their foot down.)
  • + 1
 Good stuff.
  • - 1
 Good for you! I really like the changes that you are proposing. I'd like to see our local series adopt some of the same.
  • + 1
 Good things

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