Video: Dylan Stark's Unorthodox Red Bull Rampage POV

Nov 4, 2022 at 12:18
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

bigquotesHere is my Gopro POV from Redbull Rampage 2022, Shot on a Gopro hero 11. Riding a custom painted YT Industries Tues. This was my first time riding at Redbull Rampage and I was stoked to make it to the finish in one piece. Didn't get to take a second run due to wind but hope to be invited back next year. Dylan Stark

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 God hearing metal on metal grinding during a Rampage run is SO GOOD. Such a perfect sound too, it sounded like an audio clip ripped from EA SKATE for the perfect grind sound. Was really hoping he'd have the energy for a flair at the end but... That would be a tough yank.
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flag pbfan08 (Nov 7, 2022 at 21:58) (Below Threshold)
 Uh yeah but he's riding a carbon bike, so its plastic on metal...
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 @pbfan08: Not sure if... Serious. But it's a crank arm grind. So he is using the pedal, crank arm, and often the general BB shell area gets hit. Don't suppose Stark uses carbon cranks and I know he uses metal pins. Also I'm not 100% sure if he rides the carbon Tues but yeah, I'd guess that he is. He's kinda a metalhead tho and breaks a lotta shit so I wouldn't be surprised if he intentionally chose alloy frames. Especially when you're actively grinding the BB shell and shit lol
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 I think he has a bmx background.
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 Pinkbike is a weird place. All the comments about too manicured trail at Rampage = bad, because bikepark. Totally manicured/manmade handrail at Rampage = cool, because of...?
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 I agree that rampage has been toned down a bit, but it’s the unorthodox and out of the blue things that gain attention. even if the rail was “man made” it’s still something we’ve never seen before. That’s what makes it cool
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 That rail was buried in the dirt and his homies pulled it out as Dylan dropped in. People like it because it’s gangster and they’re right
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 @kleinblake: you got some weird gangs in your area if sliding a rail at a major corporate event is considered gangster
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 @CamLamson: I'm not so sure Rampage has been "toned down"- rather, as most of the riders have pointed out, I think the sport has progressed. Many riders talked about lines being ridden this time that were not even considered previous. Looking smooth because of skill vs. being smooth are two different things. I do agree that the rail was cool. The whole event always hangs on the edge of "what's going to happen?" so things like that rail, the caveman drop in or the late add 360 on a double drop really stand out. I dig it. At the end of the day it was memorable but I think judges really scored lines and line difficulty over tricks and novelty... which a few years ago everyone was begging for because not doing it this way negatively impacted their favourite rider and this year were pissed about because doing it this way negatively impacted their favourite rider.
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 @snl1200: Most level-headed comment about Rampage I've seen this year
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 Gotta love that “Trials Hop.”
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 Seem's like the surprise of it hurt em. Couldn't see it on the live stream and the judges probably didn't have a better camera view than what we had live. I also entirely get someone saying it may not be allowed and get ruined. Hindsight says Dylan needs invite number 2.
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flag scott-townes (Nov 7, 2022 at 9:36) (Below Threshold)
 I know more than a few people who didn't notice the rail slide at first and Cam was watching the same video as the rest of us. Keep in mind, he kept these plans pretty close to his chest with the rail only being taken out right as he was dropping in. But seriously though, you're right. Cam is terrible at announcing and has no clue what he's doing.
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 @scott-townes: I'm one of those people. I watched his run and didn't see the rail at all. I was really surprised and thought he got weirdly caught up on that drop. People mentioned the rail and I went back and it was like suddenly seeing a pink elephant there the whole time. Completely missed it at first even though it was super visible looking back. I'm sure it happened to many. He definitely deserved a higher score, hope he's back next year.
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 @DylanH93: This was the same for me. I couldn't figure out what that "trials hop" was. Later I read about a Dylan using a rail in rampage so I went back and watched again and it was so obvious I couldn't believe I missed it. It was like that video with the dancing bear and the guys passing the basketballs.
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 @InstantBreakfast: 100%. That dancing bear video lmao. It's insane how things can go unnoticed if you're not looking for them.
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 Only people with a bmx background had the power to see it clear as day
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: It was clear as day on the live stream.

