Photo Epic: Pinkbike's 2023 Whistler Heli Drop

Aug 22, 2023 at 19:44
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

Earlier this month during Crankworx, the Pinkbike team and industry friends checked out Whistler's only sanctioned heli-bike trail.

This new trail from AlpX Expeditions (powered by Blackcomb Helicopters) has been the culmination of 5 years of consultation with the Province of British Columbia, Lil’wat Nation’ Land Referrals Committee, Squamish Nation, resource organizations and local user groups. The new trail consists of 13km of freshly built singletrack, spanning over 1600m (5,250ft) of descent, including a 3km black diamond descent from the peak, feeding into beautiful alpine lakes before a 1.2km climb trail, and an intermediate blue trail of 9km to finish. This final section follows an alpine ridgeline down through old growth forest to open terrain with a mix of singletrack and bike park style flow sections, and a healthy about of steep corners to keep the heart rate up.

The trail work was completed by Howler Contracting, a Whistler-based trail building crew lead by Zander Strathearn. You can learn more about the build process here.

Environmental impacts from heli-biking aren't insignificant, but for context, we're told each heli-drop burns slightly less fuel per person (around eight litres) than a Tacoma driving one-way from Vancouver to Whistler. Blackcomb Helicopters also offsets 100% of their operations emissions (flights, vehicles, infrastructure etc.). Whilst this doesn't undo the carbon emitted from their operations, it’s a step in the right direction, and as a company they are committed to further advancing their sustainability and moving towards to a lower-emissions future in the aviation industry. Thanks for having us, guys.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Trish loading bikes on safe and securely. Gavin and Keith on patrol were making sure everyone unloads and rides down safely.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Pilot Pierre gave us a ride up top, where an alpine black diamond rated trail feeds down into subalpine terrain.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Heli-biking (and tourism) is a very small part of Blackcomb Helicopters' current operation, with the majority of their fleet out fighting wildfires that are heavily impacting BC & Alberta this summer. Tourism is a year-round product that allows Blackcomb Helicopters to keep their pilots employed full-time, whilst being ready for other more essential flight programs. Blackcomb Helicopters also fly for Search and Rescue & Medevac, hydro-electric powerline construction, and various other industries in the mountains for our local workforce.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
No, we didn't spend our podcast money on buying a heli.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
We got a ride up to Ispoot Mountain on a Eurocopter AS350 B3 (or more recently known as the H125).

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Keeping a safe distance and letting the patrollers do most of the work, since literally everything on a helicopter can kill you.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
We require our sales team to be matchy-matchy at all times.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Rock features and steep chutes aplenty on the upper black section.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Trail pull.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
The trail eventually feeds into a lower blue section, which has its fair share of steep terrain and tight corners. Dark blue, if you will.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
What's an alpine biking photo without fireweed?

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
EWS (errr EDR) pro Dan Wolfe was on deck running social media for us during Crankworx this year, and didn't mind one bit when we asked him to come along.
Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Views for days.

Blackcomb Heli drop during 2023 Crankworx Whistler
Just a bunch'a nerds.

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 Absolute waste and very inconsiderate. This heli could be used to drop car batteries into the sea well past where they can be tossed from shore.
  • 10 7
 It’s a safe and legal thrill!
  • 24 0
 Or to drop turkey's during Thanksgiving
  • 5 2
 @bman33: underrated
  • 19 0
 @bman33: "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly"
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 ...Get to the Choppa \m/
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 @slish: thanks Les Wink
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 @RobbyRideGuide: Showing my age a bit I suppose. haha!
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 childs play, best use would be to take the tailings from the lithium mines and build dikes to protect california from the drought ending rains they got...
  • 39 2
 dont worry, heli-dumping car batteries is what O+ subscription money goes to
  • 8 3
 "This heli could be used to drop E-Bikes into the sea well past where they can be tossed from shore".

