Tech Briefing: Limited Edition Bikes, New Helmets, Frame Packs & More - November 2022

Nov 1, 2022 at 15:09
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

Tech Briefing is a feature for new stuff that we spot every month, but haven't gotten our hands on yet. An eclectic serving of tech, from revolutionary products to traditional novel gear, with some wacky stuff thrown in for good measure.

Vero Sandler & Five Ten Breast Cancer Awareness Collection
£15/€15/$15 from each sale donated to Breast Cancer Now

A selection of footwear and apparel designed to raise awareness and funding for Breast Cancer Now and National Breast Cancer Foundation. (Learn more.)

Apidura Full-sus Compatible Frame Pack
Price from $65 USD

Designed to make efficient use of the limited space available in full-suspension mountain bike frames, the new 1L Backcountry Frame Pack is the smallest pack in the Backcountry Series. (Learn more.)
Apidura 1L Backcountry Frame Pack

Canfield Bikes 2023 Balance

An updated version of the long-travel 27.5 bike is now available for pre-order with new colors and build options. (Learn more.)

North Shore Racks Road Bike Adaptor

The road bike adaptor replaces the front wheel of a bike using one of two axles, then slots into the rack cradle and secures with a strap. (Learn more.)

Velouria Cycles Titanium Bikes

Velouria is kicking things off with a trail hardtail, and there's a full suspension model on the way. (Learn more.)

Fox Proframe RS
MSRP $359

Featuring MIPS Integra Split, the DH-certified new helmet weighs in at 820 g. (Learn more.)

Pirelli Scorpion Race DH & Enduro Tires

Pirell's latest tires are designed specifically for DH and enduro racing, where maximum traction takes a high priority. (Learn more.)

Cane Creek Limited Edition Helm Sunburst Fork
Expected ship date of October 2022

Cane Creek has a small quantity of these flashy forks available now. (Learn more.)

2023 Evil Offering

Small changes to Evil's do-it-all trail machine. (Learn more.)

Project 321 is Moving to Canada

Project 321 is moving all operations to a 42,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario. (Learn more.)

Mend It Kits Mountain Bike First Aid Kit

Weighing less than 7 ounces and completely waterproof, this kit includes common first aid staples and custom components to address the injuries riders are most likely to face. (Learn more.)

Zerode Bikes European Distribution

With distribution now established in the Netherlands, Zerode aims to deliver bikes direct to consumers in Europe without the shipping delays and added taxes. (Learn more.)
Zerode Taniwha

Wolf Tooth's Waveform Aluminum Pedals
MSRP $199.95

The new Wolf Tooth Waveform Aluminum Pedals sport a dual-concave profile paired with 11 grip pins on each side, and are designed for all-mountain riding, from XC to downhill. (Learn more.)

CrossWorx's Lite290 Trail Bike
MSRP €2100

Designed and built in Thuringia, Germany the Lite is officially available for purchase (Learn more.)

Chromag's New Riza Stem
MSRP $180

Made in Whistler, B.C., the RIZA comes in black, gold, red, blue and silver. (Learn more.)

RideWrap's Tailored Protection replacement piece program

The new Tailored Protection replacement piece program streamlines the process of getting new protection pieces. (Learn more.)


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 Next big trend, A wrap for your wrap. Sick of needing to replace part or all of your RodeWrop, new RodeWrop Boost EXO+ with tungsten. 0.998mm wrap protection system keeps your wrap looking good so you dont need to re-wrap your bike or replace parts from those unsightly scrapes. Your bike is already in the mid 30s in weight what is another 347grams. Get WrodeWrop Boost EXO+ with tundsten.... well nowhere as this is just a poor attempt at humor aimed at all those frame wrapers who can't possibly ride a frame with a ding/scape or are compulsive bike flippers that want to post the " one owner, lightly used" on their sled that spent 150 days on the trails.
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 “May I have your attention, please?” I just trademarked Ride Raps and will be offering a two pack of wraps — AKA: 2Pac Raps. If you get holes blasted in one, you can just apply the second rap in the 2Pac. To order 2Pac Raps for XL and XXL bikes, just select The Notorious BIG option. For S and XS bikes, select the Too Short option. For L, select Big L. For medium, select Common.

For cold weather areas, we offer a triple-layer-thick Ice Cube insulation rap to keep your e-bike batteries from getting cold and losing performance. Our Ice T insulating water bottle raps are a perfect compliment as well. But if you like riding in the mud, don’t forget our Slick Rick rear shock guard raps.

To protect your full face helmet, be sure to snag our Scarface rap. And for the females who want some vinyl protection in custom colors for their DH bike, you can’t go without Lauren DownHill raps. And lastly, for the BMX holdouts, we’ve got you covered with our DMX-BXM rap.

Installation is fast and simple, and every 2Pac Rap comes with our Eazy-E installation instructions. Enter discount code “50 Cent” for a $0.50 discount. See you on the trails!

-Big Pun
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 @WRCDH: this is the most committed response ive ever read on PB
  • 10 0
 @scallywagg: You gotta be committed if you’re gonna pull trigger...urmmm...shifters. Especially on Pinkbike.
  • 8 0
 @WRCDH: I bow down to the master. As vanilla ice would say " anything less then the best is a felony".
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 @scallywagg: someone gots to be the first to hit it, that takes commitment
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Speaking of hitting it first, you reminded me about our Kris Kross dirt jumper rap — it’ll “make ya, jump, jump.”
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 @WRCDH: imma be an OutKast and run no rap at all. Folks were asking if I was gonna busta rap and all they got from me was Nas, that shit takes so long to install and I can spend the time doing better things like reading Snoopy Dogg comics or Raekwoning my yard.

