Pinkbike Poll: Who is the Red Bull Rampage Pinkbike's Choice Winner?

Oct 20, 2022 at 11:19
by Christie Fitzpatrick  
No bad days out here in the Virgin desert.

After an incredible event, the final results are in for Red Bull Rampage 2022. But we all know the judges' choices aren't always the people's choices and the most technical run isn't always the run that's the most fun to watch, so let's hear from you all. Who won in your hearts this year?

Who should have won 1st place?

Who should have won 2nd place?

Who should have won 3rd place?

Who had the best trick?

Who was over-scored?

Who was under-scored?

Whose run did you enjoy the most, regardless of scoring?

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 Godziek absolutely got under-scored. That 360 into double drop into canyon flip was the gnarliest thing at rampage by far
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 Rheeder's overall line was better and the scores reflected that. With that written, Godziek's line was my favorite by far and it was one of the best ever done at Rampage. Lacondeguy was the only underscored run in my opinion. This year was absolute bonkers for so many reasons.
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 At this point they all won; rip everyone
Imo big W goes to wakidesigns
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 Yeah they lost that video.
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 Godziek's run was clearly the winning run. He got robbed.
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 @scott-townes: Totally agreed.
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 I will never get over hiking up to inspect after and seeing how short that lilypad landing is. Godziek is a psycho
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 @SkiAlta: I'm glad you did. Everything there is psycho
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 @SkiAlta: Yes, that's why I always tell people - go up there and look down! At least you'll get collywobbles... It's insane.
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 The factor that doesn't come across as effectively on camera is the comparative gnar of the lines. I've only been to Rampage once and it's obviously a pretty different beast in person. We cannot grasp the exposure of various features on a live broadcast, nor can we really see how much bigger some features are than others. The judges know the lines inside and out. They've stood on those takeoffs and know exactly how scary or difficult each line is. They're also mostly ex rampage competitors so they're pretty well qualified to know what's hard. I'm guessing Carson's line was gnarlier than it appeared on coverage as the score seemed high.

I'm pretty sure I agree with the top 3. Was Szymon's run mind-blowing in the best way? Yes. But Rheeder's top section was ridiculous. One of the most tech drops on the venue into a monstrous flat drop flip-can straight into a tailwhip. Just because you've seen Brett do those moves before, don't discount how hard that is.

I think we can all agree Andreu was underscored. I wonder if they took points off him due to the washout at the bottom. I think it's a real shame if that was the case.
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 Thanks, best analysis so far
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 There's a screenshot over on Vital of Berrecloch responding to that question and his response was that Andreu didn't do any drops over 20'.
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 This... It's all relative. If your only experience of this place is what you see on a screen, you cannot really understand the scope of it because there just isn't enough context. It's like watching film segments in Alaska, nothing informs or prepares you for the reality of its actual scale until it's right in front of you.
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 @shami: Claw is a funny guy, and not in a good way. I was excited to see him as a judge, but apprehensive as he's a bit of an antisocial and a lot arrogant. His response just shows that is how he actually judged the event.
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 I respect that Rheeder is technically skilled as f*ck and pretty flawless. What I don't fathom was that this is supposed to be a freeride event and it bugs the shit out of me that he rides it where he checks up to the point of almost coming to a stop so he can set up/mentally prepare for the next "trick". I don't like looking at "a run" broken up into 6 segments that emphasize setting up best for the next trick. This in contrast to a run like Andreu where he's just hectic and blasting down raw tech at mach speed is why I don't like the emphasis on tricks. The exposure IS something for sure, and the drops and jumps are huge and I'll give that its credit. But they are also so so sculpted and more and more so with each passing year, and I find that blasting down something that you can't even walk up or climb up using your hands, that's loose and raw, to be more in the spirit of the event and technically more difficult with higher consequence. Andreu and dudes like Brage and Brendog and Doerfling showcase that aspect best I feel. Rheeder is the only dude that's come close to matching Semenuk, in flat out riding ability of a bicycle, he's an amazing rider... and I still consider Semenuk to be the best dude to touch a mountain bike whether or not I like his run more than somebody else's or what have you, but I guess that's why I'm not a judge and I'm judging them different in my own mind. They (judges, Red Bull) can morph this event into whatever they wish irrelevant to my opinions or liking and that's the way it'll be I guess.