There, fixed that for you!
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 You mean e-bike batteries?
  • 4 0
 @danger13: seems wasteful, the electric eels only use the batteries.
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 @farkinoath: comment points scored... Big Grin
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 @farkinoath: How do you know those eels don't want to riiiiiiide?
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 Cue all the comments about the environmental impact heli shuttles have while a large swath of Canada is literally on fire.
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 Its so funny to me about people complaining about the environmental impact of MTB heli drops. Blackcomb helicopters owns a very expensive asset (a turbine helicopter) and and its crew. Whether you agree with the impact or not, they are going to fly that thing in the winter for heli skiing. They aren't going to just let that heli sit still on the ramp all summer, not generating revenue. If they weren't flying MTBers around, they would find something else to do to keep that thing in the air and making money. The helicopter flies either way.

Not using it in the summer for fire ops is a good point, but from what I know of that, there is a whole lot more than just the helicopter itself to use it for fire fighting. Multiple support vehicles, equipment, specific air and ground crew, insurance etc. its not as easy as "hey lets just fight some fires as long as we have this thing"
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 Yeah, same every year eh. How many gallons of fuel are burned every summer by people driving to Whistler from all over N. America? I'd brag about my Rivian RS1 with the bike rack, but I don't own one.
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 @parallaxid: Yep, we know. But you can still disagree by not buying.

Is that at least 500m higher than Top of the World?
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 In this thread:

Person 1: People are gratuitously emitting carbon dioxide..
Person 2: But people *want* to gratuitously emit carbon dioxide, in a variety of ways
Person 3: Emitting a bunch of carbon dioxide to arrive at a destination and then ride a bunch of times (with only marginal emissions for each additional run) is morally equivalent to emitting a bunch of carbon dioxide for one ride.

Is that about the shape of it?
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 @parallaxid: AFAIK Blackcomb Helicopters uses their copters for helping to fight fires and search and rescue. They just had a post on their instagram about it the other day.
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 @parallaxid: I guess thats a prime example of whataboutism
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 They made a post that gives more info on this on their insta this week:
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 @DoubleCrownDicked: Maybe my perspective is different but the fuel consumption comparison doesn't quite ease the mind. A single person driving a Tacoma from Vancouver to Whistler? From what I found, that's about 100km. The fuel economy of the Tacoma is less than 10km out of one liter. Fuel efficiency of my car is about twice that (average is now 4.3l for 100km) so it would be like driving my car to a trail 100km from home, do one run, then drive back home. Seems pretty nuts in my book. Or do people actually consider this an acceptable way to go about commuting for their hobby? Using a helicopter as uplift for a single run is daft. Driving a car that far for a single run is equally daft.
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 @vinay: So you translated my "from all over N. America" to someone coming from Vancouver? Anyway, whatever, I'm not even sure where I land on this issue and wasn't trying to take sides.

I *was* trying to make the point that, writ large, we as a sport (MTB - and heck let's add skiing too) collectively burn millions of gallons of fuel getting to our venues every year, then there's a bunch of screaming about a heli. But ebikes are also bad because motor "and I'm pure muscle".

And yes, I drive hundreds of miles to go fishing then complain about what the climate is doing to the rivers, so I guess I'll go f*** myself.
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 Helicopters actually cool the earth like giant ceiling fans
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 Well, actually it’s cue all the comments that expect there will be a load of comments on the environment impact, while actually there are basically none.
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 @parallaxid: So in your way of thinking we shoudn't try to reduce travel by plane because the planes are going to fly anyway.
If nobody took the heli-ski then they wouldn't have a helicopter hanging
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 @DoubleCrownDicked: Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have pointed my response directly at you. The comparison was made in the main article. Actually, your example worries me less. If people do a road trip from Florida to stay at Whistler for three weeks and make the best out of the time they spend there, still makes sense to me. The article justified the heli-drop comparing it to a someone driving 100km in an (apparently incredibly inefficient) car for just a single mountainbike run.
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 @fred-frod: Exactly. So disappointed the pinkbike crew did this.
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 @Whipperman: That's it. We have to start somewhere.
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 @DoubleCrownDicked: So let's just do nothing and let's enjoy the disaster to come !
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flag scott-townes (Aug 24, 2023 at 3:47) (Below Threshold)
 @Ricolaburle: That disappointed huh? How are you posting to this website exactly? Is it with an ethically and locally sourced smartphone? LOLOL

Virtue signalers are hilarious.
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It's not all or nothing. You just lie to yourself because it's good for your peace of mind...

