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Must Watch: Dylan Stark Goes Huge in 'Stark For Rampage'

Jul 7, 2023 at 8:12
by Christie Fitzpatrick  

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 Simmons is fired up. So sick that someone finally upped the game on this one after two decades.
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 If you don't jump a Marzocchi truck...did it really happen?
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 Is the huge one a Wade Simmons hit?
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 I was so hyped to see someone hitting this and when they showed him coming in for another hit, it was another level of excitement to see someone finally tricking it. Woowwww. The last clip I recall was someone destroying himself and that was a year or two after NWD's release? How many other people have hit this over the years?
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 @scott-townes: Carlin Dunne hit it I believe for the Race Face UFC
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 Yes I filmed him jump over my truck for the ufc video..stomped it perfect first try. Bone stock 04 giant dh team aside from brooklyn machine works shinburger pedals.
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 @scott-townes: bender tried a no footer off it, broken handlbar and crashed
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 I thought Thomas sui’d it like 20yrs ago?
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 @vesania: ahh that's right!
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 @dirtreynolds: You have to jump out of the back of the Marz truck first tho
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 And absolutely not knocking Dylan’s riding at all, to be clear. Just thought I remember a fellow by the name of Thomas Vanderham stomping a big ol’ suicide (but not killing himself) off that drop after Wade.
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 @emptybe-er: vanderham never sent that one
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: Hmm. Well there’s another very similar sized drop that he sui’d almost 20 yrs ago.
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 "We've got 4 minutes of solid bangers"

"Cool. Make sure the credits last exactly 20 seconds."
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 True BMX background Smile
I think he deserves another shot at Rampage since the judges kinda missed what he was trying to bring to the table last year .
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 He broke the rules which was really fun to watch but they don't like that and never have. This edit was a love letter to try to get back into their good graces. Dude deserves to be there and I bet he will abide this time around.
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 @scott-townes: What rules did he break at rampage?
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 @Fritobandito: I don't think they were keen on his handrail grind drop - it was something his trail crew had to hide in the bushes until his run was up. IDK what the organizers have against wooden ramps + creative features. (maybe a safety/insurance thing?)
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 @Fritobandito: he put a rail into his course, which was hidden by him / his team prior to main event. When his turn began, team took the rail out of the bushes and placed it at one of the drop’s takeoff. He did a crank arm grand into a drop from it. Neither crashed out of it, nor landed. Media coverage of this moment was too poor somehow, but I guess on purpose.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: There was a pretty big push against man made features a little while back...
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 @scott-townes: mmm I remember people hating on that pre-built "Oakley sender" years back. In my opinion, this isn't like that because Stark and his crew brought it up themselves because that was how Dylan wanted to express his creativity in the zone- seems like the most freeride thing they could do.
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 Unfortunately he hurt his ankle and didn't really throw down like he could have. I hate that rampage only gives rookies 1 chance.
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flag plyawn (Jul 7, 2023 at 11:21) (Below Threshold)
 @ryanandrewrogers: They've been fighting the (losing) battle of trying to stop Rampage from turning into a giant slopestyle course, so pulled out all the wooden features. If Dylan's team adds a metal rail and they let that slide, how long until a higher profile / bigger budget rider airlifts in a loop-de-loop or flaming hoop?
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 @slayerdegnar: Yep. At least what he did will live in infamy forever.
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 The rampage judges missed everything that year, worst scoring to date
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 @scott-townes: "I'd rather be forgotten than remembered for giving in." - The Refused (and Dylan Stark)
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 @Fritobandito: too much skidding I think. LOL.
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 I was happy to see him eventually landing into the landing of that last drop. Wild!

Music and editing brought some 00’s vibes. Can’t complain Smile
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 Man has a knack for getting high
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 Appropriate length, 4:20
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 Stark for rampageeeee! Dude rips! Not just bikes and is cool as hell! Lets goooooo!
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 This reminds me of the videos that got me into DH and freeride(!) back in the day. Dude went Bender deep on the Simmons drop but stopped it anyway. Awesome edit!
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 its crazy to see such a great rider doing so 'poorly' at rampage. shows you how crazy good the top competitors are nevertheless, STARK FOR RAMPAGE, and bring them rails!
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 The rail was amazing. Lame the judges were weird about it.
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 All the bangers without the overproduced fluff. Absolute fire. Stark's edits are top tier, in the same camp as Lunn's Rough AF series and Brage's edits.
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 Dylan is the man! At this point, YT should just rename the Tues to "Stark".

Would be a good pun aswell, because YT is a German company and in German "Stark" translates to "strong". Fitting name for a DH bike.
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 why was it all slomo?
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 be cuz slo mo is awe some ...some of the time
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 Moar hangtime
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 I truly enjoy the mash up of new and old school in his videos, it’s a killer tribute to the past (music and the drop) and the progression in the sport, with a totally on-it modern shralping style. Red Bull, you HAVE to let him ride…. I have been watching Rampage from the start and this is the new school of Freeride…. There have rarely been many rules in this sport, please make room for it! I’m sure Wade and Bender would approve.
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 Fucking love the classic AFI. The king in the north!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Stark Industries stock is up these days.
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 Mint edit. Holy shit old AFI. 100%
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 Iconic drop
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 He really has a fire inside this year!
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 Wow this is my fave edit I've seen in a while, bravo
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 I don't care what red bull says. Rails are freeride features.
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 WhoisDylan? Dylan is the f*cking man.
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 STARK FOR RAMPAGE!! Old AFI was a treat to boot.
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 Edit, sick! Music, sick! Stark, for rampage.
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 He gets my vote for using AFI as the song!
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 Sick. As soon as I saw that nub I could see the Marzocchi truck sitting there from yesteryear. Hauling that on a no hander..mannnnnn that was serious! Nice footage too.
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 That tuck no hander gets gnarlier after each watch. Also Pat Casey forever!!!
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 "no-handering" is a fav new phrase
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 The last send is impressive, to hold on after that kind of whiplash and ride out MULTIPLE times, wow!
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 Much respect and stoked to see that Simmons hit. That was the move that made me want to get into freeride.
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 Best edit of the year, no bs
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 Video length 4:20 nice.
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 I’m bothered
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 the neck slaps on the big drop, dude needs a lighter helmet.
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 Something is gonna slap going that deep
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 no innuendo
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 I’d rather like to see him at HARDLINE .
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 With Dylan's bmx background, Rampage is a much better place to showcase his creative abilities and style. Hardline is defiantly more of a straight-up dh track, which the goal is to go fastest, not tricks or anything like that.
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 I don't doubt that Dylan could make it down, but he's no racer.
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 After I hit the mute button this edit got pretty damn awesome.
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