I've been to Rampage 3 times. 2 of them were this site in 2012 and 2013.
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 @shami: I would never doubt Claw, but damn... really looked like 1 or 2 of those were over 20'. Overall ok with judging, would've put Szymon on top but in a true tribute to Kelly McGarry, 2nd place ain't bad Wink
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 @hypa: I'm not familiar with his personality but I think amplitude is one of the judging criteria so I would guess he's not the only judge who took that into account. I thought Andreu's run was rad but the judges probably have some experience and perspective that we don't get watching it from home.
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 This 110%
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 @Sweatypants: Riders checking before big hits and features is nothing new and is, often times, a necessary part of rampage? If it makes you feel better composure and fluidity of runs is supposed to be part of the scoring criteria. Something in past years Lacondeguy has scored poorly on bc of how out of control he is. I agree he was def underscored this year and not discrediting him at all. But riding the big shit and staying completely composed the whole way down are two separate things. Doing them both is very impressive and scores higher.
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 @shami: living and working in Whistler, I run into so many of these folks throughout the summer. Our social circles overlap sometimes, so you get to see how they are in real life.
That's what bugs me so much about Lacon getting robbed. He's such a great dude with so much energy. It seems like the squamish cartel likes to keep the outsiders down.
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 I'm okay with the top 3 I suppose. But I'm still quite hung up on Lacondeguy's low score and the absolute insanity of DJ's run not scoring higher than TVS's.
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 Ya I couldn't believe DJ's score. Makes no sense to me.
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 @msalcher: na I didn't rate DJs line at all. Small drops all the way through.
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 I saw a thing on bearlcaws IG that they couldn’t score andreu’s run as high cause he didn’t have any over 20ft vertical drops.
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 Did they dock him points for his crash at the end?
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 Godziek's run really showed where Rampage stands for! Going absolutely huge! However, Rheeder's run was pretty flawless. So smooth with a lot of big jumps with such a variety of tricks. .......and again, Lacondeguy was robbed. Such a gnarly run with big tricks. Just sad for the guy
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 Right up there with the great robbing of Norbs
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 @tom666: norby
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 Godziek's huge back flip over the big gap was insane.
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 @tacklingdummy: plus the 360 before, insane!
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 Eventually they’ll need to start interviewing judges during the broadcast to give some transparency to the questions around the scoring, otherwise this thing is gonna need some sort of format evolution real quick.
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 But when would they have pizza then?
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 They simply were hangry. Riders prepare for months, built for weeks, risk everything for that moment - while these dudes weren't even able to eat in advance or afterwards
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 @JohSch: Fair point! Like come on guys, you know the cameras are pointing right at you. At least try to plan your lunch around the live broadcast lol or do it in a way that its not broadcasted to the world. Makes them look less credible.
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 @transitter: that was so unprofessional
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 @pastaman23: Judges are less credible because they have to eat at lunch time?

LOL you guys are so absurd.
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 @scott-townes: You seem to have a history of name-calling and spouting nonsense on here, don't you? I'm simply stating that it makes them look unprofessional.
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 @pastaman23: Hating on the judges for eating food is completely reasonable and not spouting nonsense at all. LOL
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 I think it would make for a great pinkbike article or video to interview some of the judges and get some insight into the judging process. To me it seems a bit intransparent to say the least. I think it would also be great if they broke done the scores into the various aspects cosnidered, like the line choice, tricks and flow. Just getting a number without any explanation can be a bit frustrating
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 @levaca: your point about the breakdown is a good one. That would be nice to see.

I wonder if they actually do break it down or if they just give a total based on their feeling of how it ticked each box. Having to break it down might actually bring a bit more realism to it. It might also make it slower though. Another reason to give scores after all first round are complete.

