MEC Canadian National Enduro Series Calendar & Registration Released

Jan 9, 2018 at 22:17
by Ted Morton  

Welcome to the MEC Canadian National Enduro Series, presented by Intense Cycles

While everyone is busy posting gym selfies and some sort of walking/sliding/gliding on snow, we need to take a deep breath and remember that summer is just around the corner! For 2018, we're bringing 6 stops across Canada, 3 events in British Columbia, 1 event in Alberta, 1 in Ontario and 2 in Quebec! With this year's MEC Canadian National Enduro Series, we have the opportunity, to reach the most amount of riders across Canada. The series is specifically formulated to help reduce the burden of travelling cross-country, but still providing that incentive for very serious racers.

Also, hang-tight for the announcement of our 2018 Blueprint Canadian Enduro Development Team, we've enlisted the fastest male and female U21 riders in Canada!

The summer of 2018 should be the summer that you sell your soul to the devil, as the events this year are going to be rowdy, steep, fast and long, so call the devil right now, trade him for some added jazz in the legs and a bit more upper body strength. This is for fans of big-days on the bike, giving back to the local trail clubs, and travelling to check-out new places.
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Returning this year is our ever gracious title partner MEC, Canada's go-to place for outdoor gear, know-how and inspiration. Last year, together with MEC (they match our 10% trail donations) we raised more than $30,000 for local trail clubs across Canada. Now, we couldn't do that without the support of you, the riders, who over the last 5 years of the series have contributed to more than $70,000 in trail love! In each destination, we partner with the local trail association to not only bring a unique experience for the riders but to showcase the community - the efforts of trail-builders, planners, land-owners and shredders. If you missed our announcement on the restructuring of the BC Enduro Series, you can head over and read about it here (we're putting more focus into newer riders and the communities).

I'm super excited about the season, this is probably the most excited I've been for a season; we have pared the series down to the best stops and adding in a completely brand new venue (Panorama), you can expect this to be one of the wildest seasons yet. We've also enlisted some great sponsors who are providing some BIG prizes!

- Ted

Race Recap Williams Lake Enduro 2017 MEC BC Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles

Race Recap Fraser Valley Enduro MEC Canadian National Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles
Intense Cycles will be out at select events this year, this also means that you'll likely catch the Karver putting on a few cornering clinics!


Returning in 2018 to select stops, the MEC mechanic station will be ready to support any racers at stops across the country and don't forget to keep watch for the Intense Cycles demo fleet!

This year, MEC is offering their Club Night promotion to racers of the MEC Canadian National Enduro Series, these are promotional cards given out at the events that allow racers to access discounts at their local MEC.

2018 BC Enduro Series


We'll be posting a registration link on January 15th through Pinkbike, our *NEW* website, and social media accounts. Online registration closes at 12:00 pm noon the day before each race, so save $10.00 by registering online in advance!


Keep an eye out for an early season discount (hint, hint..):
• All categories for participants who are over the age of 21 = $110
• All categories for participants who are under 21 = $90
• All categories for participants who are under 15 = $85

Pricing Discounts

I'm happy to say that year we'll be bringing even more prizes, fun-games and most importantly, the most unique trails across the country, no event is a typical day at the trails!

1) INTENSE RIDER DISCOUNT — Own an Intense? Anyone who races on an Intense will be given 50% off, you can thank the big-dawgs at Intense, they're stoked to see people riding! Simply email, 10 days before an event, with your name and Intense Discount in the subject line and you'll be sent a coupon code for 50% off! *Not applicable with other offers*

2) MULTI-RACE DISCOUNT — Register for more than 3 races and you'll receive 10% off of every event. This is automatically added to your cart!

• If you placed 1st overall in the CNES for categories U21 men and women, U15 men and women, 21-29, 30-39, 40+, and open women, you will receive a $75 credit towards 2017.***
• If you placed 2nd overall in the CNES for categories U21 men and women, U15 men and women, 21-29, 30-39, 40+, and open women, you will receive a $50 credit towards 2017.***
• If you placed 3rd overall in the CNES for categories U21 men and women, U15 men and women, 21-29, 30-39, 40+, and open women, you will receive a $25 credit towards 2017.***
***Offer not available in conjunction with other discounts/promotions/sales of equal or higher value (however, this does work with the multi-race discount).***
**Excludes Pro categories**
*EMAIL after JANUARY 20TH to redeem.*

May 13th — Fraser Valley, BC *EWS Qualifier
June 3rd — Kamloops, BC
June 17th — Panorama, BC *Canadian National Championships, EWS Qualifier
June 24th — Crowsnest Pass, AB
July 1st — Camp Fortune, QC
July 8th — Blue Mountain, ON *EWS Qualifier
July 15 — Bromont, QC

2017 Canadian National Enduro Series Finale at Sun Peaks Resort Photography by Sam Egan see more at


This year's championship will be more of a typical cycling championship, where we will host a one-day championship race, to determine the National Champion. Many venues applied, in the end, Panorama Mountain Resort had taken the cake, with it's HUGE terrain and diverse trails!