And to those who tries to compare Heli and car, the fact is those in the heli drives cars too : it's not heli or car, for them it's heli and car.

(Rich) people are really slow to change their minds, because thay dont' want to touch to their holy liberty of doing whatever they want when they want. Their american way of life...

It's so sad, but you just need two or three more years of great forest fires. Then one day, you will understand. Too late for your children.
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 @kegron: we actually need to make up for about 150 years of poor forest management in North America. Many forests are decades beyond when they should have burned. And now the fuel loads in those areas are so high that they will have far more intense fires than in a natural cycle of fire. These areas either will burn or need to be harvested. But we bikers are notorious for opposing logging in any form.

So I guess fire it is.
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 @parallaxid: They use it to drop bombs all winter
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 @Andykmn: just to know, may you explicit me what you call bad forest management by opposition to natural cycle (and logging), aren't most of these forests in a wild natural state ?
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 @scott-townes: So you mean because my smartphone is not ethical I should hop on a heli to go biking ? Now I realize you're right. A helicopter, quick! Oh dear, helicopter drop-off is forbidden in France, for both skiing and mountain biking, too bad. And we don't need private companies for mountain rescue, we have a dedicated public service. What a funny country all things considered.
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 @kegron: great comment
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flag scott-townes (Aug 24, 2023 at 7:22) (Below Threshold)
 @Ricolaburle: My point is virtue signalers like yourself lack any sort of self awareness. You chastise people for enjoying a heli ride they normally wouldn't do, while you support companies and industries that cause far more damage to the environment than a heli biking operation in Whistler. Its pathetic.
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 Playing nicely into the narrative created by the oil giants; its the individual's responsibility to reduce their 'carbon footprint' (a term of their creation).
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 @scott-townes: Well, it's not all or nothing, heli or living naked in the forest hunting your food.The heli biking comes on top of everything else. And looking at the numbers, a canadian emits three times more co2 than a french. That's not pathetic, that's dramatic.
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 @mikedk: Playing nicely into the whataboutism. I'm well aware of oil giants narrative and massive impact, but they are giants because someone buy ther oil.
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 @kegron: for over a century, forest forest have been suppressed in North America, first for the sake of saving the timber for logging, but now added to that is tourism, rural homeowners, and environmental concerns. In much of the pine forests, they naturally will burn every 70 to 90 years. But with fire suppression policies, some of these stands are almost doubled that timeframe which means the fuel loads on the ground and in the form of dead or unhealthy trees are much higher than in the past. So when a fire does happen, it is much hotter and burns doe much longer. This then cooks the soil and probably will kill off trees that in a natural fire cycle would have survived.

I live near a small forested park surrounded by prairie. It last burned in 1885 and should burn every 70 years or so. It is far from a healthy forest, with lots of blow down and dead standing trees because it hasn't had a fire to clear it out. Unfortunately, with the amount of development in homes, Parks, ski hill and bike trails, we are to the point where it can't be left to burn, but there are also concerns about logging it from the various stakeholders. So it just sits, getting more unhealthy and more fuel on the ground year after year.

Logging, although not a perfect substitute, at least removes a lot of the surface fuel and trees and allows the forest to restart. But it is not easy to get anyone to agree to harvesting near tourism or residential development because it isn't nice to look at cuts. But it also isn't nice to look at your house burn down...
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 @Ricolaburle: Shaming people for taking a once-in-a-lifetime heli bike trip proclaiming its destroying the planet is dramatic and pathetic at the same time, homie.

"So let's just do nothing and let's enjoy the disaster to come!"

5 minutes later...

"its not all or nothing"

So when it comes to criticizing others, its all or nothing but when it comes to defending your own actions, well...... there's a bit of wiggle room there. LOL
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 @Andykmn: Thank you
  • 5 1
 @scott-townes: not so easy to argue in a foreign language. On peut poursuivre en français si tu veux, je serais un peu plus précis et cohérent. Mais je crois qu'on va s'arrêter là, ça commence à tourner en boucle. Va faire un tour d'hélico, moi je vais aller pédaler.
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 @scott-townes: "once-in-a-lifetime" --citation needed!
  • 3 2
 @Ricolaburle: Chairlifts definitely have a bigger energy footprint than helico tours and you have them everywhere in France.