Judging this stuff is so subjective which maybe explains why they rely on tricks - how do you reliably rate how gnarly one line is against another? Was Lecondeguy's chute gnarlier than Semenuk's or did one or the other just ride it smoother? Was the canyon gap gnarlier than either? How can you say? It's all just opinion.
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 Rheeder's run was flawless, absolutely masterful and it was good enough to be a winner. Godziek's run though, that had me yelling at my monitor. Objectively scored then I don't feel like Rheeder winning is a travesty... but Simon Godziek stole my heart today. Lacondeguy lost 15-20 points getting caught up in that cable apparently.
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 If that is true about Andreu, that is disgraceful. His run was clearly complete, how can you penalise so close to the corral. Riots if that is true
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 Totally agree, ok with results but wanted Szymon to win based on the feeling alone. The 360 into the canyon I feel like is underestimated, especially because nobody, not even the judges, had a hint it was coming. It's a big drop too, into about 200' of steep vert, so sick tho that moment will live on just like McGarry's.
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 It’s not the greatest but jaxson riddle was my all time favorite run! And Andreu was the only run with a big mountain free ride feel imo
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 Agreed! Jaxson's run really stood out. Super flowy and flashy, totally backing up the Pastrana look. It just looked fun. Andreu had a heck of a run, top 4 at least
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 Riddle doesn't play to the judges preferences, which is rad but means he's underscored. He may not win without a change of judges but his runs are super fun to watch.
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 I'll say:


They all should have won for different reasons.
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 Rheeder was absolutely.deserved. Did what Seminuk did last l Year and more and so smooth.
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 Did Lacondeguy not crash at the end of his run?
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 The run I enjoyed the most?

Tom Van Steenbergen

Genuinely didn't believe it when I saw he was competing this year.
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 I have to agree, I follow him on all the socials and I had no idea he was healthy enough to come back to Rampage again. What a BEAST.
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 That sucks they didn't get a round two. He definitely had more in him. Amazing recovery!
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 I think the scoring should focus more on other technical aspects other than jumps and drops. I really enjoyed Sorges raw parts of the line. That might make it a bit less dangerous as well.
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 that run improving couple big tricks on the big drops would have been the winning run for me. so much speed, raw at top and style.
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 @PauRexs: maybe he would've added something in the second run. Lacondeguys run was also super technical up top, would have loved to see his second run. A furious Andreu has proven in the past to throw down some wild, wild runs
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 I wish there were actual interviews with judges that explain the scoring. Something I'm hoping they do for the athletes. To this day I think Andreu does the most "Rampage" runs years after year, win or lose. That said, Godziek CLEARLY won in my eyes. Like CLEARLY. He risked the ENTIRE run to 3 into a lily pad before a canyon gap which means if he even REMOTELY f*cks up the 3 by a degree of over rotation he can't do the canyon gap or will be uncomfortable flipping it and have to pucker up case it... So yeah, to see both Szymon and Andreu get a touch underscored sucks. Rheeder was great. Mostly in the flip can drop. But otherwise it felt very set piece.
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 So ya sure that first part makes sense, but to say Rheeder didn't risk his entire run about 12x would just be wrong. Symon's 360 into the canyon run-in was gnarly, no doubt. Rheeder's 50' flat drop flip-can straight into 50' step up tail-whip was both a) more gnarly & b) more difficult. Sounds like you're trying to penailze the guy for making everything look too easy. At first I thought "wow Symon kinda got robbed". Then I rewatched the runs a few times and I agree with the scoring, and actually put Semenuk's run ahead of Symon's (caveman into gnarliest chute at the venue, barspin on massive hip-gap, flat drop tailwhip, etc.).
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 @adamkat: The caveman into that chute was crazy. Clearly insane in person as it also won best trick.