We'll still be administering an overall winner for the series, but we wanted to make the Championship race an opportunity to be more accessible, so by having a one-day event we are hoping to encourage larger participation to this event, drawing a very competitive pool of talent to truly see: Who is Canada's fastest enduro rider?

We've chosen this location due to its relatively undiscovered riding scene, extremely varied terrain, some of which has never seen racing. Expect a massive day 2500m of climbing, 6 Stages, and everything from alpine singletrack to racing on the Canadian DH Course!

Also, this event will be an Enduro World Series Qualifier event, helping athletes achieve that next level! More information on the EWSQ events on our website.

New Timing System

We'll also be trialling a new timing system at this race - this system is a 'fly-by' timing system, so no more stopping to tag in and out!

If there is one event you're considering to do this year, this is the one...

CNES 2017 at Blue Mountain - Andy Vathis

Race Recap Fraser Valley Enduro MEC Canadian National Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles
Kazoom will also be unveiling a custom Canadian styled jersey for the champs to showcase across the globe!

Canada s Enduro Champion Crowned at the 2017 MEC Canadian National Enduro Championship


We're were grateful to work with Blue Mountain Resort and the MAAXX Events team last year for our Eastern rounds, that we went ahead and added a round! Camp Fortune will be the first event of the Eastern tour, Canada day nonetheless.

Blue Mountain Resort is also the only EWSQ stop for Eastern Canada, so if you're wanting to gain points to secure an entry in the Whistler EWS, be sure to register for that race on January 15th!

East vs. West Shoot-Out

Camp Fortune boasts a long and storied tradition of racing, dating back to Canadian DH Championships in 1999 & 2000. Over the next 15 years, this steep outcropping at the foot of the Canadian Shield has played host to dozens of Quebec and Ontario Cup Downhill and Cross Country races, testing thousands of racers on it's rough, rock-strewn trails.

In 2018, the MEC Canadian National Enduro Series is excited to be reviving this premier race venue, which has not hosted a Provincial level race since 2014. Located in Quebec, but only minutes from Ontario, a return to racing Camp Fortune means the revival of a local racing tradition: the 'East v.s. West Challenge', an ego-boosting side-bet competition for bragging rights as old as the new millennium. "The Challenge" pits all Eastern Canadians, the nation of Quebec included Wink , against their Western counterparts to crown the fastest cycling region in the country, on Canada Day no less!

The rules are simple: entrants will be divided into East or West teams, depending on their province of Origin. The top 10 overall finishers from each region will contribute to their respective team's total points, using the same points system as CNES Overall. The team with the most points on Sunday wins endless bragging rights, and some rad surprise prizing.

Prepare for the party!

CNES 2017 Bromont - Andy Vathis

Race Recap Golden - MEC BC Enduro Series 2017

CNES 2017 Bromont - Andy Vathis
Here are the podium finishers from Bromont in 2017. Will they take home the bragging rights in the East vs. West Shoot-out?


A few changes in store for 2018, so fire-up those eyeballs and get those keyboards ready!

• At registration, you'll see a pop-up window verifying that your helmet was manufactured in the past three years. We recognize that most manufacturers recommend helmets be replaced every 2-5 years. Random helmet manufacturing date inspections will occur. We're doing this to help encourage you guys to take care of your head and if you're looking for more information on concussion baseline testing, give me a shout!

• Full Face helmets are mandatory for ALL riders at Fraser Valley, Panorama, Blue Mountain and Camp Fortune.

• Full Face Helmets are mandatory for U21 Riders at EVERY RACE (this includes U15).

• Rulebook - we will be publishing a rulebook for the first time ever, this will be published in mid-February, it will not be overbearing, rather a guideline of expectations for racers and also for the organizer.

• Cut-Off Times - This year all courses will close at 3:30 pm unless specifically scheduled otherwise. What this means is that at 3:30 pm riders not finished the race will be brought back to staging and not permitted to continue. This is for the riders safety, our volunteers, and all of you who have to make long drives home!