You probably use a car, consume meat, heat your house, consume products, etc... like the rest of us.

But it's so easy to feel good about yourself and blame people online for participating in one infinitely small part of what the problem is.

You're not constructive about the issue of climate change, you just like giving people shit online
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 @Ricolaburle: I'm sorry, I don't understand Spanish.
  • 1 0
 @scott-townes: Don't be. I don't understand English.
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 @Mouette230: "You're not constructive about the issue of climate change, you just like giving people shit online
I like your way to be constructive. And to project your preconceived ideas onto me.
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 Because I'm a cheap and petty bastard, I have questions:

1) What kind of land are these trails on? More specifically, public land that I'm allowed to ride on?
2) Is it possible to access these trails without a helicopter? How?

This winter, we were skinning up a trail frequently used by a cat skiing operation. It had been pretty windy overnight, and there were big drifts on a steep part of the cat track. While we were skinning up that section, the cat came up behind us on its first lap of the day, full of lucky bastards who had paid $600/seat to be there.

The cat passed us, and went up the trail to the first of those drifts. Then, a magical thing happened. The cat spent about 5-minutes trying to get through the drift. Plowing forward, getting stuck, backing up, trying again. Then, as the heavens parted and angels sang, the cat operator gave up and backed down the mountain the way it had come.

In that moment, as we kept skinning up the trail through the drift and waving at the retreating cat, I felt a joy like I had never experienced before.

In reality, our ski down the (untouched by cat skiiers) mountain was only OK. But it was made so much sweeter by both being the only ones there, and having not spent $600.

I'm not sure I'll ever recapture that feeling, but making my way independently to the top of a trail that usually requires $2K and a helicopter might get me there.
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flag djyosh (Aug 23, 2023 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 I believe it is this trail:

To access without heli, you'd have to hike a bike a long way. Most of the access trails are hiking only.
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 @djyosh: Incorrect. Rainbows End was the old heli drop location. This is a much newer trail further north.
  • 8 1
 @atourgates. It's crown land. You're allowed to access as a member of the public.

You can access sans heli but it's a hike from the point where you park.

And yes, it's very like the (unwritten) rules re cat skiing ops. You can access their areas but be nice about it; sounds like you were!
  • 2 0
 @Zaeius: is correct @djyosh
  • 2 0
 @djyosh: that is not the trail, the trail isn't shown on Trailforks.
  • 1 0
 @djyosh: it’s off Ipsoot Peak. Not on Trailforks.

In terms of access…you’d have to push/ride up the descend trail so yea it’s doable but not really.
  • 4 3
 @djyosh: 900 vert meter hike a bike for an epic descent is a normal Saturday around here. But I would gladly accept a ride to the top in a whirlybird
Congrats to all for a great experience
  • 1 0
 @atourgates: That's the route. Depending on vehicle you can get pretty far up the FSR
  • 12 0
 @HughBonero: Looks like it's ~8-miles from the forest service road. I'd wake up at 4AM and hike-a-bike 8-miles and 4k feet of vert to save $2K almost any day of the week.

I thought "Lord of the Squirrels" was my backcountry target next time I was in the area, but I think I've got a new goal.
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 @atourgates: yep that's the one.
  • 4 0
 @atourgates: LOTS (combined Pot of Gold, Ninja Lakes, Rush Hour, Happy Hour) has significantly more alpine then the Alp-X route.