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 I seriously wonder if coverage affected the judging, they missed Symon's backflip and 360 in the middle of the run, wonder if the judges have access to other angles.
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 You'd say the judges have access to everything we get to see and possibly more. It doesn't take this long for no reason before their score comes through, does it?
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 Andreu didn't deserve a good score. I mean... Find your way down a mountain with perfect big lines, flips and whips and get taken out by a cable that the red bull team you used to represent left behind in a random location earlier in the day, to then be scored down by the redbull judges. Come on, he should have taken that cable and flip whipped the judges for being twats.
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 Did he get docked for hitting the cable?
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 @gunnargritzka: he definitely shouldn't have... but idk why his score was so low otherwise
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 @only26: No high-risk sections. Just pure freeride on some of the smaller features at the venue (top section was so sick, but nothing mind blowing). I loved watching it, but in a competition that rewards risks, he just didn't have that aspect.
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 Weather and judging are the only things that can ruin Rampage. 1st and 2nd place were hard to call, Rheeder and Godziek's runs are unbelievable although Godziek's 3 before the canyon gap was unreal, he didn't want to do it again and that shows how scary it was. Andreu should've placed way higher, his run had more tricks than other runs that scored higher than him. His style is unreal and he's been underscored many times, I'm sure he's getting tired of that bullshit
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 Godziek should have been first, but people don't talk enough about how crazy dropping in the hearth chute was from Semenuk. He should have gotten 2nd.
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 It's funny because the same people who complain about the single crown are the ones failing to mention that the gnarliest chute on the day was ridden by one ... and it started with a damn caveman for crying out loud. So gnarly. Gotta disagree though, Rheeder's run was the top. I'm thinking a lot of people aren't realizing how gnarly it was because he didn't even have so much as a bobble. The flat drop flip-can was way bigger than I initially thought (needed to rewatch it to notice).
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 Par for the course with judged sports… it’s just the way it is. I’m not saying their job is easy, but it’s quite often that they foul it up. Sugar / caffeine levels at the time, weather, song that recently played, joke that was just told in the judging booth…. All things that effect their mood and therefor their perception of a run and the score they give. In my opinion at the least they should be separated (each in their own tent) so they’re not influencing each other’s feelings about a run.
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 Them discussing their votes is pathetic.
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 this and this^^^
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 I think something that stood out for me in Rheeders run was how fast but controlled he was at the top..Gnarly and so committed ...then of coarse the flawless tricks. Just my opinion Smile
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 DJ Brandt was seriously underscored. He didn't win. But that score was atrocious. All the scores were actually. Godziek won.
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 Am I the only one feeling bored? I don't know why and what, but this event doesn't have something that it had few years back. I love to watch Hardline, and I'm yawning during RBR.
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 They can now take so big drops + clean tracks everywhere, they are eating this mountain too fast. Bigger mountain needed please. In fact... no. No need to destroy another mountain for that show.
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 Too much downtime-it's 30 minutes of action in a several hour slog of mediocre commentary. Venue or format needs to change so that the runs can be closer together-or there should be a condensed viewing option with only the runs and 5 minutes (maximum) time between them for rider interviews etc.
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 2022: The great robbing of Lacon
  • 8 0
 The Great Spain Robbery
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 Godziek 360 before canyon gap + backflip on gap is totally sick!
This is the thing can make him champion cause only one small mistake on landing after 360 and you have no enough speed for gap.
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 Andreu Lacondeguy got shafted so hard and deserved a place in the podium.

