Course Check: 26Trix With Sam Pilgrim

Jun 13, 2014 at 3:22
by Charles A Robertson  
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 pretty much my ride to work everyday
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 Where do you work? Where can I get an application?
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you as well?

you also getting bored riding the same run every morning? I've tried throwing in some front flips but kept dropping my briefcase..
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 so sick, much better than the other head cam i saw
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 I just love looking at hadle bars. Thats why i keep coming back
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 i dont see the reason off changing up the middle section it has less jumps now
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 are the jumps bigger now? i cant remember last year. quality over quantity for me
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 it's amazing how seems easy do those flips..holy crap!
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 Awesome but.. Where is the stepdown from last year?! Stepdowns are really hard to trick, should have stuck it in there this year aswell to see what they got on it! After all it is a gold event!
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 Looks big and kinda sketchy through the berms, maybe harder to carry speed than other dirt jump events? Should be good.
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 How are big smooth berms sketchy? Wink
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 The entrances and exits where you transition from dirt to concrete looked rough on the helmet cam. That's all.
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 The second one looks kind of weird and are they really made of concrete?
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 I hear ya, but chest cams don't take much to bobble around... it sucks when you go through anything sorta rough and it bounces around too much to tell what's going on. I'm sure with the few inches of travel, they're holding speed through them no problem.
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 Is that the rear hub I can hear? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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 he has a djd supa drive I believe 120 points of engagement :O
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 Sounds like a big fish taking out line.
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 Wracking my brain and just can't work out what you did to warrant a neg prop. You didn't even state an absolute fact, saying 'I believe'. Neg prop trollathon.
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 he does run a djd as well and a fatboy up front. i suppose it wasn't welcome for me to say something inoffensive, non-committal and throw away
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 Well damn, I just tried to + your post and my fat stupid finger hit the down arrow. I'll plus the second one, and be more careful this time.
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 That hub sound reminds me of a dentist drill
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 Im glad mtb dj and slopestyle is where its at now as far as progression. Skiing and snowboarding are played out. Its all about how many spins and corks no longer about style
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 Those concrete berms are really rough lol, did they not bother to smooth them?
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 they are actually smooth, on the cam it looks like they are rough because some parts are wet and some aren´t
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 Thanks wipz. I was wondering about that too.
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 where I can watch the live broadcast?
please give me the link
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 F***ing love the pilgrim! This shit needs to be turned into a video game. With chest cam view mode!
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 course looks rough. hopefully it doesnt get rained out.
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 I'm glad this course has good sized jumps. Especially after seeing the gopro games
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 that made me dizzy in a good way =)
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 I love squishy bikes.
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 Dem flips
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 That sounds so good
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 OMG is right!
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 Is there going to be a webcast??
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 slopestyle is dead
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 Agreed.......While the riding has evolved the courses have not, they have actually gone backward. I think they need to let the claw build these courses from now on
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 This isn't a slopestyle comp though, they're dirtjumps... Looks super fun
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 Nicely put, feel like people want to call everything slopestyle now. Good old dirt jumps rule. Having said which I don't necessarily agree with all the cries for perfectly manicured jumps, nailing your stuff on less than perfect jumps really sorts the men from the boys, so to speak.
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 Yes especially consider this is supposed to be mountain biking, not bmx
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