I just noticed SIZ's comment. Yes, I have a BMX background.
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 @DarrellW: Agreed. Cam blew the call and it was clear it was a rail soon as he hit it...pretty sure you could hear the clank of the metal even...
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 Dylan was a great wildcard invite
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 just wait till yall see the behind the scenes series thats coming from this.
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 Looking forward to it, brother. Stoked you made it down safe, definitely hoping to see you back next year.

I thought the rail was sick addition, keep being you.

WhoisDylan? Dylan is the man.
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 Hell yeah they weren't ready. Love your comments at the end of your Rampage run. Dig that you like animals and you can see Catalina from Temecula when you check the swell. A lot of people don't get how sick non-coastal CA underpass shredding vibes are. #BrittanyAgeeforFormation
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 Every year there's some rider that tries to do some sort of "outside the box" feature at Rampage. Brendog's rock. Benderoni's open loop. Stark's rail. Doesn't seem like any of those features score particularly well, but at least they keep things interesting.

That said, I'm 100% fine with not seeing more rails at Rampage. That shit's goofy.
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 Oh yeah Benderoni! Forgot about that dude
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 @kanioni: He's still riding, I mean he had a bad crash with head trauma that took him out for a long time. Poor guy fled Russia after the invasion in February.
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 I would say even more - If not such a "fresh air", Rampage would become boring a years ago!
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 What a badass and creative run! I’m kind of ashamed to say I didn’t fully realize just how awesome it was. I really wish they would have scored him higher.
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 DYLAN, DYLAN, DYLAN, DYLAN, AND...DYLAN. Represented himself so so well. Professional and humble. Much respect homie. LONG LIVE HURLEY'S TRAILS. WOO!
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 Stark's run was sick , but unfortunately the scoring system at Rampage is not ... They should make it more chill and just film the runs and give the judges 24h n announce the scores the next day.
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 Best part about his run was his answer to a question about the rail. I forget the whole quote but the part that suck with me was : "Freeride has no rules"
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 Can someone please tell me what top cap he is using? Looks like a Rockshox turncoat but they haven't made those in years. Hoping there is a new product out there that allows for the front brake cable to be run inside to allow for tail whips on enduro bikes.
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 The turncoat still exists, but I think they only have them for Sram riders now. Looks like there is even a tapered one out there now:
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 I’ve run front brakes through OneUp EDC top caps
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 @MegaStoke: I am more concerned about the bottom with suspension and how that cable with move. The Turncoat seems to eliminate the issue as it feeds the cable away from the stanchions. For the top I would be happy to drill a 5mm hole in a 10mm spacer so it's not coming out of the top and cut the star nut down so it will go down easy (like you mom..sorry, bad taste, just a habit from my younger days).
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 @locaroka: I've run an EDC top cap with my front brake through it on two bikes. I've got a marsh guard on there, and just ziptied the brake line outside the fender on the fork leg so that it will never get sucked into the wheel. There is a steerer plug that goes in the bottom of the fork crown that One Up supplies with the EDC tool, and it has a hole in it that is already offset and fits a brake line perfectly. It works super well honestly. I had a turn coat on an older bike, and it actually kinked the brake line quite a bit.
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 Cane creek makes one where the cable goes right through the bolt and star nut.
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 his run should have scored higher, but it seems like rookies always get wacked at Rampage first try
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 I think he should have build the line with more flow to get more points. like this video shows he had couple of slow pedal sections.
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 The top 10 finishers get the automatic invite for the next year. I totally agree with that. I have a novel idea, how about the remaining invites are picked by us fan base! I cannot believe that Red Bull R does not consider how exciting a rider would be to watch in there selections. Dylan Stark would be at the top of my list for number 11 :-)
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 Awesome run! Crazy how slow it looks on video. Rider POV videos at Rampage are begging for 360 cams - would love to see everyone run those next year...
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 Makes me wonder what and how many camera angles the judges have?
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 This article title suggests the existence of orthodox rampage runs.
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 Agree. The only Orthodox Fundamental sect I can tolerate is the one within Black Metal adherents and I don't fully support that either. Brendog and Stark and Riddle should share a line.
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 Awesome stuff but, not convinced there's many handrails out in the Utah desert...... Dirt quater wasF'in RAD tho.
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 Where is the angle from dude you see with a camera @ 1:34
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 Pretty cool, props for creativity.
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 I would have died shortly before the start. At the latest.
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 Stark is rad and I'm stoked to see him in Rampage...but this shit does not belong.
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 redbull triampage
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 So stupid
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