Andreu, you da peoples champ (fist bump)!
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 he should have for sure took third, if not lower, his run was so good, he deserved better, Lets go andreu!
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 While I don't stark should have won, he threw down some sick tricks and tried some new stuff like the rail grind. He got robbed being above top 10
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 Rail grind? Don't you mean "weird trials hop"?

Can't believe BOTH commentators missed it. One job ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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 Don't agree that he should have won but definitely bummer that everone seems to have missed it.
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 @CleanZine: I had to re-watch it to notice. I thought he just did a manual off the drop. They're viewing the event on a small tv using the same footage we're seeing.
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 @scott-townes: I was watching it on my phone, which was propped up on our counter while I was watching dishes. iPhone SE poverty spec too, no need to talk to me about small screens
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 @CleanZine: dude I can't believe I didn't see the rail and I watched his run multiple times. Just watched again and it's like all of a sudden there's a pink elephant I hadn't noticed just sitting there. Makes so much sense now, at first I was wondered what exactly happened on that drop. That seriously blew my mind going back and suddenly seeing it there the whole time.
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 I thought his run was underscored but I have a feeling casing the canyon gap messed up his flow for the rest of the run. I was surprised not see a flair or tail whip in there somewhere.
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 Jackson Riddle has one of the best styles seen in long time, his scoring in the last two rampages has been criminal. I just dont understand what the judges are looking for
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 @samfr1000: it's funny how everyone loves Riddle's style and thinks he should score higher when all he does is tricks. Yet there's also the constant complaining that tricks are what get the high scores.
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 His runs are also really committing, but different. The judges preferences will lead to more and more uniform Rampage runs. That's not a good thing.
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 Easily best style. But the difficulty of his tricks are not high, unfortunately.
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 I love his style so much and i personally think he should score higher but i guess his tricks arent technical enough. If he added some of his tricks with backflips and stuff he could be champion material, and i think he'll probably win first or at least 2nd one day.
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 All these people saying they are going to eat popcorn when they should be eating pizza
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 every judged sport will always be subject to this kind of problems. Big mountain should be an exhibition not a competition, and dirt/slopestyle should adopt more objective ways of directly measuring hability like game of BIKE. It woldn't be perfect, but anything goes if we can get rid of judges and have instead referees
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 underscored one should be multi-choice.
  • 11 6
 Y’all are a bunch of jokers thinking rheeder was over scored. Everyone who wasn’t there is a better judge somehow. He deserved the win.
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 But godziek's run was absolutely insane, the 360 before then backflips the canyon gap!? then adds the backflip sui?! absolutely insane
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 Although i wasn't there so you may be right,
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 Andreu's run took me back to the roots of Rampage's origins. True freeriding on unpacked dirt.
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 judging was crap!!!!!
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 "No Pizza for you!" #Defundthejuges
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 Just checking in to see if Norbz got robbed again somehow
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 Always bet on the wind making the second half boring to watch.
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 Jaxson Riddle's run was just pure steeze, loved it! Lacondeguy is always my favourite, he sure doesnt turn up for the judging at this stage, must be in it for the fans!
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 Just wait while I throw a bag of popcorn into the microwave.
  • 3 1
 On my 7th bag of popcorn today.
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 Who would have thought the TV cable spools would take Andreu out.
  • 1 0
 I wonder if that took away points from his run?
  • 4 3
 In Big mt ski contests, people have had incredible runs, with massive tricks, then on the way to the finish coral get hung up, and bobble, crash, or wash out, and its all thrown away. (think this happened to Drew Tabke) An unfortunate situation, and not exactly fair. But if your a judge, and someone falls, even in a mellow spot its almost impossible to overlook. Bummed Andreu didn't get a chance to lay down a second run to set things straight.
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 Not that anyone cares what I think... but here is what I think:
#1- Szymon Godziek
#2- Rheeder
#3- Lacondeguy

I loved seeing Dylan Stark go top to bottom although I felt like the coverage of his run kinda sucked.
TVS gave me all the feels seeing him return to the mountain and went top to bottom with a realistic run.
Supper impressed with Cam Zink being able to make a full run after having to scrap the original plan and seeing his long time homie take such a bad spill.
Wishing Kyle Straight all the best in his road to recovery,
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 Well I have no Fking clue who should have won since I couldn't watch it this year but I am not real excited about paying for the On-Demand replay from what I am seeing here. Poor coverage and multiple robberies. I do however want to pay in case the riders and crews are going to get a piece of it, plus I really do want to see each run for myself.
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 I would be interested in a poll asking “pinkers “ who watched the this years rampage, whether it was with a subscription and who has not watched it yet.
  • 4 1
 Andreu got kinda robbed early on and Jaxson has that moto style steeze I can watch non-stop! Nough said.
  • 9 8
 Brandon Semenuk’s run was my 1st place. Brett Rheeder 2nd and Szymon Godziek 3rd. Best trick and most underrated was Andreu Lacondeguy he did more then everyone from 8th to 4th I feel.
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 I don't think semunuk was 1st
  • 10 6
 Worst rampage yet, everything about it was lame.
  • 5 1
 I think the right guy won, but that 360 before the canyon was something.
  • 1 0
 I agree on that one, although either could have taken the win, they both deserved it.
  • 3 0
 Gutted they didn't get 2nd runs. I think there was room for improvement on a lot of people's runs.
  • 15 15
 It's funny how invested a bunch of people watching TV get in "their" athlete. Everybody killed their runs, no one got hurt today and we were entertained. Now go ride your bike.
  • 8 64
flag SixxerBikes (Oct 21, 2022 at 15:57) (Below Threshold)
 ..and I bet you think vaccines are 'safe and totally effective' too, right?
F outta here
  • 16 7
 @SixxerBikes: Tell me that's sarcasm and you're not dumb enough to believe vaccine conspiracies.
  • 6 34
flag SixxerBikes (Oct 21, 2022 at 16:36) (Below Threshold)
 @Rokcore: I go off the data of adverse reactions released by Pfizer themselves...I hope you aren't stupid enough to believe the pharmaceutical cartels have your best health and wellness in mind...because they never have and its proven that this vaccine is ineffective and actually dangerous (officially classified as an experimental emergency released "medicine")