• Timing Tag Hand-In - Timing tags are now due at 3:30 pm (riders still on course have until 3:45). Any timing tags handed in - without notice - after 3:45 pm will be automatically disqualified.

• Timing System - We'll be utilizing a new timing system for the Panorama event (ONLY); for the first time we will be using a 'fly-by' timing system, we know you'll dig it!

• More Prizes - with fewer events this year, we'll have way more door prizes for you folks, so fill the Ford Aerostar with the cousins and come on out!

2018 BC Enduro Series


These events do not happen without our dedicated volunteers, every year I'm absolutely enthralled by the passion these people bring to the event. If you're interested in volunteering at some of our events, please reach out and let us know how we can make your summer exceptional!

We're always looking for the following:
• Course Sweep
• Course Clear (rides behind the sweep and cleans course marking)
• Food Station - likely the best gig!
• Course Marshals - second best gig, always in the action!
• Registration Table - Early start, early finish, interacting with the riders
• First-Aid - Must be comfortable with hiking/biking to your spot and be a minimum of WFR. We do offer paid positions.
• Finish Line Support - Hang out at the finish line

What we offer:
• Free sandwich and apres meal/beer on event day
• Free entry to any race this year! If redeeming for your kids/spouse you'll receive 75% off.
• Volunteer for more than two races and receive an additional free race!
• Free lift ticket for events based at resorts.
• Highschool Volunteer Hours for students!
• Event T-Shirt!

If you're keen, please send an email to with the event and role that you'd like to volunteer for, events are Fraser Valley, Kamloops, Panorama, Crowsnest Pass, Camp Fortune, Blue Mountain, Bromont. You will be emailed the Monday, Wednesday and Saturday leading up to the event to confirm and coordinate your position.

Thanks to all our volunteers, you are the backbone of the racing community!

Race Recap Fraser Valley Enduro MEC Canadian National Enduro Series presented by Intense Cycles
A massive thanks to SMITH, they're really like a big volunteer, from helping with event setup/teardown, always ready to lend a hand, plus they keep us well protected and looking good!

MEC BC Enduro Fraser Valley 2017. Photo Scott Robarts Photography
Now get off the couch and start training!

A massive thank-you to this year's series sponsors and supporters

• And anyone who Volunteered with us and anyone who helped with a shuttle, a beer or a spare tube!

Need something? More information?

• Athlete Inquires & Volunteer Information | Will Cadham
• All other inquiries | (Event Director)


  • + 23
 I see Saskatchewan gets the shaft AGAIN!
  • + 9
 it's enduro, not track cycling Wink
  • + 17
 Wouldn’t you need a hill first?
  • + 2
 Buffalo Pound Ntl Park looks like it has some decent riding
  • + 3
 Poor Saskatchewan
  • + 11
 Guess Pinkbike shouldn’t cancel the upcoming Sarcasm 101 course after all...
  • + 4
 Come to PEI. Shortest stages in all of Canada.
  • + 8
 My understanding was that Canadian National events were going to be more serious, BC Enduro events would be less serious. Looks like only one BC Enduro event, Canmore in July. Any possibility of more BC Enduro events being added? Or will some of the Canadian National events have some sort of a short course option. I want to race in Crowsnest Pass again, but looking for more of a short course style option.
  • + 5
 @mdn42 You got it - CNES races are way more serious, bigger days, tougher courses - no short courses.

There is only 1 BCES race currently scheduled (Canmore, July 9th), I have a few other applications in the Queue, most are waiting on permits. Talk to your club and see if they're interested.