I challenge someone to integrate bone thugz n harmony... I couldn't figure out how.
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 @WRCDH: Lauren DownHill haha awesome!
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 @sheepsfootchoilbelly: Lauren DownHill reminded me...all Santa Cruz owners get a free “Work It” sticker when they enter the Promo Code: “Missy Elliott Jackson”
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 @itslightoutandawaywego: You just inspired our new “Black Rob Carbon Armor Ride Rap” for carbon bikes — twice the normal Ride Raps thickness and reinforced with carbon nanotubes and graphene to protect from those extra big hits...get your Black Rob Carbon Armor Ride Rap today — “It’s like whoa!”
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 Just went to ride wrap. Unless you ordered your original wrap kit from them you cant order any extra pieces. Bit of a poor decision on their behalf. Surely having some of my money is better than having none of it.
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 is this just an article reposting articles that have already been up with links to get clicks to go the the original article that was posted?
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 @the-one1: article auto-repost!
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 It's heartening to see 27.5s still being released, even if it is by smaller companies. Shame to see the big players ditching it - I think small wheels still have a place in MTB.
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 Small wheels? You mean 24" and 26"?
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 I think most MTBers feel the same way.
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 that north shore adapter strap looks sketch...
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 looks like a rebrand of the tried and true voile ski strap. they're bomber
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 That particular photo appears to show something about the adapter being attached with a ski/bike pack strap. That's how I see it. On top of that, it looks like the bike in question is running a qr axle. You are completely out of your mind if you think I'm trusting my road bike in that position at highway speed over just one bump...
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 Is nobody gonna talk about how the wolf tooth pedals cost $200? My clipless pedals don't even cost that much... Ah, but they do come in pretty colors...
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 Good God they aren't even pretty : /
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 No we only complain about 249.99 and higher pedals now. PB comment section inflation.
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 Yeah but most insanely good flat pedals do cost around that much money!
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 Honestly? Made in the US, rebuildable, comes in two sizes, doesn't have a stupid inboard bearing bulge that widens your q-factor by two inches, concave profile... I've spent 200 bucks on worse.
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 As do the Blackspires that obviously influenced the Wolf Tooth design - except their MSRP is $95, plus they've got a discount on right now for 40% off or less than 60 bucks with GST, and they're made in Canada. So one pair of these or 3 pairs of the Blackspires - almost one of each color!

EDIT - the WT are $200 US or $285 CA - Holy Beans! I'll buy 5 pairs from Blackspire and throw them away after single use instead.
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 $180 stem is worse, imo. At least pedals have moving parts.
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 @plyawn: very cool, never heard of them. NA manufacturing ftw. I agree the WTs are $$.
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 @pink505: ehhh my Sensus Crue pedals cost $249.99 USD. I bought 2 pairs. Still not complaining.

Too many pedal manufacturers to be bitching about pricing. And there’s always those $10 cheapo Walmart pedals.
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 @kroozctrl: you are good, it was the .75 basis point increase this week that got just to 249.99 threshhold. It was 239.57 before that. We need folks buying premium goods to keep us out of a recession, please get a 3rd pair if you can, but not on Black Friday. Full retail please.
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 I got $50 Crank Bros flats on my BMX, clipless for MTB... could someone tell me the difference (is there one?) between a $50 and $200 flat? I sound like I'm complaining but I'm not... am curious what the difference is.
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 @MT36: I am a lifelong flat pedal rider. In my exhaustive research, I have observed that the difference between $200 flats and $50 flats is usually 50-150g (the expensive ones are heavier), maybe 3mm of edge thickness (the expensive ones are thinner), shininess (for a couple rides), and $150.
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 @MT36: I have VP pedals with longer pins and previously used RF aeffect for a year then tried with the long pins. Also have used saints with and without longer pins.

The bearing, bushing sems to be where the cost shows up. And yet clipless are cheaper......
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 @MT36: bling, bling, prestige, marketing, vanity, seems to trump other factors. And yes bling is there 2x. Cost benefits analysis likely to fail.
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 You can buy a roll of protective tape and diy(a couple of bikes)for what ridewrap are charging for a single piece.
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 I don't see the point of a titanium bike when there isn't a dramatic weight savings over aluminum.
  • 6 0
 Ride feel, similar to steel but dramatically lighter.
  • 1 0
 so much drama...
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 $180 for a stem. MTB is not the new golf. It is the new instgram flex.
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 I have a putter that costs more than my bike. I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed or proud.
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 I know they were just released, but has anyone tried the Wolftooth pedals yet? I’d be curious to hear any first impressions.
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 Remind me a bit of the old Blackspires. No bad thing
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 I went and looked at the Blackspires after seeing your comment - they're 40% off right now, making them 5x cheaper than these which are $285 CDN. There's no way they're 5x better or likely even 5% better
  • 1 0
 @plyawn: Man I just went and looked at this but shipping to the US is $32. Damn.
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 Honestly the wolftooth pedal was exactly what I was expecting. Like in my head that is what a pedal would have looked like if wolftooth made it!
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 Did anyone else see the first aid kit and think - Staples? .....for those that want to do large wound repair on the trail and skip the ER/A&E?
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 Gta love a good ole TPRPP program!
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 boob shoe funy haha

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