Results: Whip Off - Crankworx Whistler 2023

Jul 27, 2023 at 15:39
by Christie Fitzpatrick  
Shreddie Reynolds

The results are in from the Official Whip-Off World Championships presented by POC.

Pro Women

1st. Vinny Armstrong
2nd. Robin Goomes
3rd. Brooke Anderson

Pro Men

1st. Eddie Reynolds
2nd. Hayden Zablotny
3rd. Evan Robinson
Full results & photo story to follow.

Vinny Armstrong

Shreddie Reynolds

Vinny Armstrong Shreddie Reynolds

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 Yes, Eddie! We are all so damn hyped for you! Congratulations!
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 Kona is from Canada?

Learn something every day.
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 @Roost66: They pick their story depending which country they are trying to sell bikes in. In Canada then its all "born on the north shore" and in the USA its all "Bellingham based", both of which are technically true
  • 7 2
 @bikeparkmemes: I thought they were from Hawaii, because of the name but duh, not the case.
  • 8 0
 @Roost66: They did use a lot of Hawaii themed model names as well, so understandable.
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 @Roost66: Dakine was confusing to me for similar reasons, as someone who started out surfing and transitioned to MTB much later. They did start in HI before moving to OR, mainly due to windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge.
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 @Roost66: originally from the shore, but moved there North America. HQ to Bellingham. Originally Canadian, now American owned
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 @andrewgiesbrecht: But always Cascadian
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 @suspended-flesh: I like this. As a dual citizen I can get down with that.
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 @andrewgiesbrecht: I think technically they are in Ferndale, but close enough!
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 God damn Eddie Reynolds. That whip is proof aliens are real.
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 F'n nuts! Photo looks like he's wishing for throttle to recover.
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 How come this is not televised? Live would be nice, but I will take a replay. I know it’s not part of the points count for Crankwork, but cmon it has to be one of the most entertaining and highly watchable events of the week.

Also, rad to see Vinny go past 90, judging by that pic?
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 Her whip here would beat most guys.
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 I'd rather watch this than pump track or slalom.
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 whipoff was originally like a renegade event its actually wild to me that theres prize money going on here now. my first crankworx was a bunch of dirty mountain bikin bastards sneaking off over to crabapple and running their own goofy event, it was like my favorite thing that happened the whole week. back when hecklers rock was full of insanity during DH too lol.
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 All we get is 4 pictures!
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 I had the same thought.Hoping for a photo epic later.
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 @tbmaddux: “Full results & photo story to follow”
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 I wonder if those prize payments are in Canadian or US dollars. If Canadian, the $1,500 first place prize translates to about $1,135 USD.

Compare: The 3rd place Elite finisher in a World Cup or World Championship DH race gets €1,250, or about $1,370 USD.
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 Brooke doing a nice whip of the novelty cheque in photo 3, way past 90 degrees!
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 Absolutely sideways, Eddie!
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 I see some interesting wheels on his ride there. Guessing those are the ones yall are still working on?
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 Always the youngsters that smash out the massive whips, Kids are insane!
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 Sick to see some different people win
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 Whip it Whip it good
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 DEVO also had a song called Through Being Cool.
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 Yup !!!!!

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