Canmore is going to be sweet, and there will likely be another beginner focused enduro in Kamloops in September, just gotta work out the details!
  • + 2
 Thank you! Appreciate the response and appreciate all the work put in to make these races happen!
  • + 0
 There is no mention of a Canmore race in this post....only on the website.
  • + 3
 @canadianenduro: Canmore race last summer was great, it was first attempt at an enduro for me, pile of fun. Looking forward to round 2!
  • + 2
 @canadianenduro: Only one "BC Enduro" event Canmore, AB. hmmmm
  • + 8
 Stoked to be a part and supporter of another great year of racing! Keep up the solid work Ted and crew and we look forward to seeing everyone at the events next year!! how do I get rid of this beer gut....ugh
  • + 9
 National enduro race at Fortune?? Cool!
  • + 8
 Camp Fortune was a great choice for both ON and QC riders!
  • + 8
 Learned to DH at Camp Fortune a long time ago, skyline chair terrain is GNAR!! Great place for us western snobs to be humbled, same goes for Bromont.
  • + 11
  • + 6
 Camp Fortune is the greatest mountain bike venue in Canada. This is coming from someone who lives in Whistler.
  • + 3
 Ted - the three year helmet replacement myth is just that, a myth! Scam by helmet manufacturers to sell more helmets! The helmet safety institute opined that "there was no significant impact performance change with age". As long as someone has a full face they should be good to go. Better for the environment too.
  • + 1
 Or just deal with the rules. This could be an insurance requirement for whoever is insuring the series. Also I don't know about you, but my own helmets take enough random small falls when off my head that after two years, they get tossed.
  • + 3
 @kiddlivid: ok I'll go buy another carbon troy Lee helmet at $500 just so I can race once a year ? No Thanks. Pushing riders away from racing once again with costs. I understand the logic and an inspection of gear is good(should be 100% of riders not random if the organizers are serious about safety)) but to stop someone from racing based on a date of manufacturing would be silly. If the helmet has signs of damage then definitely pull their plate.
  • + 2
 @dr-airtime It's not the age of the helmet thing they're worried about. I think it's more how much un-noticed abuse your lid takes over the course of a few seasons. My current lid (a Giro Feature non Mips) has had 3 seasons & have I ever noticed a few new dents etc... Time for a new lid. I'd rather be safe then sorry when it comes to my head/brain. Concussions suck!
  • + 2
 @ridestuff: @kiddlivid Agree on replacing your helmet with major dents. Issue is that if you have never dropped or crashed it here is no long term performance degradation from foam "aging" that is a myth and this study of 675 used, undamaged helmets prove this.

Worth reading this. Mental mantra should be "only replace if you damage your helmet"
  • + 3
 With the amount of regional races both enduro and all mountain XC that are unsanctioned (read cannot be found on a BC cycling or any other official race schedule) ; maybe would be cool if Pinkbike considered extending their trailforks program to include a regional race calendar .....i am no computers expert, but I would think if there was a calendar function that overlaid with a location search..I.e. BC wide, sea to sky, lower main land , PNW etc and would allow organizers to add their events to the main calendar it could become a great resource for the weekend warrior....and help organizers get the world out for their local races that may not be part of a larger race series and still tons of fun for locals and visitors alike!
  • + 1
 It's too bad that there are no CNEC events in August or September. I get that many competitive riders will be off racing EWS and what not at that point, but the rest of us like some good ol' big days of enduro all season long. The last couple races of the season were always the most fun for myself and my friends, by that point we were feeling strong, had our bikes dialed, and could just go and celebrate the rad season of shredding with a big ol final hoorah.
  • + 4
 August is a tough month, I don’t know if you recall the forest fires this summer!? Also, with trails at their driest, it’s not really an ideal showcase for communities. There’s also this big event in Whistler that’s almost two weeks long, can’t recall the name though, you probably know....

September is a bummer for sure, but with the Steve Smith Memorial event and a few others, like Revy Bike Fest, we decided we’d cool it off for a summer. Always next year!
  • + 1
 Check attendance for any local events (Fivers and Toonie races). Attendance goes way down with family commitments and other summer activities, back to school, Crankworx, etc.
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro: hope to see you out at the Stevie Smith Memorial Ted! The Monster Mile is rad..
  • + 1
 Cut off times are a good idea as long as you don't have to wait an hour and 15 minutes to drop in on stage 1, as what happened at most of the races I went to the past few years. Please send different categories to different starting stages to avoid this if possible. Looking forward to 2018 bike season!
  • + 1
 This was done in the past, I'd imagine it depends on the venue.
  • + 1
 Looks a lot like a pot plant growing in front of that gnome photo.
Must be one of the BC stages.
Oh. And the helmet thing? Why is it that you'd replace a helmet every 2 years if it has been looked after (unless of course it starts to smell really bad)? I mean seriously, how often do people replace the seat belts in their cars that manage to sit in an extremely harsh environment for decades and still work.
5-7 years maybe.
  • + 2
 I’m 99% sure that gnome pic is from bromont
  • + 1
 La Fury du Souriceau du Mal " dans " Rouche "
  • + 1
 Maybe the BC Enduro Series should be renamed to Western Canada Enduro or something like that.... guess it would depend on applicants but would be cool to see a race in Carcross, YT.... would be great if all the BC Enduro races were outside of BC.
  • + 2
 Would love to come up to Carcross!!! Who's got contacts?!
  • + 3
 Rocky Mountain discount?! Smile . Also is currently -30 in Calgary Ted, hope your right about summer being right around the corner Wink
  • + 3
 It's not -30 at B-Line park! Also worth mentioning that Redbull is giving out free cans of bull semen right now!
  • + 2
 @YouHadMeAtDrugs: my pocket looses -30 everytime I ride there
  • + 0
 There should be a BC series and a Eastern series travelling across the country is too expensive and timely for a fun series. Nice to see a USA bike company bucked up to be a title sponsor. These events need lots of coin/ volunteers to operate properly and build momentum. I would sign up for a Cumberland/Powell River/Roberts Creek/Whister/north shore series!
  • + 3
 Yessir, takes a lot to run this series. Essentially what you're proposing is what we have done - 4 events in BC, 3 Events Eastern.