Alp-X is cool but its not dissimilar to Top of the World then combined with some up-and-down trails accessed off Whistler peak which you can access for $ 42. Not knocking it but there's a lot of alpine accessible rides in this region
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 @atourgates Please tell me where I can cat ski for only $600/day, most places are 50-100% more. Also, most cat places are restricted to other traffic, aren't they? I'm surprised they didn't complain.
  • 1 0
 @leelau: why in gods name would there be a rule against riding a state sanctioned MTB trail on state land?
  • 2 1
 @smgishot13: I don't follow? There's no rule with force of law. However, there is a politeness rule

It goes something like this, if a cat op puts in a cat road (using the snowcat op example) that you respect their efforts by not doing something like driving or sledding recklessly up and down the road or putting sled tracks in all over the place where there clients might ski after you've used the road to access terrain. It's not always followed of course.
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 @wolftwenty1: It’s defenitely doable. People push their bikes up Cartier in Revelstoke. Or at least they used to when it was open. It’s 12.5km and 2000m of elevation. Plus Lower Cartier which is another 2k and 200m of elevation.
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 @motts: Big Red Cats in Rossland. $700CAD per day.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 @motts: This was Selkirk Powder Guides out of Schweitzer. They used to be half that price until a couple years ago.

Run by nice people, but not particularly tremendous terrain. The two areas they ski are sort of our backup choices for backcountry laps. A lower angle area we ski when we're not comfortable with the avy risk on steeper terrain, and a short gladed area that's a bit steeper. There's some good stuff in the area, but the cat can't get there.

I heard a rumour that Schweitzer was kicking them out this coming season though, and with the new Ikon ownership of the resort, if they decide to run their own cat, I'm sure $600/seat will be nothing but a fond memory.
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 @atourgates: Being cheap pays dividends.
  • 2 3
 @kwl1: yes rode up it on the ebike 2 500 watt hr batteries, was awesome
  • 1 0
 @motts: Powder Stagecoach at Castle Mountain. And that's in CAD.
  • 1 0
 @kwl1: We were looking there a year or two ago. Have you been? It looks a little like factory tourism, but if terrain is decent, might be worth the drive.
  • 1 0
 @motts: not kw1 but have been. Terrain is nice but not insane. Tree skiing in spaced trees. Not a big snowbelt so you do take a chance.

I organized a group and booked out a whole cat so everyone knew each other and was motivated. Plus it snowed approx 80cms on us at - 15 C do conditions were great. Therefore my impression was favourable
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 love almost everything the pb crew does & produces.
but: heli biking or skiing: just environmentally wrong.
we consumers have the power, and if we don't consume a product or service, it will no longer be offered, simple as that.

and as much as I love the helicopter as a machine, this thing is best stood on the ground and admired when really needed: you know, like wildfires and rescuing riders etc...
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 If we're being factual, heli-skiing isn't really worse than doing plenty of other things that have a carbon footprint for fun.


* 1 Day of Heli-Skiing: 0.62 tCO2e/ skier/day
* Taking a flight from New York to LA: 0.64 tCO2e/ passenger
* Flying from Vancouver to Paris :0.78 tCO2e/ passenger
* Driving from Seattle to Whistler 4x per year in a 2015 Toyota Tacoma: 0.76 tCO2e

Do you take an international vacation? Go on roadtrips? Drive to the trailhead a bunch? You're emitting as much CO2 as someone going heli-skiing.