What happened to critical logic based humanity?
  • 5 2
 critical logic based humanity. Lmfao. 13 year old trying to get that extra credit on the English paper out here
  • 24 7
 @SixxerBikes: anti vaxxers bringing back diseases we wiped out years ago. f*ck you.
  • 10 16
flag SixxerBikes (Oct 22, 2022 at 4:49) (Below Threshold)
 Does anyone do critical research? The vaccine is PROVEN a failure...Pfizer released documents to showcase this. All the downvotes in the world won't stop the truth
  • 6 2
 @SixxerBikes: My one word response to your critical thinking: fedora. Therefore, I can’t take medical advice from you. I’m thinking more along the lines of affordable billiard or keyboard lessons. Possibly wedding dj
  • 3 1
 Bummer red bull didn't show this through their own platform. A lot of people that wanted to see this couldn't. Shame
  • 2 0
 They did In Europe
  • 2 3
 rampage is our superbowl around my house. turkey dinner and all. we all celebrate. and we’re ok with it being a big mountain slopestyle event now. it’s no longer a big mountain free ride event. thats cool. things change. but dudes lwith Andreu’s skillset just aren’t gonna make the podium any longer, no matter how much stoke and energy they bring.
UNLESS, rampage opens up its event to include a 2nd day for a big mountain free ride competition. We were all talking about that after watching rampage this week. we like both…slopestyle and free ride, but rampage could be more inclusive
lately..and I’m sure Brendog and Strait would agree
  • 5 5
 I think the judging criteria needs to change. Throw out the criteria and just judge it on overall impression. What the fans want!
  • 10 2
 Yeah, that's going to reduce the amount of complaining in the comments: remove any sort of judging rubic and "score what you feel" /s>
  • 3 0
 @plyawn: system doesn’t seem to be working now and how does the average fan score a run other than an overall impression. Curious on your insight? /s
  • 5 1
 I think the opposite, the score should be given with the criteria broken down so it is a bit less opaque.
  • 2 1
 @lewiscraik: the criteria was/is broken down.
  • 2 0
 @jaydawg69: I should have been a bit less opaque with my comment - in my head, I was thinking each rider's score broken down, but reading my comment back, it did not come across like that.
  • 4 4
 American here with no ESPN subscription. Was wind what shut down the second runs? 8 days of digging for 1 run to put it all together is lame.
  • 2 2
 Ya, it was the wind and it seemed like rider consensus came to that call...
  • 3 0
 @burnbern: yea I understand the riders coming together to make that decision, but it seems every year it comes down to the wind
  • 5 0
 @dwee: Seems like they should plan on a next day AM option for 2nd runs...
  • 1 3
 It was $10 POV. Big deal
  • 4 2
 *searches for PB poll "Hardline - Who should have won"*

  • 1 0
 Well judging from pb poll results my opinion is shared by whole PB community
  • 3 0
  • 1 0
 Yeah, but he dosen't do the most technical tricks, i love him and his style and he should totally score higher, but anderu lacondeguy was the one actually robbed.
  • 2 0
 FK YEAH Godziek!! Well deserved
  • 3 1
 why no option for Brendog among underscores??
  • 1 0
 With no second runs to be had, everyone is a winner this year in my opinion.
  • 11 10
 I would like to see this done with no digging allowed
  • 10 1
 Guessing u havent ridden out there?
  • 5 0
 Local organic and self foraged sticks and stones only.
  • 2 1
 It would not be possible to have it be good. Allow them to take out some bushes etc and maybe
  • 1 0
 Maybe it's just me, but every year the #sandbaggersgotrobbed!
  • 1 1
 The main person who was actually robbed was DJ but was a good rampage overall.
  • 1 0
 Norbs got robbed, i guess?
  • 1 0
 Brandon's caveman tho!!! That was death if it went wrong!!!
  • 1 0
 Aside from the judging, was a really fun Rampage to watch
  • 2 2
 Everything was sic AF... I particularly like Jaxson's run the most...
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 Think the judging was true to rampage this year. Rewarding amplitude and technicality over tricks. It's what weve been asking for.
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 I picked Rheeder from the beginning, Riddle should’ve placed higher!
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 *Sits back with popcorn to enjoy more comment fighting about the results*
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 *with pizza
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