The Island/Sea to Sky series you mention is a good idea, but there is a ton happening already in the sea to sky! Almost an event every week/weekend!
  • + 7
 West and a east series. Then a national race held in Saskatoon to find out who is the big dog
  • + 0
 Sad to see the dropping of events. More events made it easier for us weekend warriors to get into the sport. Is there any talk about non sanctioned events being held at locations that were dropped?
  • + 1
 We are an un-sanctioned race Wink

We had to drop some events because 13 was really a lot, and not all races had enough participants.

Let me know if you’re keen to host one and we can bring the BC Series! Otherwise, book these stops in!
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro: I'd love to host an event; however, our town and trail network in Christina Lake is not setup for events like I have seen in other parts of the province. Guess I'll have to try and make on or two of the stops near me. Thanks by the way for all you are doing.
  • + 1
 Stoked to host again this year! Keeping our fingers crossed for drier weather this year, but have to admit the slippery trails made for good spectating last summer!
  • + 1
 Alpine trails going to be snow-free by June 17th? Probably not in most parts of BC, but I guess it doesn't snow much on that side of the Purcells.
  • + 2
 correction it doesn't snow much at Panorama!
  • + 1
 Sounds like you need to find a bowl
of concrete for breakfast...just kidding, it’ll be good to go!
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro: it snows all around Panorama it's like a donut effect. The locals can attest to that. Fernie on the other hand....
  • + 1
 @jerome: fernie sucks, to many french guys with Yamahas.....
  • + 1
 @d-man: that Yamaha pulled out a 2016 Arctic Cat from the woods so it does have some use
  • + 1
 @jerome: hahaha thats awesome!
  • + 1
 Is there any chance of the BC enduro series coming back to the north shore this year?
  • + 1
 Unfortunately doesn’t look like it, unless the club or someone wants to host. There is so much happening on the shore with the FWS, we don’t want to take away from that!
  • - 1
 "Full Face helmets are mandatory for ALL riders at Fraser Valley, Panorama, Blue Mountain and Camp Fortune. " not looking forward to sweating it out doing 2000m of vert while wearing my full face...
  • + 3
 feel the pain of U21.
  • + 1
 Your going to ride a chair at pano for most if it. wear your xc lid to climb and full face to descend, simple.
  • + 1
 Kamloops is the same weekend as the Gryphon in Squamish. Why must you make us choose just one?!
  • + 2
 Kamloops is the best, therefore easy decision! Wink
  • + 2
 I wouldn’t do that to you! There date will be announced soon, it’ll fit just perfect!
  • + 0
 @canadianenduro: looks like Gryphon date is June 2nd based on facebook posts. Will Kamloops and Gryphon be the going to be the same weekend or will one of the events move to another weekend?
  • + 0
 @cypressjoe: Your computer must be outdated -

June 10th is the Gryphon...
  • + 1
 @cypressjoe: Whoops, looks like you're correct, as that was 2017...hmmmm
  • + 1
 @canadianenduro: So we do have to choose then?
  • + 1
 @rubbertoe: We're sorting it out meow! Hang-tight!
  • + 2
 Bring Canadian Enduro to Moose Mountain!
  • + 2
 Moose permits are capped at 150 people....maybe an invitational only!?
  • + 2
 Yewww looking good!
  • + 1
 Ted, you and the crew are awesome! Looking forward to this season.
  • + 2
 C1 Duro
  • + 1
 Ca se passe au Bar Rencontre Le Boa ?
  • + 0
 Golden/Kicking Horse is absent... But T4 ridge... I mean that thing is impossible to ride without 100 dabs.
  • + 1
 haha blue mountain
  • + 1
 Very cool
  • + 1
 Great news great events
  • + 1
 No Penticton???
  • + 2
 they still have to release the bc enduro series calendar
  • + 1
 New timing, awesome!
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