It's great to try and minimize your CO2 footprint, we all should. But we should do it on the basis of facts, not "getting upset and rich people doing things we'd like to do."
  • 2 1
 @atourgates: that’s some great information, thanks for sharing. Individuals are a very small portion of environmental impact. Where did you get this data from? Haters love to shame others but will turn a blind eye to traveling for a vacation that has the same impact or buy carbon bikes, etc…
  • 3 2
 @atourgates: And I'm pretty sure all the chairlifts spinning all year round in Whistler beats helicopter tourism in the area by a big margin in terms of energy footprint.
  • 39 13
 did this last was rad.
  • 7 10
 Did this in 2006.... it was really rad how they used a giant cargo net to carry all the bikes up at the time.
  • 4 1
 @scott-townes: did the rainbow drop in 2011, they had 'upgraded' to a choking a sling through all the frames by that point. Really got the warm and fuzzies being told to take pedals off and trying to strap knee guards around your stanchions, then praying your brake lines were still attached as the heli flew off into the distance... The new bike racks are really nice!
  • 2 2
 @jazzawil: did that one too back in like 2016. This is much more refined. The trails are better too.
  • 2 1
 @jazzawil: Funny you mention that, my front brake line was ripped out during the lift up. Thankfully someone with us who was more talented than me swapped bikes after I went off into the abyss a couple of times.
  • 3 1
 I did too in September 2022, was awesome.
  • 29 8
 Who shouted “out of touch” at the back of the room?
  • 18 28
flag bman33 (Aug 23, 2023 at 11:52) (Below Threshold)
 The jealous one(s) did....
  • 57 40
 Please just stop with this heli-biking crap.
  • 11 9
 Finally we are winning the war against the climate !
  • 24 46
flag danielfloyd (Aug 23, 2023 at 11:58) (Below Threshold)
 Imagine getting pissed off about people flying in a helicopter.. You act like this is hurting something in some way.. it's one helicopter in one location.. stfu
  • 33 3
 @danielfloyd: imagine getting pissed off about people getting pissed off.
You act like others comments are hurting you. As you say…STFU.
  • 7 10
 please just stop with this whining crap
  • 18 5
 The spoiled child from pinkbike are back at it using heli for mountain biking.....what a joke. Then next week you gonna write an article bout climate change?....Instead of doing this why don t you give us a better coverage of the world cup for example? Cuz every one blaming uci,gmb and others but the coverage from pinkbike has been pretty lame this year. Except sharing youtube video from other people... and since canada is burning for month is there any better use for an heli actually? #Pinkbikefelloff
  • 7 2
 Yeah what a shame.
  • 7 3
 @Ricolaburle: That s a good example of of people who promote good action about climate change but when it come to change their habits it s a totally diferent story.....and again your country (canada) is burning like hell. Apparently an area equivalent to the size of Greece (so a full country) has already burn and you find nothing else to do than going on an heli trip......WHAT A SHAME!!!!!
  • 14 2
 Now that I see the PB logo on the damn aircraft, I suddenly understand why we're seeing so many thinly-veiled ads for Whistler helibiking on the site.
  • 28 17
 We have all been brainwashed into thinking that individuals are the main cause of global warming, it’s big oil, big food, big industry, big companies that impacts the environment.
  • 24 3
 This is true. The individuals who buy their products have nothing to do with it.
  • 6 3
 @mi-bike: that's gonna go woosh +1
  • 3 0
 @mi-bike: exactly and Blackcomb Helicopters are flying "carbon neutral" so all's fine
  • 19 6
 "Screw The Environment" seems to be the attitude... Frown
  • 8 2
 Yes, this. You can't claim to love the outdoors and the sport of mountainbiking and then go fly to the top of a mountain in a helicopter for fun. Well, I guess you can, but that makes you a hypocrite and a huge jackass.
  • 13 6
 Serious question. Has anyone run the numbers as to what each person is 'allowed' in terms of carbon footprint per year? I want to know x kms driven, x flights taken, etc. I haven't bought a new bike in 5 years...can I buy a new one?
  • 6 3
 Unserious answer: Annual allowances are roughly 10,000 kms, 0 flights, and N+1 bikes, where N = Number of bikes owned the previous day.
  • 7 0
 You're in luck, the carbon impacts of new bikes, including moving them from overseas on a highly efficient massive container ship, are immaterial relative to driving said new bikes around in a 5,000 lb vehicle that gets 18 mpg.
  • 2 0
 This is what a quick search got me:
  • 8 0
 The allowance is around 1/4 of the american lifestyle and about 1/2 of European.
  • 10 2
 @jenksy wow the ignorance is impressive. But it explains why North Americans have double the emissions as europeans (who already emit immensely).
  • 1 0
 @colincolin: Harder better faster stronger
  • 6 3
 As a general rule of thumb: You North Americans would have to cut your emissions by 3/4 while we Europeans would still have to cut our emissions by 1/2 to reach a non-catastrophic and somewhat sustainable level.

A good starting point would be to ban absolutely all commercial passenger air traffic. A one-hour commercial flight will cause emissions far greater than what an average family of four will emit in an entire year (by heating their home, driving their car, using electricity, etc.)

