Video: Lourdes Downhill Pre-Season Testing | UCI Mountain Bike World Series

Apr 26, 2023 at 11:59
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

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 - The camera angle is very bad. We don't want to see as much as possible from the riders but also the track. Very hard to follow a race if filmed like that
- When doing an interview, the goal isn't to get as close as possible to the interview partners. Its fine to have a little distance
- Who is doing the interviews?
- The music just doesn't fit (especially at 4:3Cool
- The foam gates are just a bad way of taping the track. They take a lot of the view field
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 Can’t agree more.
Interviews look super bad, looks like they stuck the cam up their nose. Try doing some research on common focal lengths for that stuff..

Also the foam gates are ridiculous. You just see banners and a lot of the track is hidden..
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 That's most likely not how the races will be filmed. Chill...
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 I'd add one more thing... It looks like the cameraman couldn't follow the riders properly, so the images look very shaky and sometimes it's a PITA to watch
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 @bikounet: that should have been the main test...
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 Can't like this enough. Said they'd talk about the semi final... Did they?!?
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 Yeah, that was really shit camera work, so static, no tracking of or framing the rider, close ups of nothingness. That person needs lots of practice.
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 The rob warner issue aside ... what I´ve heard from most of the pros was pretty positive. We´ll see in Lenzerheide but having a test event is a good move after a regime change so I think this will only improve the final product
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 Just happy to see some bikes rolling down a race track again. They need some more close up shots though. I wasn't quite able to identify the tyre patterns exactly.
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 6 times the same sound extract between 0:44 and 1:06...

As a great man once said, I expected nothing and I'm still let down.
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 lol Seriously, if they were missing the audio just have Rob commentate over... oh wait... f*ck
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 Haha, I thought it was the music but you’re right! Can hear someone trackside say the same thing 6 times too
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 Anyway with fullattack and other rider's vlogs this late uci recap is pointless!
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 Just imagine how soul destroying it must be to earn your living composing such bland insipid music as used in these videos. I wonder if it's chosen specifically to accompany the bland insipid presentation?
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 The EWS "coverage" once Discovery/GMBN took over was the same. 5 seconds of (the same!) elevator music accompanying each disjointed out-of-context "action" sequence. I really hope this improves.
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 That was the most boring WC DH video I've ever seen. Terrible camera angles, horrible music, uninterested dialogue, riders probably scared to speak freely. The opening Crankworx race was not without issue, but based on this video it will still be the only series to follow this year.
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 boooooring. we want ROB !
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 Rick says the last 3 words of every sentence ...very ...slowly ...indeed...
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 My hopes are not high.....
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 Wow, I’m so hyped for the start of the DH season and yet this video further reinforces my intuition that I probably won’t pay a subscription to view it live. That was lame.
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 Wow that was dull. Pretty much 5 mins of shots of the bottom half of the wheels of bikes as they went by, and no actual information about anything at all.
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 Is this really the best you can do? Why not have someone presenting it that actually has some knowledge of downhill racing. Give us some tech insight, changes that have been made, more interviews, raw footage - stuff that everyone wants to see. This is piss poor from people that are supposed to be improving the sport.
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 ...Wont Work without Warner
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 bring back Rob
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 Great, we have the WORST voice in Mountain biking now. Honestly so boring. This sports fucked from an entertainment point of a view
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 Happy to see that the most hated man in mtb wasn’t to be seen
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 Was on a Balloon over the area...
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 Rob got Robbed
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 The big problem is, the fans are being left in the dark. They could have given us a taste of what to expect, with more content.
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 Dear god, if the footage contained within this is anything like what we can expect from the live feeds, then its over! Absolutely terrible from start to end.
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 That wasn't encouraging. Zero energy or enthusiasm all round. I hope the racing is good, though I doubt I'll be watching this year. How did they manage to make Tennis look more exciting?
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 I'm not a fan of so many tight shots on the bike. They're OK sprinkled in, but I want to see the rider AND the track. Surfing does that too sometimes: too tight so you can't see how the surfer is really using the whole wave and adjusting to what's coming up next.
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 wow... not one slashed corner.
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 Guarantee you not a single one of these riders has ever wanted a TruTune.
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 So... is Ric confirmed as the race commentator now? And if so do we know who will be co-presenting with him?
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 If they were testing everything, not sure about the video style. But, admittedly, haven’t watched while doing yoga poses yet
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 Can we get subtitles in English for the British riders, please?
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 Can we get french subtitles just to piss everyone off please?!
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 Was there a live stream ?
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 No, it was a test event so they were experimenting with different things like different course taping/poles and a few other things. It was more to test formats and organisational setup with the teams and riders rather than being basically "Round 0" of the World Cups this year.
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 DH is the best of Mtb’ing
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 the course is down, but hoping the coverage is uphill from here.
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 Ooooh, got so mesmerised by fluorescent taping I didn’t see any action
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 This video is hot garbage.

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