Social Roundup: First Hits at Red Bull Rampage 2023

Oct 10, 2023 at 9:38
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

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 Brendog got robbed
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 Damn, really he got sadly
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 For Faircloughs sake, really wishing this was the first year building on the venue. I feel like his run could really hold it's own if everyone was starting from fresh.
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 BRENDOG! his talent is insane and cool crew they got there, enjoying his vlog with olly and deeks
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 If you follow the closely then you're probably like me when he cleared it after seeing the effort they put in on that chute. I was welling up. So happy for this class crew.
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 Yes Brendog!
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 I love all the love for Brendog in the comments. People's champ already!
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 Yeah he goes his own way, goes big and have so much tallent! But for me I think Gee Atherton is the real pionner here. He went huger than everyones else on his drop. Maybe other riders think it's madness! In 2023, not a lot haven't been done on a mountain bike and this man keep pushing the limits of whats possible. And that scares me because crashing on theses features could be fatal. But I feels this man lives for that. Atherton is a visionary as was Bender. And people will remember him for that.
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 @devincihucker2004: To be fair, if Brendog didn't make the gap he was doing Gees drop
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 Brendog's G-out into the take-off is heinous
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 Bren is the man. Really hope the judges reward how gnarly that line is and don't just score tricks. Best dig crew too.
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 brendog is a madman
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 Anybody know how far the gap is takeoff to landing? How do you judge the speed for that?! Back tire was a 1ft from the edge. Figured you'd try to go long on the first try.
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 @Struggleteam: I'm pretty sure they've said it's about 60ft somewhere?
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 @slimboyjim: Yeah Tippies coverage had it. 60' for sure.
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 @Struggleteam: for you 'mericans... 17% of a football field.
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 @bigtim: ha! I can count to 10 and I’m married to a German. Metric system ain’t no thang.
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 @bigtim: but how many school busses long is that?
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 @IsaacWislon82: I typically measure things in hellfire missiles. its 11.6 hellfire missiles long.
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 @Struggleteam: he mentioned in one of his build videos how they work it out. I think he said the height at the start of the run in should be at least equal to the length of the gap. So a 60ft gap should have a run in with a starting height of 60ft.

Now when you look at his run in it is far from ideal. Completely janky with a slight bend, massive compression before take off. But he landed so his maths is obviously right!
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 @Struggleteam: in another video he was saying that his rule of thumb is that the vertical drop of the run-in to the jump must meet or exceed the length of the jump.
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 @bigtim: what’s a %???

I only know fractions.
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 @dthomp325: yes. He said that, but it’s a bit overly simplistic
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 @Roost66: A % is the definition of a fraction as it 1% is 1/100.

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 @bigtim: Can I get that in washing machines?
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 @Struggleteam: the speed comes courtesy from lad’s science
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 @Roost66: The 17 yard line.
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 @Struggleteam: he probably did! Luckily
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 brendog podium this year oi oiiiiiiiii
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 Would love it, but unfortunately he has the wrong drink on his helmet.
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 If the overused and played out McGazza gap scores higher then Brendog's gap.... we will riot in the streets!!!
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 Hey hey hey … I get the sentiment but put some respect on the man’s name.
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 @dkendy1: there's no disrespect to the McGazza... You're reaching pretty hard, if you're finding it.... That gap however is certainly old and played out for Rampage... Along with the whole venue in general... Rampage is definitely starting to become stale and the last few events have shown this... It needs to evolve and adapt to current MTB trajectories if it wants to stay fresh. It's still the gnarliest event around no doubt... but it does need a shake up.
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 @OlSkoolJake: think Gee was about to do it, unfortunately not. And I remember thinking Jordy was going to shake it up but his line was even too Spicy for him on that day. Usually if you don’t focus on the winner there’s a lot of positives. The winners don’t always get the trophy
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 @dkendy1: Jordie was super sick that day and wasn't feeling 100% to do it. Not denying that the are all kinds of positives from Ramapge outside of the winners. However I've been following Rampage since number one. The last couple were boring and that bums me out to say that. But I literally shut it off last year, before it was over. Whatever they who organize Rampage are doing, it's not working. New venue, better judging, maybe a bit less slopestyle style focused, better broadcasting style (this isn't x games), etc, etc... What I do like is more coverage on the lead up to the day and BTS. From riders, vloggers, social media, YouTube, etc...
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 Dog save the queen!!!
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 Dog save the King. Too late for Lizzie
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 Bren sending it real big mountain style. Creative and balls line - as always!!
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 Brendog dude. Holy freakin Santa Claus balls that was epic!
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 Anyone else find you unconsciously hold your breathe starting the moment they take off?
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 While everyone else is having a giant slopestyle competition Brendog is legit the only seemingly doing redbull rampage
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 Vertebrae and skull fractures according to his update on Insta this evening. Sure he'll bounce back quickly. He's an absolute madman
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 LETS GO!!!!
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 Sending it all the way to skinwalker ranch
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 Bredogs line feels like the sketchiest and highest consequence of them all. Madman \^^^_ !
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 its amazing all of the work that they have to put in ALL DAY then have to do obligatory social media posts as well.
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 Any updates on Gee?
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flag Flaminturkey (Oct 11, 2023 at 12:35) (Below Threshold)
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 Still insane

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