This is why posts like this, that document a few ignorantly privileged individuals taking a helicopter to the top of a mountain for fun, are especially infuriating. Because it's literally one of the worst possible offenses in terms of contributing to the global climate emergency.
  • 2 3
 @Muscovir: Your statements that the emissions of a one hour commercial flight are greater than the emissions of a family of four (including driving!) for an an entire year is several orders of magnitude wrong. For a given distance, commercial air travel has comparable emissions to driving in a car by yourself. Obviously trains/buses/not doing stupid things with helicopters are preferable, but failure to accurately characterize the problem is not helpful.
  • 2 0
 @colincolin: I'm European...but clearly I'm still a bit ignorant. We're also pretty lucky being Europeans in that we can travel to most of the continent via car (especially in Germany, you're in the middle!).

Since this is a biking do you (and @Muscovir) suppose professional sport changes in the future? North American athletes never compete in Europe and visa-versa?

p.s. the new bike thing was a joke (I'm not buying a new one cause I don't need it).
  • 8 0
 Environmental impacts aside, I wish I had a business where a heli company would literally pay me money to go ride their helicopter and write up a quick advertorial.
  • 4 0
 No kidding. This is it. I care for the environment. Ride my bike every day (commuting). Own one car for the family that's used for errands mostly. But occasionally sit in a helicopter for work. It's awesome.
  • 1 0
 @mi-bike: You monster!
  • 15 8
 Mhm, atleast they are more transparent regarding their Environment impact. But honestly, I still don't think it is worth it for a single decent.
  • 4 1
 I hear it was a descend experience.
  • 7 2
 An egregious waste of resources and a disgusting contribution to an ever accelerating global climate emergency. And all that because a few extremely privileged individuals are stubbornly demanding to have their adrenalin kick, against the better of everyone's rational judgement. Like a bunch of spoiled, bratty children.

Amongst other factors, sh*t like this is the reason why like half of Canada is on fire currently. But you do you I guess.
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 lol did pinkbike put their logo on a helicopter
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 No, that's the official Blackcomb Helicopters logo. Pinkbike stole it for their website.
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 Based on the relatively high number of downvotes in this feed it would appear that the topic of ‘heli anything’ is a very divisive one. I’d be curious to know the percentage of PBers who don’t mind pedaling uphill to earn their turns vs those who only point their bikes downhill.
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flag eastonwest (Aug 23, 2023 at 19:40) (Below Threshold)
 My guess, very few would actually put the effort into pedaling and hike a biking to get to such a trail. Many probably shuttle and ride chairlifts. Many probably drive long distances solo in their cars. . So the faux outrage at heli assisted biking is amusing to say the least.
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 @kwl1: many people on PB pedal. The readership is quite diverse
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 I'm old, still downhilling and did this helidrop back in 2005. Awesome day out, snow on top. Happy to see they improved the bike transport though, we had 10 DH bikes slung under the chopper neatly stacked for take off but with just a rope passed through all the frames. When it took off all the bikes just squished together into a big ball. Horrendous to watch that happen :-(
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 I'm gonna ride my eMTB up and then book the heli to shuttle me back down. Imagine how many laps I can score and how little wear I'll cause on my eeb by avoiding riding downhill, stoked!
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 Why is it called Whistler Heli Drop, and its not even in Whistler?

I think its time for a Gamers Nexus review of Pinkbikes reporting accuracy.
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 that red paint on dat chopper is fire
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 dat forest is on fire (FTFY)
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 While it was enjoyable because of the Helidrop experience with friends, this trail sounds/looks much better than the fairly lame Mt. Barbour route I did in 2017.
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 So the group image did take 136L of fuel to make?
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 This is not sustainable. When can the rich take a rocket to Mars to descend Olympus Mons?
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 Simply inappropriate.
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 and costs $450 per person
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 Can you take an e-bike, h-biking? Asking for a friend.
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 Global warming, etc.
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 lmao there's a metric shitton of chuds who mountainbike
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 yall talking politics and im just thinking how cool it would be to heli bike
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 Damn, i wish i could work for you.
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 Bunch of dorks in the comment section
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 Because you were called out in the comments section?
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 Best ride of the year! And hero image too Wink
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